Why We Can Not Share Pictures
I really wish I could send ya'll some of our pictures and videos. Just the thought of doing so is a very big turn on. I'm very much an exhibitionist. We would have posted or sent some up until a couple years ago.

We had a profile on There was a G rated picture of me in a white jump suite. It was backless, down to just below my waist, except for the spider web style thin straps holding the two sides together. I was lying stretched out on my bed in our bedroom, with my back to the camera on my right side. It really accented my butt. Only a little bit of the left side of my face was showing and I was not recognizable. One of my male employees who was 3rd in command in our corporate structure came across our profile. He recognized our bedroom.

We had several company parties at our house, (pure vanilla nothing sexual at all) each year. He was also one of the few employees that would be invited to some of our regular family and friends parties as well. Again pure vanilla with nothing sexual about the party. He was never invited to our swinger / BDSM parties. We used our bed room and our bed as a coat room. He was in our bedroom several time each year.

He showed me our profile on SLS and wanted me to start fucking him. I told him I did not mix dating of any kind with my employees. If fact all my employees are married in the hopes of staying away from office romances. It really can slow productivity.

He dropped it for a few weeks. Then began to ask again. I told him the same thing as before and then told him not to bring it up again. I even told him he was not my type any way. Then he tried to blackmail me with threats. I told him no and to drop it which I knew he would not.

After work that evening I had a private investigator friend of mine bug my office with two bugs. The next day he came into my office and started the blackmail threats again. He was telling me if I did not start fucking him on a weekly bases he would expose me to the whole office and my clients. I reminded him that would be a direct violation of his contract with my firm. Then I fired him and told him he had 30 minutes to clear out of his office. I've only seen him a couple of times since then.

To shorten a much longer story, he did as he threatened. He had copied my client list with all their contact info along with some other sensitive information. Some of it was copyrighted. There was not much of a problem with my employees, but a different story with my clients.

One of my larger clients was a church group that covered almost half of the state of Louisiana. They left and their letter that was sent to end our services effective with the end of that month had a copy of our profile with it. It was an email from my former employee and it had his email message and address on it as well.

I lost a lot of clients. I was lucky that the government clients did not leave me. It almost pushed me into bankruptcy. I filed suite agains him and that is still in litigation. The best part is that the judge has decided it was done with malice and has frozen all of his assets. The jury trial is set for late spring of 16. The DA is considering filing criminal charges against him for the copyright violations.
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