Wicked anticipation
It was a beautiful spring evening. The sun still low enough on the horizon to give the shadows some length, the temperature warm but not hot, a slight breeze. The chimes bonged their soft music, setting the relaxed, sublime tone..

I sat on the deck, sipping a nice single-malt, enjoying the ambiance after a nice dinner. Elizabeth in the kitchen, finishing up the dishes after I had prepared the meal...

Suddenly she was beside me. . . I had woolgathered off somewhere and not noticed her slip into the chair next to me.

"Can I have a sip?", she asked..reaching for my glass...
"Sure. . ...", I said, handing her the tumbler of scotch.
"Mmmm....nice", she murmured. "I'm going to change".....
"Okay," I said. . absently... (wait, what...change..?) I thought...(Oh, well.. . it was late, and maybe she wanted to get comfy in her sweats. . )

Apparently several minutes or more passed. The sun had sunken farther into the trees. . . the light was fading. . The bug zapper began to devour the mosquitos that were beginning to emerge.... time to go inside.

I rose from the chair, and opened the door from the porch. As I entered, I saw Elizabeth coming down the stairs. . .

She was wearing a long, floor length nightgown and robe. She looked like something out of a 1940's movie. The robe was diaphanous light blue silk, over a matching blue silk gown. Silken lace adorned the sleeves of the robe, and neck of the gown. It whispered as she walked to me.

I was spellbound. As she approached me, her perfume reached my nostrils. I have no idea what it was, save that it added to the allure of the moment tenfold. She was absolutely stunning. Elizabeth is well-endowed, and has a wonderful body. Not Reubenesque, but not skinny. And firm. A woman, but not a hardbody. She knows I love her in silks and satins. And she knows of my fetishes. Although she does not always give in to them. She's not always in the "mood".

"You like it?", she asked..." I found this online. It was on a vintage site. It's real silk. All of it. Even the robe. Feel it"...
I caressed her behind, as she pulled in close to me. Her warmth came through the soft material to my hand. The silk was butter smooth and soft. Even the robe was soft to the touch, as it moved over the gown she wore. I began to stir between my legs...

"That is incredibly soft", I said, moving my hand over her wonderful bottom. .
She raised her face to mine, beckoning a kiss. I obliged. Her lips were parted for me, inviting my tongue. She tasted like toothpaste....clean. The perfume again rose to my nose...nearly making me dizzy. She returned the kiss, with hunger for more, leaning against me, pressing against my erection...

Breaking the kiss, she took my hand, and began to lead me to the stairs. We ascended them and went into the bedroom.
Standing at the foot of the bed, she began to undress me. Very slowly. Pulling off my shirt, unbuckling my belt, and jeans button and zipper, she had me step out of the jeans. (I was wearing no shoes). Then the underwear. I stood before her, naked. She stood back from me, for just a second. A thought seemed to cross her mind, her expression changing, a slight smile at the corner of her mouth. She reached for a pillow, and placed it on the floor in front of me, kneeling on the floor. She then took some of the silken robe, and took my growing cock in it, wrapping the hardening shaft in some of the lucious softness. She began to ever so slowly stroke me in the robe, and then lowered her lips to the head of my cock. Her mouth was nearly hot inside, as she wrapped her lips around my glans. The sensation was heavenly...the soft silk around my shaft and her soft mouth moving over the head of my cock. She began making "mmmm-mmmm" sounds as she alternately sucked and licked the head. . .I became lost in the sensation, and sight of her working on me...I began to caress her soft hair, feeling her head moving back and forth...back and forth. .

Just about the time I began to feel the beginnings of a climax, she stopped, and rose to her feet. (She must have some kind of sixth sense...I thought..).
"Would you like to watch me iron, baby?", she asked me...
The question was rhetorical. As I said, she knew my fetishes..very well.

"Set up my ironing board, will you?", she said. . . I did as she asked, finding the board in a closet off the hallway, along with the heavy dry-iron she kept for these occasions. It was an old iron, from the '50's or '60's. Heavy metal body and soleplate, with a cloth-wrapped cord. It had a temperature dial on the body of the iron itself. The settings were antique as the iron. "Low", "warm", "hot", "very hot". . .

After setting up everything and plugging in the old iron, Elizabeth entered the bedroom again, carrying a long gown. It appeared to be of white satin, or heavy silk, woven to a tight, smooth glistening sheen. Almost a wedding dress, but not as stiff. She lay the folds of silk on the ironing board..

"This is actually a slip for a wedding dress. . . ", she said, smoothing the material with her hands. . . "now, listen to me", she instructed. "I know you enjoy watching me it excites you. I enjoy ironing for you. Tonight I must be careful. The clothes I want to iron are not mine. I told Kathy, from work, I'd iron them for her as she doesn't have the time, and wants these tomorrow. So.....we get to have fun, and I take care of some chores at the same time...okay?"

"Sure. . okay", I said. "I can do that". . I walked up to the ironing board, and moved it to the side of the bed, lowering it to the same height as the mattress. "What ARE you doing?", she asked. .
"Having fun, like you said...", I said and lay down on the bed, on my back, near the board. "Sit down on the bed, and iron. You can play with me, and iron at the same time."
"Oh, I see. . ", she smiled..and sat on the bed between the board and the bed. Taking some of her gown, she wrapped my cock in it... and with her other hand, reached for the iron.
"This should be interesting", she said, as she turned the temperature dial on the old iron to "Low".
(Now, these old irons were quite rudimentary. And the thermostats were not as sophisticated as those on modern day irons. What was a "Low" temperature in those days left a lot of room for interpretation. "Low" might be quite a bit warmer than "Low" on a modern-day appliance...)

The old iron began to click as it heated up. As it did, Elizabeth began to very, very slowly stroke my erect cock in the gown she wrapped me in. She knew the ASMR effect was not lost on me. The sound of the iron clicking, and the sound of the soft silk moving against my skin was part and parcel to my fetish experience. . . To date, this was all she had done with me. She would iron for me, caress me to near climax with her silks, and at some point we would succumb to our passion for each other and, culminate with extensive fucking, sucking, exploring each others bodies until we came hard, and long and completely. . .

Finally, the iron had heated sufficiently, and Elizabeth lifted it from its heel, and lowered it to the slip. She began to move it across the smooth satiny silk. The faint odor of scorched material rose to my nostrils. She immediately lifted the iron from the silk. "Jesus, I almost scorched it", she said. . . no evidence of damage showed on the white slip. "I've got to watch this iron. I should have had you use my regular iron, with steam". . . she said, turning down the temperature to just below the "Low" setting. . . she set the iron on it's heel once again, and resumed her attention to my now rigid cock.
"Oh, dear. . You really got hard fast. . " she remarked...
She stood, and slowly removed the silk robe, letting it fall across the ironing board, over the slip. Her attention now on me. She hiked up the nightgown, and straddled me, settling herself on my cock, pressing it against my belly. She began to move her pussy against my cock, sliding it between her now swollen and, very wet lips..very slowly....back and forth..'
"Mmmmm," she cooed...."touch me, baby.. . ", she whispered. . ..I began to massage her wonderful breasts through the silk of the nightgown's bodice...her nipples were hard as marbles... I began to pinch them gently...she began to mew with pleasure. . .now she sat up a bit, and pulled the silk gown off, over her head, and dropped it onto the ironing board as well.. "fuck me.. slowly.." she whispered in my ear...

She moved her body again, this time positioning herself expertly....I swear her lips had radar....she adroitly guided me to her moist vulva, and then slowly settled upon me. . . we were now one. . moving together. .finding the slow, sensual, touch-every-wonderful-centimeter of each other's most intimate body-parts pace that we enjoyed.....

She was leaning on her outstretched arms, her wonderful breasts in my hands, exploring her warm skin, the heft of them, the lusciousness of every curve. . . alternately pinching and caressing her nipples....she began to "go to that place" she went when things got to this point....completely engrossed in the pleasure that the intimacy brought. She was nearly lost in the combination of cock moving within her, sliding against the walls of her pussy, pressing against her clit with each deep stroke, my hands kneading, caressing and pinching her breasts. . . a low breathy grunt began coming from her, as she moved relentlessly toward her goal....
I needed to taste her, the sensations of being imbedded inside her, and moving my hands all over her body were not enough. I was greedy now. . wanting more. . "Kiss me..", I breathed. . .
She turned her head, opening her mouth to mine, taking my exploring tongue. At one point, she took it between her teeth, gently biting it, holding it between her teeth as she fucked me. . sliding me in...and out...and in. . . .

This time my fetish/fantasy 'need' was overwhelming, in the midst of this passion between us. My fever for wanting more and more of her now extended to my ironing fetish. .
I was not close to coming. My desire to see her iron for me actually kept me at bay. . it kept me hard. . .my right hand went to the board at the side of the bed, onto the silks piled there, next to the iron... I could feel the butter-soft silk in my hand as we continued to move together.... she was getting closer to her climax..her movements becoming more and more fevered as she climbed that sensual ladder toward the internal explosion she now craved. . . I held it back. . I had an even loftier goal. . . more sinister one might say....
She found the spot she had aimed for. . . some obscure combination of movement of my cock inside her, against her G-spot and the pressure against her clit. . . she began to come. . I felt the walls of her silky-wet-cave grab my cock, her arms stiffened and she threw back her head, nearly going rigid.. . the mini-convulsion began to take her. ..she began to fall over the crest of the wave. . giving in to it, as it took her. . . she drenched me as she came. . pumping hard again, sucking more climax from the coupling. . . somehow my alternate desire kept me back....even I was surprised at the depth of my depravity for my fetish this time . . .

She rode the wave. . . all the way to the bottom. . Finally opening her eyes. Still somewhat breathless from her efforts.."You . . you didn't come. ", she queried..
"I will. . . ", I said, and looked at the iron, sitting on it's heel. "If you keep ironing for me"......
"Ooooh. . . ", was all she said. Still basking in the hot fog of her recent orgasm, she was willing for just about anything, for she could reach that pinnacle again, and again.. . where I could only find that peak one time . . .
She reached for the iron, and bracing her weight on her right arm, lifted it, and placed it upon the lovely silk gown, robe and slip spread upon the ironing board. . she began to move the iron over the expanse of soft silk, and she began to move on my cock again. . .
"Turn up the iron...", I whispered. .
"No.. I.... can't", she said..
"Please . . . turn it up for me. . ."
" I mustn't. . too dangerous"
"Yes". .
"No, baby. . . I could damage them"
"Yes". .
She looked in my eyes, as she continued to move the iron, as she moved on me. . I held her hips, and ground myself into her, deeply. . . she understood. . . and rose to a "sitting" position upon my cock. . .her eyes still locked with mine. . .
"You want me to ruin my silks for you. . "
"Yes". .
"Oh. . . my love, I . . , I don't know". . she raised the iron to its heel, but kept moving upon me. "The gown . . it's so exquisite", she said, her eyes still locked with mine. .
"Yes,' I said. . 'it is". . .
".....and that's part of it for you, is it?". . .
". . yes. . "
"But to ruin these. . . it's . . just wrong ", she whispered...
She was still moving on me. . . her eyes locked with mine. .
she was becoming aroused, again. . I don't know if was because I was buried inside her, the head of my cock caressing her with her movements . . . , or the off the wall idea of destroying hundreds of dollars worth of some of the most lovely silk lingerie she possessed . . .
Her left hand went to the iron again.
I moved my gaze to her hand, and watched, as with her thumb and forefinger, she began to turn the dial on the iron's thermostat. She began to move it clockwise. . .which meant UP.
Her eyes still locked with mine, she watched my eyes widen, as she continued to turn up the dial, slowly, until it would move no more. The dial sat upon "Very Hot", now. .
With this old iron, this was nearly dangerous. If "low", nearly scorched the silk before, "Very Hot" might be hot enough to do untold damage. .
She removed her hand from the dial. Leaving the iron to heat. It began to click again. I could see little shimmers of heat from the soleplate as the temperature of the metal increased, higher, and higher. .my cock began to pulse within her heavenly pussy, and she began to "massage" me with the supurb confines of her body. . and she smiled at me. . A knowing, wicked, mischievous smile. . .
She slowly fucked me for a full five minutes, alternately stopping when I got too close, admonishing me not to come, threatening to turn off the iron if I did. . .
Once again her hand went to the iron. . . her fingers wrapping around the bakelite handle. .
"You want me to burn my silks for you, baby. . ?"she teased..
I hoped the question was hopefully rhetorical, as I was speechless, succumbing to the combined lust growing within me. . I thought my cock would burst. . .
"I think you do, " she whispered. "I think you want me to put this really hot iron down onto my beautiful silk nightgown, my robe and my friends silk slip. She won't be very happy with me if I burn her slip, you know. . . "
"Well, she says, 'let's see how this makes you feel. . .I want you to come for me. . . will you come for me, if I burn my lingerie for you?"
"YES", I managed to croak. . .my hands on her hips, guiding her movements on my cock. . keeping a slow sensual pace, to keep from climaxing too soon. . . she was driving me fucking-nuts with this, and she KNEW it. It was WONDERFUL.
Now, she picked up the iron, and began to lower it to her gown. I moved faster within her. . . I was close. . .
She did it, lowering the too hot iron into the silky folds on the ironing board. Holding it there, she moved her eyes from mine to the iron on her silks... dark smoke immediately rose from around the iron, the air filled with the smell of burning silk and mingling with her perfume. .
"JESUS", she exclaimed. ." look at it burn, baby. . " as she moved the iron a few inches over the silk, more smoke rising from behind the iron, a nearly black burn mark where it sat..
She moved more urgently on me now, beginning to coax another climax from within, as she sensed my own orgasm beginning. .
"Ohhhh. . my beautiful. . . my lovely gown. . . ", she sadly said, moving the burning iron slowly across the butter-smooth blue silk nightgown...more smoke rising as she did she moved the iron to her blue robe...the hot metal devouring the blue silk, leaving it blackened and burned behind it. . . " my robe. . . my silky robe, "
"Hurry, baby. . come for me. . . I can't burn Barbara's slip. . its not mine. . I can't, I just can't"....she employed me. .
"Burn it", I whispered hoarsely...
"Ahhh.. No. . " she hissed. . .
"BURN it". . I said. .
"Yes," she said.."YES", and moved the iron to the white silk-satin slip... it burned at once...the smoke a little different color rising from beneath the too hot metal. . "Fuckohfuckohfuck...", she said as she began to come, and I began to climax as well. . . she left the iron on the slip, turning her attention to our bodies moving together up and over the precipice to Orgasm. . . both of us arching together as I loosed myself inside her, and she drenching me with her own juices. . . . but she wasn't done....she kept humping my still rigid cock, sucking the life out of it. . . and then it happened. .
A small flame erupted from beneath the extremely hot iron..the slip had caught fire, the heat so intense. . .
She saw this.... AND CAME AGAIN! . . . watching the tiny flame begin to creep across the white silk slip, next to the iron.
I let it burn. Just for a few seconds, she came down from the heights of her orgasm. . . then as she settled a bit, I flipped up some of slip hanging over the board over the flame, extinguishing it. . . . She lifted the iron from the slip..a large plume of smoke rising into the air. The slip was burned black. A ragged scorched hole where the flame had begun. .

"Holy Shit", she said. "That was. . . . intense. And I ruined Barbara's slip. She's going to fucking kill me.
'Did you like it, me burning my gown like that?"
"Can't you tell? I think I prolapsed my prostate, I came so hard."
"I'll have to buy another slip for her", she said. "But, it's okay. That was worth it. So. . . . naughty, and wicked.."
"We CANT do that again, for a long time", she said. .
"It's okay', I said, 'I can wait. It was worth it. . "
And it was SO worth the wait. . . . .

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