Will I regret this, tomorrow?
Beverly had been reading his stories on and off for over a year. Many she had come back to re-read as the tease remained to stimulate her heart and body, even with repeated readings. One day she saw him online and following an out of character impulses shot him a chat request.

"Would you like to chat? I'm Beverly, Bev, I love your stories and your pictures with your beard are cute. Were you really a disc jockey? I added you to my friends list. Where do you get all your story ideas. If you are tied up it is ok." Notenoughlovin

Bev was taken by surprise when he quickly replied,
"Hi, sure! Guess you know I'm Jim and yes I had many years in the music industry. I always enjoy direct feedback." DJ

"Now what do I say" thought Bev as she responded,
"Oh, OK, I really figured you would be busy" Notenoughlovin

She smiled when his fast reply came back,
"Nope, just editing a new story. Hello Bev I see you have been a member of V9 for a year. Your handle must have a story behind it. I love your profile picture :) What did you like the most about my stories?" DJ

Bev sensed she was at a cross road here. She had been attracted to his stories, the sexy eyes in his profile pictures and now she was quickly being drawn in by the easy style of the man. If she continued she knew where she HOPED it would go.

"Yes quite a back story story for my online name. Probably not very origional but is says the twenty something girl virgin loved ONE man with all of her passion, who is now in his late forties but still loves his work more than he loves his wife and daughter. I read to get teased and then sadly I play and stimulate myself till I climax, alone... Heard it a million times, right? Jim, I really loved your wedding story, it was hot." Notenoughlovin

Well she had done it, in a few quick words she had told him she was clearly middle aged, married, wanting and a Mom. Watch him run now....

"I feel your pain." DJ, came his quick reply, then,
"Some people find lovers, me? I write LOL! The wedding story is one of my first and still is one of my favorites." DJ

Now there was something Bev had not expected. His many stories were so filled with passion that she just assumed it was from ongoing experiences. She had read every posting on every story and then looked up the posters. The many female comments implied the man was a sator.

She carefully shot back,
"Hard to believe your are, err, well, shall I say ever LONLEY after reading all the postings of your harem, <smile>." Notenoughlovin

Now there was a long pause as the "member is typing" alert stayed on.

"Yes, there is a lot of passion inside of me and some days I feel really sad and dejected that I can't share it, or worse when it is offered it is soundly rejected. I write about making a woman cum so hard that her toes curl because that is the unfulfilled dream I take with me to bed every night. I'm an old school romatic who desires, better said, needs the crying out loud sheet grabbing passion to enjoy being with someone. Unlike most of the folks who cum to V9 for a quick story something wholly casual just won't work for me, not matter how much I tried. When I make love with a woman I want us both drenched in sweat, covered in each others juices and spent laying crosswise on the bed too tired to get up even for a much needed sip of water. Probably something EVERY woman online hears daily, right?" DJ

Bev felt a flush on her face, a tightness in her sex and the hardening of her nipples. It was like hearing a long missed love song that had been associated with dream like passion. She felt him reaching into the heart of her while his soft lips were whispering into her ear saying, don't give up there is still deep desire and passion alive in the world.

She ventured a soft jab,
"Gawd, you sure know how how to turn a girl's head" Notenoughlovin

"I would rather you turn your neck so I could kiss it softly <smile>" DJ, came his quick reply.
Involuntarily that sent Bev's heart racing. she brought her hands up to cup her breasts and found her swollen nipples jutting through the thin t she had put on for bed. How did he know her most sensual spot was her neck, right below her right ear??

Taking a brave breath she released her ample breasts, caressed the keyboard and delibertly wrote back
"Don't think me a slut, or eazy, but DJ... would you please, PLEASE make passionate love to me? Notenoughlovin

to be continued....
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