Will I regret this, tomorrow? Part III
Will I regret this, tomorrow? part III

Laying in the hot tub and pinching her right nipple hard Bev felt the heat of the steaming hot water soak into her skin. She relished the lingering pleasure from her pussy meeting the excited nerve of her nipple right inside her tummy. She had never been so aroused, let aroused by herself.

"Damn" she thought to herself "If he can curl my toes with just words, what could he do in person?"

Spreading her legs and lifting her right leg up onto the side of the tub she pressed her fingers on each side of her swollen clit. She nervously pondered her pending cuckold adventure, while thinking back to her hubby and his indifferent treatment of her needs. " Would it be as good, or could it be BETTER?"

Bev brought her right hand away from pinching her nipple and slowly caressed herself down across the ample breast, across and back her soft tummy and over the soft patch of light brown hair she was soon to remove. Interlacing her fingers the heel of her palm flattered her nub, sending sparks down her legs causing them to tremble uncontrollably.

Beverly sensed the increase in her heart beat, and the NEED in her sex growing. She pictured the last words he had sent to her. "Think of my nose against your clit as I press my tongue DEEP inside of you, my fingers teasing your little butt hole: DJ"

Just as she had done that day before Bev shut her eyes and heard the pounding of her own building climax. Using the lip of the tub for leverage Bev began to jab two slender fingers into her wanting slit as her palm massaged her clit and lips in slow circles.

Just as before her mind displayed his picture but this time his soft loving eyes smiled at her as he looked down at her pussy. As she squeezed her clit between the knuckles of her hand she imagined his lips wrapped around her clit sucking it while his fingers played with her g-spot inside.

Bev felt her perspiration flowing down from her matted hair and over her tightly shut eyes to slightly sting her cheeks. She was slightly aware of the hot water splashing over her breasts, teasing her now fully erect nipples. Bev was being stimulated by the distant splashing sounds she heard distantly in her ears.

As her need continued to build she brought her left foot up under her pelvis. The heel of her foot now teased the sensitive area between her pussy and anus. She had never been touched there, sexually, and was surprised to learn she had even more NEW erogenous zones to explore.

"What if he licked me THERE??" she thought wickedly.

Using the leverage her head provided on the tub lip she began arching her back to press herself hard against her thrusting fingers. Beverly's lips shut tight, her eyes squeezed closed, as she continued fucking her own hand while dreaming of the mouth of her lover trapped between her thighs.

Thrashing with complete abandon, her hips were now coming completely out of the water in the tub, sending her breasts up into the air, urging her climax on. Bev, her back rigid supporting the flexing of her hips, was unaware of the water splashing in loud waves over the lip and onto the floor but she felt it hit her closed lips.

Bev felt the building deep inside her womb, like a volcano seeking a route to the top. Grabbing her pussy hard she curled her fingers deep inside and rubbed her sensitive clit like it was a washboard. The stimulation made her legs shake so hard she almost flipped over in the tub.

"OHH FFUCK, FUCK ME!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs as she exploded.
Her foot slipped and Bev's hands instantly released her sex to grab the sides of the tub. Her exposed lips, clit and nipples were immediately hit with the hot water cascading back across her trembling body.

"Of SHIT" Bev shot straight up as the second wave of her climax was triggered by the mental image of DJ hitting her pussy with his hot stream of cum.

Grabbing the sides of the tub with her long nails Bev sat on her foot and moved her pelvis back and forth to continue the stimulation. "OHHHHHH OHHH OH YEAH!!!!!!" she moaned as each successive wave hit her.

"Ring, Ring" Bev almost let it go to the answering machine.

"Hello" she croaked out, her voice hoarse from her screaming and her breath still a bit short.

"Hi, it's DJ" cam the surprise reply. "I'm at the hotel, are you cuming..."

To be continued.
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