Will I regret this in the morning, Part VII update, Part VIII Climax
Beverly, a married Mom who dreams of erotic romance, has finally decided to step outside her loveless marriage and has met up with her online lover Jim. To her surprise their tryst, having just erupted in a major climax (FOR HIM) in her mouth and breasts, has just been interrupted by the arrival of the wife of her lover. She has learned she was being manipulated by a female dominated couple that baits vulnerable woman to set up encounters for the wife, Joan. However, Beverly is NOT the only one being maneuvered.

Again the voice inquired through the hotel door "JIMMMY, can I come in now? I feel very STUPID standing out here in the hall knocking on this door"

Pointing at the door Beverly again demanded an explanation "You brought your WIFE? Why would you bring your wife? Is my husband invited too?"

"Please" Jim begged as Beverly, not waiting for his reply, stood up and moved towards the bedroom "Beverly" he pleaded "Wait a second .."

Walking on her toes away from him her legs drew Jim's attention to the cute butt she had teased him with many times online. Even with Beverly upset he felt his cock twitch with renewed desire, even through all the tension in the room.

"Wait for what?" demanded Beverly. She was both angry at the interruption and embarrassed she had not climaxed as she took notice of his semi erect cock, covered in her juices and his cum. The sight of it and the long planned encounter inside of her again reached out to the burning desire in her pussy.

"Beverly, PLEASE" Jim pleased "You really don't remember my ad?"

Jim could not move. He was trapped between the woman he desired moving away to the bedroom and the woman who owned him demanding his attention at the door.

His decision was made for him as his attention was drawn towards the door by another rapid "KNOCK" ".. JIMMY?... Damn you..."KNOCK, KNOCK"

Turning his back towards Beverly, and the closing bedroom door, he resigned himself to failure. He stood up and groaned louder, with a most urgent and LOUD plea, "BEVERLY, I'M SURE WE made it VERY, VERY CLEAR"

Beverly sobbed through the now closed door "Aren't you listening??" then she repeated "WHAT FUCKING Ad and What WE?"

Without another word Jimmy, still naked with cum drying up his semi-swollen cock head, moved across the room and unlatched the door.

"Where is she" demanded Joan as she blew into the room.

Joan reminded Jim of a Doberman strong, powerful and intense. Her sharp nose lifted slightly to draw in the scent of their lingering sex. Her searching eyes, wide with expectation, quickly surveyed the room while at the same time dismissing her naked husband before her.

"In the bedroom, I think she is crying." Replied the now submissive Jimmy as he sat dejected and naked on the couch.

Joan stood in front of Jimmy with her thin legs apart and her tiny feet, encased by 4" CFM heels, planted firmly on either side of his legs. Jimmy just stared, head bowed in submission, at her long bright red nails as her hands came to rest on her hips, covered in a tight fitting short black skirt.

He knew Joan NEVER wore underwear for an sexual event and assumed the delay had sent her juices flowing unchecked down her inner thigh. Jimmy remembered their last encounter with Sarah and the sight of those long red nails disappearing in and out of her smooth shaved pussy like daggers on fire with passion.

Her square jaw now pointed down and towards him. With an almost unnatural bend of her body and her long thin neck Joan projected a lifeless mannequin pose. If Joan had any breasts they would be hanging out of the thin white blouse she had chosen that day. Unfortunately, even though bra less, with half the buttons undone, all that was exposed was a flat chest and a bare hint of nipples upon lemon size breasts.

Trapped by her disappointment Jimmy instantly felt he was back in high school at the principals office with the forty something Mrs. Williams. She, like Joan, had no figure to speak of. Both had thin tight red lips and while Mrs. Williams had jet black hair held back in a tight bun, Joan's red hair would be called Butch.

Both ladies, his first lover and then his lifetime partner, were expert at jerking his cock till his balls were drained. They knew the trick of inserting a finger into his anus at just the right minute to send his hot seed spraying across their face and small nipples. They also had other common traits, such as they never took him deep into their mouth and neither ever seemed to enjoy the times together. It was just something "dirty" they both had done/still did to control "their little boy".

Mrs. Williams, like his wife, had been more interested in "meeting" the girls he dated and was very willing to provide them expert instructions on how to be "pleased by men" by first experimenting with an experienced woman stand in.

Although he was buffeted by the scolding Joan was giving him his thoughts, and the attention of his cock, were back on the woman THEY had been with and the buxom lady waiting in the other room.

"Look at you" Joan waved her accusatory hand towards his again semi-flaccid manhood.

"You could not wait?" Joan's voice was harsh, like she had caught him in a great lie.

Shaking her head sharply she looked for a response and was angered by his silence.

Joan continued her lecture "You just had to get off first, right? No fucking control. MEN!"

Looking at the bedroom she continued by pointing towards the door with her shoe.
"Did you forget? We agreed, after LAST time, only a TASTE when you are alone!"

"But Joan.." his offer of an excuse was quickly cut off by her stern look.

Turning away Joan commanded and dismissed him, "Sit there and do not do or SAY anything, till I tell you otherwise."

As she studied the door and deciding her approach Joan added, "If you need something to do, play with .... YOURSELF!"

As Jimmy continued to stare at the floor in front of him Joan crossed the room to the now closed bedroom door.

"Rap, Rap, Rap.... Beverly... It's Joan, can I come in sweetheart?" Joan leaned on the door hoping her weight would push it open.

"NOOOOOO, Go Away" sob Beverly as she pulled her legs up to cover her naked body.

"Please..." Joan continued as the door gave way and she stumbled into the room, just as she had intended.

"SHIT" cried Joan as she hit the edge of the bed just catching herself before she fell on top of the still naked Beverly.

"Are you all right?" asked the surprised Beverly who reached out by reflex to help steady the intruder. She had not thought to latch the door when she fled into the room.

Joan faked her injury as she sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her ankle feigning a potential sprain.

"No, actually I'm not" she added after a moment of inspection "I think this is going to hurt tomorrow."

Nodding towards the door she called out to Jimmy. "I'm fine, don't worry about me, you SHIT! Just sit there useless like you always do!"

Beverly was taken aback by Joan's tone. "Why are you yelling at Jim?"

"Jim? You call him Jim? Jim is a man's name, that little BOY is called JIMMY and if you must know I'm mad at him for ignoring ME and hurting YOU!"

Joan continued to rub her ankle, and grimace in her fake pain, as she carefully watched the beauty just a few feet from her. The sight of her breasts and wide hips was making her tingle inside. Jimmy, who remained in the other room, was playing his part by acting like the uncaring drone she intended to portray him as.

Joan looked past the drying cum on Beverly's ample breasts and soft cheeks "We can clean that up" thought Joan.

She had wanted Beverly in the worst way ever since Jimmy found her online. Beverly responded to one of his pathetic romance stories with her background and semi-nude picture. As Joan drank in the smell of Beverly's sex, she could see that Beverly was turning over in her mind Joan's words. Joan was excited and she knew she just had to let things progress at a slow controlled pace, at least for now.

Watching Joan rub her ankle Beverly decided that the intruder was not going to be leaving her alone soon. Watching her naked reflection in the mirror of the partially closed closet door she knew she was being tested.

After several minutes of silence Beverly blurted out, her arms moving away from her breast exasperated "I just don't understand!"

Joan had to control a shudder of desire as she got her first close glimpse of the ample breast and sweet nipples she had been dreaming about. She thought to herself shamelessly "Now if she could only give me a clear shot of the pussy ............"

"What don't you understand" Joan asked back softly, keeping her eyes focused on her injured ankle.

"Why you are here?" replied Beverly. "Jim never said anything about you. I do not have sex with woman, hell, I hardly have sex with MEN!"

Putting on her most pitiful face Joan turned to face Beverly. "You really don't know why I'm here? I will show you WHY!"

Before Beverly could protest Joan turned to face Beverly and ripped the remaining buttons to spread her white blouse wide in the air.

"What do you see?" demanded Joan in her husky voice. "It's ok, I KNOW what I look like. Tell me, WHAT do YOU see?"

Beverly, who could not remember not having tits the boys wanted see, could only stare at the small offerings before her and mumble "small tits?"

Joan croaked a laugh "Small tits?"

Cupping her tiny breast within the palms of her hands she made them completely disappear. Then she added with a frown "Honey these are not small, they are non-existent."

"I still do not understand" replied Bev. "You are here because you have small breasts?"

"NO", then still covering herself Joan motioned towards Bev with her elbow, "Ok, now you"

Beverly got the idea and wrapped her small hands under each breasts, her fingers just barely covering her wide pink areolas while her nipples continued to protrude.

"That is ONE reason I'm here." Joan stated, rubbing her hands up and down with no noticeable effect. She almost smiled, as if her case had just been made clear.

Seeing the continued question on Bev's face Joan drank in the view of Beverly's lifted breasts and explained very slowly. "I'm not here because I have SMALL tits, I'm here because you have BIG ones, the size my H U S B A N D loves!" Joan spat out the words as if it caused her great pain.

In the other room Jim/JIMMY was picturing the two women together, their contrasting breasts and their tasty nipples. He began to slowly squeeze and stroke his cock preparing himself for what was to cum, latter.

Back in the bedroom, as the light came on in Beverly's eyes, Joan lied fast and poured it on thick.

"I LOVE my husband. I do not want to lose him. If that means sharing him with big boobs, like yours, I will do it ... to save my marriage!"

"Oh my GAWD" Beverly cried her hands flying from her heavy breasts to either side of her head as if it were about to explode.

"There is more" Joan quickly added as she pulled her legs up on the bed, the points of her shoes coming to rest between Beverly's legs.

"More??" asked Beverly, now completely off her mental balance.

"Yes more." Planting her heels into the covers Joan scooted towards Beverly to bring her knees up high.

Spreading her legs wide Joan looked down at her open sex and asked "Now what do you see?"

Beverly caught unprepared shyly looked away, half afraid a long thin cock was awaiting her discovery. When Joan did not move, or say anything more, Bev stole a glance back at her.
Joan caught Beverly looking between her legs and deftly leaned back on one hand while she moved the other hand down between the apex of her thighs. Her right index and middle fingers slide across her smooth hairless pussy and spread her tiny slit open. As she drew her fingers back and up she pulled the tiny folds aside indicating a very small and very narrow passage.

"Think of that cock you just enjoyed!" demanded Joan as she slipped one long thin red nail slowly into her tiny slit and stirred within like she was making an expensive cocktail.

Jim/JIMMY hearing these words knew exactly what Joan was doing. He loved this part where Joan introduced herself as the "Virgin wife" who was unable to meet the needs of her husband. The reality was his wife loved pussy as much as he did, maybe more. His cockhead swelled more as his brain sent signals they were getting closer....

Beverly had NEVER closely examined the sex of any other woman. She had always had extremely full lips and assumed everyone else did. She never imagined a pussy, especially one belonging to a 40 something woman, could look so "Virginal". She was transfixed as Joan continued to press, twist, turn and push her ONE thin finger till it was embedded up to her knuckle deep in her sex.

Joan looked up at Beverly just as her palm came to rest across her clit. Stroking herself with a slight up and down, then in and out motion Joan asked "Do you think there is any way THAT cock can fit in HERE?"

Beverly just shook her head no, then added softly "I told you I have never been interested in sex with a woman."

"OH, really" breathed Joan as she continued to stimulate her sex, excited by the audience she had so long desired.

Pressing her finger deep and hard inside Joan remarked "Do you remember the day you were caming with JIMMY using the clear white glass dildo with the little nubs?"

"Yes, why?" replied Beverly, not taking her eyes off Joan masturbating herself.

Jim/JIMMY had slipped into the door way un-noticed. Seeing the two ladies, spread eagle, completed the rush of blood to his swollen member. Stroking himself slowly he envisioned Beverly soon to be impaled upon his thick cock, warm and tight in a cow girl position. While Joan would soon take up her favorite position to lick and tease her fully exposed clit.

Joan continued "Do you remember when his cam went out but he continued with the explicit instructions of how to rub it against your clit?"

Seeing she had her attention Joan pressed further. "Do you remember the rhythm of him telling how and when to send it DEEP inside your pussy for you to grab with your Kegel muscles and hold tight as you slowly withdrew it?"

"Yes" answered Beverly as her eyes met Joan.

"I'm thinking of when you pressed it deep inside with the little anal plug firmly inserted, your left nipple in your mouth."

Do you remember your legs shaking as you were screaming that was "The BEST cum of my FUCKING LIFE!"?

Yes" replied Beverly, taking note of the quickening pace of Joan's finger. "Joan, were you watching us?"

"NO!" Shouted Joan suddenly as her climax neared. "That was ME .....mmmmmm .... ahhh...MEEE... fucking... Y O U!"

Beverly had never watched another woman climax, even in a porno film. She could not help but notice the short red hair and fine thin eyebrows that contrasted with the smooth pussy and ivory skin devoid of any hair but heavily dotted with sharp freckles.

Staring at Beverly's exposed breasts Joan avoided eye contact and continued to ignite her sex, first with gently pulls upon her clit and then with thrust of her long thin fingers deep into her own sex.

As the second wave of her climaxed consumed her Joan repeated her shouts of "That was ME ...... Me.. BITCH... MEEE!! fucking.... Y O U!,...OHH..GAWD... I was FUCKING YOU!!"

Jimmy, Joan's husband, was completely enthralled by the lustful display of his redhead wife, contrasted to the warm beauty of the raven haired Beverly. His real turn on was watching the unmoving Beverly transfixed with her eyes locked on Joan's glistening fingers gliding in and out of her hot, very TIGHT, and dripping wet pussy. Beverly's full lips, recently wrapped tight around his cock head, where pursed open as she stared at Joan enthralled in her stimulated climax.

Savoring the recent memory of his cock head just penetrating Beverly's long unused pussy he felt the trickle of re-cum seeping from his peephole. He continued his slow masturbation of the base of his thick cock thinking of the reaction his wife will soon have when her lips finally come into contact with Bev's sweet pussy juices surrounded by his dry cum.

Jim/Jimmy thought of fulfilling his number one fantasy, one woman snug upon his thick cock while another licked his nut sack and his ass.

"Could tonight be the night?" sent an involuntary spasm to his swelling cock. A move not missed by Beverly.

Having now absorbed the fact the she had been the object of this woman's lust all along Bev was anxious, but curious, what would be expected of her. She waited for some comment from Jim and although he was partially hidden from her view his heavy breathing indicated he was NOT going to soon interrupt this encounter.

As her climaxed locked up her body Joan crumpled down on the bed exhausted her short red hair coming in contact with Beverly's leg. Now laying so close to Bev's thigh Joan drank in the fragrance of sex. It was as much from Beverly's encounter with Jim, still standing half hidden in the bedroom doorway, as it was from Joan's own juices now covering her fingers, her hand, her inner thighs and the bed sheets. Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath.

Bev very aware of the contact with Joan and noticed that when lying on her back Joan's breasts had all but disappeared. From the waist up she appeared like a young man with thick nipples doting her smooth freckled chest.

As Joan clamped her legs together tight she continued to stroke her pussy lips, pressing fingers on each side of her clit like scissors. The entire bed shook from her long thin legs shaking, locking together and then spreading wide with aftershocks from her climax.

With eyes clamped shut Joan suddenly turned on her side. Her twisting motion, learned from many a tribing encounter, caught Beverly's limp wrist between her thrashing legs. At the same instant she reached out to place her palm against Beverly's smooth and still wet sex. Joan used the proximity and smell of her desired lover, the contact of Beverly's fingers on the edges of her lips and the touch of hot wet pussy to send herself into a third wave of pleasure.

Beverly froze with the two pronged contact that sent an instant flush to her neck and hot blood to erect her soft pink nipples. No woman had every touched her pussy lips, nor had she every explored another woman's sex. From the immediate and demanding pressure of Joan's palm, inching down upon her clit, she knew she was just seconds away from penetration by Joan's searching thin fingers tipped by those long red nails.

Bev's natural instinct was to turn away from this unplanned invasion of her sexual space. However, Bev noticed a small movement, coming from the direction of the partially closed closet door. As reflected in the mirror her shock, her reluctance and obvious discomfort had been quickly rebuffed. A powerful force had weighed her discomfort against her swelling nipples silently commanding the unintended opening of her legs, providing the lustful Joan much easier access.

Bev accepted her fate and the silent but clear command. With one hand she reached up and fingered the tiny gold choker that earlier had been placed around her throat. With the other she gently inserted her fingers slightly into Joan's undulating pussy. The touch of slick juices and hot flesh sent a shiver down her arm, across her nipples and right to the swollen hood releasing her clit. Releasing her thin gold choker she accepted her fate and reached around to grab a handful of short red hair, urging a willing Joan to move down between her legs.

Joan, who managed to keep Bev's fingers trapped within her sex, was in complete view of Jim, still fisting his swollen shaft in the doorway, and her small tits reflecting in the mirror hanging on the closet door.

As she opened her eyes to gaze with adoration and lust at her prize as she mumbled a throaty "FUCKING Beau TEE Full!"

Pulling back with the heel of her hand Joan caused the swollen lips to peel back exposing the bright pink interior of Beverly's sex. A small stream of Jimmy's fresh cum oozed out and down around Bev's anus as Joan bent to lick it clean.

At the first contact of Joan's expect tongue, on the hood of Beverly's clit, Bev snapped her legs together involuntarily.

"Oh God that is feels HOT" squealed Bev as she twisted her torso while keeping her fingers moving against the slick folds of Joan's pussy.

Squeezing the fingers still inserted in her cunny Joan pressed her face hard against the smooth thighs till the pressure from her nose, hot breathe and probing tongue were once again rewarded with Beverly spreading her legs giving complete access to the sexpot she desired.

As Joan continued to lick and suck on her clit Beverly began to thrust her fingers harder into Joan's slit. Her knuckles were coming into rough contact with the small nub that was Joan's clit. Beverly was frozen in place from the energy Joan put into each deep stroke by her tongue across Beverly's exposed nether lips.

"MMMMMMMMMM ahhh MMMMMMMMMMM" Joan moaned loudly as she sucked Beverly's sex (lips and clit) In between her thin wet red lips.

Bev, catching Jim's eye in the mirror knew she was losing control of the situation and would suffer afterwards.

"I need MORE, NOW" announced Beverly as she rolled on her side keeping the redhead neatly tucked between her legs, sucking and licking on her sex like it was a giant erotic tit.

Drawing her legs up around Joan, Beverly looked a Jim and the swollen thick cockhead pulsating in the grasp of his hand.

"I said, I NEED MORE!" then grasping Joan's head tightly she cried out "Do you need a FUCKING invitation?"

Jim needed nothing further and quickly moved upon the bed behind Beverly. If Joan was aware of him she did or said nothing to dissuade him. Grasping her left hip, and the bed backboard for leverage, he pressed his swollen cock against her tight hole.

Jim was immediately rewarded with the fresh hot juices that were a combination of his recent climax, Beverly's new aroused state and salvia from the ministrations of his wife.

"GAWD... FUCKIN A that feels good" announced Jim as he thrust his thick cock up to the hilt, reveling in the feel of his balls slapping his sex drunk wife in the chin.

Joan really did not care for cock anymore. But what she did care about was an aroused pussy and she could feel the rosebud between her lips swelling with each of Jim's thrust.

"PA PA PALLLEASE" Beverly grunted out between the small climaxes stirred by Joan's teasing and the stretching of her pussy by Jim's swelling cock.

"Please, og God PA..L.. EA... SE I need to CUM so bad!" she cried aloud staring at the three of them reflected in the mirror.

"Roll" SLAM' SCRAPE" came the sounds from the closet followed by "THAT IS ENOUGH, I said STOP!"

"Holly SHIT" came the shocked expression from Jimmy as he pulled free of Beverly's sweet joy and then fell to the floor on his back to stare up at the largest buck naked black man he had ever seen.

Joan, her face covered in juices was more upset by the removal of Beverly's fingers from her pussy. She sat up on her knees to face the towering intruder and finding herself eye level with a fully erect monster back cock still found the wit to demand "Who the FUCK are you? Did Jimmy put you up to this?"

Beverly, who had managed to prop her head up on a pillow, folded her arms innocently over her exposed breast and fingered the gold chain around her neck.

Pointing at Beverly the intruder was direct, forceful and LOUD. "That is MY woman, MY Breast and MY pussy and you both need to get the fuck out of here before I put my cock up your ass, BOTH of your asses."

Joan and Jimmy scrambled like their pubic hairs had been set on fire. Within seconds Beverly heard the front door closing confirming their departure.

"James" Beverly scolded softly "Or should I say Master? Either way you scared those people to death."

James, sitting gently on the bead reached up and made one of Beverly's ample breast disappear within the span of his broad dark hand.

Breaking into a big grin he said "When we picked him out I did not know the games that were about to be played."

He continued with his head cocked slightly "and how did you like your first lesbian experience?"

Sitting up Beverly tried to act serious and analytical "There is something to be said for it but...", then she laughed, "I'm still a cock kinda girl."

"Speaking of COCK" Beverly took his long thick black meat between the palms of her hands and stroked it is if she were putting on expensive hosiery "I'm still not sure this is going to FIT!"

"Cum here baby" James then lifted Beverly into the air like she was a small child and gently aimed her swollen pussy at his glistening cockhead.

In response to her questing, but trusting look, he said "I told you we just needed to stretch you out, a little, and now nature will take it's course."

James held her in the air and watched her eyes for signs of real discomfort as she slowly slipped down upon his thick dark pole.
With one hand firmly on her ass, the other grasping her breasts for leverage, her let her own weight force the inevitable.

"Erm, eeee, ahem.. aaah ah" was the only sounds escaping from her throat as she clutched his thick arms while trying to relax all while continuing to accept inch by inch the massive cock sliding deep inside of her.

Beverly felt herself stretching wide in many direction, her pussy adjusting to this pleasure tool now inside of her. As she thought of the impending splash of his hot seed bathing her cervix she knew one thing for certain, she was NEVER going to let her husband, and his tiny cock, ever touch her again.

"There!" James felt his cock head hit the wall of her uterus and the top of her clit came to rest upon his shaved root.

Smiling at his little treasure he caused himself to throb sending a shudder through Beverly that was immediately visible in her swelling nipples and involuntary grasping of his cock..

"Shit" she cried out "Jim was THICK" she spoke as her head fell back letting James hold her entire weight "But it never hit me this DEEP.

Beverly reached up and began to play with his nipples centered upon his massive chest. At the same time she began to move her hips in the small circles she had observed on the video's Jim had shared with her during her "online seduction"

"I WANT YOU TO CUM" Pleaded Beverly as she increased her tempo.

I want YOU to cum!" replied James as he pressed down on the small of her back forcing more pressure from his cockhead hitting top of her tunnel.

Her climax sneaking up on her caught Bev unprepared.
"I.. AM... I'mmm CUMING oH fuck MEEE I M CUMING" screamed Beverly as she twisted and turned impaled upon his cock her legs shaking like she was possessed.

All this new stimulation was sending fireworks to her brain.

"FEEL THIS MY BITCH" cried James as he too turned lose his throbbing cock tearing her apart further while his spurting cum bathed her pain with hot joy.

Holding her so she could neither fall NOR escape his intrusion James lifted then slammed down upon his shaft the doll like Beverly, now deep in the throes her climax. Using the suction he had created inside her, by filling her pussy so completely, James for all intent was using her body to pumping his balls dry.

Spurt after spurt flooding up in side her as she tried to twist his cock off his body so she could retain it forever more as a part of her.

As their mutual climax subsided James laid on his side, tenderly cradling her in his arms. His desire for her was only slightly sated. His softening cock, still fully inside her, and her buttock became coated with their escaping juices.

As she drifted off to sleep, or better said passed out from the stimulation, Beverly had one last thought. "I need to go home soon......... TO PACK!"
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