Will I regret this tomorrow?, Part V
Beverly did not take time to dry as she rushed towards the sounds of Jim's knocking. Bev stopped in her tracks as she heard Jim's deep, rich, masculine voice resonating through the hotel bedroom door, then echoed by the phone now held loosely at her side.

"Beverly, are you going to let me in, or do you want me to leave you alone?"

"NO, DON'T GO, PLEASE don"t go. Bev called out to him.

Shaking herself into movement Beverly closed the cell phone, a twinge of guilt as she lost sight of the picture of her husband. Committed to going forward she quickly moved the few feet to the securely latched door. She felt both excited and embarrassed. She was very aware of her flushed neckline, aroused nipples and the trail of water she was leaving across the room.

Unlocking the door Beverly began with "You said you..., you..., you would... call..., call me..."
As the door slowly open her voice trailed off. Her brain became engaged with a vision offered by his white satin shirt, slightly unbuttoned, to reveal a very masculine chest with soft black hair visible.

"God" she thought to herself "How did he know what a turn on seeing his chest would be too me?"

Her eyes then met his smile. Whether it was her frustrated longing or his radiating sexuality the effect was the same. Beverly felt wonderfully immobilized as she locked her gaze with his deep COME FUCK ME brown eyes rendering her such a state that she could neither speak nor look away.

Jim reached across the threshold and took her hand saying "I just called" Then broadening his smile he continued "You are so beautiful, do you mind if I come in?"

Bev just let herself be pulled in a tight circle as her handsome caller stepped into the room and deftly turned her out of the way of the closing door.

With one hand he quickly secured his prize "Snap, Latch, Lock"

Satisfied they would not be interrupted Jim turned his gaze back upon Beverly who was clutching her damp white bath towel with one hand revealing more cleavage than she intended. The other hand stayed limply within his strong grasp.

Jim smiled at her and Beverly thought how it seemed his whole face smiled, not just his mouth.

Pulling her towards him Jim raised her hand to his lips while reaching into her soul with his beautiful eyes.

Kissing the top of her hand with a gentle brush of his soft warm lips Jim made her heart beat faster as he said "It is so nice to finally touch you."

Goose bumps sprung forth when he continued "I hope I did not interrupt anything important."

Beverly slowing shook her head "NO" while blushing from the memory of her near climax still bubbling just beneath the surface of her skin.

Jim kissed her hand again and turned the palm towards his lips so she could feel his warm breath. Jim spoke softly as if he was afraid she would suddenly run away. "It seems we are at a loss for words, how may I help make you more comfortable?"

Knowing she must look frightful Beverly started to pull her hand away. She was acutely aware her wet hair was now dripping on the floor and her breasts were even more exposed by his lifting of her hand.

Jim would not let go. Instead of releasing her hand he closed the space between them to press the palm of her hand against his warm hairy chest. His other arm surrounded her towel covered waist and gently, but firmly, took her into his arms. Jim did not not caring he was inviting the wet towel to dampen his shirt and trousers.

Breaking their locked gaze Jim bent to press his lips to her ear "I have thought of nothing but YOU since you invited me to come to you."

The passion of his kisses, trailing across her ear lobe, down her neck and on to her bare shoulder made Beverly's knees buckle.
As Jim Kissed his way back up her neck Beverly naturally turned her mouth towards his to receive her first kiss. Her lustful hunger quickly offered the tip of her tongue between parted lips. When Jim responded with a tantalizing tease she drew his tongue deep into her mouth as if she intended to devour it.

As the passion of their kisses grew Bev leaned towards Jim and pressed her body against him. With a psssion long locked away her her right leg seemed to act on its own hooking around his leg so her sex, free of the towl, could rub against the soft cotton slacks covering his muscular leg.

Releasing her towel she reached above his embrace to entwine her fingers with a fistful of his rich black hair. Breaking their kiss for a breath Beverly threw back her head back, to expose her most erotic sensitive skin, her throat.

As Jim began to lick and kiss the inviting throat Beverley growled "Oh GOD, Oh God,... I NEED YOU so FUCKING MUCH!"

Jim continued to kiss her throat as his free hand softly caressed the outside of her breast. Stepping back slightly Jim smiled again, this time at the damp towel that quickly fell down between them.

"WoW" he exclaimed at her exposed firm breasts their deep cleavage and engorged nipples, aroused by the passion of their kisses.

After a long look of adoration Jim spoke, shaking his head slowly, as if he had had a vision he need to share with her. "You are such a fool, a God Dam Fool"

"Me?" Beverly asked as she started to step away.

"NO my LOVE, not YOU!" Jim smiled and pulled her back to him.

Comforting her with his embrace he nodded his head towards the closed door and added, "No, no ... not you my dear Lady, Him..., the fool, your Husband."

Beverly felt his arms then wrap around her tightly as his lips again explored her neck. His hands gently and sensuously slid down her naked sides to firmly cup each ass cheek drawing her fast against him. Beverly could not help but squirm as her breasts were teased by his now damp shirt.

Then he beagn to bumped his hips towards her. This erotic motion began causing her sex to rub across his soft, damp, cotton slacks. Just by the feel of rubbing her body back and forth, and then raising up on her toes Beverly felt the wonderful surprise he was offering. Her juices began to flow, aroused by largest and most firm erection she had ever encountered.

To be continued
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