Will I regret this tomorrow?, part VI
After months of telephone teasing and building up her courage Beverly, a married mother in a loveless marriage, has finally agreed to meet in person her online lover.

"Yes" Beverly thought, Jim was absolutely right " Him..., the fool, (my) Husband."

Beverly loved the feel of his strong arms warped around her body. She felt the slight chill of the air conditioner against her back and enjoyed the goose bumps forming where the heat of man holding her met her damp cool skin.

As Jim kissed her ear lobe she turned her head so that their lips met full, warm and hungry. He was everything she had ever dreamed of in a romantic lover, gentle, attentive and focused on HER!

As the kiss deepened Jim pulled back slightly to breathe into her mouth "You are a GREAT kisser...mmmm... I knew you would be."

Kissing him back hard, between deep kisses with darting, probing tongues, Beverly responded. "I have thought about this for so LONG ...mmmm... I have needed you for so LONG ...ah..mmmm... I have WANTED YOU for so friggin LONG!!"

Sliding his right hand between them Jim continued to kiss her as he began to caress and knead her left breast, paying special attention to her erotic dark areolas topped by a sensitive swollen nipple so ripe for play. Any pretense of shyness had quickly flown away. Beverly was now in heat and she was making no secret of the lustful desire that was filling her pussy with warm wet pleasure that she would soon present to her partner for his enjoyment.

For her part Beverly was thankful for all those years of ballet as she remained high on her toe points desperately grinding herself against her lover with wanton need and abandonment. Her hands dug into his hip pockets as she attempted to pull his pants off right where they stood.

Pinching her nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger Jim was rewarded with a soft whimper and an even deeper probe of Beverly's wicked tongue so firmly entwined with his. Jim was glad he had chosen to leave the underwear behind. He flexed his hardened cock and was rewarded with a urgent press of Beverly's inner thigh back against him as his swollen girth was revealed strained against his pants.

" You ... are... such a .... FUCKING .... tease" Beverly spat out between kisses as she reached between them and attempted to wrap her fist around the cock that was calling to her and sending her head spinning.

Switching hands between the two of them Jim caressed her face, traced down her chin, slowly down her neck and then took a firm hold on her right D cup breast. Every since their first naked cam chat he had dreamed of touching her.

Still kissing her he lifted up her ample breast so that as their first kiss was finally broken it was immediately replaced by a new pleasure, that of Jim taking her nipple into his mouth. Beverly felt her knees buckle as the pleasure of his hot tongue and warm wet lips bathed her long neglected nipple in pleasure. She did not fall only because Jim had placed his other hand firmly under her buttock balancing her weight between his arm and her body wedged firmly between his legs.

Beverly spread her arms wide, as if she was flying and then slowly wrapped them around the neck of her lover urgently trapping his mouth against her bosom like a newborn child relieving her aching breast of its milk.

As Beverly regained her balance she began a slight knee bend rhythm that kept Jims pleasurable mouth in full contact with her breast while her swollen Mons became even more teased as she humped his leg like a dog in heat. Beverly was keenly aware of the cotton material rubbing roughly across the hood of her thick and exposed clit. Normally Beverly could just barley stand the lightest of smooth wet touches on her nub. However, for today she wanted it exposed and RAW!

Jim was clearly enjoying the tease as he reached up one hand to grasp hers and then place it upon the zipper leading to the hardened cock beneath.

"Oh YES baby, YES" responded Beverly with eager desire, happy that she had the clear sign to touch him.

Pulling away from him Beverly endured the painful scrape of his teeth across her nipple as she unexpectedly dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock with one had as the other struggled with the zipper now before her. She was aware of his gaze down between them and felt the heat of his eyes upon her exposed breasts. Her heavy breathing drew attention to her protruding nipples, one still wet from his lips.

Jim said nothing, but assisted her efforts by quickly undoing the simple buckle of his belt.

Free of any further restraints Jim's slacks fell quickly away to the floor revealing his throbbing cock bending slightly towards Beverly like a raised draw bridge to a wonderful castle.

For a moment Beverly just stared at it. His pubic hairs were neatly trimmed with no hair on his cock or his balls. The circumcised head was dark and swollen, filled with heated blood from their teasing. As it bobbed slightly in the air she saw a thick vein that ran the length of the wide shaft. His nut sack hung low and she was sure it was an ample source of the HOT! WET! THICK! CUM she had dreamed would soon flood her womb to coat her cervix and ignite her climax.

As he flexed his cock, and watched her eyes widen, Jim breathed softly "Baby, You can touch my cock any way you want, for now, it is here just for you."

Beverly immediately wrapped her fist around it, well almost around it. Pulling him towards her she reached out with the tip of her wet tongue to daintily catch the thick drop of pre-cum now forming.

Looking up into his eyes she squeezed his cock tightly. While drawing her tongue slowing back inside her mouth she licked her red lips and murmured seductively "MMMMMMMM, that tastes so, SOOO good, is there MORE to CUM?"

Jim nodded and then leaned forward a half step. That was all the encouragement Beverly needed as she wrapped her free hand around his bulging nut sack while sucking his cock head between her lips and teeth.

"Gawd, he is so fucking thick" Bev thought to herself as she moved her head to one side to lick the thick shaft from the cock head to his balls.

As Bev again sucked his cockhead into her mouth she bathed the pre-cum from his pee slit with quick licks and planted hot kisses around the sensitive crown. She alternated jerking his thick shaft with licks to his cockhead and then sucking on his balls.

All the while she was thinking "I can hardly get the head into my mouth, this is going to split my pussy WIDE open, FOREVER".

Jim felt his legs weaken from the pleasure she was giving him and reached one hand to steady himself with Bev's bobbing head as the other hand grabbed for the back of the dark leather chair in the living room.

"Baby, that feels so Dam good. You said you were a great cock sucker and you are, Gaaawd, you REALLY ARE!!!"

Beverly felt her juices began to flow out from her pussy and down her inner thigh. She watched the emotions play across his face as she felt the cool air caressing her swollen labia. Reaching down she dipped one thin finger deep into her honey pot and smelled the fragrance of her sex as she pulled her finger out and up over her clit. She repeated this action several times till she was satisfied she was lubricated and ready.

She knew she had suffered from the rejection and lack of any oral attention from her husband who had attached shame to her large vulva and thick outer lips. Jim had told her during phone sex of how excited he became when he could suck a woman's nether lips deep into his mouth. Now that previous shame would be a trifle, and soon to be faint memory, when compared to the monster she was working to get her mouth around now. Each stroke of Jims cock generated more pre-cum for her to savor and that immediately heighted the flames within her sex.

Jim suddenly grew tense and tried pulling his cock away saying "STOP, OH baby PLEASE stop I don't want to cum, NOOO not yet"

"No ont care, I wan you oo cum... wan you cum NOOOW" answered Beverly while firmly holding onto Jims cock.

She continued sucking it deeper within her mouth, her teeth catching on the crown of his cockhead but Jim did not mind. Beverly felt his balls tighten and knew he was close. Gripping his balls she rubbed him at the base where his shaft melded with his nut sack. Then, just as he had teased her once on the phone, she slowly inserted her pinky finger into his ass and when fully embedded she began to massage his trigger.

"OH, OH shit that is AWSOME" yelled Jim uncaring of anyone within ear shot of the hall or the adjoining rooms.

Holding her head steady Jim began to drive his cock into the hot mouth that was the source of so much pleasure. His anus tightened a firm grip on Beverly's finger.

As his tension mounted he began a low moan "IIIII Immmm going to cum, FUCK YES B A B Y girl Immmm going to CUM .... in your FACE".

Bev closed her mouth tightly as she curled her finger against his prostrate, squeezed the base of his cock and pulled firmly down on his swollen balls urging on the eruption she felt about to burst. As the first pulse of Jim's powerful climax passed her grip Bev released her hold on his cock and deftly pressed two fingers deep inside her own sex. The palm of her hand expertly came to rest upon her swollen clit which she knew needed only slight encouragement to send her over her own cliff.

As Jim exploded in powerful busts of hot cum Beverly strove to contain the blast within her mouth. She gagged and felt it escape around his thick shaft to drip down onto her breast and then on top of the hand madly rubbing her pussy to climax.

Between Jim's exploding shower and her gasping attempts to swallow the fire hose trapped between her lips Bev felt herself almost go faint as her own climax explode deep within herself.

"IMMMMMMMMMM KK UMM ING" she moaned between mouthfuls of cum and explosions within.

Jim, his legs shaking, could only grip the chair to keep from falling to the floor as he watched the flush rush up over her breast, her neck and then her face. Each time Jim sent another spurt and after shock of her climax was triggered. After several minutes of heavy breathing and smiling at each other, Beverly finally released Jim's ass, his cock and her own sex. As Jim stumbled back into the chair Beverly, rocking back upon her heels, sat down on her backside, her legs bent spread wide towards him, shaking and inviting.

With cum down her chin covering her breasts and her hands covered in their juices Beverly knew she looked and probably smelled the part of a "Face Fucked Whore" and she LOVED it. She could not remember the last time she had done anything with that much abandonment, or with that much pleasure.

"Well" she asked with a smile while wiping some dripping cum from the corner of her mouth, "should we go shower or just go to bed?"

Spreading her thick lips wide for his view she added " I have something I seriously want YOU to eat!"

As Jim began to answer Beverly heard a stirring in the hallway outside her room.

Softly, but with an insistent firmness came "Knock, Knock, Knock.....Knock, Knock, Knock.. " then a soft woman's voice added "Jim, JIMMMY can I come in now?"

Snapping her legs together Beverly sat up on her knees, looked quickly around the room, and then directly at Jim.

"Who the HELL is that?" Beverly demanded.

"Wait a second Beverly" Jim begged, his dick now slack and deflated, his hands held high in surrender.

"Don't you remember my ad?" he then added "I'm sure WE made it very clear"

"What Ad" Bev demanded, her head racing back to the first time they chatted online "and What WE?"

"My personal ad, from my WIFE and I, you found it on my thread. You must remember, it said "Loving romantic desires married 3rd for SATISFACTION!"

This time more insistently and louder "KNOCK! ... KNOCK! ... KNOCK!" then a very demanding voice "Jimmy, You agreed only a TASTE without me, now OPEN THE DOOR!"

To be continued.....
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