Will You Please...part 2

I had wondered if it was she when I saw her name on my class roster. It had been what, almost five years since I was her history teacher in the high school? I remember her as being a pretty even back then. Calling her name I was surprised and happy when she turned to face me. Damn Dante' Averie had grown into a beautiful young woman. Her dark curly hair was now tastefully brushed to her left side in the style of a 50's pin up model. Hell as I walked up to her she looked like a pinup girl from the 50s. The outfit she was wearing hugged her curves from the pencil skirt that hit med-calf to the top that wrapped itself around her generous chest. I felt my cock go into shock then come out the ground from relaxed to stiff in a breath. By the time I got close to her my eyes had made their way to her face and damned if my heart almost stopped. I had forgotten how beautiful her face was with her big brown eyes, softly slanted to her full shapely lips and her skin a natural softly tanned she was a vision. A vision of innocent with a hint of naughtiness underneath and then she smiled at me, and I forgot my professional status as Professor Lucian Coleridge.

"Dante', " I said her name almost like a statement as I tried not to let how she was affecting me. Mentally I was all desire fueling my cock efforts trying to rip out my zipper to get between the soft golden tanned legs of this young girl that I had a dream about for years. She had been the guilty pleasure of my existence for a while. No matter whom I was with Dante's large soulful brown eyes were there watching me as she sucked on that full bottom lip of hers. I don't know how many women I fucked with Dante' in mind. Recently, It had gotten so bad that I had even called a one night stand by her name. Now here she stood, barely legal looking for all-the-world like every man's dream fuck. Ok, not every man but most definitely mine. We bantered back and forth about how heavy her backpack was, and it was then that she told me she lived off campus but close enough to walk to classes. I noticed as I picked her backpack that her cell phone was sticking out one of the side pockets. I quickly pocketed and continued our conversation as we walked into the darkened classroom. Telling her to stay put I moved to turn on the lights and to shut the classroom door behind us. Turning back to face to find Dante' standing next to me looking up into my face with those perfect lips of her slightly parted as the overhead lights flickered.
"Dante' Averie you were beautiful then, and you are even more so now," I said as I just let my eyes do what my hands want to do... to touch her, to feel the warmth and softness of her skin. I use to catch you staring at me with those big brown eyes of yours and use to image what it would be like to suck on that bottom lip of your full mouth, and I said as I whispered that last bit against her trembling lips. I was drunk with want and made in more so by the sensual scent of her perfume, but it was she asked me that just did me in.

"If that is the case then, Mr. Lucian Coleridge will you please fuck me?

I remember blinking slowly once maybe twice, and then I pulled her to me crushing my mouth against hers as my hands finally got to do what my eyes had been doing. Dante's curves were luscious and welcoming under my hands her body felt soft and firm all at the same time. It drove me to want to touch her skin and feel its warmth and softness leading to wet warm places...Fuck-it. I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the classroom/ quasi-storage room. This semester it was my office, and I was about to christen it with fucking the subject of my wet dreams on top of my desk.
Opening the door, I carried her through kicking the door closed behind us. Carrying Dante' over to the desk that was in the room I placed her on top of it and went to close the blind covering the large and only window in the room. When I turned back, around, I almost swallowed my tongue and wrenched my cock at the same time. Gone was Dante's blouse slowly being followed by her skirt leaving her standing now in the middle of the room wearing only her ... the barest of underwear? The bra a deep blue barely held her luscious breasts in, providing coverage for the bottom of them but her large rosy nipples were almost out. My hands itched to touch as my mouth watered to taste them. As I took in the rest of her curves and smooth lightly tanned skin I found my eyes resting on the lace and silk triangle that covered her pussy. The silk ties that held the lace and silk triangle in place glided over her rounded hips to join in the back and disappear between her ass cheeks. Damn, I had to see that, and I guess it showed on my face because Dante turned around slowly letting me see all of her and God!!! I am soo fucked!!

"Damn ... Oh Damn baby, please don't tell me that is what you were wearing under your clothes when you were in my classes?! I said more to myself than to her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Dante said yes but not what as she had on now...the rest of what she said was lost to me as I just listen not hearing her and then watching in rapture as she slid her hand between the lace and skin and fingered her pussy. The look on her face with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted was so damn hot I could feel precum beginning to collect in my boxers and escaping down the legs of my jeans. I had to sit down before I fell after watching her pull her fingers out and put them her mouth to suck them clean. I swallowed and tried to think of a reason to... then she leaned forward and thought went out the window. Dante large pink nippled tits came falling out of the bra and became my total focus. At this point, my cock wanted out, and my mouth and hands wanted to be all over her. I was seriously considering canceling all of my classes for the day and spend it giving Dante' what she asked for, but then common sense won out, and I canceled that idea instead. Then she put the nipple of her right breast in her mouth and started to suck on it as she teased the left one! I blinked in rapid session and swallowed hard as my cock became painful in its confinement and pre-cum had all but saturated the upper right side of my jeans. Never taking my eyes off Dante I quickly but gingerly took a seat in the chair behind the desk, my balls felt like they were ready to explode. Taking a deep breath, I tried to talk, but my mouth wouldn't open. I would have tried again, but Dante' came over to me leaning forward and her breasts, tanned skinned with darkened pink nipples firm standing separate from the aureoles were on their way to my face, and I reached for them. The scent of her arousal and Dante' warm, soft flesh in my hands almost made me reconsider my decision... reconsider my life! I massage the flesh globes in my hands marveling at their weight and the size of them and the nipples. I slide one of those nipples into my mouth, the taste of her was honey and heat all at once had me teasing the nipple bud with my tongue as my hand massaged the other breast. At that point, I was ready to trip of my clothes and fuck her, but this time reason one out as I thought about something that I had heard and quickly wondered if it was still true. This was all I needed to take control releasing Dante breasts from my attentions I pushed her off my lap.
Dante'... put your clothes back on I said in a voice that I hoped didn't reflect my desired to continue.

I watched her beautiful face frowned in confusing as she fell back to earth as my words sunk in. Dante looked upset and then sad...this was not what I intended, and I knew that I had to let her know that we were far from done.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck but not here and not now," I stood up taking her with me still holding on to her, and she stood wobbly on her feet. But it doesn't mean that I can't give you something to think about until then".

I picked a still dazed and confused Dante' up placed her on my desk pushing her back and spreading her legs in the process. I ripped the lace silk thong off her withering body as I sat back down in the chair. Positioning myself between her warm, smooth thighs, I breathe in the scent of her heat and hunger rose in me that I had to feed. Taking a little time to admire the treasure before me I parted the fold of her plump pussy mound to find the true treasure within. I had to take the time to admire the bubble gum pinkness of her clit that stuck out giving me a lot to suck on. I bared my face in open mound and let my hunger guide me in tasting Dante'. I lapped at her juice and drunk it down tasting the sweet saltiness as Dante' moans of pleasure echoed off the walls of the room. She was a beautiful sight to see and hear as she danced under my control. Sliding a finger into her tight hole and finger fucked her as I sucked on her clit Dante's body started to shutter and bucked uncontrollably as her orgasm to over. It was then that I stood up and stepped back from the desk, from between her legs to look at my handy work. Gone was the carefully coiffured reserved woman to be replaced with a sensual one deep in the throes of an orgasm. I watched as she surrendered all as her body jerked and her slightly parted eyes showed the white of her eyes as they rolled back in her head. I took this time to take care of a few things, and when Dante appeared to be back in her body, I helped her get dress and put herself proper order and myself as well. Still in a daze when we returned to the classroom I watched as she took a seat in the back of the classroom as other students entered the room.

Class started off with no problems, and I kept an eye on Dante who didn't look my direction once after introductions, and other class business had been taken addressed. An hour later when class ended, she was one of the first to leave the classroom without a backward glance my way. I could tell by the way she was holding her body Dante was upset and maybe ashamed. This I couldn't have, so after fielding a few questions and turning down a few advance from students male and female looking for some "one on one" instruction time (right), I went after Dante."

As I walked over to her apartment fingering the wad of material that was still damp with a mixture of her juice and mine, I called her cell phone, and it went to voice mail. Worried that Dante' might let what almost happened and what did drop my class and not see me anymore. I couldn't have that, not now. Not when we had the chance to be more than just teacher and student.

I rung her doorbell again as I recalled her cell phone again it went to voice mail. I redial her number this time I texted her.

"Open the door, Dante', Just because the time off didn't mean that we are... we are from done. There are no goodbyes between us... I am going to fuck you until you see more than stars..."

I stood there in the hallway in front of her door now with her thong still damp from her wetness and mine heady with the musky scent of us. I inhaled deep and felt my cock and balls stir as the door opened I unzipped my jeans.

I opened the door forgetting that I was naked shaking from the inside out as my mind became lost in the memory of what we had done. I didn't know what to expect from Lucian, and yet I had hoped... even after what had happened I had hoped.

When Dante' opened the door the hand holding her thong fell away from my face but still in my grasp. The vision that stood before me took me back to my office and strangely enough back to all the years before. I advanced on her forcing, Dante' move out of the doorway. Once in I closed and locked the door behind me as no one was coming or leaving until what was between us was finished. I looked in her face for signs of regret and saw only confusion with what I thought was a spark of hope. As Dante' stood there naked before me, I let her thong drop to the floor to the sound of the zipper of my jeans going down. This time is Dante' who stood there and watched me as I undressed never taking my eyes away from her face that reflected her desire for me. I don't know who moved first and it didn't matter as our hands and mouths found each other.

I couldn't believe it Lucian was stand in my apartment getting naked in front of me. Confusion hopeful ness and fear ran through me as I stood there. I watch as he unzipped his jeans then kicking off his shoes as he slid the jean down his toned muscular thighs and legs to pool at now bare feet. Lucian stepped out of the puddle of blue cloth and kicked it out of his way as he removed his shirt dropping it to the floor next to him covering pile that was my bra and thong. Touching him was all that I had ever wanted and now to be touched by him was more than I had hoped for. Our bodies came together in a hot rush of flesh, hands, and mouths, to taste, touch and to breathe in the essence of the other.

Pulling Dante' tight against me in a full body skin to skin caress, I held her there in the shelter of my arms for a moment before picking her up and walking down the short hallway to her bedroom. Placing Dante' genteelly on the queen size bed the scent of her perfume drifted lightly through the air and mingled with the warm, intoxicating scent that was now radiating off her. I stood back to take in the sight of her; I was going to rush anything. My goal was to have her in every way possible that would bring us both pleasures.
Looking up from where I laid on my bed marveling at how beautiful he was and became fearful how Lucian would feel after I told him my secret. At that moment I cursed myself for being so afraid over the years that knew that fear hadn't kept me from doing more. Now it was happening but to tell or not to tell that now was the question.

Starting at her feet, I kissed, licked and sucked my way up her body to her lips. Stopping along the way, to place long lingering kisses on her clit, the large nipples of Dante's plump full breasts and finally her mouth which hungrily consumed mine as we now laid tangled together. Her hand had found its way to my cock and quickly Dante' took over and set about examining me from head to toe with her mouth tongue and fingers. Trying to take as much of my cock as Dante' could into her mouth and down her throat in spite of the girth of my cock stopping her. She massaged my cock with her tongue and muscles of her throat as her hands did the same to my balls. My God, she was amazing! Sinking my hands into her dark silky curls, I held her head in place as I fucked her sweet mouth. Those full pink lips were a perfect seal around my cock with powerful suction of her mouth and the teasing caress of her tongue I almost became lost in my orgasm. As if she knew, Dante' pulled back slowly with her lips closed tightly around my cock and stopping with just the head of my cock in her warm wet mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down my body to see Dante' face glowing and shiny with sweat with a look in her eyes that said she was hungry for me. Rubbing her the tip of her tongue in my the opening of my cock then around the head, Dante' started to rub the space between my cock and ball as she did so had me coming off the bed and fighting not to cum. Unable to take any more without cumming I sat up and pulled her off me my cock and up my body, then I rolled over taking her with me. Dante' was now under me where I had always wanted her since the day she walked into my history class. She was not the only one who had dreamed and wondered in silence over the years. Her face was so open, and as she spoke, I knew that whatever Dante's said was from the heart and dreams of a young girl and now a grown woman.

"I have waited for you all these years hoping that one day you might see me as more than a student in your classes. Maybe as a grown woman someone you could be interested in, I just wanted you to know that I...that I...waited for you...," the last part Dante said in a low voice that was close to a whisper as she seemed to fold into herself.

"You waited for me? Dante', baby what are you saying?," I asked knowing but wanting to hear it from her. After all, it was her story to tell. As my hands stroked and caress her body encouraging Dante' to speak her mind, I wondered if she had any condoms. That thought quickly left my mind as I watched her cheeks turn red and her beautiful eyes disappear behind lower eye lids.

"Dante' there are no secrets between us. We have come too far and waited too long to be together. Talk to me, I'm not going anywhere," I stated as I caressed her cheek softly getting Dante' to look at me to see the conflict between the woman and the younger girl dancing in her eyes. Stroking down the side of her body as I kissed her cheek I whispered in her ears all the things I had wanted to say...

"I am a virgin," she said quietly in the middle of my verbal seduction with her eyes now looking deep into mine. I have been waiting for you all these years. You see you have always been the one... the one who I dreamed of being with and wanting to give myself to. Back then you were the focus of all of my masturbation sessions, even now," she said with a shy smile and flushed to her cheeks.

I kissed her deeply with revenue and wonder as I prepared to receive the gift that she was giving me. I knew that whatever happened after this Dante' would be mine... always. There was no area of her body that I did not visit and give pleasure to turning Dante' into a warm, wet needy creature with a hungry that only I could feed. Her pussy was warm, almost hot under my hand and so wet inviting me to come and play, so I did. Sliding first one finger then another between the folds of Dante's pussy I flicked her clit along the way to my destination. Dante arched her back and dug her nails into my arms as she tried to ride my fingers. My God, she was so tight, and her pussy throbbed around my fingers, using my thumb I flicked her clit, again and again, sending Dante's screaming with tears running down her face as she came. It was then that I replaced my condom covered cock into her opening and slowly moved forward as Dante' rode out her orgasm. The heat of her almost had me joining her but not yet as I had something to do. Just as she what appeared to be coming down I slid the last inch or so forward hitting the block. Dante's eyes flew open, and her mouth formed a perfect O as she tried to focus on what was to come next. I reached between us and flicked her clit again sending a wave of pleasure through her, and it was then that I pushed a head firmly and gave up my control as I wrapped myself around Dante and did as she had asked... I fucked her then I made love to her. We melted into each other with ever kiss and caress as our bodies grind and undulated skin against skin not caring or having a thought for the bruises and pain later.

Lucian took me as I had dreamed about for years. My body was tight, hot drenched in sweat and not my own. Lucian was laying his claim to all that I was with his cock deep inside of me stroked teasing driving me to some point beyond reason. I came screaming his name loudly from a voice that was hoarse and tight from all of the emotion that I was feeling. Later as I lay in his arms in the after-glow, Lucian kissed my tears away. He whispered the words that I needed to hear and had dreamed of the first time that I saw him when I was I the ninth grade. He had always had my heart now he had my body. Just as sleep was about to claim me, I asked him another question.

Lucian will you please...

Dante' baby I had never left ... yes, I will stay.

I closed my eyes and held him tight as I drifted off to sleep.

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