Without Reservation...
She walked into the hotel lobby, one she'd been in plenty of times before for social functions, but this time for a very different reason. She felt her heart beating in her ears as she walked around the perfectly arranged lobby furniture, trying to appear patient.

Her lover knew better and confidently approached the mostly innocent, somewhat skittish, but generally excited woman who had been so open and engaging online... he just had to get her in private where she could open up to him again. He placed his hand over hers and asked "Still ok?" She squeaked out a mostly sincere "Yes," knowing it was a little late to back out of their arrangements now. He brushed her hair behind her right ear, skimming his fingers down past the spot on her neck that always made her pause before kissing her cheek. The desk clerk arrived with a key and in a moment, the lovers hurried toward the elevator.

In the private space of the elevator, she was trying to remember to breathe, and briefly closed her eyes. She quickly felt his soft but dominant kiss on her lips, and his hands on her backside, pulling her tight to him. It was exactly what she needed to start relaxing. She turned to face him and returned the excited kiss just as the elevator reached their floor. Opening the door, he kissed her then gently spanked her as she passed him and set her purse on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and slid them over against the dresser as he opened the suitcase and found a few of the toys they were soon to enjoy.

He turned to her, pulled her tight into his arms and tipped her chin up to look her in the eyes. "Baby, I need you present, without reservation. Are you ok with that?"

"Yes, Sir."

With that, he removed her collar and set it on the dresser. "Come, sit on the edge of the bed and close your eyes." He took a couple steps back as she responded. She closed her eyes, took a couple breaths and he watched the worry release from her face. She felt his hands at the zipper of her dress. He kissed her neck and said a quiet "Thank you" to the gods that got him to this point where he was undressing the object of his daily fantasies. He unhooked her bra and smoothly pushed all the fabric off her shoulders. The top half of her dress and her bra landed on her lap. Slipping the bra off her arms, he took her hands and asked her to stand up for him. Her dress fell to her ankles and her eyes flew open out of worry. "Wow," he whispered then he kissed her with more intensity than before. He kept her wrapped up in that kiss, touching bare skin, pinching her nipples hard, then breaking the kiss to tell her to lie down on the bed. He had told her to leave her panties on - that he wanted the pleasure of removing them and revealing her bare pussy. He hurried his clothes off and slipped into bed, caressing the innocence out of his lover with every touch. His hand started at her neck, moved down her side, across her breast, to her stomach, then hooking his thumb into the waistband of her black lace panties.

He quickly moved down to the end of the bed and spread her legs. These panties were coming off, but he was going to enjoy this moment and make sure she was wet enough to fuck his full length. He leaned forward between her legs and tugged each side of the panties down over her hips with his teeth. She gasped a little as she felt his fingers pull the very wet fabric away from her recently shaved lips. He slipped the panties from underneath her, and pulled them over her knees...caressing her legs all the way to her toes.

While she was enjoying his caresses, she leaned her head back and quietly moaned, and he took that opportunity to surprise her even more with his hard cock between her legs. Having no problem sliding his full, hard, thick length into her, she brought her attention right back to his eyes. "Oh God, Sir... that's... amazing..."

His thumb teased, aroused, and flicked her incredibly sensitive clit, and she told him that she was close to an orgasm. "Come, baby. Oh god, come around me now!" He pressed his cock in deeper, then pulled back, then pushing in hard and held it there while she came apart at the seams around his cock. "Fireworks, Sir." "Good, Baby.... you're not done yet."

Slipping into bed again, he pulled her close and said it was better than he'd imagined. True or not, it made her feel special in that moment. He shook his head to himself as he kissed the top of her head and let his hand lazily stroke her back. Her coconut oil shampoo smelled like the tropical island where he dreamed of taking her for their first time, but the local hotel had to do for now. Her stirring snapped him out of the daydream as she was caressing his balls, scooting down to suck his cock hard for another round...

She lost track of the number of orgasms, the kisses, and the hours as they tried position after position. One after another....barely catching their breath between heady climaxes and sensual moans. She rode his cock before and after he spanked her ass. They shared toys and clamps and he indulged her fantasy of double penetration with a toy as well as his cock.

That day, it all ended with promises for more very soon...
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