Wolf part 2 (The End)
Wolves mate for life, and were never supposed to stray. Yet she did stray, right to me where I found myself in love with her. I was under the orders of not only her but the pack she ran with to stay away from her. I was not part of any pack. I hadn't since my parents had tried to kill me when they found out I was pankyaka, a female wolf that had no love for my male counterpoint. All females were supposed to meet with males, and I just wasn't born that way.
My arms pull even tighter around her, not wanting to lose the feel of her. But I know soon she will leave, no matter how strong I am. "The moon will rise in a few hours," her voice rises from between us, meek, unusual of her. "Where are you running tonight?"
"The northern part of the Cold Creek Forest."
She went rigid in my arms and her head shot up to look at me, but I stared straight ahead."
"You can't! That's where she's going to run the pack tonight, she'll kill you if she catches your scent!"
"What do you think she's going to do when you return to her? My scent is all over you, she would come looking for me anyway. So instead I'm going to go to her." She pushes against my chest and takes a step back.
"No...No! I don't want you hurt. I don't want you killed because of me." Her voice begins to tremble, as if she's going to cry.
I step towards her and she moves backwards until we are out of the shower and together we were standing naked in the middle hall, free for anyone to just walk in and see us, but I just can't care anymore.
"I have hid long enough. I love you hear me? I love you!" My voice had risen to a yell. My fist slams into my chest as I continue to raise my voice. "The fact that I can't have you has hurt me more than I can handle anymore. If she wants to kill me then she can go for it because I don't fucking care anymore!"
She moves quickly back to me to kiss me, her arms wrapping around me, running her fingers through the hair at the back of my head. Tears are in her eyes but I know she will not let them fall, she is too strong. When she breaks the kiss she rests her forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. "If you fight you will die."
"If I don't fight, I will die."
She backs away, as if I've burned her. "Don't say that!"
"It's the truth." I inhale to take a breath and catch the scent of three human girls a few yards away, about to come in. She smells them too and she brushes past me to pick up her clothes. She gives me a pleading look over her shoulder before she disappears around the corner, clothes tucked to her chest.

The moon lit the sky early that night, and as I felt the incontrollable shift from human to wolf I relished the pain as if it were going to be the last time that I would feel the beautiful transformation. I had went from the locker straight to the south eastern part of the woods, so as to be away from the town. I waited until I heard the first howl of our kind, the Lillith, calling the pack to her, to go to the Northern side. When I arrived I stayed behind a tree, watching as the Lillith stood, still in human form, naked, in front of her pack. I saw my love sitting beside her, her shift complete from human to a beautiful black wolf. The Lillith was the only one that could keep from shifting until the witching hour struck. The rest of us were slaves to the rise of lunar power. The rest of the pack, a dozen or so of wolves, also sat, waiting for her permission before they took the run, not knowing what was about to come.
"Friends!" She shouts, her hands in the air. "We gather here as we do every full moon to run, but tonight we do not go to the chase!" I hear my love start to whimper but the Lillith glares at her to be silent. "Come out, lawbreaker! Come out and fight me!"
I walk solemnly into view, my chocolate brown pelt shining in the moonlight and I do not sit. I continue to stand and make eye contact with only her. The wolves behind me growl and snap their jaws but I know they will not attack unless she tells them so. The Lillith is furious, her brown eyes turning gold as she stares down at me. Then suddenly she lunges, shifting in the air and as I feel the weight of her lupine body crash into me I know it has begun.
Her powerful jaws snap behind my left shoulder and I turn quickly, freeing myself. I lunge this time, sinking my fangs into her flank, making her snarl and twist. We fight fang to fang, claw to claw until I am a bloody mess, my snout was soaked in blood, I had gashes on both my sides and a bite mark behind my left ear and though I'm shaking, I am still on all four paws.
I glance up at her, and she is crying, the tears falling into the blackness of her pelt. For a moment my concentration is broken, the sight of her so unhappy it shakes me, and that's when the Lillith goes in for the kill. Her strong jaws close around the skin of my neck and I yelp as she shakes strongly, ripping the flesh away from me. I can feel the warmth of my own blood flow down me. I crumble, my body forming from wolf back to human and I know I am about to die. In what seems like the distance I hear a howl shift into a scream. Through blurred vision I see the human form of her approach me, her naked body falling on mine. It takes an amazing amount of strength to shift out of wolf under the full moon, almost impossible. But she did and I was so proud of her. She's crying in my ear, begging me not to go. Yet I must. And as I faded away I smiled, the warmth of her body on mine was the best thing I could have felt before I died.
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