Woman's Breast Feeds Eighteen Year Old Son
I have been breast feeding my son ever since he was born. Whenever he needed nourishment, I would be there for him.

After he started school, I would drive over there during lunch time and bring him a sandwich. While the other children were sitting around drinking cold milk from a plastic bottle, my son would lay his head on my lap and enjoy suckling my warm breast milk.

I kept doing the same thing until he was ten years old. One day I went over to the school and the principal told me that I was no longer welcome during lunch hours. They said my behavior was inappropriate in front of the other students.

Anyway, my son is now eighteen years old and still likes to breast feed even though I quit producing milk years ago.

Yesterday, several of my son's friends came over to go swimming in our pool. After they splashed around in the water for a couple of hours, I invited them in the house for a glass of lemonade.

While the guys were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying their lemonade, my son walked over to me and said that he wanted to breast feed. I have never turned him down, but was concerned about doing this in front of his friends. They might get the idea that it is incest or some perverted act.

Well, I took his hand and guided him into the living room while his friends followed behind us.

Once there, I took off my bikini top then sat down on the couch. One of my son's friends said, "Oh my God you guys, check out those fantastic tits. I wish my Mom looked like that."

As my son began suckling my breasts, he reached down into his shorts and began playing with himself. Within just a few moments I noticed that he had an erection and was masturbating while he continued sucking my nipples.

He became more aggressive and pulled by bikini bottom down to my ankles then threw it on the living room floor. After I was completely naked, one of his friends said to my son, "Man, your Mom is totally hot. She is awesome. If I were you, I would fuck her. Hey man, fuck your Mom while we watch. That would be cool. Fuck her."

Suddenly, my son got up and took his shorts off exposing his hard cock. I looked at it and said to myself, "Oh my God, my son's cock is bigger than any I have ever seen in person before! It must be at least ten inches long, or even longer!"

He roughly pushed me down on the couch then got on top of me. I reached between my legs and guided the engorged purple head of his cock past my pussy lips until it was inside of me. Oh God, it felt so good. Ever since the divorce from my husband six months ago, I really needed to be with a man again.

One of my son's friends said, "Oh man, check that out. He is fucking his Mom. I can see his cock going inside her pussy. That is awesome!"

My son fucked me slowly for a couple of minutes then he started speeding up.

Soon he was pounding my pussy good and was using all his strength to get his cock further and further inside me. My breasts were flopping wildly around on my chest and I was screaming, "Oh God yes! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck your Mommy! Fuck her good! Fuck your Mommy!"

Suddenly he stopped and I felt his cock pumping warm sperm inside me.

He looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Mom, I love you."

I started crying and replied, "Honey, I love you too."

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