Woman Poses Naked For Son's Photography Class
Prelude: A beautiful slender forty year old woman accepts her son's offer to pose naked for his college photography class. After the students finish taking pictures of her, the class instructor suggests that her son take off his clothes and pose naked with her. This is that woman's story.

[The story starts now]

It was last Wednesday morning when the bus arrived with my son's photography class. My son Michael suggested to his instructor that they make a "field trip" out to the country and take pictures of me swimming naked in our pond.

The bus stopped down by the barn then the students started exiting one by one. I am excited about being the center of attention for about thirty of these handsome college age boys and girls, so I run over to greet them.

Michael introduces his pretty female instructor to me, "Mom, this is Kathy."

She holds my hand and says, "You are just as beautiful as your son described. Long blond hair, a gorgeous slender petite body, and your arms and legs are very toned. I also love what you are wearing. A white sleeveless T-shirt without a bra underneath, khaki shorts, hiking boots, and a backpack. I have been instructing at the college for over five years now and have never had a woman of your caliber pose naked for my students."

I replied to her, "Thank you Kathy, that was very flattering and I appreciate your compliments. I'm dressed like this because the pictures your students take of me will show a woman that appreciates nature and her sexuality. Your students can follow behind me and take pictures while I walk over to the pond and go swimming naked. I know that you are on a tight schedule, so we can start anytime that you would like. To tell you the truth, I am anxious to be naked in front of such a large group of people."

Kathy replied, "Well, let's begin then. Where is the pond your son told me about?"

"It is down over there by those trees. If you want, just have your class follow behind me and they can take pictures while we walk in that direction."

Kathy instructed the class to start taking pictures then I walked away from them.

I heard the students behind me taking a few photos then one of the guys said, "Michael, your mother is smoking hot. I wish mine looked like that. You are one lucky dude."

That made me smile.

Anyway, when I arrived at the pond, I took off my backpack off and tossed it onto the picnic table. I sat on the bench and took my boots and socks off then stood up. With my back to the students, I casually stripped naked then walked into the cool clear water of the pond. When the water was up to about my knees, I turned around to face the students and ran my fingers through my hair to show off my big firm breasts with their hard brown nipples.

Kathy said, "Nice! Very nice! You are a natural model. We are lucky to have you pose for us."

I swam around briefly then got out of the water and walked over to the picnic table to get my big beach towel out of my backpack. I spread it out over the sand and laid down on it while the students kept taking pictures of my beautiful slender naked body.

After a few of minutes I stood up, then with my back to the students, I leaned over the picnic table and got my cigarettes and lighter out of my backpack.

I heard one of the guys whisper to my son, "Michael, I hope you don't mind, but I just have to say that your mother has got an awesome ass. My cock is getting hard and I would like to unzip my pants and play with myself, but I will do that later with the pictures I'm taking now."

Kathy overhead what the young man said and announced to the rest of the group, "Please students, maintain professional behavior and do not make any personal comments about the model."

I lit my cigarette then one of the guys asked if he could have his picture take with me. I said that he could, so he handed his camera to another student and put his arm around me. After the picture was taken, he quickly moved his hand down and briefly squeezed one of my firm little ass cheeks. When the other guys noticed that I didn't object and smiled when he did that, they all wanted to have their picture taken with me doing the same thing.

After a while Kathy said to me, "Watching you having your picture taken with the guys makes me think that it would be interesting if one of them volunteered to pose naked with you. Would that be okay?"

I told her it sounds like fun, so she looked around at all the guys that had their hands raised in the air trying to get her attention. After a few moments she said, "Well, I think it would be best if your son Michael posed with you to avoid any legal problems that may arise in the future. Everyone here is over the age of eighteen, but to play it safe, I think Michael should be the one."

Michael immediately said, "I am not going to pose naked with my mother! What would happen if my cock got hard? I would never hear the end of this and the whole college would know about it."

A few of the guys surrounded Michael then took his camera away and pushed him towards me. I took his hand and led him over to the beach towel then we stood there waiting for instructions from Kathy.

Kathy paused for a few moments then said, "Okay, the scenario is a beautiful woman trying to seduce a younger man. She has taken her clothes off and hopes the younger man finds her body attractive and will want to have sex with her. Michael, put your arms around the woman and give her a kiss."

Michael and I embraced and just barely touch our lips together for a split second. Kathy immediately said, "You two can do better than that! I know that you are mother and son, but during this photography session, you are two models acting. Now, go ahead and passionately kiss each other like I told you."

I whispered to Michael, "Honey, don't be shy in front of your classmates. Do what Kathy said and pretend that I am a sexy older woman that you have always wanted to have sex with, and now is your chance to fuck her."

Michael replied, "I don't know if you are acting right now, but what you just said is true. I have been having thoughts lately about having sex with you. Sometimes when I see you taking off your clothes when your bedroom door is open slightly, I unzip my pants and masturbate."

I smiled at Michael for a moment then we began tongue kissing each other. He moved his hands down my back and grasped my naked ass cheeks while I pushed my smooth shaved pussy against the bulge in his shorts.

After a little while we stopped kissing and I said to Kathy, "Would that be okay if we take this a step further? I think the older woman should be more aggressive with the young man and try to seduce him into having sex with her."

She replied, "That is exactly what I was thinking. I was going to ask if you two would do something more erotic, but decided not to. Please do some more acting for the students."

I gave Michael a quick kiss then got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang out and I was amazed at the size. When I gently grasped it with both my hands, it immediately started getting bigger and pushed my fingers apart.

Suddenly, I opened my mouth wide and slowly leaned forward. The head of Michael's cock pushed past my front teeth and kept going until it started going down my throat then I started rocking back and forth on my knees.

Kathy began to panic slightly and said, "You two did an excellent job of modeling for the students today, but unfortunately you need to stop but we are on a tight schedule and need to get back to the college.

I started to lean back to let Michael's cock pop out of my mouth, but he grabbed the back of my head with both his hands and started feverishly fucking my face.

After a couple of minutes I pushed Michael away from me then laid down on the towel. Michael immediately got on his knees between my legs then I grasped his cock and guided it inside me. He began giving me good fucking while the students stand around us and continue taking pictures. It was extremely erotic to be having sex with my son for the first time while thirty students from the college were crowded around watching us.

I wanted to put on the best show I can for them, so I started yelling, "Fuck your mother! Give your mother a good fucking! Fuck her good! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck your mother! Fuck her!"

Michael began fucking me faster and faster. He was ramming his cock into me so hard that my big breasts were flopping wildly around on my chest as I screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck your mother!"

After four or five minutes of our sweaty bodies slapping together, Michael suddenly stopped and I felt his cock ejaculating. I clenched my teeth together as my body shuddered from waves of incestuous erotic pleasure. That was the most awesome orgasm that I have ever had in my life.

Michael waited for a few seconds to catch is breath then pulled his cock out of me and stood up. As he helped me to my feet, the students start whistling and applauding. Michael put his clothes on, but I like being naked, so I just put on my hiking boots and stuffed everything else in my backpack.


The students have boarded the bus and I was saying goodbye to Kathy. I gently grasped her hand then said, "How about you bring the class over next Wednesday at the same time? I think it would be fun if you and I would be the models this time and the students can take pictures of us. My son Michael can join us if you would like."

A few of the guys overheard what I said and start chanting, "Next Wednesday! Next Wednesday! Next Wednesday!"

Kathy smiled at me then replied, "Well, I think the class approves of your suggestion. See you then."

She turned to walk towards the bus, but I put my arms around her neck and held her tightly against my naked body. We tongue kissed for a few moments then I released her and said, "You better promise me that you will be here next Wednesday, or I will be really disappointed."

"I promise and would like to say, you look extremely sexy wearing nothing but your hiking boots. I want you to have them on when I have my face between your legs."

I smiled at her then said, "Only if you wearing only hiking boots too."
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