Woman and her Son Visit the County Park
It is early in the morning and I am in the kitchen standing in front of the sink washing a few dishes. Since my son and I started having a sexual relationship I seldom wear clothes around the house anymore and today is no exception. I am completely naked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my son Tommy walking towards me. He is also naked. He puts his arm around me and fondles my big firm naked breasts with their hard brown nipples then says, "Good morning Mom."

I finish the last dish then wipe my hands with a towel and turn around to face him. He slides his hands around my slender hips and grabs hold of my ass cheeks then we begin tongue kissing each other.

After a couple of minutes I gently push him away from me and say, "Run upstairs young man and get dressed because we are going to the County Park this morning so you can take more photographs of me flashing my tits in public for my website."

He replies, "But Mom, my cock is hard. Let's fuck on the living room couch."

I tell him, "Wouldn't it be more fun if we did it on a bench at the County Park?"

Tommy smiles at me for a moment then runs upstairs to get dressed.

Anyway, an hour later we arrive at the County Park and I tell Tommy to get out of the car and start taking pictures of me as soon as I start opening my door.

Tommy positions himself about ten feet away and starts taking pictures of me showing off my long toned legs as I get out of the car and stand up.

Tommy says to me, "Mom, I love that dress you have on! You can see right through it and tell that you have nothing on underneath it! You look absolutely awesome!"

I take a look around the crowded parking lot and do not see anybody, so I take off my dress and throw it on the front seat of the car.

Tommy follows behind me as I walk naked around the parking lot. When I I get back to the car I retrieve a brush from my purse. I run the brush through my hair a few times then ask Tommy, "How do I look honey?"

He takes a few more photos then replies, "You look fucking fantastic walking the parking lot wearing nothing but your high heel shoes! Your website members are going to love these photos!"

Suddenly a car pulls into the parking lot, so I quickly grab my dress and put it on.

A few minutes later, Tommy and I are walking through the park deciding where to continue the photo session. We come up to a long stretch of sidewalk with several benches along the length of it.

Tommy says, "Mom, this looks like a good place. Sit down on the park bench then unbutton your dress and let it slide down off your shoulders."

I do as he suggests and he takes one photo after another of me while I smile for the camera. I am having a great time being naked in public!

Suddenly, a very attractive young girl about twenty fives years old jogging with her dog comes into view, so I quickly pull my dress up and hold it together. The girl notices Tommy taking pictures of me and stops to say, "Hello."

We have conversation for a while, then I ask her if she would use my son's camera to take a few pictures of us for my website.

Tommy hands the camera to her and she says, "Gosh, this is a really nice camera! We have several at the studio, but none of them looks as nice as this one!"

I ask her what she does for a living and she says, "I am a fashion photographer."

Not knowing if she is telling me the truth, I say to her "Well, how about getting some really good shots of my son and I sitting next together on this park bench?"

She immediately tells her dog to go off and play, then she gets down on her knees on the sidewalk and starts snapping pictures.

Tommy sits down next to me, then I glance around to see if anybody is watching us. I hesitate for a few seconds, then say to Tommy, "Show the lady how a good son takes care of his sexy mother. Do anything you want to me until we see park visitors getting too close to us."

Tommy immediately starts kissing me while I let my dress slide back down off my shoulders and pull my arms out of the sleeves. We continue tongue kissing while he feverishly runs his hands all over my naked body.

The girl keeps snapping one picture after another as Tommy reaches between my legs and begins finger fucking me.

The girls stops for a second and asks, "Is this really your son, or are you two putting me on?"

I ignore her, and she goes back to taking more photos as Tommy suddenly stands up and starts taking off his clothes. The girl gasps as Tommy strokes his massive cock a few times to get it really hard, then sits back down on the park bench next to me.

I swing a leg over him and slowly start lowering my pussy down on his big cock. After a few attempts, I am seated all the way down and the girl says, "These are the most erotic photos that I have ever taken! Pictures of a mother and son fucking outdoors in a public park!"

I start bouncing up and down on Tommy's big cock and look around to see if anyone is watching us. I notice a group of people in the distance and they are slowly walking in our direction, so I figure we have about a minute before we have to stop.

Suddenly, Tommy struggles to get to his feet with his cock still inside me!

I wrap my legs around him and hang on to his neck for support. He grabs my naked ass cheeks and begins frantically thrusting his big cock upwards inside me over and over!

I notice the group of people are getting too close, so I tell Tommy to let me down. He releases his grip from my ass cheeks then places them on his hips and leans back a little bit.

He smiles at me and says, "Okay Mom, let your legs dangle below you and I will lower you down. I do as he says, but my feet can't touch the sidewalk yet, so I tell him, "Let me down a little bit more."

Instead of letting me down, Tommy leans backwards slightly then reaches behind his neck and grasps my wrists. He pulls my hands apart then holds my arms down next to my sides.

Oh my God, the only thing holding me off the ground is my son's hard cock! He has never done this to me before and I love it!

The girl almost drops the camera as she is taking pictures, but she does a good job during these crucial moments and snaps plenty of them.

After a few seconds, Tommy bends his knees and lets me down to the sidewalk.

His cock pops out of me just as the girl says, "I don't believe what I just saw! You son's cock was holding you off the ground while your feet dangled below you! That was totally awesome!"

The people walking towards us are coming into view now, so I quickly grab my dress and put it on. Tommy puts on his T-shirt and pulls up his shorts, but he can't get the zipper up because his damn cock is still hard as a rock!

The group of people are getting really close now and I don't want Tommy to get in trouble for exposing himself in public!

I quickly think of a plan and tell Tommy to sit down on the park bench. I immediately straddle his legs and let his cock slide up inside my pussy then arrange my dress nicely around me. We should now appear to the people as an young man with his older girlfriend sitting on his lap.

As the group of eight or ten people get closer to us, I notice they are all elderly men and women. They are probably from a Nursing Home on a day trip, or something like that.

The damn old people decide to stop and have conversation with us!

I just sit there with my son's cock buried all the way inside my pussy while they take turns shaking my hand and introducing themselves!

I am a nervous wreck, so I get my cigarettes out of my purse and light one up. One of the old women says, "You should not smoke young lady. It is bad for your health."

I take a puff from my cigarette then say, "Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

The old people suddenly become quiet then continue on their tour of the park. When they are about fifty feet away, Tommy runs his hands under my dress, grabs my ass cheeks and starts thrusting his cock upwards inside me.

After a couple of minutes, I glance around and see the old people are out of sight and nobody else is around, so take my dress off and lay it over the back of the bench.

Tommy is now fucking me as hard as he can! My tits are flopping around on chest and I am screaming "Fuck me Tommy! Fuck your mommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Suddenly, Tommy shouts, "Mom, I am ready!"

I quickly hop off his cock and get on my knees between his legs and put my mouth over the head of it. Immediately his sperm starts gushing inside me and I swallow over and over again until he is done.

Tommy stands up and helps me to my feet then I put my dress back on.

I tell the photographer girl thanks for taking the photos for us as she hands the camera back to my son. She replies, "No thanks needed! That was the best sex show that I have ever seen in my life! By the way, what is the name of your website anyway? I would like to see how my pictures came out and get in contact with you if you would like."

I have not buttoned up my dress yet and let it slide down my arms a little bit. While she stares at my beautiful firm breasts with their hard brown nipples, I say to her with my sexy voice, "How would you like to contact me now while my son takes pictures of us?"

She pauses for a moment then begins taking her clothes off.
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