Wonderland Part 2
Wonderland 2

Consuela spread her legs. The more I moved my hand upwards, the faster she stroked my cock. My hand found her panties and I found an opening. I slid a finger under them and found her ass hole. She didn't flinch and just kept stroking my cock. I again tenderly touched her ass hole, then found her pubic hair leading to her pussy, but I wasn't sure what to do next.

Consuela had it all figured out. She pulled the sheet off my body and with me lying totally exposed, she grabbed my cock with one hand.

"Eahhhhhhhhhhh" came out of my vocal cords. It was an "Ohhhhhhhh" this time, and again and again when she suddenly let go, got on her knees on my left side, moved her face on top of my cock, opened her mouth and swallowed it.

I was beyond myself. I did not know what to do, so I did nothing. I just laid there. My hands were free but I was somehow able to touch her ass. She moved it towards me while she was chewing and sucking and licking my cock. With her right hand and fingers, she tickled me under my balls. My hands felt her panties. They were soaking wet.

My fingers searched for something, I didn't know what, while all this time she was chewing on my cock.

I found what I thought was the spot where her pussy might be. I inserted my middle finger of my right hand under her panties. I heard Consuela's noise of approval. She quickly stood up and in three seconds removed her dress, bra and panties. She was now standing naked in front of me, naked! She was now naked, yes, naked! I saw her boobs and nipples. Her nipples were erect. I saw her stomach, her pussy bush, her navel. I saw her big smile. She looked beautiful. My confidence level was at an all-time high. She liked me, I decided. I liked her. She went down on me again. This time she had a leg on each side of me while inserting my cock into her mouth. Her ass was in front of my face. He legs were spread. I could see her pussy. The smell of her pussy aroused me even more. I was in heaven. I felt her teeth biting my cock. She alternated between her lips and teeth as she ran them up and down my cock. I raised my head to get closer to her pussy. My mouth was almost touching it. I found a piece of her pussy that looked hanging from it. I squeezed it between my lips. I heard her scream. I now felt I was in command--able to please Consuela.

Now it occurred to me that I might be able to fuck Consuela. Fuck her! Unbelievable. Incredible. Fantastic. Wonderful. But now what? She can do anything she pleased, but would she allow me to do anything I pleased, and someone has to take the final initiative to fuck. Will I be able to do that? Will I be able to fuck this gorgeous Latina? I didn't even know where to start.

I knew I couldn't do it without her guidance. How can I send this beautiful woman the message that I want to fuck her--that I want to insert my cock into her pussy and then cum?

Consuela guessed what was on my mind. She got off her knees; fell on her back and, with both arms around me, dragging me on top of her. On top of her! She put her arms on my shoulders and drew me close to her. There I was lying naked on top of Consuela, my chest pressed against her boobs.

She smiled at me, our eyes met--she kissed me for the umpteenth time. This was a classic kiss, not wet kiss, not a tongue kiss--just lips to lips.

She spread her legs, and prepared my body to perform.

"Just relax, my love," she said, "just relax." I stared at her face, my arms supporting my body. I felt her arm go down to my cock; I made room for her. She held my cock and guided me into her.

I felt her wet pussy, I pushed lightly not knowing what to expect. I felt her body pushing up and meeting me with my cock flowing naturally into her. I was surrounded by wetness, warmth and flesh. I withdrew a little, then pushed in and then out, again in and out. And again and again. I was learning what to do, and my quick learning pleased Consuela.

Lying under me, with her legs spread, enjoying herself, having me inside her could only be a dream true. She was telling me how much she liked it by her sounds of delight. Within seconds, I became an expert. I now knew exactly what to do. I learned how to tease her a little, by pulling out just a little and then holding still. And then Consuela did something new.

She wrapped her legs around my body and squeezed it. She began up and down movements with her lower body. She started a fucking rhythm. We went up and down and in and out. I could tell by her soft noises that I was obliging. Each time I had an opportunity I pushed in as far as I could. Consuela held me around my neck, her legs around my body. We were moving as if we were one.

"You're the best fuck ever," she said. "I want you to cum. Are you ready? I'm ready . . . "

"Yes," I said. I knew exactly what to do.

I waited for her to take the initiative before taking more instructions.

I began first. I started slowly, pushing and withdrawing, and then accelerating with each movement. I kept this up for a minute or two. I felt Consuela's pussy contracting--I felt my cock's pulse increasing. We were moving together, in perfect harmony.

"Now!" I heard her scream. "Now! Yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhh!"

I screamed. "Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa!"

We reached climaxes together. I fell off Consuela, laid next to her, holding her, and she was holding me.

Consuela looked at me, inched next to me, held my face and kissed me. "What a terrific fuck I just had," she said, "welcome to wonderland."

The End.

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