Wood. Part2
part two

We dropped our towels on the beach and ran. On the sand we were fast and though she had a head start I caught up and passed her. We splashed into the water and high stepped as we went deeper to maintain the run as far as possible. We both laughed with the unnecessary exuberance of energy expenditure and took quick looks at each other as we were slowed by the weight of the water.

I watched her breasts, having escaped from her top, dance a haphazard twist on her chest. Quickly we were slowed and when a wave elevated the water our legs stopped and with our bodies still projecting forward we fell into the cold ocean. I surfaced after her and the cold had braced me into a shiver. With her hair slicked away from her face and stuck to her back, she tucked her breasts into her bikini. Her nipples were tight and dark, having contracted with the cold.

She gave me a cheeky look that seemed to challenge before she dived into the water and swam a distance out. I followed, my swimming not as proficient, as I tried to catch up. A wave approached, larger than the others and I turned to catch it, with a dive that carried me towards the shore before it broke into a squabble of bubbles. When I stood I saw that she had done the same and we laughed.

Again she tucked her breasts into her bikini, an artful exercise as she lifted each breast with one hand and arranged the bikini cup around it with the other before carefully dropping it to fill out the cup. Together we stepped our way out again and swam to catch another wave. We missed one but we knew more were on their way as we continued to paddle and waited. We watched for a wave and watched each other, we laughed for no reason but the exhileration of being out in the sea.

Soon a wave approached. We had swum a long way out. It was a monster as it gathered the water in front of it and sharpened its top to a tip that hung precariously, ready to crash. We were ready and were swimming as it began to lift us. With big strokes of our arms and kicks of our feet we were onboard and high in the arc of the wave, with eyes closed and bodies stretched out we were thrown forward with it, an exhileration of power as we kept up with it. Suddenly the tip fell from the top and tripped the wave, it lost its coordination to a melee of bubbles that fought us and we were buffeted, tossed awkwardly to break our postures, and abraded with the sand it lifted from the bottom. It seemed to take ages for the wave to pass and when it did we found ourselves on our knees in shallow water.

Together we looked to check that the other was safe. It had been an exhausting thrill. Her bikini delightfully demonstrated its inadequacy again, the top empty and gathered round her in a haphazard chaos while she had been stripped of her bikini bottoms. I could see her smooth pussy, a tight slit in the numbing cold.

She stood and began to tuck her breasts in again. I looked around for her bikini bottom. It surfaced after a while, bright pink in the green sea as it was being pulled back with the retreating wave. I trod my way with high steps to retrieve it, and before I could get it another big wave picked it up and carried it in to shore. I chased it and within reach, pounced. I heard her shout as I held it like a trophy for her to see. I took it to her.

"Thank you," she said as she pulled at the strings to undo them. One knot was easy, but the other she pulled and picked at for a long time before handing it to me. It had been pulled into tightness and with numb fingers was impossible. She tried to pull it on but the wet loop was too small to pull up her hip. Exasperated, she walked to the shore, dropped it with our towels and returned to the water with me. I couldn't help but look at her and she beamed with knowing that she had such magnetism. She looked a little odd in her bikini top with no bottom and we laughed.

"Another wave?" I asked. Together we waded and then swam to catch another. We paddled as we waited and when a wave appeared to loom in the distance we got ready to swim with it. Not as big as the previous one we had a gentle ride until it broke and left us. She was next to me and as I stood I felt her hands grab at my bathers. The cord was tied and she couldn't pull them down so she reached around, grabbed, and pulled. I was laughing, again her breasts were out and they wobbled with her work. Quickly she had my bathers down and with a push I fell as she pulled them off. I stood and as she pointed, she laughed and asked, "where did the wood go?"

I stood, turned her round and pulled the strings of her bikini top. I quickly had her bikini top off and we reached to each other, she grabbed my dick and I had her tits in my hands. She dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. As I held her breasts she hunted for my shrunken balls. It was no trouble for her to take my whole dick in her mouth and it felt so good. She also managed to get my balls in and the warmth was beautiful. Then she stood and I rapidly sucked one of her nipples.

"I wondered if I could do that, I mean, a whole cock and both balls in my mouth. Wow." she said, and laughed with her success. I reached down to touch her slit and tried to put a finger in but the lack of lubrication made it difficult and she backed away. I took my bathers from her and with hers ran to deposit them with our towels and ran back to her.

"Another wave?" she asked, and we waded and swam to catch one. It didn't take long for us to see a big wave and we swam in preparation. Quickly the wave picked us up and hurled us along like javelins until the wave broke and dumped us in the shallows with turbulent foam swirling around us.

I was quick. She was struggling to stand and I pushed her. As she fell I got between her open legs, her cold pussy was before me and I had my mouth over it. She laughed, my tongue swiped up it to separate her lips and I sucked the cold shriveled flesh. She wriggled to escape, laughing as I held her and as another wave came in I let her go. She was quickly on her feet and doubled over. We both laughed. Together we went to our towels and dried each other. We took great care with each other, I handled her breasts and dabbed the towel between her legs as she patted her towel around my sex.

With our towels wrapped around us we held hands as we walked to the car park, our free hands clutching our bathers. We were surprised to see other cars and embarrassed as we felt eyes on us, we realized that they had an excellent view of the sea and had probably watched us. Without thinking I pulled her to my ute, opened the tail gate and we got in.

The sun on the canopy had warmed inside it, on hands and knees we grabbed the sleeping bags, spread them on the floor and got between them. It was lovely and warm, we cuddled into each other and hugged. As we warmed, our hands wandered to compliment our kisses. I caressed her breasts and felt their bumps around her nipples while her fingers teased my dick. One by one the other cars stole away until we were the only ones there.

"Have you got scissors?" she asked. I thought for a while and remembered the knot in her bikini.

"No. I've got tin snips though."

"Can I have them?"

"If you want." I opened the toolbox and looked. They were under the saw and I got them for her.

"Thank you." She threw the sleeping bag back and got on her knees.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm looking for wood."

"You don't need the snips," I told her.

"Yes I do, there's a jungle I have to beat back. Just be pleased I didn't ask for a machete." Again, I lay with my legs spread and her between them. She quickly snipped away the hair around my dick.

"I want the wood exposed. I want to be able to see all of it."

"But it's normal that it would shrink with the cold," I said.

"It is, but it's not allowed to hide. You can see all of mine." She stopped and thought for a moment. "And I don't want the undergrowth to catch alight," she added and grinned as she continued with the snips.

"It won't catch alight."

"It might," she said, defensively. The snips, made for cutting corrugated iron, were huge in her hands. She continued to cut and it was worrying. With every cut she was pulling hair.

"You could do serious damage with those snips," I said.

"You'd better stay still then, hadn't you?"

"I intend to."

"I want to make your wood burn."


"We need a fire break around it." I tried to grab the snips from her but she held them away.

"I want your sap to spit and bubble." She brushed away the hair she'd cut off of me.

"I want your balls to glow red like embers." She held my balls and gave them a squeeze.

"I want to drain you, empty you to a vacuum," and she licked her lips.

I raised my knees, wrapped my legs around her and rolled to topple her. As she fell I got between her legs and pushed them out wide. Her sex was before me and I kissed it, I put my tongue in to separate her lips and stroked up her slit. My nose rasped against her, she needed another shave. She writhed in front of me, but I held her. She was beautiful, her eyes bright and sparkly, her breaths rapid and deep and she sighed with my touch. I sucked her up into my mouth and strummed with my tongue. She thrust her sex up at me and my tongue went deeper. I sucked and pulled at her and she bounced in front of me. I wet my finger in my mouth and gently slid it inside her, slid it in to the hilt and tickled her fancy. She moaned as she rolled from side to side.

"The fire starts here," I whispered. "We can start it by rubbing wood in there if you'd like." I slid in another finger and widened her hallowed walls. I kissed, turned it to a suck and pulled her tissues up into my mouth. She was fighting to breathe, short gasps that were noisy. I hummed, my voice low and throaty and my mouth vibrated around her secret tissues. She slapped the floor of the ute with her hands and her breasts rolled and shook.

"Please!" she said, and I lowered my voice, a deeper, louder bass that vibrated more. I pushed my lips deeper and took more of her sweet, succulent sex into my mouth.

"Please! Put it in. Put the wood in the fire," and she reached to pull me up to her. She found my cock and pulled it to her. She was beautiful. I lunged forward and my cock dragged up her slit. She moaned, pushed me back and I lunged again. My cock swaddled its self in her heat, delicious wet heat that boiled and overflowed. She pushed at me, demanded that I lunge again and quickly there was a rhythm as the bark was ripped from my wood, abraded with the speed and closeness of contact. She juddered on edge, moaned and cried as she raised her hips to meet mine. The ute, on squeaky springs, rocked.

Suddenly, breathless, I shouted, no words, but she knew. I felt it prickle up inside and gush as a torrent into her. She screamed and shook, her body jumped, her breasts bounced and slapped against her chest. Our torrents continued, until exhausted, we slowed to a stop, aware of the heat and the liquids that mingled and flowed. We held each other and kissed, as the wood slowly shrank and withdrew from her fire. She was beautiful.

I rolled off her. We held each other as we caught our breath.

"Who are you?" she asked.

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