Workout Hijinx
Melody pulled the sweatshirt over her tired body. The exercise class was over for the night. It had been an intense workout and while her heart rate had slowed to a more normal pace she was still slick with sweat. She pulled on her coat and secured her hat and gloves. It was cold outside and she knew that the brutal wind would chill her heated body in a few seconds. She was dreading the walk from the building to the car, but knew that delaying it would not make it any easier. She quickly waved her farewell to the instructor and pushed open the side door to the community room of the church where the exercise class was held. She was right, the brutal cold immediately sought and found the sheen of sweat that covered her body and an immediate chill took her breath away. Scurrying up the steps on the side of the building, she rushed toward her car. She had talked to the instructor after class and as the instructor was parked in the front lot the back parking lot was empty this cold night.

Suddenly Melody stopped dead in the middle of the parking log, mindless to the cold air that swirled around her tired and chilled body. The laughter started as soon as the shock of seeing Adam's car parked next to hers wore off. She started moving toward the cars, a new pep in her step. Instead of going to her car, she automatically went to the passenger side of his car and opened the door. The warmth of Adam's heated car enveloped her as she slide inside, the heated leather seats enveloping her in the warmth. Her eyes slide over to Adam and a grin lit up her face as she teased, "A little far from home aren't you?"

Adam and Melody were a great pair, but their current jobs kept them living in different cities about 2 hours apart from each other. It was close enough for them to carry on a relationship, but far enough away that they didn't get to see each other as often as we would sometimes like. They communicated daily through text and email and lived for the moments when they were together. Tonight was an unexpected treat.

Melody turned in the seat, tucking her leg under her luscious body and leaned forward over the gearshift to press her lips against Adam. Her lips were cold against his warmth but he welcomed her touch, grateful to have her near him. His hands came up to her arms, holding her in his grasp. Melody in turn moved her hands up to his broad chest. She could feel the warmth of his skin through the soft fabric of his tee shirt. Withdrawing her hands she quickly shucked her gloves onto the floorboards of the car and placed her hands back on his muscled body. Her hands roamed as Adam ran his hands up and down her heavily clad arms. Reaching lower, Melody pulled the fabric from the waistband of Adam's jeans and brought her cool hands up against Adam's warm skin. Adam sucked in his breath as her cool hands brushed across his warm body. Melody giggled against his lips as she brought her cool finger tips to his nipples, knowing that the coolness would incite this erogenous zone on his body. Her eyes sparkled with delight as his body burned hotter under her touch. Adam lightly tasted her lips and pressed his tongue into her mouth, desperate to be closer to her body. He groaned a deep rumbling moan that started from deep within as a frustration with the constraints of her winter clothes built within him. Breaking from the kiss he leaned back and surveyed his lover as she sat in his car. Her lips were already pink and dewy from his ardent kisses, but she had way too many clothes on. His fingers moved to the zipper under her chin. "Let me get rid of some of this fabric that is keeping me from really feeling you" he whispered, his eyes black with desire in the warm car.

Melody offered no resistance as Adam pulled the zipper down and quickly pushed the jacket off of her shoulders and down her arms. Her sweatshirt, hat and gloves soon followed suit, ending up in a heap on the floorboards of the car. Reverently he pulled the damp workout shirt over her head and pulled her workout bra from her body. "Now, I can feel you" he whispered reverently, his lips moving to take first one and then the other breast into his mouth.

Melody arched her back and offered him every inch of her breasts, loving the feel of his lips sucking against her sensitive skin. Even as her body exploded at his touch, Melody murmured, "I'm so sweaty, maybe we can go back to my place so I can shower first?"

"I like you this way babe" Adam mumbled his mouth full of her breast. "I get so turned on when we talk after you've been exercising and I know that you are hot and sweaty. I always want to revel in your body at that moment."

Melody grasped his head and held him in place as he laved her breasts with his tongue. Her head fell back against the window as sensations curled and spiraled through her body much like tendrils of smoke wafting through the air. Melody could feel her body warming up from the inside out as his touch branched out. Moving his fingers, Adam slipped his large hands into the waistband of her yoga pants. Melody opened her legs wider to allow him access. Adam pressed lower, feeling the hard bones and then the smooth expanse of her feminine folds. His middle finger slipped into her slit at the top of her opening. His teeth gleamed in the dim light as he felt her clit under his finger. Lightly he pinched it, causing her to cry out and clutch his head between her hands. Her body arched under his touch. Moving his hand slightly, Adam continued to lightly press upon her clit as he moved his other fingers down her slick folds until his long middle finger slipped into her depths. He pressed inward, his finger rubbing against her internal walls. Melody's loud sigh echoed through the car as her body tensed up. She could feel her body coiling up. "Don't stop" she gasped out seconds before her first orgasm ripped through her, her cries a primal roar inside the car.

"Oh my" Melody cooed a few minutes later. Her fingers traced up and down Adam's chest. "That was fantastic....but now" Her voice trailed off as she leaned forward to run her hand down Adam's broad chest. She didn't stop when she reached the waistband of his jeans, continuing down until she was able to cup his large manhood in her dainty hands. Adam groaned and shifted his hips trying to find a comfortable position.

"Maybe you should set him free." He whispered with a nod toward the jeans pressed tightly against his hard cock.

Melody didn't need any more invitation than that. Deftly she unhooked his pants and gently moved the fabric aside to allow his manhood to spring free. It stood tall and proud before her. Her fingers traced the silky smooth length from the head down to the base and back to the head. The fingers on her right hand lightly circled his pronounced ridge line while her left hand stroked the large shaft. His indrawn breath urged her on. She leaned forward. Adam could feel her soft breath teasing his cock with it's warmth. Her tongue replaced her fingers, tracing circles around the head of his cock. "Oh baby" he groaned out as her mouth opened to allow his cock head to slip inside. Her hands stroked his shaft while her mouth sucked on the tip of his cock. Adam's cock grew harder, throbbing and pulsing within her mouths grasp. Adam could feel his cock tingling and burning as his body came closer to the edge. He grew desperate with a need that overwhelmed all rational thought.

Frantically he tugged on Melody, pulling her up his body. His cock popped free from her mouth as she slithered up his body. He desperately pulled her closer, wanting to feel her body against his in every way. Melody was putty in his hands, allowing herself to be pulled toward him.

"Ouch" she cried out as the gearshift scraped against her body. Adam immediately stopped and laughed at the futility of pulling her across the gearshift and into his lap behind the steering wheel.

"Back seat" he said as a demand. Melody didn't even question his command. Immediately she dived between the two front seats and landed in the middle of the back seat. Even before she could move out of the way, Adam was moving through the tiny opening.

They laughed as they both fell to the large backseat. Adam quickly stripped off his shirt and kicked off his undone pants. Melody seeing his movements wasted no time in slipping her pants down her slender thighs. They came together, a fire roaring between them and sparking every place that their skin touched. Adam pushed Melody onto her knees across the back seat and moved into a kneeling position behind her. He looked down at her shapely ass. His heart pounded as he gripped his cock and guided it into her wet, hot body. He slipped into her, pushing deeply. He stopped, allowing her pussy time to grow accustomed to his large girth. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, struggling to hold onto his rapidly slipping control. Melody caused him to lose all semblance of control when she abruptly rocked back onto his cock. Deeply seated within her Adam went crazy with the raw sexuality of the moment and of the woman on her knees in front of him. Furiously he pumped his body in and out of her with a maddening cadence.

The windows of the car became foggy with their passion as the lovers rocked the car with their movements. Adam rode her hard with a need that surprised him with it's ferocity.
Melody not only accepted every wild thrust, she answered with her own hip movements. Her body, dripping with her passionate juices, came loudly. Her screams echoed in the enclosed vehicle, pushing Adam past the point of no return. His body tightened and burned. He could feel the cum traveling up his cock with a speed that defied all logic. He had no control as he came deep inside Melody's body, their orgasms mingling, as they soared and slowly came back to earth.

With his hand around Melody's waist, Adam pulled her up to a kneeling position. Slowly he sat back on the seat and pulled her onto his lap. Temporarily sated, she nestled against him. She could feel the warmth of his cum dripping out of her womanly chasm. Her eyes darted to Adam's. He could feel the wetness and immediately knew that it meant that they had foregone the ritual condom usage.

"I'm sorry baby" He whispered against her forehead "I just couldn't control myself".

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