Worlds of Fun
The closest amusement park of any size to where I grew up was Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. My first trip there was a group trip, with two other couples. We were all young and newlywed and thus not a lot of money to spend. We got together and decided to pool our money and take a trip together.

We all piled into my '69 Chevy Impala (what a boat) and drove to KC. It was quite an adventure since the gas gauge did not work in my car, we carried a couple of gas cans in the trunk each filled with 2 ½ gallons of gas. Not real smart and gave off some great fumes.

We not only stayed in the same hotel, but we shared one room with two double beds. We stayed three nights, so the plan was for a different couple to sleep on the floor one each night. We figured since we would not be spending much time in the room and it would always be late when we got there that having more than one room would be a waste.

It proved to be very interesting in sharing the bathroom with five other people, showering, getting ready for bed and getting ready each morning. Each couple used the bathroom together to reduce the time. Putting young couples in the bathroom together lead to a lot of hanky panky.

While one couple used the bathroom, the other two couple sat around and watched TV. Once everyone was ready for bed and the lights were out is when the real hanky panky began. Even though we had messed around in the bathroom, I was still horny and would start making the moves on my wife. At first she was resistant, but I wore down her defenses and we were soon doing some very heavy petting with the other couples just a few feet away. There was a lot of whispering and giggling going on, so we had no doubt that we were not the only ones getting frisky.

After several minutes of this activity, my wife thought we should not go any further and besides it was very late and we had another full day coming up. Well, you can imagine what I thought of stopping at that point. I had a hard-on, had been feeling some tit and making out. I was not ready to stop, but rather just getting started. My wife said that if I wanted to get off that I would just have to do it my self because she was not going to have intercourse with the other couples in the same room.

Well, my choices were pretty limited and so I decided to take matters into my own hands. This night we were on one of the beds closest to the door and one couple was on the floor between the beds using blankets and chair cushions for the bed and the other couple was in the bed by the window. I was laying on the side of the bed closest to the middle of the room.

As I started to masturbate, I was holding the blanket up with one hand and stroking with the other. I asked my wife to give me a hand, so she held up the blanket with one hand and started fondling my balls with her other hand. It started to get rather hot doing this with the blanket on, so I asked my wife to pull the blanket down. She was hesitant at first, then I told her that the couple on the floor beside me looked like they were asleep, so she went ahead an pulled the blanket down. She continued to help me and after a few minutes I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. My wife quietly got up to get a towel from the bathroom to clean up.

While she was heading for the bathroom I happened to notice that my friend's wife on the floor next to me rolled over to face away from me and I wondered if she had seen what was going on. I told my wife what I noticed when she got back to the bed. She said. "I told you that was not a good idea."

The next morning nothing was said as we got ready for another day of fun at the park. About mid-morning we stopped to get something to drink and as my wife was in line, my friend's wife sat down next to me. She leaned in and whispered to me that she enjoyed the show last night and asked if there would be a repeat performance tonight. I just smiled and said maybe.

I did not say anything to my wife so that she would cooperate again that night. So after lights out, my wife and I started to mess around again. This was our night to be on the floor, so my wife felt a little more secure that our activity was more concealed. She even got a more into it and I had her t-shirt up above her tits sucking and licking while I had a hand between her legs playing with her clit.

This went on for quite some time and then my wife said it was time to do me and so without any hesitation, she pulled back the blanket and started playing with my hard cock. We both had our hands on my cock and balls. My wife was licking my nipples and then she stuck a finger in my ass. This sent me over the top and I shot several streams of cum all over my stomach, my chest, in her hair, on her face, etc. I had definitely been turned on. Not only as a result of what my wife and I were doing, but knowing that we had and audience.

Again the next morning nothing was said. And we headed to the park. My wife was even a bit frisky during the day at the park. At different times we would find a little nook and make out and feel each other. This happened several times throughout the day. We all met up to eat lunch at the same place. When I came out of the restroom after getting washed up for lunch, my wife's friend was coming out of the women's restroom at the same time. We walked together back to where we were all sitting.

I asked if she caught the show last night. The huge grin on her face told me that she had. She then told me that not only had she been watching and playing with herself, she had told the other wife as well and she watched last night too. Later in the day, both of the other wives were walking with me and they both told me how hot they thought the action was and how much they had each enjoyed it. They asked for another show that night. I told them that I would see what I could do.

Night three was much like night two, except that my wife also spent some time giving me a blowjob (something she does not do very often.) I knew she was very horny as well to do this, especially where we were and with others in the room. Needless to say, I was horny as hell and had another great orgasm.

As we were packing the car for the ride home the next day, the other wives told me that they had again enjoyed the show. They wished that we could stay another few days. They thought they might be able to get their husbands to be as adventurous.

When we got back home I decided to tell my wife about our audience. At first she was upset, especially about how exposed she was. She then calmed down and thought since it was only other girls seeing her it was not too bad and she knew how much I enjoyed having an audience. She knew how I liked it when she watched me masturbate so I must have really liked having a bigger audience. Our discussion led to a very hot night in bed that night and got us going every time we talked about it.

We never took another trip with either of those couples and nothing was ever said to me by my friends, so I could only assume that their wives did not share anything with them. It was an experience that my wife and I enjoyed.
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