Worth The Wait
Around six months ago something happened that changed my status from long term dreamer of illicit encounters with women, other than my long term gf into fully committed sensual and sexual explorer of the unspoken desires of women, We as a couple of ten years have like most others fantasized about other people joining us in the bedroom, we never really got the opportunity so it was always just talk (though highly erotic such talk proved to be) any how one night wed had some friends round for drinks and the like, a great evening was had by all, it then came time to throw the rowdy lot out on there ear, this was done with much hustle and bustle... my cousin came back a few minutes later having realized that the friend shed brought over from Leeds wasn't in the crowd of people leaving.

We searched the house and found her fast asleep in the spare room... we said that to make things easier wed just leave her there to sleep it off, and my cousin could come round in the morning to collect her to head back to Leeds, We left her there sleeping and headed for bed, as will happen on such nights!

We fell into bed in a passionate embrace I remember the fantastic sex we had that night very clearly. I was pushed backwards on the bed as my partner undressed in her most seductive manner, always a joy to behold, she is 5ft 11, with long dark hair and has what I call supermodel breasts (they appear flat to her chest yet there's ample size, with upturned nipples that look so good in tight fabric). She's slim but has kind of a cute pot belly... she finished her little erotic dance and leaned forward to undo my trousers, I at the same time took off my shirt and she pulled both trousers and pants off to reveal the effects of her sexy strip. She has this wicked smile when she knows she's got me where she wants me.

Normally she's not a huge fan of oral sex, and yes I mean giving, I've not met a woman once who's not liked receiving, however she does "treat me" every few weeks or months, but this night she seemed so hungry to have me in her mouth, now guys when you don't get as much oral sex as you might like you remember the really amazing ones do you not, well this was one of those times.

I lay on the bed in a sort of delirium, the hunger and eagerness with which she was devouring my cock was mind blowing, the thought of it now has me hard as iron... anyway it wasn't long before I was gasping and tensing I could feel my orgasm building. I think it was the look of a hungry she wolf that had me near the point of no return within a few short minutes.

I tried to pull her off, I wanted this to last I wanted to devour her in the same manner my blood was boiling with desire for her, yet, she just kind off laughed ( I assumed it was a laugh, I would imagine its hard to tell with a mouth full of straining rock hard cock in your mouth) and plunged back down with a growl... she scratched my stomach with her nails which sent me backwards flat on the bed, she forged on again sucking, nibbling, pinching my balls with her nails.

I exploded, the look of pure animal greed on her face as she kept sucking and licking until I was fully spent was something I don't think ill ever forget, we reclined back in a fierce embrace. my mind was blown I could have ridden that wave of pleasure for ever, wed been there I don't know how long when I felt her disentangle herself, with a few soft kisses she upped and left the room, I was in a drowsy, drink infused haze of ecstasy and was soon sleeping like the proverbial baby.

This is where I have to change tack a little and tell you this next part as I was told it the next morning in the clear light of day.

Unknown to me (as I'd been doing host duties for most of the party) my cousin's friend had been happily chatting with my missus for a good part of the evening they apparently just clicked and we're as chatty as old pals in moments, it turned out she was bisexual and was quite the little nypho,

Back to my missus leaving me in a sexual stupor on the bed, She went down stairs to get a drink etc and then came back up stairs to find me asleep, she turned on her heal and went back downstairs. She turned on the TV and sat back with the remote and a glass of wine, she says she ended up flicking through the channels until she was on one of those soft porn movies they show late at night, so as surely as day turns into night her robe slipped open and she started to slowly pleasure herself, she forgot about the movie, put her wine down, slipped the front of her robe open and exposed her nipples so she could tweak them as her other hand stroked and caressed her clitoris.

It was in this state, laid back, eyes closed, one hand working her by now soaking pussy the other hand tweaking and nipping at her nipple! It was at that point she heard the stair creak, she says she'd totally forgotten about out unexpected visitor in the spare room and thought it was me that had woken up and come down stairs to see where she was.

She stayed in that same position thinking that I'd just come and help her out, so (she says) imagine the shock when my cousin's pal said her name quietly from right in front of her. She sat bolt upright trying to cover herself up but the pal just smiled and knelt down between her still open legs. The pal then whispered that she'd woken up to here the sound of me cumming to a climax in the other room and was really turned on.

She told her that she'd started to quietly touch her self but soon after heard footsteps back and forth on the landing and then down stairs, she apparently then started playing with herself again when she heard the TV switch on. She'd been at this a few minutes when she heard soft groans coming from downstairs.

Obviously she knew it was the missus from the sound of her soft, muffled groans. that was when she quietly got out of bed and headed for the stairs. Our stairs have a corner at the bottom with three steps leading directly into the lounge, which is where the missus was completely oblivious to the face peering round the corner feasting on the site and a hand firmly wedged in her knickers.

It apparently stayed this way for a few moments until the pal just bit the bullet and set off down the final three steps and this is where we last left them, the pal knelt between the missus's knees smiling and the miss's lead back with fear and excitement battling away inside her. the outcome of this internal fight was taken from her when the pal gently pushed her thighs wider with her knees, (there was no resistance in those thighs, she maintains she felt spellbound with anticipation and fear) the pal leaned forward as the missus just stared at her and proceeded to flick her tongue lightly and expertly over her now soaking and pulsating mound.

She says she was frozen in that moment, being so turned on and yet the fear was still coursing through her. She says she just closed her eyes and was lost in the exquisite pleasure of it. She felt her fingers slide across her wet throbbing lips and just as she felt the pal's lips close around her clitoris in a firm suckling action two fingers entered her and hooked back reaching, searching for that spot, her fingers and mouth working in perfect concert. The missus let out a gasp of breath she'd been holding for who knows how long and just went with the rhythm of the probing fingers and suckling mouth,

This is now where i can take the story back up... as it was my turn to wake up to muffled groans and sharp intakes of breath that could only mean that someone was building up to one almighty orgasm....

I'll take up that part another time...

Hope you enjoyed my first submission.... xxx
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