Writer's Block part 2

The next morning when I woke,I found myself alone with a note from Sara to come down whenever I was ready and that she would have breakfast waiting for me. After a quick shower and dressing in a long summer dress with little to nothing underneath I went down stairs to face the remains and the fallout from last night. I walking into the kitchen to I find Sara at the stove putting food away. She was wearing jeans that gave a great shape to her long legs and firm behind. I notice that the tee shirt she was wearing was advertisement for one of my books "The Sensual Cure" I was wondering if she had read it and if last night really had taken place. When she walked over kissed me after saying good morning then slide a hand down the scoop neck line of my dress to give my right tit a nice fondling, I knew that then that she had read the book and that last night had happened every passionate, sensual, slutty moment of it. I was thrilled,hot and very horny,which I am sure she knew when she slowly and reluctantly ended out kiss to answer the kitchen phone. The phone which was right behind my head and from what I could hear from Sara's side of the conversation,she was talking to her mother never once did she stop fondling my tits. In fact she puts phone to her shoulder sat down in a chair across from me pulled down the neck line of my dress and scooped out both breasts. In between talking to whomever she was talking to on the phone she continued playing with and suck my breasts. As my mind was reeling she hands me the phone!!

"Marla, so how is the writer's block going?"

Beverly,my Editor was on the line and it was she who Sara had been talking to the whole time she was fondling my breast!! Beverly was Sara's mother!!!I mumbled something I hoping was intelligent as I was caught between being shocked and being aroused beyond my control by Sara's demanding mouth and hands. Even more since she had found out that I hadn't bother with underwear this morning. I was so lost in the enjoyment of what she was doing me almost missed,Beverly asking me the same question a second time.

"Oh Bev it fine,yesss it all fine," I said as her daughter was exploring my pussy with her fingers and she sucking hard on my left breast at the same time.

"Oh dear, I am sure it is all fine," Beverly said laughing in a way as if she knew what was going on. I had a second to wonder if this had been a set up before Sara reclaimed my lips in a deep kiss. I was listening to her mother saying something about the trip home and having a good time before Sara took the phone from me and listens for a second then hung up the phone.

"Come on upstairs, you have a riding lesson in about an hour with Andrew, "she said against my lips before sinking to another kiss.

All I remember is being lead upstairs, with my breasts hanging out and dress bunched up to my waist showing my weeping pussy . We got to the room and she stripped me of my clothes as I stood there in a daze. Sara went in the dresser draw and got out a pair jeans, tee shirt and underclothes along with socks for my riding boots. All the while I was standing in the middle of the room like some daze drug addict unable to move or reason. When Sara had all that she thought I would need she put them in the chair that Andrew had set and watch us in last night. Pushing me down on to the bed and I watched as Sara took off the tee shirt her jeans and panties. She spent the next hour showing me what I hadn't known about sex between two women before last night. All I can say is that the woman ate my pussy sucked my tits and finger fucked me in the pussy and ass better than my ex-husband ever did or many of the men that I had been with. I had so many orgasms that I thought I was going to die from cumming. Somehow she got me up and into the shower and dressed to go riding with her husband. I remembered her saying something about her brother in-law... but the rest was lost to me when I looked up and saw Andrew walking toward me leading two beautiful horses. Sara walked over and gave her husband and lingering kiss then she left to go back into the house.Leaving me standing there with, Andrew who looked me up and down slowly with a wicked gleam in his eyes and slight smile. I blushed remembering last night and just an hour ago his wife was eating the hell out of my pussy. I could feel my cheeks turning red as I listen to him talking about how to ride the horse that had for me. All I could do was nod my head and do as I was told which set me up for what Andrew had planned for me.

We rode some distance from the ranch and by noon time we were both hungry, me more so since I missed breakfast,the food part. We got off the horse in tree lined shade area near a what looked like an old run down shack and I saw Andrew take the leather bag contain lunch and water in with him. Tying my horse to a nearby tree where there was a lot of grass and followed him in to the shack. Once inside I saw that the insides didn't match the exterior of the shack, as it was simple but neat and clean. To calm myself I walked around the shack aimlessly looking at things as Andrew laid out the lunch and watched me.

"Come here and have something to eat," he said in the sexiest voice that I have heard from a man in a long time.

Walking over I a took a seat at the long wooden table where he had place the food. We eat in silence, with Andrew looking at me throughout the meal as if he knew a secret and was deciding if he was going to tell me or not. When I had finished my sandwich and chips he reached over and cleared the table. I sat in my chair quietly wait for what was to happen next and I didn't have to wait long.

"Take off your clothes," Andrew said as he walked to a chest that was up against a wall of the shack.


"I will not tell you twice," Andrew said in a voice that meant business, as he now stood there looking at me with items he had taken from the chest in his arms.

I had another out of the mind moment and took off my clothes, then I was naked wearing only my socks. I was standing there waiting like a scared rabbit not knowing what to do next.

Andrew lit an oil lamp which gave more light to the room and I notice that he had a few other items. One I could see was a blanket and the other was strips of some cloth, seemly made from the same material as the blanket. Those he hoop through some metal hoop on the wall that spread not too far an apart. I noticed for the first time, that the long table that we had just had our lunch at had some hoops as well. Now I am scared!

Andrew came over to me and stood in front of me as I stood there frozen in place shaking. He placed his hand under my chin and tilted back my head and kissed me with his eyes wide open! Mines were open as well in surprise and wonder at what this man had in store for me. I was still scared but now excited as well. I realized what he was about bondage and domination; mmmm I was curious about those as well.

"Trust me?" Andrew asked against my lips as he licked at them softly sliding is tongue in and out between my slightly open lips. I was so focused on his kiss that I almost missed what he had asked me and I gave the only responds that I could give.


Andrew said nothing as he deepen the kiss this time with his eyes closed and I joined him. When he released me my pussy had released the flood gates and the evidence was running down my thighs and I could smell it in the air.

"MMMmmm Go to the table and lay face down with feet on the floor," Andrew said as he released me from the kiss.

I did want I was told, I went laid face down on the table face down feet on the floor and my pussy was now weeping with need... I knew that I needed to be fucked by a nice cock with a seriously horny man behind it, to the point that I am stupid. I guess Andrew can read minds as well.

He ran his hands over my body feeling it softness, touch those places that his wife had kissed, licked and sucked on this afternoon. Then I felt his breathe on my anus and at the back door of my pussy. He seemed to be breathing in my earthy scent and examining me at the same time. I almost came out of my skin when he licked at my juice from my ripe fruit. First one lick then another and the, I was withering under the assault of his tongue, which is when he tied me to the table. He then tied my legs to each one of the table legs at the end of the table, thus cause my anus and pussy to be open for his viewing and his pleasure. Between his tongue, fingers and whatever else he had Andrew had me howling, as I had gone past tears and screaming,h owling was all that was left. Covered in sweat and legs sticky from being brought to point of cumming, but not being allowed to I was almost mad .He then started smacking my ass and patting my clit to point that the pain had been replaced with the pleasure. I was beyond caring and I only wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard.

"Marla you still with me?," Andrew asked as he walked around the table so that I could see him as he unzipped his jeans pulling out his cock with some effort. All I could do was lay there and drool half out of my mind with the need to cum and cum hard. As I lay there I heard the door open and remembered what Sara had been talking about... the brother in law. Looking like a younger version of Andrew, but with longer hair he came into the shack shutting the door behind him. He said nothing as he walked over to me and got down on the floor behind me. I wondered what he was up for a second or two but then he took up from where his brother left off. All I can say is that those folks sure know how to eat pussy. I was hoarse from howling so much and I thought they were done, but nooo .... Both Andrew and his brother had examined my ass hole and knew that I had done anal sex. When they got me up and position me between them I knew what they had in mind, again something that I had wondered about, to be fuck in the pussy and ass at the same time by two men. Baby brother, took my ass hole and Andrew had my pussy, which was good in a way since baby Brother was a little smaller than Andrew in the cock department, but that was still a tight painful fit until my body adjust to his presence in it. Once it did, Baby Brother who introduce himself finally Sean, tilled me back into his lab with his cock shoved up my ass spreading legs wide for his brother to enter. When he did and OH MY GOD... the fullness of it all and I was glad that they let me have a moment to adjust before they started moving. In unison they drove their cocks into me and I was beyond responding as I was lost in the fullness, the heat and their desire as well as my own. This and the other had been my fantasies for soo long and this weekend I was having them all fulfilled. We all came screaming as they slammed into me I felt the hot shot of cumm in my ass as I felt it in my pussy. I didn't know who to hold on to or what to do so I leaned back into Sean as Andrew squeeze my breasts as he came and I passed out.

I woke up sometime later back in my bed, naked with my body still humming from the fucking that I had received earlier. Looking at the time and saw that it was now into the evening hours. I decided to check out the damage that had been done to my body. Getting up out of bed and walking to the full lengthen mirror I was surprise to see a different woman there. I had arrived there looking tired and up tight now I looked relaxed and rested. As I took in the scraps and some bruise on my thighs and ass where Andrew has spanked me I slide my fingers between my pussy lips finding some kind of cream there. I pulled my fingers out and put them to my nose and recognize the scent, as being the same one that I had smelled on Sara. I then check out my ass hole and found the cream there as well, assuming that it was some sort of healing/ pain killer. There was a knock on my door,as I stood there naked in front of the mirror,without a thought to whomever might be there,I told them to come in. The door open and in Sara walked in with a tray of food.

"Get back in bed, you need to rest," Sara said as she her up and down slowly licking her lips as if she remember something that she want to taste again.

I did what I was told again for the third time today. I got back into bed naked but not under the covers as It had just got very warm in the room. Sara puts the tray down on the night stand and got the chair putting it next to the bed. She then put the bed tray over my lap and began to feed me from the plate which smelled wonderful of mash potatoes, string beans and beef tips with gravy. As she fed me we keep our eyes locked on each other as we remember the morning and I am sure that she knew about my afternoon with her husband and brother in law. She got a wicked smile on her pretty face and put a very warm dollop of potato on my left nipple. I gasped and then moan as she licked it off my nipple letting her mouth linger there as her tongue took care of business. Needless to say my meal was lengthy one and dessert was a 69 that we both were enjoying when I again notices that we were not alone, again. Andrew was back but this time he was naked and what a sight he was as stood there as the foot of the bed stroking his maleness with a very pleasing smile on his face that radiated out his hazel eyes. All this I saw as I was eating his wife pussy from between her tan legs. We continued what we were into until we both came screaming into each other pussy as our orgasm send us into blissful sensual overload. Lying separate from what had caused my joy, I looked up to see Andrew coming toward me and I smiled opening my mouth wide. He slides his cock into my mouth and down my throat in one smooth move making me very happy that I didn't have a gag reflex. Andrew then leaning over my body and put his mouth where his wife had left off. So I went from 69ing the wife to 69ing the husband. This time she watched us as we played,occasionally stroking our skin and placing kisses here and there. When he came, Andrew shot his cum down my throat in a hot thick creamy mixture. I came soon after like a dam breaking covering much of his lower face.

He rolls off me as we all laid there for a while not moving or barely breathing and I took time to reflect. My pussy had been eaten by a woman and I had eaten a woman pussy,been fucked by two men at the same time and now I am going to get fuck by a woman and her husband with her watching him fuck me in the pussy and ass,.... Yes,I knew what was next, but that would be on Sunday and this was only Saturday... A girl has to pace herself.......

Oh and the writer's block? Well let's just say it has disappeared! Isn't it amazing what a good fuck or two can do for you ...

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