YES 13

This weekend Alli and yours truly will turn the magic age of adolescence, sweet 16. My given name is Aaron and my twin sister is Allison. I am going to tell you about an adventure we had a week before our 13th birthday. Oh the fun we have had the past 3 years together. We are known as the King and Queen of our high school. We are the most popular and we rule the roost at our high school. We are crazy cut-up characters and let me tell you we do not abuse our charisma and popularity. Whatever office or position we run for in school we are elected by a landslide. Alli was elected Student Body President as a junior which had never happened at Waterfall High School. Actually we tied in votes but I changed my vote and she won by one vote. I promise you I was rewarded quite well for doing that for my sister. I will tell you about it later. And yes Alli is a cheerleader and will be head cheerleader next year. She is starting to get interested in a "stud" friend of mine which concerns me. I have told her she has a lot of time for the boys and me too when it comes to girls. We are only a month from entering our junior year.

The thing Alli and I have going for us is our trust and honesty between each other. We discuss and talk about everything and I mean everything. From school to sex, sex being the most important at our age. We hide nothing from each other. What really helped us was the talk our parents had with us when we were 12. The reason was Alli was filling out rather quickly and her period was about to start. My parents could not believe my voice was changing and I was maturing rather early for a young boy. Mom sat us down and left nothing out about our bodies and sex. Dad being the shy one, we thought, turned out to be quite informed about teenagers and their hormones.

It was really interesting hearing Mom and Dad talk about their teenage years and their sexuality. Mom came right out and told us how great a lover Dad was and how he satisfied her sexual needs. Dad smiled and said it was Mom that taught him how to satisfy her because she was so open about her wants and needs. And one thing Mom told us was the importance of sex in a relationship. Never use sex as a punishment, if anything, use it as a reward but never keep sex from your partner because of a phony excuse, like I have a headache or I am tired, etc. We giggled when Dad said he had more headaches and was more tired than Mom was because she was always chasing him to have sex. He called her a little nympho. We giggled but she gave him a love slap and said see who gets laid tonight.

The best part about our sex talk was both of them telling us to come to them when we have any questions about sex. And most of all if we did not know how to ask the question in medical terms use the slang terms, like Fuck! That broke the ice hearing that statement coming from Mom. Mom and Dad gave us a book showing the anatomy and also pictures of people having intercourse in different positions. They said it might be more informative if we read it together. We were blushing like we were embarrassed but we could not wait to read it if you know teenagers The book gave us an insight to real life and we really learned the true facts about sex and all its joys.

Wouldn't you know it, Allison started her period the next day in church. I told her The
Devil had given her the female curse in church just to show her he had her under his spell. Mom had her prepped for what was going to happen when her period started. What was really amazing was she told me first and not Mom that her period had started. She went through her first period like a trooper, no problems at all. All I told her was I never want to see her female "yuck." She said she would be a lady about it and never put a used tampon under my pillow unless I was a real asshole. See, I told you she was a character.

I guess Alli and I were lucky young 12 year olds. It was like we both matured at the same time. My voice seemed like it changed over night and my pubic hair grew in quicker than Alli's. I think she was jealous but she did say I was so much more mature mentally and physically than most boys my age and she like me that way. It was when she first saw how my penis had grown that surprised her. She had waited secretly when I was in the shower for me to come out so she could see me. We never really covered ourselves up when Mom and Dad were not at home. I took the towel and started drying off and did not pay any attention until I looked up and to my surprise there she was standing there staring at my cock and balls but I was kind of proud she wanted to see how I had grown. I still had a semi hard on from jacking off in the shower and it kind of embarrassed me but Allie said it looked sexy and hot and said she wish she could have watched me jack off. She said she knew I did it most of the time I take a shower. She said she was no dummy about boys. She had seen me masturbating when I was younger and my penis had not grown yet. I kept on drying my hair without covering myself. I tried to not have a monster hard on but it was difficult knowing she wanted to see my cock at full attention.

I said Sis, since you have seen me naked you have to show me that beautiful young body of yours. She blushed and said it was not right for me to see her. She was a lady now and not a little girl. I told her she was one gorgeous lady and she always would be to me. She knew I had seen her naked not many days ago as she went from the bathroom to her bedroom. I said I had but not up close. I'll make you a deal Sis. What is that Aaron? I know you want to take a shower before Mom and Dad get home so why don't I take that shower with you. We haven't taken a shower together in years plus it would be a lot of fun and you know it. We haven't even touched each other for months. Actually, since you started your period. It's not like we are going to "fuck" or anything. We learn together don't we? We agreed to that after we had the talk with Mom and Dad, didn't we? Well what do you say Sis? She hesitated and said you have to be careful about how you touch me. She asked if I understood what she meant. No cock in your cunt and no three fingers deep in your cunt! Does that about cover your "do nots?" You are such a smart little boy. Sis I don't think I am a little boy anymore. I agree with that Aaron. You have become the size of a mature man and I do like what I see Aaron your cock is so sexy looking.

Alli walked over to me and said we have about 2 1/2 hours before Mom gets home so let's do it. She kept staring down at my cock and I ask "what?" Silly boy what have you done all these years when we play around. Oh you want me to undress you. Well yes I do but this time I am going to bet you can not undress me without getting a big hard on. She giggled and asked, well am I right. That is not fair Sis. Men are totally excitable when touching a lady and undressing them. Ok Miss Sexy panties, I'll bet you will be dripping wet by the time I finish undressing you. You have a bet, Mr Big Dick. Thank you Sis that was nice of you to say. To bad I can't put my cock inside your cunt. Ok silly boy you know our agreement. Sis and I have an agreement that we will say virgins until we are at least 16 and if by chance we want to get through all that "lose my virginity stage" we will lose our virginities to each other. Who else could we trust other than each other.

Alli was wearing an almost transparent bikini swim top and tight white shorts that accents her young camel toe. She loves to dress sexy and I love to see her that way. She knows I undress her all the time with my eyes when she wears sexy clothes. She even asks me if she is dressed sexy enough. I always say "so so" and that pisses her off but if I say "edible" she gives me a big smile and walks like a whore when she sees me staring at her ass and what a gorgeous little young ass she has. All I know Alli was going to have one beautiful ass when she fully matures.

The game was on, she turned around thinking I would untie her bikini top first but I slowly and softly began to rub her shoulders. She loves when I do that and I know it makes her relax and it turns her on too. She turned around real quick and said that was not fair. I turned her back around and said be quiet. I continued to rub her shoulders. She moaned and rolled her head from side to side. She whispered that I was a good brother. I kissed her neck and said thank you. You are welcome she said. Then she surprised me as she put her hands behind her and touched the front of my legs just a half inch from my balls. I told her that wasn't fair. She giggled and slid her hands up my legs to hip high and then she slid them over slowly to my belly button. She giggled again and asked me how long I could keep from getting a hard on? I backed up and slapped her ass. She said ouch real sexy like. I stepped forward again and wrapped my hands around her chest and slowly began to cup her breast on the outside of her top. So you want to play do you? She pushed her hips back against me and I became a loser real quick. Alli whispered that my little man felt nice against her ass. Then she moved her ass slowly against my hard throbbing cock. This time it was me that moaned. I slid my hands up under her top and slowly grasp her nipples with my fingers and rolled them around and around in circles. She loves it when I do that to her. She again whispered how good my fingers felt on her nipples. I know sweetie, you love them being rolled and pinched, am I right. Yes you are my big stud muffin. Sis, do you realize being 13 and sexuality active, puts us way ahead of the norm when it comes to sexuality and it's known as an incestuous relationship. So, she said. As beautiful as we are Aaron we deserve the joys of young sex. We will grow to be wonderful lovers for our mates. I love learning about sex with you Aaron. I love loving you Alli. That was really nice sweetie.

As I began to kiss her neck again, I grabbed the bow that tied her top with my teeth and gave it a pull. As I was doing that I felt one of her hands pull the tie on the back of her top. Between the both of us that top was gone in seconds. I turned Alli around and stared at her young developing breast. I leaned down and softly kissed her right nipple knowing it was her most sensitive one. She moaned as usual when I kissed her tits. You like that Sis? God yes baby, you know I do. Alli your breast are going to be just like Mom's. How do you know that Aaron? I heard you and Mom talking about how she looked when she was your age and how she developed into adult size when she was your age. So my little lady these beautiful little girls will be at least 34 C. I hope so Alli said. My hips and legs are just about her size now. I can wear some of her pants right now. Sis I am betting you will be fully mature in the next few months. I hope so Aaron. And my lady that means you are going to be one foxy lady. Some young man is going to blow his cookies just looking at you, wait and see. No way, Aaron. Oh yes he will, I know because it will be me. You are so funny sweetie. Alli started to reach for my cock and I grabbed her hand and told her to wait. I squatted down in front of her and began to untie her tennis shoes. My face was but an inch from her little camel toe and I knew what I was going to do once I got her tennis shoes off. As she stepped out of her shoes I wrapped my hands around the back of her ass and pulled her hips right into my face. I kissed her right in the middle of her little camel toe. She grabbed my head and tried to push me away. I held on tight and kissed her again. This time she did not try to push me away as she did the first time. I win the second game Sis. I can smell your wet little girl. Your panties are soaked, aren't they? You are cheating Aaron. I know and you love it. I know we are young and most of the time young teenagers do not engage in oral sex.

Aaron, take my shorts and panties off and let's take that shower sweetie. Ok Baby you got it. I unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down real slow. As she stepped out of them I pulled her to my face again and kissed her panty covered cunt this time. Please don't Aaron, we are not ready for oral sex yet. I said ok but before I released her I licked the wet spot on the outside of her panties. She let out a loud yelp and cried oh God. I reached up and pulled her panties down and had her step out of them. I leaned forward and softly blew warm air on her newly grown pubic hair. She held my head but did not push it away from her. I could actually feel her pull my head toward her young virgin cunt. I will never forget the smell of her young wet cunt as long as I live. I stuck my tongue out and slowly slipped it into her young crying cunt and slid it up her slit. I kissed her little clit and then looked up into her eyes. Tears were running down her cheeks but they were not tears of fear or sadness. Her tears were ones of happiness and joy. As I stood up I lifted her off her feet and gave her a soft passionate kiss. She returned the kiss and said we will be lovers forever but only when the time is warranted like everyday. I let her back down and she gave me a high 5 and said you have a deal baby.

We both laughed and stepped into the hot shower. She grabbed the soap and began soaping me all over, especially my cock and balls. As she began to stroke my soapy cock I began to feel weak but strong. Alli said my cock felt wonderful and real hot. I said I promise you it is hard and about to explode. Not yet sweetie I want to hear you moan and see it throb. You have me wired so it's only fair I return the excitement to you. What came next I did not expect. She turned me so the water washed the soap off my cock. Then the unexpected happened. She bent down and slid my cock into her mouth. I yelp oh God Alli. She moaned and then said shut up. She took me as deep as she could and then licked and sucked my cock for a few moments and then said we are even sweetie.
She giggled when I told her she was now a real cock sucker. How nice of you to say sweetie. And my dear brother I considered you my little cunt lapper. Is that ok with you. Yes it is baby. Only problem is neither one of came with our oral teasing we will Sis we will. All I know it's a safe way to have happy sex and not get you pregnant. Yea!

Well little lady if we are going to learn together lets do it. Ok what do you want me to do? I was quick to answer and I said jack me off. Ok lover and what will you do, I'll show you baby. She soaped me up again and then handed me the soap. She was using two hands to jack me off and damn it felt good. I in return soaped my hands up so much they looked like I had white gloves on. I slipped one hand under the front of her cunt and the other one under her ass. She whispered for me to be careful. I will I whispered back to her. I let my fingers massage her swollen lips as my thumb found her little hard clit and began to rub it in slow motion. I could hear her moaning as my other hand was trying to find the secret little nether opening in her ass. With in seconds I found her untouchable. Not in my opinion because I had read it in the sex book that little girls love that asses played with at certain times and I presumed this was a good time and I was right. I let one of my fingers slide slowly into her ass as I increased my finger fucking of her virgin little cunt. She was nearing her climax and I knew she would be in heaven with in a few seconds. It happened like lightening. Alli screamed and collapsed in my arms as she came. She was so cute jerking and shaking as her orgasm ripped through her young body. She let go of my cock and rapped her arms around my neck. She whispered she had never felt anything like that before.

She apologized for not making me cum. I told her there was no problem because we have plenty of time. She said she would make me happy as soon as she came down off her sexual high. I kissed her and said it was only right she reached her climax first. It's in the book Alli. I can remember it as if I were reading it yesterday, satisfy your female mate first and great sexual rewards will come to the male species afterwards. So my dear I did my part. You are so sweet Aaron. I hope your future mate will love you as much as I love you. Hey, and vice versa for you too Sis.

With in a few moments Alli had soaped my cock up again and was jacking me off like an old pro. She held my cock with both hands and really went to jacking me off. She knew exactly when to grab my balls and roll them as the other hand continued to jack me off. I was close to blowing my load and Alli knew it. She reached under my balls and slipped a soapy finger into my ass as I had done to her just before she reached her climax. She pushed it in about an inch and then back out. She continued her quest of making me cum by doing this little trick to my ass. It was her thumb pushing against my prostate and ass probing that sent my load all over her tummy and belly button. She finished jacking me off and then kissed me and said that was beautiful watching me blow my wad all over her. She is so mature for her age. She said she knew I would like cuming on her because she read it in the book. I giggled. This was truly the first really nut and cunt blowing adventure we had had together. It was but one of hundreds the next few years. We finished showering and then dried each other. She had me hard again by just drying me off. She said she loved to watch me get a hard on and she hoped it didn't embarrass me. I told her no as long as I can touch her anytime I want in private. She assured me it was perfectly ok with her.

I gave sis a kiss and told her to come with me. I took her hand and led her into her bedroom. What are you doing Sweetie? I told her to sit on the edge of the bed and just relax. She smiled and did as I said. Now don't say a word, ok. She said ok. I walked over to her chest of draws and opened her underwear draw. I took out a pair of her white laced bikini panties and matching laced bra. I opened her sock draw and took out a pair of white "bobby" socks. Then the last item I got from one of her vanity dresser draws was a small box of power. She started to open her mouth and I told her no talking. I had to reach way back in the draw to get it and also a small black box. She never knew those items were in the back of her vanity draw. I walked over to Alli and told her to slide back on the bed and lay down on her back. She didn't say a word as she did as I said. I laid her panties and bra on the bed beside her. I opened the perfume box real slow so she could not see the label. I put a drop on my finger and touched her cleavage and then each side of her neck. She opened her mouth when she caught the aroma of the perfume. Aaron, where did get that Chanel No.5? Quiet little one. I pushed her legs open wide enough so I had the perfect view of her young little virgin womanhood. I open the box of power and powered her muff and patted her little swollen feminine lips. She moaned as I reached up and patted under each of her arm pits. Again she asked where I got the Chanel powder. Quiet little one. I told her to lay still as I put the powder and perfume on her night stand. I leaned over and kissed her on her luscious lips and whispered how beautiful she was and how wonderful she smelled. I sat up and put her "bobby' socks on her feet and then I started to put her panties on her when she said those are not my panties Aaron. Quiet little one. I had her sit up and slipped her laced bra on and again she says that is not my bra. Quite little one. After I snapped her bra closed I had her stand up and model her new panties bra and socks they were everything I like on a woman. I moaned as she did her model walk and strut. She knows I love it when she walks that way. She walked over to me real slow never taking her eyes off my hard on. She reached down and grasped my cock and gave it a tender squeeze. She sat down beside me never letting go of my cock and kissed my cheek. What is with all these gifts Aaron? Well little one today was such a special day I could not wait to give you your birthday presents early. Beside I got to thinking Mom and Dad might have a few questions about why I got you these sensual gifts.

Oh Sweetie that was so nice of you. She pushed me on my back and straddled my hips. I could tell her panties were already wet from our sexual play time. She began to hump and grind her hips on my cock. Oh the desire I had to fuck her. She leaned down and kissed me real sensually. I could feel my hard throbbing cock pushing her panties up into her wet cunt. God I want to be inside Alli's cunt. She was beginning to breathe hard but she had something else in mind for me. She started sliding down my chest kissing me as she went down to my belly button. The next thing I knew was she had her lips covering the head of my cock and was slowly sucking on it. I was floating in sex heaven and I was uttering deep moans of joy. Oh Alli you are so wonderful. Quiet my love. She must have read the same pages in our sex book about oral sex because she was tonguing and sucking my cock perfectly. Her tongue was licking that special area on my foreskin and her sucking the head of my cock was unbelievable. Oh Alli I am about to cum. Please stop, please stop. Quiet my love. My sis is so gifted when it comes to sucking cock. I could not believe she could deep throat me and not gag. I am the only guy she has ever been with. She lifted her head up to the top of my cock and really started sucking it hard and fast. I could not hold my load any longer. I tried to push her head away but she would not let go of my cock. I let loose with one unbelievable wad of cum. All I remember was Alli kept sucking and swallowing my cum. She is an angel. Oh Sis, oh sis that was beautiful. She slowly licked me clean and then looked up staring me right in my eyes and said Happy Birthday Sweetie. You are so sweet Angel.

I pulled Alli up and kissed her deeply. I rolled over on top of her and began dry humping her. I felt like I had slid my cock in her wet cunt but her panties were blocking me from penetrating her cunt but damn it felt wonderful. I could not stand it anymore. I slid her bra up and release her tits. I went after her nipples like a hungry 6 mo old baby. She was moaning and begging for me to suck them harder. For some reason I knew what Alli wanted me to do. I went right down on her as my mouth covered her wet panties and was biting them trying to pull them off with my teeth. My fingers pulled her panties to the side and I slipped my tongue into her slit. I began tongue fucking her virgin cunt until she was almost screaming. Before I knew it she had my head in her hands pulling me tight against her cunt. I let my lips grip her little clit and began sucking on it. Soon I had one finger just inside her virgin hymen ring and a finger in her ass as I continued my onslaught of her virgin femininity. I knew I had her right on the verge of cum heaven. Next thing I knew she had her legs locked around my head as I took her into sexual ecstasy. It was one beautiful sight watching my sis shaking and jerking with sexual bliss. Oh Sweetie, God you are so wonderful. I did not stop fingering her or nibbling on her clit for quit a long time. I am sure she had another climax by the way she hips began to hump and jerk again. We finally lay together holding each other for about a half hour. We had to get up and get dressed because Mom would be home soon. This was the day our lives changed forever. It's amazing how some siblings can bond and be life time sexual partners but it goes no further than that. All in all we knew how far to take our sexual adventures as bad as we wanted to fuck each other.

Oh and if you are wondering about us losing our virginities, we were 16 when we gave up our virginity. No, I did not pop her cherry and she did not take my innocence. But if you want to hear something different, we lost our virginity the same night and would you believe Alli fucked the big brother of the girl I fucked. He was a good friend of mine and a "stud" guy, just like me, ha ha. He was 18 and my lady friend was 17. All I know is she woke me up to tell me she was not a virgin anymore and her beau was one hell of a lay. I kissed her and said congrats and as of tonight neither am I. His sister is one hell of a lay too, Alli. You didn't did you? Yes Angel we might as well keep it in the family. We both laughed and talked about how we felt about fucking someone new. Before the night was over we ended up fucking for the first time and it was wonderful. Only thing that made it really great was we slept together after our first fuck. But the coupe de grace was when we awoke up we fucked all morning long. Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, so what do you think we did for the next 2 days. Your are right, we went out and fucked our new play mates and then came home and fucked each others brains out all over again. Alli asked me if I thought his lady was fucking her brother like we fucked each other. My answer was we will never know unless they tell us and I am sure the hell not going to tell them about us. Me either, Aaron.

Aaron,do I fuck better than your new fuck mate? Sis you fuck different than she does and yes you do fuck better than she does. I popped her cherry a did her brother pop yours and as we said long ago we were going to be way ahead of the so called experienced liars. All I know is she loves the way I fuck her. And does your beau fuck you the way you want him to fuck you. No he doesn't how to I teach him. Easy Sis, where did he lay you? We were over his house and no one was there but us. Did you bleed a lot when he popped your cherry? No not much but a little and how did he handle it. He was so sweet about it he is just like you in that way. He even got a warm bath cloth and clean my little girl. He was so gentle with me. Did you fuck again right after the grand opening took place? That wasn't funny Baby. Did you clean up miss easy lay? Alli she is not an easy lay she is my girl and I really like her. Ok I feel the same way about her brother. Well the way you get him to lay you the way you want him to is simple "tell him" and if he can't handle it dump him. If he wants a piece of your ass he'll come around. Now that was funny Aaron.
It might sound funny Alli and I talked about our "fuck times" damn near every time we got laid even if we had to wake each other up when we got home from our fuck dates. We learned so much about how to fuck our partners you would think Alli and I were sex therapist and actually we were.

Then one day we got a surprise when Mom called Alli and me into the den and ask us to sit down she needed to have a talk with us. We didn't think it was what it turned out to be. And did we get an eye opening world of knowledge from Mom. She started out asking us if we enjoyed fucking our new girl and boy friend. We froze and blushed like hell. How did Mom know about our private lives? "I have just one question for you two."
Alli are you making sure you are taking your BC's and now missing a day. I promise Mom I have not missed one day. And how about your little girl friend is she taking her pills? Aaron, are you certain. She is Mom I ask her every day if she took her pill. No pill no nookie syndrome is my rule of thumb. Smart boy Aaron good thinking but you have to have a strong will if you get lovey. Men need their sex right Alli. Gee Mom you told us the truth about the men years ago. Mr Perfect wants me all the time. And Aaron do we need someone all the time. I blushed and admitted it to Mom. So we have that out of the way I have a very important one. What is going to happen if your play mates find another lover. They won't Mom. Don't bet on it I have seen a lot of relationships that went by the way side when I was younger and it was all about sex and not love so play it casual if things do not go the way you want them to go. It's just a warning and while I am talking your first piece of ass does not mean this is your true love for life. Your Dad and I were very fortunate to find each other and have a life like we have had. We have had our tiffs but we solve them by talking about them not going to bed mad. That is a no no in our lives. We are a rare breed speaking of which this is our breeding night. What did you say Mom. Yeah we have always had a night we play house or fuck as you pups say so often. You can not believe how it rejuvenates our love for each other. Gee Mom does Dad know you are talking to us. Sure Honey he wanted to talk to you but I convinced him I was the one you would listen to more than him.

How did you do that Mom? Oh I gave him a blow job while I was convincing him. You can get your way and much more by giving a man a blow job so don't forget that Alli. Mom that is way to much information. No it isn't it's the truth but don't mention it to Dad. You are so funny Mom. Oh Aaron a muff dive won't get you much if you plan on using it as a reward for your lady. I know it won't work Mom women don't need muffy's like we need our blow jobs. You are a smart boy Honey but don't bet we ladies don't need our muffies now and then. Gee Mom you are up front huh? And while I get to talk with parents like you and Dad we have to be smart kids. Yes you are and since we are telling all which one of you have had oral sex yet. Alli and I both raised our hands and she just smiled and said you lucky little turds. Dad and I didn't participate in oral sex until we were in our mid twenties. Mom this generation is way ahead of yesteryear. I guess you are Sweet.

Now I need to get a question off my chest kids. What is that Mom? You Dad and I know kids will be kids but it's about you two having sex all these years. Alli and my jaw dropped wide open and we were sure she was going to lower the bloom on us but she gave each of us a hug and said I love you two so much. I do not condone your sex together but I am not asking you to stop having sex with each other because we have know for a few years you two have been playing house but not having intercourse until you were 16 yrs old. How did you know about us Mom? Well someone left their door open and forgot someone was home. And that someone was me. If your Dad had seen you I do not know what he would have done but I do know he would not approved at that time in your life. He and I talked about it and he now thinks you are two smart kids and you use it as a learning experience. I do not want you to act any different when you are around your Dad. Just keep being the crazy loving kids as usual is that understood. We will Mom.

And now I must say my two young adult children have beautiful bodies and they do a find job of "fucking." Wow Mom you saw everything didn't you? Yes my stud muffin son you nailed your sister quite well for a sixteen year old. Alli spoke up and told Mom she told me how to fuck just like you taught Dad to fuck you. I know Sweetie you inherited my genes. That got all three of us giggling and laughing. What I was jealous about was you two having oral sex and getting your cookies off so easily. How long had you two been having oral sex? Uh uh ok speak up I am jealous. Mom it was Alli's fault. Hey that's my girl. No it was not it was Aaron's fault. Who cares as long as you both learned how wonderful it is and enjoy it. In my opinion and your Dad's we think oral sex is more enjoyable than having intercourse. We agree with you and Dad Mom. Anyway don't get mad at us but we had our first oral sex encounter a few days before our thirteenth birthday. Damn we were guessing you were fourteen or more we were wrong but you two were lucky little chits. Yes we were Mom and still are.

Alli popped up and asked Mom if she or Dad ever had any other sex partners than each other. Oh well it's tell the truth time so I will admit it we did. It got us back together and we never have been apart since that time in history. And no we never had an extra martial affair but some times we fantasize about them but we tell each other about them and we end up fucking our brains out as your Dad always tells me he is trying to do to me and my little girl. He is a great love Sweetie and I want both of you to be the same as us. Tell us about it Mom we want to know. Ok your Dad and I got in a pissing match and split and it was over suck a small trivial thing like him looking at another girl. I got jealous which was stupid of me but I was just being woman. He started crewing my ass out for being jealous and I accused him of seeing another woman and that really pissed him off.
So in return he went out and got laid but after we broke up. I showed him I went out and got laid too but it was terrible and I still regret it today. The guy was a lousy laid compare to my lover your Dad. Did you tell him the details hell no do I look stupid never tell a man about any of your sexual affairs Alli they can't handle it like we handle a man's indiscretions. We are heros if they laid a hundred ladies and we are sluts we laid more than one man but it's not true kids and son if you marry a lady that has had a lot of boy friends keep your mouth shut. We ladies get horny and lovey too but now as often as you men. All that matters is gives her heart and body to you and that is so important. Did Dad tell you about his affair. Hell yes he told me all the good sexy details and I ended up getting real lovey and I must have laid them 5 times that night when we got back together. And yours truly will always nail your Dad any time he wants me. Now does that answer your inquiries? Mom you are so sweet to us we love you so much. Good you are suppose to love me. We giggled and said I guess this little talk is going to get you all lovey and Dad is in trouble tonight. No I am betting my kids will be the lovey ones and want to get laid today or tonight. Mom that's not fair we don't have our lovers with us right now. Oh you don't what do you call each other when you are alone and want to have sex with each other. Mom? Oh and while we are at it, "can I watch." Mom?

After our talk we all hugged and kissed and Mom told us to hang loose and becareful in our quest of sexual encounters. It's the most enjoyable act on earth but treat as a special time in our lives. We will we told her and once she left and went shopping Alli was on top of me nailing my ass to the wall and I had no objections to her sexual advances. The funniest part of the day is when Mom got back home and asked me if every thing came out ok and then ask Alli if she can still walk after that big stud bred her little girl stupid. Alli blushed but I walked around like a cock of the walk. Mom kissed me and said that's my boy. Alli yelled at us and said "Mom always liked you better than me." Giggle giggle was our response to Alli and she had to laugh too.

You can not believe what a happy face my little cheerleader sister had on her face for the next 2 yrs year and me too. We were true lovers all the way through college until we got married and settled down. Every year we rendezvous and have a one day fuck fest. Let me tell you it's wonderful and it keeps us young and refreshed even as sinful and incestuous as it may be.
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