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"Version 2"

She had just moved in two weeks before. He remembered the day well. How could he forget that long black hair hanging all the way down to those nice round hips--the greenest eyes he had ever seen?

Afraid a tall lanky kid like himself wouldn't have much of a chance with a sexy woman like that, he almost left without introducing himself, but then figured, "Oh what the hell."

Walking next door he'd introduced himself and found out her name was Patty London. She didn't mention how old she was, but seeing her up close, he guessed she had him beat by at least 10 years. She was busy with the movers so he made it quick, "If you need help, give me a holler. I just got out of school so I'll be home all summer long."

Three days later, Eric headed out for a day of jet skiing. Jumping into his jeep, he started to back out of the driveway when he saw Patty smiling and waving--leaning over the hood of her car in a pair of skimpy white shorts and halter top.

"Hi, Patty. Car trouble?"

"Eric, I have NO freaking idea."

Jumping out of the jeep, he took her keys, and turned them in the ignition.

"It's not turning over, But let's see if I can get you on the road."

"Thanks Eric, that'd be great!"

After a few minutes he found the problem. She'd left the lights on and the battery was weak.

"Do you have jumper cables?" Judging by the blank look on her face, he said, "Never mind,
I have some in my jeep."

Pulling his jeep up next to her car, he began charging her battery and reassured her. "It won't be long now, Patty."

"This sure is nice of you. I hope I'm not keeping you from anything . . . "

"No, I'm going down to the lake. But I'm in no hurry," he said smiling.

"Now THAT sounds like fun . . ."

"You are welcome to come with me," he said winking at her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Getting into her car, it started right up. He took the battery cables off and bowed, "Your good to go, Patty."

Laughing she said, "Eric, now that I can, I'm not sure I want to. I'd love to take you up on your offer and go to the lake with you, but I'm running late for work. Maybe next time."

Wouldn't that be nice he thought, but he just stood there, smiled and nodded.

"By the way," she said as an afterthought, "where do you jet ski at?"

"At the state park. I have my tent there already. All I have to do is swing by the storage and get my jet ski."

"I'm jealous," she said with a pout and chuckle.

"Come on down when you get off work, I'll even cook for you."

"That sounds good. Maybe, I could . . . "

"Well, you better get going. Don't work too hard," he said with a wave getting back in his jeep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking at her watch, her mind started to race. She was already 15 minutes late.

"You know," she yelled out to him as he was pulling away, "I could take a sick day. All I have to do is call in. I haven't taken a day in I don't know how long . . ."

"Do it!" he said slamming on his breaks.

"I'll be ready in just a few minutes."

"Cool," he said.

"Come inside and make yourself at home."

He walked over to the fireplace and looked at the pictures on the mantel, a picture with some guy. Must be a boyfriend, he thought. They looked very happy. Another picture was of her on a beach, in a sexy two piece swimsuit. He could hear her on the phone talking to her work saying that she needed a personal day.

"Must be nice," he called out loud enough for her to hear, "to have a job you can call in at the last minute and not have to be worried about losing it."

"Yeah," she called out, "it has its advantages . . . do I need to bring anything?"

"Just a swim suit, some towels, tee shirts and jeans. I pretty much have everything. But if we need anything, there's a convenience store just outside the gate of the park."

"That works for me," she said as she walked in wearing the sexiest pink bikini he had ever seen. It looked as if it were painted on.

"Wow! You look GREAT Patty . . "

Beaming and grinning ear to ear, she flipped her hair back and said, "Well, thank you kind sir!"

Trying not to stare, but with little luck, he took her bag and set it in the back seat. Holding the door open for her, he watched her long silky legs slide in to the passenger side of the jeep.

"All I have to do is swing by and pick up my jet ski and we're off."

"You don't know how much I've needed this."

"Really, why is that?" he asked.

"I broke off my engagement last week, and I really have been down."

"I'm sorry." he said, "it must have been real bad, to call it off."

"Oh, it was. I caught him with another man."

"Damn! You're kidding me right?"

"No, I wish I was."

"Jesus, I can't even imagine how you felt. Well, Patty you are to do nothing, but relax and enjoy yourself, and that's and order."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Patty watched Eric set up the food tent and asked, "Is there anything I can do?"

Eric just smiled and said "No, relax. I have it almost done."

She was a good audience and never took her eyes off him as she took in his bare torso--working and flexing his muscles, right up until the tent was all set up to perfection. Patty whistled and clapped and Eric took a bow. Then Eric put together a large hammock and their campsite was complete. As she clapped again, Eric ran off towards the lake.

"I'll be right back I have to launch the Jet Ski."

Patty walked over and laid back on the hammock and let the warm breeze blow across her body. She looked out over the lake, and thought, it's so peaceful, not many people here, a few sailboats and a couple of old guys fishing, but that's it . . . I like being alone with Eric like this.

All at once a noise interrupted the peace. it was Eric on his Jet Ski. "Come on Patty," he called to her.

He was in a dark blue swimsuit and damn did he look good.

"You wanna try it," he called out, "It's easy," he said.

"I never did this before."

"Nothing to it I'll show you," he said with a smile.

Before she knew it, she was at the controls, zipping from one end of the lake to the other. She was having a great time--laughing and acting like a child on a roller coaster.

"You getting hungry?" he asked her.

"Sure I can eat," she said.

"Okay, just pull up right over there by our campsite."

She jumped out and splashed him and started to giggle.

"Oh, you're going to get it now," he said and started to chase her. She kept turning around and splashing water at him. Then he caught her, he looked into her green eyes, smiled, and picked her up and through her into the lake. She came up out of the water with a devilish look on her face--walked up to him and pulled him close to her lips. The next thing Eric knew, he was coming up for air. Somehow she'd flipped him.

Laughing hard at him, she scolded, "That'll teach you . . . "

Reaching out a hand to him, he took it, then she kissed him deeply. Her tongue explored his mouth and his chased hers. He kissed her and again and again her fingers tracing down his back, his hands holding her close and tight.

Her heart was pounding so fast and hard and his breath seemed to leave him completely. They waded deeper into the water and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed and kissed.
She felt so good in his arms and he felt so good to her. She could feel the excitement building in him so hard and thick--her nipples were standing firm and erect against his chest. His hands slow moved down and squeezed her tight firm cheeks. She moaned as he kissed her. After a while he carried her to the campsite and sat her down on the hammock.

He opened the cooler, pulled out a cold beer, opened it and handed it to her. He watched her place the bottle to her full lips. She looked at him and smiled. "I'll have turkey, I hope that's okay."

"It's great," Eric handed her a sandwich and potato chip, "would you like a pickle?"

"That's a BIG one . . . " she said with a devilish smile, "and it's so thick too."

He laughed as she started to suck and tease it, showed him how deep she could take it. Then she took a big bite and Eric grabbed his cock and they both laughed as he turned on his I-pod to play some tunes.

Patty went into the tent can came out in a cute tee-shirt that said "The Bitch Is Back."
"I gotta go to the ladies room, I saw it when we drove in, be right back."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The sun was going down and what a day it's been, Eric laid back in the hammock, sure he'd never had this much fun before. As he listened to the music he closed his eyes.

On her way back, Patty sneaked over to him and with a twig she started to tickle his nose. He swatted at the air, and she did it once again, this time, shaking his head. Then she took a twig with a leaf on it and teased his chest.

Opening his eyes, he looked up and saw she was giggling. Grabbing her, he pulled her next to him on the hammock. They lay together. She turned on her side to face him as he laid on his back her fingers tracing his nipples as she kissed his neck and murmured, "You like that?"

"Oh, yes . . . what's not to like . . . "

Her fingers started to slowly move down his chest past his belly and tease the top of his swim suit. Then she looked around and grabbed his cock. Giggling she whispered, "It's bigger than a pickle."

His eyes rolled back in his head as she teased him. He turned to face to her, their eyes met as they kissed, still holding his hard cock and his fingers play with her nipples through her pink bikini top.

Her nipples were so hard to his touch and she worked her hand down into his swim and stroked him.

"Let's move this inside the tent," he said

She look deep in his eyes and said "it's too hot to be in the tent," she said kissing him and laughing, "let's stay here, no one can see and who cares if they do?"

Rolling on top of him and took off her bikini top and took his hands and placed them on her. Eric hands squeezed her firm she lightly moaned she smiled and said lets go skinny dipping its dark enough. She got up all at once and ran into the tent then came out naked and started running into the water.

Eric dropped his swim suit and threw it into the tent then ran out to meet her. Swimming out to meet her she splashed him then grabbed his cock, squeezed saying, "Now that I have your attention."

"Patty you do, you do, trust me!"

"Do I?" she questioned as she pulled him close then wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her. "Fuck me," she said in his ear "I want every inch of you."

He loved feeling her hard nipples brushing against his chest as she began to grind into his hardness and move faster and faster, meeting each move with a deep thrust. Their mouths hungrily met much like the first time but this time he was inside her, He could feel her hold him from within wrapping around his thickness. Faster and faster, slow, then faster and faster again, they moved together.

"I'm so very close Eric," she murmured in his ear, and with that bit of knowledge he pushed deeper and faster and she begged. "Oh Eric fuck me, fuck me, I love your cock. I love it. Give it to me, oh God, yes . . . yes . . . yes."

In seconds the friction was shattering and they went for the big one, the ultimate release. Their bodies trembled, they clutched and clung, she cum and cried out, he filled her with his seed.

Slumping in her embrace, she held him close and murmured,

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