Yes, You Can
"can I, please?",
"yes, you can"...

lying there naked overlooking the beach at sunset our bodies relaxed with the fulfillment of orgasmic pleasure. both of us know this first release of edible magnificence is merely an appetizer precluding a fourteen course gourmet menu of sex unlimited.

her right leg's hung over my left thigh as she lifts my semi limp, waning erection. laying it across her thigh she slowly begins stroking the cum soaked shaft with her right hand and petting the foreskin covered crown with her left, "can I, please?"

"yes, you can."

my left arm comfortably moves into a position where I can play with her cum dripping pussy, "can I, please?"

"yes, you can."

her left hand cups the crown of my cock in it's palm. as her right hand strokes my shaft downward her left twists the crown in both directions as it emerges from the folds of thick loose dangling skin.

my left hand becomes intrigued with the size of her swollen outer labia. I cup as much as possible of the right lip in my palm then roll my fingers and thumb in opposite directions, my fingers continually reaching further into her pussy.

her hands begin rotating as she continually strokes and twists the complete length of my cock. the length of my shaft begins expanding as it undulates as if a jump rope is being swung with one person on each end.

I shift from one pussy lip to another, my fingers working their way deeper and deeper. her clitoris emerges semi hard, her hips begin rolling in rhythm to my hand movements. the sensual softness of the inner walls of her vaginal opening sends shivering excitement through my entire body.

the intensity of both our actions builds slowly at first then catapults into heavy breathing, hips rotating, bodies twisting and finally, "can I please?"

"yes you can."

she hurls her body upward rotating in one motion holding the shaft of my cock with both hands like a fire hose then plunges all of her ninety pound petite slender body onto the head of my cock. her expertise of timing is so perfect I almost cum as she hurls my foreskin back exposing a reddened pulsating hooded crown, swirls my shaft so the crown enters her dangling pussy lips perfectly centered. I feel the immediate tightness of her cervix as her body thunders down toward my pelvic bone.

instinct takes over as I thrust my hips upward with so much force her hands are almost caught entering her pussy. she lets go all at once as her thighs separate allowing our bodies to become one magnificent bonding spectacle of cock/pussy madness.

the force of that first downward, upward thrust catches us both by surprise. as we hug tightly our hips grinding away at the pleasure centered between their extremities I uncontrollably murmur, "can, I please?"

"yes you can."

with our hips grinding away in clockwise and counterclockwise motion, my cock buried to the hilt, I flip her over. while we're both suspended in air my cock slowly withdraws, her pussy lips emerge then just as we land on the soft sand, the bulging folds of foreskin around the head holding us together, we hurl our hips as hard as ever, our pelvic bones collide, the sensation is so overwhelming we both begin to climax.

she's so excited, "again, please."

without a moment of hesitation we twist around this time spinning our hips in opposite directions so the angle of thrust is sharper yet still centered. her precious smile says it all as we control this deep thrust entering her pussy slow and steady. the twisting motion is so erotic we cum together feeling the force of each bursting blast of nectar.

the thrill of this improvisational spree of sexual excitement overwhelms me, "let's do it again."

"and again, please don't stop."

our bodies find their own way of seeking pleasure each time we hurl each other in the air. we land in so many contorted positions each one stimulating the next to be more powerful. our bodies crisscross landing in a position where my cock plunges so deep it's enormous head pushes against her uterus up into her stomach cavity.

my cock becomes so swollen it feels like an enormous inflated blimp. her pussy lips and clit are so swollen we keep sensing the tightness of every plunging, depth charge like thrust.

finally we've spun ourselves around to one of our favorite positions, rear entry. with my balls swaying so loose and her pussy lips dangling we fuck each other with wild abandon, cum splashing up on her belly, down our thighs. she thrusts backward as hard as I'm thrusting forward. I grab her hips pulling back with even more force. she begins yelling, "fuck me with everything you've got left...fuck me...harder...faster."

with every thrust our bodies twist adding yet more intensity to the multiple orgasms we experience. her body slows down after each climax then picks up more momentum. I practically stop thrusting each time I climax. her energy reignites my energy as we both aim toward that prize of prizes.

the way we both like to fuck is an amazing combination of mutual craving desire. I love fucking her as much as she loves being fucked and vice versa. when we get this excited there's an experience that becomes the ultimate goal we call endurance fucking. it's when you've experienced multiple orgasms then you feel your body at a peak of excitement that sustains itself as if it were one giant orgasmic rush that becomes endless.

we've both tried to be the last one that thrusts the last thrust but what we've realized is that the last thrust brings us together after all the juices begin to dry, her pussy becomes extremely tight, my cock becomes so swollen, our last thrust is a mutual total surrender twisting our hips as if cork screwing my cock and her pussy together feeling those magnificent pulsating throbs of ecstasy filled with an intense pleasurable ache that becomes so soothing once the final depth of pleasure is reached.

we collapse with my cock buried to the depths of her pussy all night long, our bodies sprawled out with her on top, slightly angled to where our thighs crisscross into a most comfortable position. the uncontrollable quivering and twitching of our bodies is so indescribably overwhelming.

in the morning, as we lay sprawled out, our hands tucked between our groins seeking that pleasurable wet spongy softness of the mating of cock and pussy, our fingers softly inserting completely around the base of my shaft, feeling the heaviness of her massive cum soaked lips, our hips pulling slightly away, the sensuous pleasure of withdrawal is enough to hear her say, "can I, please?"

and, with renewed fathomless pleasure, I can't hold back, "yes, you can."

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