Yes, just that way. . . .
What a beauty she is. Tall, blonde, great body. And she is so willing to please me. I am one lucky guy. Of course, I enjoy pleasing her as well. It seems to be that the more I please her, the more she is willing to do to please me.

Last night was no exception. After we had had some dinner, I fixed us a couple of drinks and I took a seat in the living room, as she disappeared into the back of the house. As I relaxed into the warm sensations of a full belly and nice glass of Scotch, she came into the room.

Wow. She had changed into a long off-pink nightgown. It went to the floor. She also wore the matching robe that went with it. And she knew exactly what she was doing. By merely changing into the gown, she set into motion a scenario that got my blood boiling.

She sat next to me with her drink. We sat close like that, on the couch, and she put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. My cocked jumped beneath my clothes. Her touch had that effect on me. It held a lot of promise. We turned to each other, putting our drinks down. I put my hand behind her head, and pulled her toward me. Her mouth close to mine. I held her like this for just a moment, savoring it, before I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were so warm, yielding to mine, as she opened her mouth slightly, our tongues caressing each other.
Her hand moved up my thigh, to my crotch, gently squeezing my now hardening cock. My kisses moved down from her mouth to her neck, nipping a little as I did so. I softly cupped her left breast through her silk gown, enjoying its heavyness, the warmth of it through the soft material.

Her hand squeezed, and moved on my cock through my jeans. I couldn't wait to pull them off, but resisted the urge, as the tease was nearly as sweet as the reward. I moved off the couch, to my knees, slowly moving in front of her..... between her knees. I lowered my lips to the place where the silk lace of her gown met the soft skin of her breasts. She smelled so good. Her perfume was delicate and feminine. I kissed the skin there, reveling in the warmth, the smoothness of both her skin, and the silk.

I felt her open her legs a little. The gown and robe softly filled the void as her knees parted. I slid down to her waist, inhaling her scent, feeling the nightgown against my face, her warmth beneath it increasing as I got closer to her crotch. She slid down a bit, as I began to kiss her there, .... pressing my mouth to her mons, through the gown... she moaned a little, and began to pull the gown up with her hands, allowing me to feel her skin, her silky smooth skin..

She didn't shave, but had only a small patch of pubic hair... her lips were swollen, wet already... I could smell her.... my cock jumped again...I kissed her softly...covering every square centimeter of soft damp flesh. She moaned again, and writhed some as I licked the inside of her lips..... I found her clit.... pressed my tongue against it..she moaned deeply pressing herself against my mouth. I began to explore her with my tongue. Her clit was hard under my tongue, she began soft, short whimpers.... my tongue moving faster now around her she began to climax. She grabbed my head in her hands, pulling me hard against her pussy as she came... gushing....

She came again,....and again..... finally having to push my face away from her, as the sensation was too intense..... I kissed her inner thighs as she descended from the heights. Finally her eyes focused on mine...and she smiled. "Let's go into the bedroom", she said, rising from the couch. We did.

She stood at the foot of the bed, me in her arms, as we kissed again..she undid my jeans, pushing them down as far as she could... I stepped out of them kicking off my shoes as well..she pulled my shirt off over my head, tossing it behind her. Now she reached down and wrapped my throbbing cock in folds of the silk robe, stroking me...
I looked behind her and saw her ironing board, iron, and basket .....
I moved the both of us toward it, until her butt was against the board.
We kept kissing. I pulled the shoulders of her robe away from her...and slipped the robe off of her, laying it across the ironing board behind her. Now I turned her around, so she faced the board.... I began to pull the hem of her gown up.... higher, and higher until her naked ass was pressing against my cock....she pushed herself up against me... urging me on..."I want you inside me", she whispered..
"I know.... I replied,.... turn on the iron"...
"Wh-what"? she said...
"Turn on your iron.... you're going to do some ironing for me..."
"Well.... alright, if that's what you want baby," she said. And she reached over to the iron, as I pushed the head of my cock against the beckoning lips of her pussy..."Mmmmm, she whispered.., keep that up...I'll iron anything you want"..

"Let's start with your robe," I said
"I can't iron a silk robe", she said.
"Yes.... you can, baby", I replied, moving the head of my cock between her soaking lips...
"Ohh... mmmm..., she cooed, "No, really baby.. I can' should'nt iron silk"
"But you're going to iron it for me, aren't you?", I asked, moving deeper into her...
"Ahh.. Mmmm...Y-yes, okay.... I'll try....," she said, pulling the iron toward her, thumbing the temperature dial to the "silk"/"nylon" setting.. My cock jumped again, and she felt it inside her, squeezing me in return..I moved deeper into her..."", she whispered.

She picked up the iron, and began to iron the silk robe, not really paying I began to move inside her, her tight pussy hot and wet around my hardness...."I love fucking you while you iron", I said.
"I can tell", she're so hard for me"...
"It's so erotic... watching you move the iron on your silk", I said into her ear...
"Yes... it is kind of a turn on", she whispered, moving the iron over the robe, moving softly against my cock inside her..

We stayed like this until the robe was done, perfectly smooth and beautiful. I had to stop moving once or twice, as I was on the verge of cumming, and did not want to yet... she moved with me, and stopped with me each time, teasing the climax, and then shutting it down...but all the while ironing her robe.
"God I want you to cum inside me!", she said, standing the iron on its heel, leaning over the ironing board....
"Now the nightgown...", I said.
"Oh, I can't. Can't iron this silk"....she whispered...
"You want me...? You want me inside you... like this?"I asked, stopping my stroke in mid-thrust....
"Jesus...yes..I do..please don't stop..."
"The nightgown", I said. . .
"Alright...okay.... I'll iron it.... don't stop..please... I'm so close", she implored...

I helped her pull the gown up and over her head, all the while with one hand on her hip...fucking slowly...thrusting into her...gently, but deeply...she shivered a bit..smoothing the nightgown out over the ironing board...she picked up the iron again.... and lowered it to her gown. "I've got to be careful, baby".... she cautioned..
"No, you don't", I replied, moving a little faster now...she mewed a soft moan..."W-what.. what do you mean...", she asked..
"You want me to come inside of you"?... I asked..
"Yes, yes oh yes.... fuck me..., and come in me." she whispered...

"Then burn your nightgown for me", I said..
"Wha-what? You want me to burn my gown?", she said...
"Yes....turn up the iron.... burn it.... I won't come unless you do", I stated..
"Gods, no... I love this gown... it's SILK baby... ", she said.
I stopped moving, and began to withdraw from the warm wet grip of her delightful pussy..

", baby... please don't stop..I want you so bad...please..wait", she said, and thumbed the irons' temperature dial up to "Linen"....
She kept ironing, as before.... I began to move deeper and harder now, my own climax mounting....the iron heated rapidly.... up and past the limits the silk could withstand. We could begin to smell the silk scorch..."Oh Jesus, baby...please, it's starting to scorch"....she said..
I reached around and placed my hand on top of hers on the iron...and held it down in one place, as I fucked her hard balls slapping against her pussy-lips, my orgasm nearly there...."No, no, no, no" she whispered as the iron began to burn the silk gown... a brown swath of burned material appearing behind the iron, as she moved it, even with my hand over hers. "Oh fuck it's burningit'sburningit'sburning!" she mumbled over and over as I began to cum in her.... pumping my cum into her, watching her burn the gown....seeing the lovely nearly pink silk destroyed in front of me....Now she came....gushing around my cock, her juices flowing out of her, mixing with my cum....the smell of our sex mingling with the odor of burning silk....

"You bastard", she said to me after we had recovered. She smiled as she said this to me. "You get me every time. You know I can't resist your direction....'' I did enjoy that though. So wicked." She laughed .
I love you." I said.
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