By: Sassy Sue 1617

Being a divorced woman for more than a decade now; I am happier now that at any other point in my life. I do not miss not having a steady love in my life to satisfy my sexual desires. As a matter of fact, I do quite well in fulfilling my needs. My sex life has blossomed and I always get plenty when I want it. When it comes to sex I have only one preference and that is my partner is younger than me, much younger. Because of this my girlfriends call me a Cougar and tell me I am always looking to hook-up with a cub. I tend to disagree with their assessment of my sex life.

I'm about 5' 5" tall, with short brown hair done up in a pixie cut. My soft brown eyes have melted the heart of many of my lovers. People use the adjectives cute, pretty, sweet looking and I'm OK with that although I would much prefer gorgeous, drop dead beautiful and sexy. I am lucky enough to still have what I think is a rocking body. My breasts are perfect for my body, neither too big nor too small. In addition, my ass is firm and tight with just enough meat to hold onto while frolicking in bed. I can live with that as long as I am getting some on a regular basis.

Having reached the magic age of thirty-six and being divorced, I have become a connoisseur of all things sexual. It did not take me long to get some loving after my divorce. My girlfriends tease me mercilessly as I have penchant for lovers that are young, which is true. They have labeled me as a Cougar as I am always on the hunt for hot young cock or pussy. I love to fuck a young man in his early twenties or eating a hot wet pussy of a young twenty something nubile woman. I take the viewpoint that I am an aficionada of fine fucking and admit to having veracious appetite for sex. Others would call me a slut.

I have been feeling very horny the past few days and I have decided to go out hunting tonight; it has been far too long since my last foray into the wonderful world of sexual pleasure. I am out to get laid tonight, to capture some young stud and ride his hard cock.

Taking a long, hot, luxurious bath spiked with my favorite scented oils. I began my pampering ritual. A couple of naughty touches, a gentle massage of my body and I could feel the tension melt away. Wrapping myself in a thick bath towel, I stand there surveying my wardrobe and eventually selecting a red satin blouse, a short denim skirt and my Dan Post cowboy boots. Dropping the towel and dusting my body with powder, applying a little extra to my boobs. I selected a tiny red sequin G-string from my panty drawer. This garment did not begin to cover my pussy and my freshly manicured landing strip peeked out from the top of the G-string. It was the perfect bait for the hunt. After adjusting the fit I had what appeared to be an exclamation point over my pussy when I was done, very appropriate for the "Fuck Me" statement I was making. A dab of Pink fragrance dabbed in all the strategic places where my cub would be sure to stick his nose.

Slipping on the Levi skirt, it was short but not too short, and let those who looked a look-see at the merchandise. I always enjoyed showing off my assets to tease my lovers. Fastening the buckle of my cowboy belt my skirt graced my hips perfectly. Optimistically I would put a notch on my belt after tonight but I was not leaving anything to chance, I wore my lucky gold cowboy hat necklace.

Next, I eased the cool, red, satin blouse over my shoulders wrapping the sensual fabric around my tits and fastened three buttons. Taking the tails of the blouse, I tied them under the curve of my breasts pulling the knot tight lifting my breasts and leaving my tan midriff bare. I adjusted the cleavage so the gold cowboy hat necklace rested between my tits. I gave the girls a little plumping and I was ready to ride, literally. Grabbing my purse, I headed to the car, fired it up and proceeded to my favorite cowboy bar.

Pulling into the bar's parking lot I could hear the gravel crunching under the tires of my car as I looked for my parking spot. A Garth Brooks' song, "Friends in Low Places", drifts from the bar, filling the warm air of the summer night. It was early yet and the parking lot had a few vehicles in it but I was electing to park on the far side of the lot adjacent the outside picnic tables. The neon sign displayed a cowgirl standing in a cowboy's lariat cinched tightly around her waist and the name Ropers, flashing vibrantly in the dark night.

Opening the door, I swung my legs out of the car and exited. Smoothing my short Levi skirt and gently adjusting the girls that were confined in my red satin blouse, I began my hunt in earnest. The shiny, gold, cowboy hat pendant that rested in the cleavage of my voluptuous breasts was bouncing as I walked towards the bar, tousling my hair as I began the pursuit.

Roper's, a popular Country Western bar for the younger crowd; this was the place I would find my cub tonight. The heels of my Dan Post boots resounded on the wooden floor of the bar, my tits flouncing in my blouse, as I entered. The bar was not busy as there were approximately twenty or so patrons in the bar. Surveying the patrons I saw a guy that could be my cub. He was sitting at the bar chatting with the bartender. Heading to the bar I took the bar stool next to the nice tight pair of Levis. Looking over at the young cowboy nursing his longneck I could see that he was a real panty dropper, just what I was hunting for. A pretty, young woman bartender came over greeted me and served me a frosty mug of beer. I gave her my food order and kick backed to enjoy the music and the view. She had a very nice ass and certainly could be a potential lover.

Sitting there eating my burger and having a conversation with the cowboy sitting next to me I really thought that this evening had great potential. A man in his early twenties, unattached, with wavy black hair, broad shoulders, a narrow waist and not an ounce of fat on his body started to chat me up with the usual bar talk. I became intent on wrapping my legs around him and sharing his night with me. Before long, I would have my fingers running through his gorgeous black hair, if I had my way. Finishing my burger and beer, continuing to flirt with my potential cub, I was setting the mood for the remainder of the evening. My cub or rather Colby asked me to dance with him and of course, I consented. Dancing for a couple of songs, I insured that my body was pressing on his. My hard nipples pressing against the red, satin blouse as my blouse danced on Colby's chest. Colby hands were roaming my back and he stole an occasional peek of my breasts of which I did not object. Like a boy in a candy store the more he looked the more he wanted. I gave him a big smile.

Taking a table near the band, I sat watching them conduct their sound checks and Colby went to the bar to get a couple of longnecks. I already knew the longneck I wanted. I let my skirt ride up exposing more of my thighs, my skirt which barely concealed the very small red G-string that covered the gateway to pleasure was in view now. I could feel the dew forming on my slit and the tingle of desire in the pit of my stomach. I saw Colby looking at my thighs and I did not attempt to obstruct his view.

"See anything you like cowboy?" I teased Colby.

"Yep, sure do, you have some very sexy legs."

Sitting down Colby placed a cold, sweating longneck in front of me. Picking it up, I seductively ran my tongue around the opening of the bottle. Closing my eyes, wrapping my ruby red lips over the opening of the bottle and took a deep draft of the amber liquid letting it slide down my throat. Opening my eyes, I saw Colby with a gleam in his eyes and a shit-eating grin on his face; I knew I had captured his interest. Leaning over the table as we chatted I gave Colby an extended peek at my tits, erect nipples and dark areolas. I did everything short of pulling them from my blouse and offering them to him.

Returning to the dance floor, dancing to a slow song and I was grinding my mound against his groin. Feeling his erection pressing on my slit, rubbing the rough denim and onto my excited pussy is causing me to soak the little piece of red sequin fabric nestled between my thighs. Colby cupping my ass and pulling me close to him, we moved as one. The dance was very sensual and I was on the verge of bursting. My G-string soaking with my juices stimulated my pussy lips as we were dry humping to the beat of the music. I wanted him; I wanted feel his cock in my hungry pussy. My tits are pressing on his warm chest, my nipples throbbing, my excitement pushing me to the edge. Finishing our dance and I gave Colby a passionate kiss slipping my tongue into his mouth and then breaking the kiss. My hand fondling his package, tracing his erection and cupping his balls Colby was thrusting against my hand.

The band began another song which caught me dragging my hand over his erection, which had left its wet mark on his Levis. Finishing the dance, I took his hand and led him from the dance floor. Reaching my breaking point, I needed some loving from this man and I needed it now. Colby placing his arm around my waist and his hand played with my ass I began trembling from his caressing. Exiting Ropers, the gravel crunching under our boots, I led Colby to the tables adjacent my car.

Bracing me against my car, Colby, wasting no time, kissed me with his wet tongue exploring my mouth. His fingers deftly untying the knot at the bottom of my blouse, just below my breasts, his hand diving under the material and immediately he captured an aching nipple, rolling it between his strong fingers. I was moaning as he was manipulating my erect nipples. Then Colby began unbuttoning my blouse and I shrugged my shoulders causing the garment to fall from my shoulders. Colby hung the red blouse on the antenna of my car. Colby was greedily kissing and sucking my tits, his tongue tormenting my tits and I was running my hands through his wavy coal black hair.

"Whoa, slow down cowboy." I whispered in his ear, punctuating the statement with my tongue.

Retrieving a thick plush blanket my car we spread it over the picnic table and I tossed a couple of travel pillows on the table. Standing on my toes, I was kissing my cowboy wrapping my arms around him. Walking Colby back to the edge of the table and pushing him down onto the table, I was ready to begin my assault. Lying back, he fondled my nipples as I started unbuttoning his shirt. Grasping the large buckle on his Levis I unbuckled his belt and open his Levis. Slowly pulling the metal tab of his zipper and then drawing his Levis down to the top of his boots. A lovely vision greeted me.

Turning my ass towards my cub, I straddled his leg and grabbed his boot in my hands. Colby placing his other boot on my ass began to push; his foot came free from the boot. Removing his other boot, I quickly pulled his Levis off. Replacing his boots, turning to view the buffet that was lying before me, I was licking my lips salaciously. Colby was doing commando tonight and I just marveled at the sight that lay before me. Standing tall, a beautiful uncircumcised cock, rock hard was rising from between his firm thighs greeting me. The long, thick, pink, cock was beseeching me to wrap my lips around his luscious treat and devour it.
I could see a large glistening drop of pre-cum on the purple head of his cock. Licking my lips and lowering my lips to his nipples, I covered one, sucking on it and flicking it until they were hard as pebbles.

Trailing my tongue down Colby's chest, to his nipples and once more flicking his hard nipples, I am sucking his hard nipples as he would suck mine. My hand never still in the exploration of his body, my mouth brings Colby sweet torture. My tongue, traveling lower along the path that it seeks, never wavering in its goal in reaching his core.

I slowly take his cock in my hand and surveying this sensual organ that will soon be between my lips providing me with unlimited carnal pleasure. I let my fingers dance the length of his rigid shaft, tracing the veins and pulling his foreskin back and gently blowing warm air on his cock. Placing my hands on his thighs, I lean down to kiss the head of his hot, silky prick. Licking the pre-cum, feeling it drifting on my lips as I slowly nibble and suck the head of his dick.

Colby moaning, utterly subservient to my ministrations to his glorious hard cock, he is enjoying the pleasure my mouth is bringing to him. My tongue flicking across the tip of his stiff cock, giving me a taste of the salty-sweet pre-cum that is pooled in the eye of his dick. Closing my lips around the head of his cock and Colby closes his eyes as the magnificent touch of my velvet lips and hot tongue descend upon the harden shaft of his sensitive cock.

My tongue is swirling around the head and underside of his cock, teasing and tasting. Lips tight around his cock I slowly suck Colby's cock into my mouth, barely moving until his prick rests buried deep in my throat. My tongue glides on his pulsating rod making him writhe on the table. Colby groans deep in his chest as he tries to grab for my head just as his cock explodes in my mouth, spraying my throat with ribbons of his hot cum.

"I am sorry babe, I didn't mean to do that but it feels so good and I couldn't hold it any longer," Colby mutters a little embarrassed.

Sliding my mouth up his cock after swallowing his delicious, creamy load, I lick my lips and then spoke softly to him.

"Don't worry about it Hon, that was just the first of many delights for you tonight" I said soothingly.

Licking and sucking his succulent cum from his still hard cock, I inhale his musky scent. Yummy! I am not finished with Colby, not by a long shot; I continue to tease his cock. Tracing each delicate vein and ridge of his cock with my tongue, I am committing it to memory, to savor, for when he is not with me. I am sliding my tongue up one side and down the other, slowly sucking Colby's prick, taking it deep into my mouth. Fucking his hard rod with my mouth, slow at first, then fast and then slow again is providing sensual bliss to both of us. I am enjoying giving Colby head, just as much as he likes having me fellate his cock. His hips are rocking his cock in and out of my mouth, as we share the carnal pleasure of my sucking his pole and him fucking my mouth. Colby's cock disappears as my head bobs faster and faster. Our eyes lock and Colby labors to let the words pass his lips.

"OMG I'm goanna cum again."

Tightening my lips around his thick prick and watching the expression on his face I am filled with pure unadulterated passion as shoots his cum again with his shaft buried deep in my throat. Retaining the pressure of my lips surrounding his throbbing cock, I am making him feel like I am trying to suck the cum from his balls and I am. This is keeping his cock hard and Colby wanting more from my artistic mouth. Tickling his puckering asshole with my finger, I am sucking his magnificent cock deep into my throat once again and swallowing his hot cum that disgorges from the eye of his cock.

Colby grabs my head to stop or slow me down, shaking off his hands my mouth continues to devouring his engorged cock, wanting him to cum for me again. I sense that he is about to reward me by filling my mouth with more of his rich, molten cum. Gripping the edge of the table Colby tenses from a deep throbbing in his balls building until he can no longer delay his climax. My mouth demanding the sweet taste of his jism once more, sliding my finger faster against his anus, my fingers massaging Colby's balls as my mouth fucks his erection.

The power behind Colby's explosion fills my ravenous mouth with his sweet cream as he squirts streams of his cum deep in my throat. Licking his cum again from his cock and balls, I am not wasting a drop of Colby's delicious essence; I swallow all I can gather.
My hands continue stroking his still hard cock and Colby asks me to kiss him, knowing my lips are still coated with his fresh cum. I slither up his body, teasing him along the way and give him a wet kiss sharing his seed.

"Thank you darling that was the best blow job ever," he said.

"You're welcome Hon; I enjoyed giving it to you. Now I am going to fuck you silly."

I stand, unbuckle my belt, the music drifting from the bar is perfect and I give Colby his very own private strip show and lap dance. It is not long and I toss my Levi skirt in the car window. Standing naked, except for my cowboy boots and wet, red sequin G-string, in front of my cowboy, I straddle him as he lay on the picnic table. The wet red G-string dangling from my finger, my hips gyrating in front of Colby, I toss in some hot pelvic thrusts to show some pink hoping to hone his desire for my flesh. Colby scrutinized my naked body, he takes a deep breath, as I lower my hot wet pussy to the head of his erect cock and begin to brush my well-oiled pussy on the head of his prick. The head of his cock, just touching the satiny, slit of my wet pussy, my finger stroking my engorged clit for our mutual pleasure and I could sense a tingle forming in the pit of my stomach. I paused, looking at Colby, my prey, lying naked on the table in the lambent light of the moon, my pussy craving his cock.

"What you goanna do now cowgirl?"

In response, I straddled his hips positioning my dripping wet cunt in the air just over the head of his stiff cock. Reaching up Colby up grasped my hips with his strong hands, holding me as I was lowering my pussy onto his awaiting staff. Guiding his pulsating manhood with my agile fingers, I began squeezing my cunt lips on the head of his cock letting Colby feel how wet sucking his dick had made my cunt. Hankering to have his prick deep inside me, and this need was greater than my proclivity of teasing him. Pushing down hard on his spear, splitting my damp cunt lips, the searing pain of pleasure engulfs me as his cock divides my cunt lips and Colby enters my pussy. Past the muscles that protest against the invasion, his rigid prick glides in until he has sunk his pole deep into my cunt as deep as I can handle.

The amazing, erotic sensation of his cock sliding into my cunt sends me over the edge that I have been riding. Feeling the spasms of my eruptions on his cock, his muscular hands stop me and Colby draws me down on his cock as we both enjoy the feeling of my hot juices encompassing his cock. Before my orgasm subsides Colby gently rocks against me, sliding his cock in and out of my cunt with short slow strokes. Contracting my pussy muscles against his cock as Colby is moving in my wet pussy and then they become even tighter as he pulls back, my snatch is milking his hot cock.

I move my legs slightly so they rest beside his thighs, I use my legs to slide all the way up his cock so that just the head of his prick rests at opening of my pussy and then I push down hard on his distended cock, I contract my pussy muscles and my kitty kisses his turgid prick. Leaning in I capture Colby's lips, draw his tongue into my mouth and give him a searing kiss, while our moans escape past our dancing tongues.

"Oh fuck me!" we exclaim in unison repeatedly, not being able to stop.

Colby starts pumping his hips up to match my downward thrusts. My hands stray to his chest as my fingers gently pinch and twist his hard nipples. Colby slides his hands along my shaking thighs and cups my ass, trying to hold on. Grazing my tongue over his nipples, we are both moaning and gasping for much needed air in our burning lungs as we screw each other in the cool of the evening.

Colby hands slide up under my ass and as I met his upward thrust of his cock, the tip of his middle fingers slides into my ass. His finger deep in my ass, he wiggles it making me crazy with lustful frenzy as I ride his cock. The rhythm of our thrusts synchronized, Colby fucks my ass as he fucks my cunt and this is makes me ride his prick hard. Straining under the pressure of the consuming passion and lasciviousness threatens to detonate in both of us. I sense his finger, his cock deep in my epicenter. I arch my back as I coat his cock with my juices once again.

Igniting in a burst of carnal lust that fuels our erotic yearnings our bodies awash with hot cum, we are unable to contain the screams of concupiscence that are flowing from our lips as our bodies continued to shake. Pluses of molten cum flowing, mixing, mingling; extracted orgasmic climaxes from our bodies. Oblivious from awareness of the beginning and conclusion of each climax we writhe in our ecstasy. Grunting and groaning as we fuck.

Finally we came to rest, Colby's cock buried deep in my cunt. My cheeks resting on Colby's chest as he frees his finger from my ass and we lay locked in a lover's embrace. Our hearts, beating as one, both threatening to never beat normal again as we enjoyed the remnants of our heated fuck, lying exhausted in the moonlight we watched the headlights of cars flash in the parking lot. A sigh escapes Colby's lips as I draw my tongue once more across his nipple.

I start to slide off his cock and Colby quires my action.

"Where are you going?"

Grinning as I respond, "I want you to fuck me doggy style now; I feel you are up to the task," as I pulled him from the table, impishly smiling.

Bending over the end of the table, I place the two travel pillows on the table and with Colby's assistance; I lower my torso to the pillows and the soft blanket. Spreading my legs wide and poling my ass in the air, Colby knelt between my legs. Kissing my moist thighs Colby traversing his lips to shower my ass with soft butterfly kisses. His lips on my skin, so fucking hot as my pussy heated up once more. Exploring my pussy with his magic fingers Colby made my skin tingle with goose bumps. Stroking my swollen pink lips, he opened my honey hole. Encircling my wet crevice Colby making me shiver with lust. My pussy was glistening as Colby played with my clit. I could feel his lips sucking on my nub, drawing the tender flesh into his mouth allowing his tongue to do the boot scooting boogie on it. I was moaning loudly for him for him to fuck me.

Colby continued to eat my sopping pussy until I was writhing on the table. Granting me no relief, but he would bring me to the edge and then back off. He is wreaking havoc between my cunt lips with his talented tongue. Juices dripping down my thighs combined with Colby rubbing my slit with his renewed hard-on I was once again ready to fuck and so was Colby. Teasingly he slipped the head of his cock between my pussy lips and gently pushed; the head of his cock just parting the supple, wet folds of flesh yielding to his delectable prick. Rearing back Colby shoved his entire cock into my wet cunt. Entering my wet chamber effortlessly, he began to fuck me hard. Long hard strokes, his cock worked in and out of my cunt.

My hands clinching the blanket, I was pushing back on his cock, and his balls slapping my pussy rhythmically as we fucked again. Holding my hips, pulling my body to him, as pounded my cunt, long strokes, short strokes, his cock taking me. I was in bliss and he was making me cum repeatedly. My cunt clinches his cock, his hands on my thighs shoving his throbbing cock as deep as he could go. Without warning, he stiffens his body, his cock deep in my cunt.

Feeling the sensation of his cock filling my snatch with his hot cum was making me tremble. His thick rich white cream bouncing off the walls of my pussy and seeping down my weak thighs is the zenith of some excellent sex with my cowboy lover. Biting my lip, rolling my eyes, I exploded with my final orgasm of the night. I had nothing left in me except Colby's wilting cock. Spent I lay there as he finished and Colby pulled his exquisite cock from my satisfied pussy.

We kissed and chatted for a bit, and then gathering my clothes I quickly dressed. Taking the wet, red, sequin G-string I tossed it my cowboy's hat. A final good-bye kiss and I fired up the car. I swore I could hear a Yee Haw echoing in the night as I drove off. Glancing in the rearview mirror and I could see Colby standing there, naked, his cowboy hat cocked back on his head and spinning my red, sequin G-string trophy on his finger.
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