You Saw ME...SO pt 2
Jen was horrified, the weird one was standing in front of her. She ran to her room, leaving her clothes behind.
Embarrassment kept Jen in her room the rest of the night. She wouldn't even go out to get her clothes. She saw them folded at the foot of her bed the next morning. the sight of her clothes made her mad, he came in her room after she fell asleep.
First he see's her naked-not just nude, he saw her having an orgasm by her own hand. She felt violated, he should have looked away, shit, he should have left the room. This is her brother's house, she belonged here more then him. Jen was pacing her room, thinking of how to confront the weird one. She stopped pacing-Jen had it.
The two gay guys and other girl were heading to the girl's parked car. They were heading out for the night, Jen marched to the weird one's room. She pounded on the door, he opened it.
Jen thought he was weird because his eyes never made contact with yours. His posture was bad-his shoulders slumped. He mumbled when he talked. That was not the same guy standing in front of her. He was standing straight, his eyes were locked on her's, his voice was clear and strong when he said "I'm sorry about last night." Jen's resolve faltered; but only for a moment. She walked in, he shut the door and faced her. "You had no right to see me like that!" Not so weird anymore just stared at her, his eyes bored into her. "I"m sorry. That must have been very humiliating for you."
"Exactly, take off your clothes!" He blinked a few times, wondering if he heard her right. "What?"
"You heard me, you saw me, so I want to see you. Or I call the cops and tell them you tried to attack me." He seemed nervous at the word cops. Jen didn't bother with thinking what kind of person she cornered. "I don't think that's a good idea."
"I don't care what you think, take off your clothes, and jerk off." He pulled off his shirt while walking to the bed, Jen pulled a chair from the desk and sat down. She thought he was too skiny. He pulled off his pants, gave Jen a questionly look. "All the way nude bub, and I don't find you at all appealing. Also, you have to cum." Jen felt a twitch she quickly buried when he droped his underware. He was quite endowed. he layed on his bed and lazily started stroking himself. "Feeling embarassed yet? Get on with it."
Jen was suppose to scorn him, comment a few hundred time on his little carrot. Instead she stared transfixed not only at his size, which had her aching for it. But she was really into watching guys get themselves off. How they went from soft to hard, the change in the guy's breathing as he became hard. The way their hand's and hips moved in unsion. What was he thinking? Or visualizing? She watched his hand go up and down, liked how his hand squezzed his head. His other hand massaged hi balls. Jen was too caught up to notice his moans change to growls. On a sub-conscious level, she heard it, but it was all part of his orgasm, wasn't it?
Cum shot out in great globs that Jen wanted to taste. His hand clamped his dick, his hips thrusting with a power she didn't think he had. Jen became aware of how wet she was. His hand was glazed with the most cum Jen ever saw a guy have, and she didn't see many, and it wasn't stopping. Jen was squirming in her seat, her own cum seeping through her panties. He finally slowed-didn't stop-only slowed. He sat up in a quick fluid motion, Jen almost screamed. He smiled at her with canine teeth flashing. "I told you this was a bad idea! Now your in trouble."

Shall I continue?
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