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him: You haven't been on in a while, Kitten. I missed you
me: It's a long story, but we're short staffed at work, and I'm just too tired to write when I get home
him: [offers hug]
me: thank you. I just need some quiet time and a serious screw to get rid of this anxiety from every direction right now.
him: May I help you with that? I would love to hold you and caress you and help you settle from your stressful day.
me: (sighs, closes eyes briefly) That sounds so lovely
him: Settle into my arms, baby. Your head on my chest. Soft music, dimmed lights.
me: mmhmmm. you'll have me relaxed quickly if you run your hands deep into my hair.
him: As you wish
me: (nice reference to The Princess Bride)
me: loving the thought of being curled up under a blanket, feeling your hands roaming all over me. kissing your chest as a thank you then feeling you tip my chin up
him: kiss me, kitten. relax and enjoy me for a while. Sleep if you'd like.
me: Thank you... I do feel much better now.
him: My good kitten... I am glad you feel better. Will you tell me something?
me: yes?
him: would you meet me for drinks tonight? 9PM Hilton hotel bar?
me: I could do that
him: See you then.

We hadn't met before, but had discussed wanting to do so, since we lived a little over an hour apart. Meeting at 9 meant I needed to get going. A shower, some delicate shaving, even some makeup to improve my typical tired, boring look. Black heels, a clingy patterned dress and a strand of pearls. Bright red lipstick, subtle eye shadow and dark mascara. Arguing with myself... glasses? No glasses? Glasses? They're not that hot, but I prefer to see what I'm drinking. I grab my black clutch and leather jacket and I'm out the door.

I arrive just a couple seconds after 9. I think I hit every red light in town! The parking lot is pretty sparse. I walk across the lobby into the bar area. There's no one around. I find one of the corner booths and pull out my phone to check for messages. Maybe you were delayed? Five then ten minutes pass... the anxious feelings return as butterflies.

I feel someone walking toward me. "You're even more beautiful in person than I imagined." I lower my eyes and you tip my chin up to look me in the eyes and you hesitate for a moment before you lean in to kiss me. Everything in the world stopped as we connected for the first time. "If that is the prelude, I can't wait to see what happens next, Kitten. What will you have?" "Greyhound, please." You ask the bartender for a greyhound and a scotch, neat, then return with the drinks. As you relax into the chair next to me, you take a long sip while watching me. We chat comfortably for a while and another round of drinks. Your hand reaches over to mine and you scoot to the edge of your seat. Intently, but gently, you ask...."Will you go upstairs with me?" be continued...
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