Young Beth
So this story takes place near the end of my undergrad days in college. I was probably around 20 or at the time. My college boyfriend Bobby and I had a kind of fractious relationship and it got worse as it neared the end of school. We both had different plans for what we wanted to do after college and it was putting a lot of stress on our romance. We were in this pattern of breaking up and then getting back together again after a few weeks. Bobby and I were going through one of those breakup times a few weeks before we were supposed to graduate from art school.

We had broken up... again, about a month before. I had been away for the weekend, but had come home early. Evidently, Bobby had had a party the night before. I found nude pictures of myself and empty beer cans all over the living room. Worse, there was a video in VCR. If it had just been the pictures, I might not have gotten so pissed, but the video was bad.

It was Bob and I having some pretty crazy sex and I was particularly wanton that night talking about various naughty fantasies as we made love.

That's the video that he had shown his buddies. I thought it had been erased, that's what Bobby told me anyway. I was livid and went into the bedroom and started throwing stuff at him.

He was still drunk and came out of bed like a banshee. But when he realized it was me, I could see that he was using every bit of willpower he had not to hit me, but he was pissed at how I woke him.

I didn't care, I immediately laid into him about the video and pictures and he said that he hadn't shown the video to his buddies, only the pictures. I didn't believe him and was still pissed about the pictures. I packed my stuff and stormed out of the apartment.

After a couple of weeks, Bobby was starting to call again. He was being all sweet and apologizing, but I wasn't ready to forgive him... not yet anyway. I felt pretty betrayed that time. But I guess in the back of my mind I kind of knew it was going to be only a matter of time before I would forgive him and we got back together. Somehow, I just didn't feel like we hadn't run our course yet. He still excited me like no other man I'd ever met. There was just a crazy intense chemistry there. He was a bad boy and I guess I just needed that then.

Now, since Bobby and I were broken up and hadn't really made up yet, I had another problem. You see... I was getting really... ummmm, let's call it rambunctious.

It had been over a month since I had any sex at all and I was used to getting at least a little something almost every day. I really felt like I needed some sort of adventure... something to just spice life up a little bit. I was thinking of maybe just showing off a little bit or something. I guess about anything would've been ok with me at that point. I was just so full of sexual energy.

Now... that all said... I have to be clear, I wasn't thinking about picking someone up for a quick turn in the hay, that's never really been my style... I need more adventure than that offers. For me, showing off can be more exciting sometimes than just about anything else. I know that probably sounds crazy to you guys, but that's just the way I'm wired.

So it was Friday night and there was going to be a big party that night at the house of one of my classmates. I figured I'd go and see what happened if anything. I generally am very careful around people I know. I don't mind being regarded as sexy, but I find for the most part people like to talk too much and that sort of talk is never good for a girl.

When I finally did get the party, it was going full steam ahead, loud music, rowdy guys and lots of alcohol flowing and... and I was good and high and ready to party. I don't think most people wouldn't have known that I was high at all. I tend to be fairly hyper, but don't go around acting like an idiot when I'm toasted. I really like to watch people and enjoy all the action.

After spending an hour or so talking to people, I felt like it was time to step it up a bit. By this point, I had a sweet little buzz going, guys were flirting and I just felt pretty damn hot.

I wanted to feel a little sexier than I did, so I found a bathroom and took off my bra and thong. I was just wearing a simple white sundress; it was loose and flowed nicely on my body. It wasn't overly sexy or anything, but the simple design softly accented my figure perfectly.

Without my panties and bra, I felt transformed and really, really sexy... and I hadn't even left the bathroom yet.

My nipples were twisted up tight and at the right angle with the light behind me... every detail of my body could be seen as the cloth became translucent. I found it to be sexy as hell to be totally naked under such a thin piece of material. I could feel the soft material rubbing against my nipples and it felt heavenly almost like soft caresses. It was just the feeling I was looking for.

I kind of felt like a leopard on the hunt, I didn't know exactly what I was doing or why. I was just going with my instincts. I had this sort of sense that something was going to happen. I didn't know what, how or why... but something was brewing.

Now, I kind of know that's all me, but back then, I still thought there were outside influences and I was just getting caught up in those things. It kind of gave me this great buzz deep in my belly. I don't know how to really describe it better.

It was a really good party and I was having a great time jazzing it up with everyone. In my mind, I was kind of treating it as one of my first events out as a single girl and found myself sucking up all the attention; somehow it seemed that the guys sensed that I was in a different, maybe crazy mood that night. I think they sensed that I was high and crazy.

My friend Rachel says that I exude this sort of aura when in one of my "moods". Guys can't help but react to me. Most of the time, I think that's just a bunch of bullshit. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I'm in one of my moods, I'll be slow dancing with a guy and feel his hard on pressed against my belly. It's crazy to think he got it just from dancing with me. That's happened with older guys as well as guys my own age.

So, I was flirting like crazy, but with no serious intentions, just playing. I just felt so goddamn good. I knew that I was giving some guys a rather exciting view when I stood in front of this lamp or that one. I was being discreet, but totally enjoying it when they looked. I was drinking up the attention. I could see the look in their eyes when they realized that I wasn't wearing anything under my dress and that they could see the some of the rather intimate details of my body.

Well... having been a cheerleader in a past life, I understood the fine art of flirting. I knew exactly how to pay attention to one guy just long enough to tease him a little, then flit off to another to flirt some more. It just sort of builds this sexual tension that you can almost cut with a knife. I was really having fun for the first time in a long while.

The lack of sex in a while, I was so wet and ready. The thin dress, the alcohol, the situation... it was all playing together that night. My belly had that familiar feeling of butterflies that I get when I'm lusting. I could feel the blood rushing through my body. My breasts and pussy were swollen in anticipation. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I felt in my bones that things could get crazy for me if I wasn't careful.

I was making my way through the crowd to the back patio when I noticed this guy named Stephan sitting in the backyard talking with a bunch of other photography majors. Bob hated him, I think because he was a really good photographer, but probably more because he used to flirt with me mercilessly. Regardless of what Bob thought, I really liked him, He was smart and he was a talent. I always find that sexy and attractive.

I also really liked his photography; it was well composed black and white stuff and very erotic. I thought he made women look very, very sexy without appearing sleazy... and in my opinion, that's a pretty good trick to pull off.

Almost every time I saw Stephan, he'd tease about how he'd love to photograph me sometime. Of course I always teased right back too, telling that I knew exactly what kind of perverted pictures he'd want to take.

He'd ask me what kind of pictures were those and I'd smile and lean into him and whisper in his ear that he wanted to take pictures of my pussy and that I was not going to let him do that.

He'd laugh with delight and I'd just smile at him, we had never taken it any further than that. Bob absolutely hated him for the teasing and got pissed at me whenever I would go along with it. But I loved the look on Stephen's face every time we had that exchange. I could tell that he was imagining what I might look like and that never failed to give me a delightful little tingle deep in my belly.

Stephan was probably the antithesis of Bobby in that he was pretty clean cut, apparently had some money and probably had been a jock in a past life. He was a big guy who looked like he could hold his own in a fight. He had that same confidence about him that Bobby had. As a result, Bob didn't intimidate him like he did most other guys. I found that interesting... and intriguing.

I got a fresh drink and went out to flirt with Stephan for awhile. As soon as he saw me, he got up and gave me a big hug and invited me to join them.

They were a fun group and I guess pretty typical of a bunch of artists hanging out. Eventually as the evening progressed and people came and went, but finally Stephan, this guy named Jim and I were the only ones sitting in the garden listening to the music and sharing a joint. Jim and Stephan were best friends and roommates, Jim was also a classmate of mine, meaning he was a Fine Arts major like me. When we finished the joint I sat back and looked at Stephan for a moment. He noticed my appraisal and asked what was up. I just continued to smile at him.

I told him that I was a little disappointed in him. He looked at me with a bit of a confused expression. I laughed and teased him saying that I must've lost some of my allure, he hadn't once asked me to pose.

"I guess I've just been replaced by prettier girls with better figures who are willing to pose for your dirty old pictures..." I said with a mock look of disappointment on my face.

"Oh nononononono Beth, You're not putting that on me!" He laughed... "oh no... you're not doing that, you've rejected me so many times in the past that I just couldn't face another rejection from my favorite muse."

Jim laughed.

I looked over at him, then jabbed him in the ribs... "What? You think I'm not a muse?" I joked.

I looked back at Stephan and sweetly called him a spineless jellyfish for his lack of conviction. Teasing these guys was great fun.

"Of course, you're probably right though, I mean I know what a dirty, naughty man you are. I've heard all about the kinds of pictures you take of the girls and of course, I'm much too sweet and innocent to be allowing you such liberties with my person. I mean what would the football team back home think if their favorite cheerleader let some art school wacko take provocative pictures of her?" I smiled.

He just laughed, but finally held up his hands to stop my attack..."Ok, ok, ok... Beth I give up, you're right and like usual with you, I'm wrong... so let me ask... would you pose for me, I really do think you'd be a fantastic model and I'd love to debase you with my filthy photography."

"Well," I smiled, and I leaned into him and whispered... "I still think you just want to take pictures of my pussy" then leaned back so Jim could hear to, "but since you put it like that, how could a girl possibly refuse?"

"Really," he laughed, I'm sure thinking I was putting him on... "Then how about tomorrow night?"

"Well, what's wrong with tonight?" I countered sweetly. "I might not be in the mood tomorrow night, but I am now and you know what they say about irons and striking when they're hot and well... you know... all that stuff."

"I mean if you want to of course!" I continued... "I understand if you might not want leave a party like this just to waste film on a scrawny, little thing like me." I teased.

He just looked at me and laughed "Beth, I've been trying to get you in front of my camera for the last year and half and you haven't given me the time of day. If you think for a second that I'm not going to strike that hot little iron of yours, then you're even crazier than I gave you credit for."

"Well ok, but remember I'm a little shy though especially in the beginning," I smiled as I stood up... "so be gentle with me!"

"Oh and two conditions Stephan", I continued, "I want prints of all the shots we take and while I'd prefer you not show anything in class, if you do, don't use my face."

He stood up and smiled back at me, "No problem, I'll make up a set of 8x10's just for you and don't worry Beth, you're going to be fine. I've seen some of Bob's shots, and while he didn't show your face either, I just knew it was you. I've been dreaming of how I could work with you. You are succulent little thing."

He leaned over and whispered in my ear... "I've been watching you in that dress all night long wishing I had brought my camera. You know of course that you have the most incredible nipples in the world and... oh, one last thing... I am going to take pictures of that pretty little pussy tonight to!"

I slapped him on the shoulder laughing sweetly, "Stephan, you are a naughty, naughty man".

He laughed and agreed that indeed he was. He asked for 15 minutes before I went to his place so that he could get things in order.

Meanwhile, Jim was just sitting there watching the whole exchange without a word.

Stephan left and I looked down at Jim and on the spur of the moment asked, "So... you want to join us Jim?"

Jim was an Illustration major who I had known since I started school. He was nice, but always seemed a little tongue tied whenever I was around. One of my girlfriends told me that he confessed to her that he had a wicked crush on me, but with me dating Bob, it was useless. She said he was a wicked funny guy who could get a little crazy when he got drunk.

Jim just sat there looking at me, I think stunned by the invitation. I could see him trying to process it. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Come on, let's get something to drink before we get out of here. I need someone there to keep Stephan honest. I think I'll probably need all the help I can get. He really is a naughty man... but I expect you know that already being one of his best friends and all.

I noticed that his hand was just a little bit sweaty.

I knew that I was being bold by asking Stephan to photograph me, but it felt exciting to be in control. I also knew what kind of photographs he would want to take and I felt a delicious tingle at the thought of maybe being naked in front of him... and now thanks to my buzz and my impetuous nature... in front of Jim as well. What had I been thinking, I always seem to take things a step too far? My heart was already racing and I hadn't even done anything yet.

We made our way through the party saying good night to everyone. I got another drink and my coat and we headed out. Stephan's place was just around the block and so I just left my jeep where it was.

This was going to be interesting.

I wondered what Bob was going to say when he saw the pictures.

He was going to see them because I was going to show them to him.

I could be so wicked at times.

Bob had started me down this path and so now couldn't blame anyone other than himself when I did something crazy.

When Jim and I got to their apartment, Stephen had the place all ready and a bottle of tequila with a couple shot glasses were on a table. He had one of those big old apartments in an old Victorian. The living room/dining room area was just a big studio. He had all his lights and an old white iron bed in the middle of the room.

"Almost looks like you were expecting me" I laughed when I saw how it was set up. I was also impressed with how orderly everything was. Bob was a slob and I was always picking up after him.

Stephan looked a little surprised to see Jim with me.

"I invited him!" I blurted out... to keep you honest you rascal. Otherwise, you'll be trying to get me to take off my clothes and with me being as high as I am, I'd probably do it to.

He just smiled at me and got another glass and poured tequila shots all around.

"To a great shoot..." he toasted and we drank up. He immediately refilled the glasses and we drank those as well. He filled the glasses again and I told him that I'd be sipping this one. I didn't want to pass out or anything. I didn't feel tired just now, but really antsy I guess. I was still seeing the mescaline colors and everything seemed to be in extra sharp detail.

I had a nervous feeling in my belly. Again, I questioned my decision to include Jim. I said it on the whim but now faced with it, wondered if it would work at all.

He hadn't said a word since I invited him, but slammed down another shot and had refilled his shot glass again.

Stephan asked if I was ready to start.

Nervously, I said that I was.

He had some kind of cool music going in the background. I moved out to the middle of the set and started to slowly dance to the music as I searched for my rhythm Stephen just started snapping pictures. He walked around me and as he snapped away, he told me to move this way and that and seemed to just be getting a feel for the way I moved.

As I slowly danced, he asked me to undo a couple of buttons. I slowly started to unbutton the front of my dress and he was moving all around me, not saying a word, just clicking away. The music was mellow in the background and I was really getting into this. I always thought that posing like this was sort of like dancing with the camera, and I moved in that musical sort of way.

Jim was watching, mesmerized, he refilled his tequila glass yet again and went back to sipping. He was smiling too and his eyes had taken on the glassy look of the intoxicated, but I liked the feeling of those smoky eyes on me.

I had unfastened the 2 buttons Stephan had asked for and another besides. The dress was open to just below my breasts, but the material remained closed and so nothing was revealed other than the fact I wasn't wearing a bra. I have very large gumdrop size nipples that were now rolled up hard and were certainly making their presence known if not revealed. They were poking twin tents out of my dress.
I was also dancing in front of the lights and I'm sure that things could be seen.

Stephan came in close and shot a close up shot of my silk covered breast. It was so obvious now that I wasn't wearing a bra. My mouth was getting dry in my mounting excitement. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion for me. It was almost as if I was outside of myself watching this happen. Stephan moved a light behind me and had me posing in profile. From where Jim was sitting, I knew he could see my nude body through the now nearly transparent material. I wanted him to see me, I wanted them both to see me and I think they sensed that. I'm pretty sure that they knew how high I was and were taking advantage of the situation. I love it when guys take advantage sometimes.

This was crazy, crazy, crazy... and I knew it. I knew it and I couldn't stop myself. I didn't want to stop myself, I wanted to do this. I loved doing this. It was so sexy letting these guys see me this way. For the past 3 years, it'd always been Bob's idea to do things and I more or less just went along. This time I had set this into motion and I liked it. I knew that I was going to relinquish control soon enough and that excited me even more. I knew that they would probably make me do things or at least I was pretty sure that they would.

My pussy was swollen, throbbing and so wet. My breathing was faster and my heart was beating a million miles a second. I could feel it in my throat.

I felt so high.

I felt so alive.

As I stood there in that revealing moment and thinking about what I was doing, I realized that my rising excitement was due to Jim being here. To have this guy who had been crushing on me for so long witnessing this was just too wild for words.

I wondered if it was as exciting for him. I realized that it was probably even more so and probably explained why he had been hitting the tequila so hard. How often had he thought of maybe just seeing some small secret part of me revealed?

If it had only been Stephan, I don't know that it would've been nearly so exciting. Jim added the hot element for me and I realized that I was playing to him even if he was unaware of it.

I guess I just found it really hot about posing in front of a guy who'd been hot for me for so long. I had subtly teased him a bit after I found out he had a crush, not in a mean sort of way and sometimes, not even really on a totally conscience level. I would just give him an extra smile sometimes or maybe sit down and have lunch with him if I saw him sitting alone. I loved the feeling of his eyes sneaking peeks at my breasts. I guess subconsciously, I was keeping that fire stoked.

Now as he was watching me, I knew he was seeing me differently than he ever had before... I wondered if he had ever fantasized or touched himself while thinking about me. I think it's so incredibly hot to imagine that a guy might actually masturbate thinking about me, maybe thinking about doing naughty things to me or making me do naughty things to them. Thinking about Jim maybe doing some of that stuff ramped my excitement up another notch.

I think someday, if I can ever get the nerve, I'd like to have a complete stranger masturbate for me. If he did, then I think I might be his plaything for the day... maybe longer who knows. I just love the idea of watching a man jerk off. Bobby used to jerk off all the time and I loved to watch him doing it. Sometimes, in the morning, I'd wake up and he'd be doing it. Occasionally, I would help, nothing else, just slowly jerk him off until he came. I loved the look of my hand wrapped around his hard dick and watching the look on his face as I slowly coaxed his orgasm from him. He said he loved that because there was no pressure to perform; it was just a selfish act of gratification. I loved watching his dick finally just explode and shoot his hot come into the air. I just love that sort of thing. I guess I just love men and all their dirty ways.

So all those thoughts were running through my mind and just fueling the fire I felt building as I posed for Stephen. I didn't want them to know how aroused I was, but really didn't know how to prevent it from showing either. Eventually, one way or another, they were going to figure it out.

I'm pretty sure that Jim had never seen any of the photographs Bob showed in class. The illustrators and photographers were in different parts of the school the paths didn't cross often. Not like the fine artists and illustrators, we took some classes together and our studios were all in the same area.

I turned to Jim and asked if he could get me some ice water or something to drink.

He jumped up and left to find me something to drink.

Stephan asked if I was ok.

I smiled and nodded. "My mouth is just a little dry is all, this is kind of a rush... spur of the moment and all. I really didn't expect to be doing this tonight."

"Me either", he said, "My lucky night too I guess..."

Then he whispered... "Jim's too, did you know he's been lusting after you for since you started school here? This has to be driving him nuts. I was kind of surprised that you invited him. I mean I'm sure you know what I want to do... how I want to shoot you?"

"Yeah, I know... I smiled, "you want to take pictures of my pussy".

"I don't know what I was thinking," I continued "but I can't send him away now, he's so sweet and it would be mean to do that. As long as he doesn't tell anybody then I think we should just go for it. "

"I don't think he'll tell anyone", Stephen said after a moment, "but I'll make sure that he knows the deal to stay. I just hope he can handle it... because my girl, I do plan to take a lot of pictures of that elusive pussy of yours tonight!"

I nodded my head quietly.

"Good, so if you're ok with all that, maybe I can even get you two to pose together?"

"I don't know... maybe, do you really think he'll want to?" I smiled.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah, he'll want to even if it means being in front of the camera, he'll do anything to be near you, especially in this situation." Stephan whispered confidently.

I looked at him considering... "We'll have to see how it goes, but just to make it clear; this is all just between the 3 of us. I don't know what's going to happen here tonight, but you can take whatever shots you want and I'll do anything you want me to. My only caveat is that tonight's our secret."

"Deal?" I asked.

Stephan smiled... "Oh yeah... that's a deal alright... you might be sorry you said you'd do anything I want though, I'm going to test you."

I smiled inwardly at the thought and felt that familiar tingle getting stronger in my belly.

He asked me to undo a few more buttons as he moved the lights around again.

I had just undone another button when Jim returned and handed me my glass of water. He went to sit on a stool over by Stephan. I sat on the bed and leaned back. The camera clicked away as I found different poses. Nothing really revealing yet, just stuff to get warmed up.

Stephan was still just walking around grabbing shots as I moved. He asked me to stand in front of the light again. I stood right in front of it silhouetting myself as I faced the 2 guys.

I put my arms up behind my head and just danced in place as I laughed, enjoying what I was doing. I moved my feet apart and I knew that with the light behind me, they could see my pussy lips in silhouette through the dress. Stephan was shooting me and just kept saying nice or hold that for a moment. He asked me to fold my arms and just stand in front of the light looking all serious. I did as he asked and he got these great shots of me like that. When I saw them later, I was stunned with just how much you could really see. It was so friggin sexy.

Even just this little bit of teasing had me all worked up again, I wanted to show more. In fact I felt like I needed to show more. I wanted to see what they would do when I flashed something a little more intimate. My legs felt like rubber and my hands were shaking when I sat back on the bed. I gave them a sweet innocent smile as I pulled my legs up in front of me and rested my head on my knees. Stephan adjusted the lights and voila, I was showing these men my pussy for the first time and it drove me crazy. I knew how wet I was and I knew that they would be able to see that. My head was spinning, I feared I might actually pass out.

"Perfect Beth, perfect" Stephan cooed.

"I knew what you wanted to see Stephen..." I whispered in a husky voice... "You are such a naughty, naughty boy making me show it to you!"

"Oh my god", he whispered to me... "it's even more beautiful than I imagined, I love it... let me get these lights right."

While he was adjusting the lights, getting them perfect, Jim was just staring my fleshy womanhood. I pretended not to notice. I can't begin to describe my level of arousal in seeing how intently he was staring at me. I could almost imagine his fingers touching me, opening me up to reveal my velvety soft opening. It didn't hurt that I could see he had a pretty serious hard-on packed in his jeans either.

Stephan, I think, intuitively knew that he could do whatever he wanted to with me now. I smiled to myself as he photographed that most intimate part of me. It was wild letting these guys see my pussy like this. Stephan wasn't shy about it either. He got right down between my legs and photographed that part of me in detail.

When he had gotten all the shots he wanted of me in that position, he had me lie back on the bed. He leaned over me and began to undo the remaining buttons of my dress. I bit my bottom lip and tried to keep my breathing in control, but I was so high and aroused that I just couldn't hide how turned on I was. Then he slowly peeled my dress back revealing my breasts and hugely swollen nipples. My face and chest were flushed in my excitement at letting these men finally see me naked. I moaned almost to myself as I felt their eyes caressing me.

He moved my arms up over my head and positioned them exactly as he wanted them. Next he had me bend at the waist and open my legs, when I didn't get the position quite the way he wanted. He bluntly told me to open my legs, like I was about to get laid.

Jim was just staring at me lying there pretty much totally nude. It was really almost too hot to have him there watching this. I also liked the way Stephan was directing me. Something gets me really aroused when a guy orders me to do what he wants. Stephan was being pretty blunt and I also found that wicked hot.

"Ok, Beth I have to make some more adjustments, I'll need to touch you in order to do that, you ok with that?"

I nervously smiled and told him that Bob had photographed me a lot and I understood. He could do whatever he needed to. However, I was literally shaking as I lay under his gaze with the anticipation of this new man intimately touching my body.

He gently moved my leg so that it moved my hips more to face the camera and Jim. I was totally or almost totally on display. Once Stephan got my body positioned the way he wanted it, he went back to the camera to see how I looked.

My pussy was swollen and wet, but the lips hadn't really opened up yet. He came back over and spread my lips apart revealing my inner pussy. I sucked a deep breath as he opened me up. When he released the lips, they closed back up, not as much as before, but not as open as they can get. He wanted me open. He wanted to see the coral pink of my inner pussy. I knew what would do it, but before I offered to help, I let him try again. I liked feeling his hand on me... I like that Jim watched as Stephan touched me.

Stephan pulled my outer lips open again and he rubbed his thumb slowly against my clit. I moaned quietly and closed my eyes for a moment to savor the feeling. This was wild stuff, letting one man play with my pussy while the other watched. When he released my lips this time, my pussy was open and hot. It had a nice pouty look that Stephan said he wanted to get on film.

"Beth, do you like to fuck?" Stephan asked me pleasantly.

I just looked at him with I guess was a questioning gaze.

"I probably said that wrong... It's just that you are so responsive. I would never have guessed you'd be like this. It seems that your pussy is almost begging for it. When I was touching you there, it just felt like your pussy is on fire. I've never had that feeling from any woman I've ever photographed. I love how it makes you look, it's like you're a different woman right now."

I just nodded and then told him that I did like to fuck, in fact I loved it. It was one of my favorite things to do.

I was so hot now that nothing mattered to me. I felt like I was peaking on the mescaline again. I'd do anything they wanted, but didn't tell them that.

Stephan stood behind his camera looking at me as he made his adjustments. When he was ready, he took the shot he had set up and then stood there just looking at me..."Beth I have to tell you, I'm really enjoying this. Your pussy is gorgeous, your body is outrageous. I knew you'd be hot, but not this hot. I think you're enjoying this as much as I am."

He looked over at Jim who was drinking another shot of tequila... "What do you think Jim?"

Jim just shook his head, "I'm speechless... I don't even know what to say. This is a wet dream come to life for me. I know I'm going to wake up anytime now."

Jim had moved his stool closer while Stephan had been trying to adjust my pussy lips. He was close enough that he could see every little wrinkle and detail of my swollen sex.

All these compliments were enough to give a girl a big head, but I also knew that was how photographers pumped up their models. It was still nice to hear though. I was an ugly duckling when younger and this was redemption. I loved being on display for these men. Bob was a distant memory for me right now.

Stephan walked around me with the camera taking shots from all different angles.

"Beth show me your pussy." Stephan demanded.

"Show me all your secrets..."

I reached down and rubbed the lips a little bit, then with 2 fingers, I opened myself up, letting them see deep into my wet tunnel.

"I want you to rub your clit" he ordered. I heard the camera clicking as I began to play with myself.

I began to breath harder and moan quietly, I started to roll my hips.

Stephan continued to photograph me as I slowly rubbed my pussy for them. I'd fantasized about what it might be like to be forced to masturbate in front of a group of strange men, but had never done it. Doing this now was just driving me crazy.

Jim, her nipples are getting soft, give each of them a little twist. I like how big they are when they're hard. I knew Stephan was throwing Jim a bone and that was ok with me.

What they didn't realize at that point was that my nipples weren't really getting soft, they were just getting a little puffy. I opened my eyes, smiled then rolled my head back when Jim pinched my tender nipples between his big fingers and thumbs.

I guess I kind of expected he would cup my breast and start squeezing and playing with it, that's what I wanted, but it didn't happen. Jim pulled and twisted my nipples for a few seconds, then released them and backed away.

"Oh nice Beth," Stephan murmured... "puffies, I don't see those very often."

"So you love getting laid... do you like blowjobs too?" Stephen asked.

I was still slowly rubbing my pussy for him and I nodded that I did. I breathlessly told them how much I loved sucking a dick and how I loved it when a guy would come in my mouth, I'd just swallow it and continue sucking until he was ready to fuck me.

"Keep it going Beth, this is great, these shots are gorgeous, open your legs more, I want to see that beautiful pussy wide open. Move your hands for a minute... good, good.... Perfect."

"Have you ever sucked off more than one guy at a time?" He asked.

I closed my eyes for a moment and nodded.

"I bet that got you hot didn't it... I want you to think about doing that as you make yourself come for us. I want a shot of that beautiful pussy as you come."

I was right there, right on the edge teetering. Then I went over, I came hard as they watched, but there was no real relief. I needed more than my own hand and hoped that would come before this was all done.

I knew that they could see my pussy and back opening spasming open and closed as the orgasm claimed me. God how I wanted to feel a nice hard dick inside me just then

Stephan continued to shoot using multiple cameras. He'd use up the film in one and just shift to another. I was trying to get my breathing back in control, but at the same time could still feel the after effects of my orgasm. My pussy was still in soft contractions and he was filming it's every nuance.

When I finally recovered enough to be somewhat cognizant of my surroundings, I opened my eyes. Both guys were flushed and to my surprise. Stephan was sporting an erection as well as Jim.

"Goddamn Bett, you really know how to let go. I've never had a model willing to do that before and that's no bullshit. These are going to be incredible shots. You are just phenomenal."

"Good" I smiled, "But I think I need another drink and maybe another glass of water."

I sat up resting my elbows as I waited for the water, I was completely naked now. Somehow in my throes of passion I had slipped my arms out of my dress and it was lying bunched up underneath me.

Stephan had me stay in that position but spread my legs a bit wider. My pussy was wide open now, hungry for more attention.

Jim came back with another glass of water and another shot of tequila. I drank the shot and sipped the water. Stephan went into his darkroom to reload his cameras.

Jim had another shot of tequila with me and then refilled both glasses again. I noticed his hands were shaking. There was an awkward silence for a moment as he poured the drinks.

"Beth, I don't even know what to say here. Generally, I'm not this tongue tied, but it seems around you I always am. I'm not keeping up with the evening so far."

I giggled... "Me either, this is happening really fast. I never expected to be doing anything like this tonight. Do me a favor though Jim, don't say anything to anyone about this. I don't think they'd understand."

Jim laughed, "I don't understand and I'm here, there's no way anyone would even believe this happened if I were to say anything, but I won't. I hope you didn't mind when I touched you there, I mean I wasn't trying to be an idiot or anything."

I just smiled at him... "Oh don't worry about it. You have gentle fingers, they felt nice."

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" He asked.

"No, not really, I mean I've let Bobby photograph me, but not doing... you know stuff like what I just did. I don't know what came over me. I've never done that in front of a guy never mind a guy with a camera, I hope it didn't look too dirty." I whispered.

"You know, it's weird," I continued, "but I feel ok about doing it. I don't know why, but somehow this all seems easier with 2 guys rather than just Stephan, I'm really glad you decided to come."

"Well," he said with a smile, "I'm really glad you came too."

I looked up at him and could see the laughter in his eyes.

"You jerk!" I punched him playfully in the belly.

It was weird and cool to be lying back like this totally naked; my legs still spread talking to this guy who's fully dressed like nothing's unusual.

I looked down at my pussy and rubbed the small tuft of hair above it.

"Is it kind of weird seeing me like this?" I asked him as I looked at my pussy, all swollen and flushed pink , my fleshy lips open revealing my soft wetness.

He didn't say anything for a moment, I raised my eyes and he was just staring at my exposed sex, the lips open and inviting, revealing the soft wet tunnel within; my clitoris a swollen pearly sentinel guarding that special place.
It excited me that he was so enraptured of my sex.

"Beth... I have to be honest; I don't think weird is really going to cover this. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be in this situation looking at you like this. This is light years beyond anything I could've imagined. Even my fantasies never went this far... If you knew what was going through my mind, you'd probably throw me out of here."

"I'm sorry Jim..." I said sincerely... "I just never really thought about what was going to happen tonight and it's probably not fair for you."

"Oh my god Beth..." he laughed, "Don't be sorry for me! There's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be right now."

Stephan came back in just then with his cameras loaded and ready.

"Ok Beth, ready to get back to work now."

He had me pose just leaning up against the wall again, one foot up on the wall behind me, then had me put my dress back on and strike the same pose. He had me do that for a series of different poses, first with my dress on, then with it off. He wanted to see the comparison. The final shot in the series was one of me leaning against the wall with my arms under my breasts like you might do if you just having conversation. With dress on, it wasn't that provocative, but nude with my small breasts and large nipples, it was very provocative.

Once he had shot his fill of that series, he had me lie back down on the bed with my dress still on, but on my belly this time. He wanted me to pretend to be sleeping all curled up as he set up some dramatic, very moody lighting.

I could hear the camera clicking away as he moved around me. He would reposition a leg or an arm to better compose the shot as I lay passively on the bed.

"Ok I want you to lay your head on your arms and get up on your knees now Beth. It's time to get some more shots of that pretty pussy of yours."

I got into the doggy style position I knew he wanted. I was still pretty excited I loved how it felt to show it to him after so long teasing about it.

He moved around getting all his shots. He had me roll over and got more shots of me with my legs spread wide. He really seemed to be more interested in really capturing every detail of my body than in really creating artistic shots or so I thought at the time. Later when I saw the pictures, I was amazed at how he captured some of the scenes.

Next he had me take off my dress and retook the whole series with me nude.

Stephan reset the lights and then pulled an old easy chair into the pool of light he created. He had Jim sit in the chair getting him all posed the way he wanted. He never even asked if I was ready to pose with Jim, he just told me to sit in his lap. It was strange to be completely naked sitting in the lap of a fully dressed man, but really erotic. It was almost like I was his pet.

As I curled into Jim's lap, I felt his erection. I was sitting right on it. Stephan arranged my position on him and then started taking more shots. He had me wrap my arms around Jim and had Jim do the same to me. At one point, I had my head against his chest and could hear feel his heart beating wildly in there. I loved that he was so excited by me.

We moved into another slightly different position where we were both facing the camera now and where my pussy was a little exposed.

This is looking really good Beth... totally hot.

"Jim, run your right hand up until you're just cupping her right breast.

Jim seemed nervous about it, but when I didn't resist he moved his hand up and did just as Stephan asked. But he was acting nervous and posing stiffly.

I took his hand and squeezed it and then began to squeeze my breast with it.

I whispered that he should do whatever he what he would as if Stephan wasn't there photographing us and don't worry about offending me. I told him that I wouldn't have invited him if I didn't trust him. I knew what kind of photography Stephan did and what he would want me to do. I was ok with it.

Jim just looked at me for a moment with a smile... "Are you sure? I mean I don't want to take advantage or anything."

I laughed a little bit; then I leaned in and whispered in his ear... "Jim, it's ok, we can make this a great shoot, you and I, Take advantage of the situation... take advantage of me!"

Jim started slowly caressing my breast now, rolling the nipple and squeezing. He was starting to loosen up. When he leaned down and took my other nipple into his mouth, I almost died. Electric shocks were traveling right to my pussy. I held his head to me and arched my back tossing my head back.

"Oh god!!" I moaned, "That feels so good".

I heard the camera clicking away in the background.

Once Jim got the go ahead from me, it was like all his nervousness just disappeared. He was swapping back and forth between my breasts, keeping my nipples hard and erect. His hand starting to roam over my body, it felt so sexy letting him explore like that. He was moving slowly and smoothly. He's a big guy with huge, strong hands. I loved it.,, I love strong hands... still do!

I was starting to breath heavily again. I was getting really excited when he started to rub his way up my thigh. I opened my legs to give him more room. In fact I lifted my outside leg up and over the arm of the chair. I had my head down just enjoying the sensations coursing through my body... when his hand found my pussy. He gently explored my tender, wet folds and I could hear his breathing was getting pretty heavy as well.

I was so caught up in what was happening, I almost forgot where I was.

Stephan softly called out my name and I looked up at him and moaned as Jim bit down on one of my nipples. He snapped a picture of my lust filled face, then backed up so you could see exactly what was happening.

"Smile for me Beth." I did. Jim was totally oblivious of the camera.

He took a whole series of shots of just my face as all this was happening. You couldn't see anything else, but later looking at the photographs you knew that I was experiencing something sexual, it's all over my face.

When Jim slid one of his fat fingers into my pussy, I moaned quietly and ran my hands through his hair. I was rotating my hips against his hand and he kept suckling my breasts.

"Keep going with it Beth, this is fantastic stuff." Stephan whispered to me.

Jim released my nipple and pulled me to him and began to kiss me passionately. He was really getting worked up.

"Oh Beth, you have the best fucking tits in the world", He growled under his breath. "I knew they'd be sweet, but they're even better than I ever imagined... so soft and pretty"

"No, they're perfect, just fucking perfect!" he smiled.

I moaned and pulled his head forward and began to kiss him again. It was just so crazy and lusty.

We kissed for a few minutes, but I kind of realized that it was time to move along. Stephan was still shooting and I didn't want this to get boring for him.

I broke the kiss with Jim and slid off his lap. I pulled his shirt out of his pants and pushed it up over his head removing it, dragging my soft breasts and hard nipples against him as I slid up his body. He suckled them for a moment when I rubbed them in his face. Then I slid back down and unbuckled his pants.

He was moaning now. He was wicked excited and I was too. I just love having a man respond to me like this.

Stephan wasn't saying a word. He was really kind of in the background, not much more important than a chair or any other piece of furniture, except he had that camera and was shooting away. I'm sure this was going in a totally unexpected direction for him... for all of us really.

Even with all that was going on, I tried to remain aware of Stephan's photographic needs too though. I was moving slowly, giving him time to get his shots.

I pulled down the zipper of Jim's jeans and then pulled his pants down to his ankles. I looked up at Jim and he was looking at me with lustful eyes. I don't think he could believe what was happening. I ignored Stephan. I didn't need any direction right now. I knew what I was doing.

I slowly slid back up and caught Jim's underwear and began to slowly pull them down. He lifted his butt releasing them and as I pulled. His dick was slowly revealed in all its glory.

The first thing I noticed was that he was uncircumsized, I liked that. The second thing was just how big his dick was. I don't mean to say it was a monster or anything, but it was bigger than average, really fat... and throbbing hard.

Every detail was mesmerizing to me. The veins running along the shaft and the texture of the skin; I could almost feel in my mouth already.

I pulled his underwear down to his ankles and then pulled everything off him. I smiled at Jim, but he was too excited to do anything but look down at me and moan softly. He had a great body with a lot of hair, just like a big bear. I slid back up his body until my breasts were rubbing against his erect manhood. I looked up at him as I pressed my breasts together around it and he moaned even more as the warm softness captured him. He pumped his hips sliding his big dick between my breasts, the head popping out the top and then sliding back down into their soft warmth.

He was moaning and rolling his head from side to side. I was in control here. Both guys now were under my control again. Earlier, I had felt like I was the one being controlled, while I liked that feeling, I discovered I liked this feeling too. It was powerful... incredibly powerful.

I slid back down releasing his throbbing dick. It was twitching. I knelt on the floor between his legs and I wrapped both small hands around his member. I slowly began to stroke it. My face only inches away from the tip. I could see the clear precum oozing out from the slit in the head of his dick.

Jim had his hands on my shoulders, not forcing me, but signaling how much he wanted this to happen. I bent down and with the tip of my tongue licked up the precum offering. Stephan took the shot just as my tongue touched Jim's dick.

"Oh God, This is fucking insane!" Jim moaned.

I smiled up at him, silently agreeing... it was insane and I fucking loved the insanity. This is what I had been looking for when I started out earlier in the night... an adventure worthy of the name... not just some mindless screwing.

"Hey Jim". I softly called.

"Did you ever fantasize anything like this? You ever jerk off imagining how it might feel to make me suck your big dick?" I asked him in a half moan.

"Oh Beth" he moaned, "I've jerked off a million times thinking about you, how you might look naked wondering if you looked as good as you did in my head. Wondering how you titties would taste, how you'd sound, what your pussy might look like, how it might feel... but this... this is way beyond anything I could ever imagine."

"Oh you naughty boy", I teased with a smile. "You were thinking such naughty things about me."

I smiled at him.

"Did you think about that stuff when I'd sit down and have lunch with you sometimes?" I teased.

I kissed the tip of his dick, my hands were still slowly stroking it.

He just nodded looking down at me.

"I kind of knew that though", I whispered. "sometimes, I caught you staring at my titties. I'm going to tell you a secret... I used to take off my bra sometimes if I saw you sitting alone at a table? I liked it when you stared at my nipples, so I'd go in the ladies room, take off my bra and go over to sit with you."

"Oh God!" he moaned again.

"So do I look as good as you thought I would?" I asked him. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Oh fuck Beth, you look better! You're fucking gorgeous!! I can't even believe it, you're my perfect woman, I can't believe that this night is actually happening!" He whispered.

"You are such a sweet naughty boy." I smiled.

"Make me suck your dick." I smiled at him.

He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward him. I let him guide me, but didn't immediately open my mouth. He kept pushing though and forced his dick into my mouth.

He let out a loud groan as he felt the wet warmth on his organ. I moved around it slowly, working my tongue over the rough, smooth surface. The veins were all bulging on the long shaft. It looked like it would burst.

Stephan was shooting close-ups as I slowly took Jim deeply into my warm mouth. I pulled it out. It was glistening and wet, I smiled into the camera as I kissed it again and again. I rubbed his dick on my face and closed my eyes to savor the feel of that hot member on the sensitive skin of my face.

Jim was beside himself. He was so worked up that I couldn't really blow him for very long periods of time. He'd be ready to come after 20 or 30 seconds. But that was ok. Actually it was probably better for Stephan, because I would do other things to Jim's dick when I wasn't sucking it. I'd kiss it and rub it on my face, I get higher up on my knees and rub it about my engorged nipples. Then bend down to suck it again for a few seconds, then I would maybe suck on his balls for a little bit before returning to blowing him.

Eventually though, I got to be too much for poor Jim, as much as he was enjoying my attentions, he needed some relief. When I took him back into my mouth this time, I picked up the pace. He was so out of it, I don't think he knew what I was doing, but Stephan did. He got in close and watched and photographed me as I sucked off Jim.

When Jim was right at the edge, he warned me and tried to push me away telling me he couldn't hold it and groaning. I kept up and then he went over the edge, he went ballistic. Some guys get intense, but he really got into it. It was like it was the first time he'd ever come with a woman. He just kept saying oh god over and over again as shot his salty essence into my mouth. He had really built some pressure; I felt it splash against the back of my throat and I sucked all the come his balls could deliver.

When he finished, I sat up on my knees between his legs still holding onto his cock, slowly stroking it and watching him calm down. His face was all red and he had red splotches on his chest. He had really been worked up.

"You ok?" I asked with a smile.

He nodded... "That was the best thing that has ever happened to me he said breathlessly."

"It was so intense, I knew that some women swallowed but I'd never met one before."

Stephan was still taking his shots of us.

He stopped when the cameras were out of film again.

"Ok," he said, "let's regroup."

He went and poured another round of shots and Jim got up and padded naked to the kitchen to get me some more water.

Stephan reloaded the cameras and came back out to relax for a moment. We had been at this for a little over an hour and it had gotten intense. I was still pretty wired and thinking about how I just lose control of sexually charged situations. I couldn't believe that I had just blown this classmate on film and how much I enjoyed doing it. My pussy was throbbing at the thought of what might be yet down the road for me tonight. I had definitely set something into motion with my little show.

Stephan was looking at me in admiration. "Beth you are doing things tonight that I've only dreamed about shooting. I knew you'd be a great model, but goddamn, I'm stunned!"

I smiled at him... Good... you just have to get me in the right mood I guess.

"So what about Bob though?" Stephan asked, "He isn't going to be happy if he finds out about this."

"Don't worry about Bob" I told him, "We three are the only ones who know about it."

"Good", Stephan sighed. "I really don't want him to come hunting me down."

I just smiled... "he won't hunt you down... I promise."

Stephan finished his drink and stood up asking if I was ready to continue with the shoot.

"Beth", he declared... "I have an idea for a series that I've been thinking about for a long time but really never expected to take. I think you might be great for it... are you game?"

"I'm all yours tonight Stephan..." I smiled. "I mean after what I just did with Jim... I guess I kind of I know what you want me to do next."

He just smiled at me.

"Oh God Stephan... This is just so crazy... I laughed, The thing is that he's really a pretty big guy, if I do this, we'll have to go slow, I don't know if I'm big enough to take him, I'm kind of small down there."

"Well", he continued... "for this next series, I had an idea. I kind of want to have the shots be a little more extreme that just the two of you making love. I mean that would be excellent and I'll take it if that's as far as you're willing to go. But I have another idea."

"Ok..." I said slowly not know what to expect. I could feel the nervous flutters in my belly again, what did he want.

Stephan spent a few moments trying to choose his.

"Look, here the deal," he finally said, "I want Jim to take you by force and I want you to resist him. I want you two to fight, I don't want anyone getting hurt, but I do want you to do whatever you can stop him from taking you and I want Jim to do everything he can to overcome you and make you do what he wants. I want it to look like an intruder broke into your bedroom and attacked you."

It's like he's seen into my mind and seen my favorite secret fantasy.

I looked over at Jim... "Are you willing to that?" I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders, but his dick was telling a different story.

"OK..." I said simply, "just... you know, you're a big guy, kind of be careful at first... ok?"

I padded over to where my purse was and pulled the panties and bra I had stashed away earlier in the evening. I turned away from the guys and put on my undergarments. Then walked over to the bed and got my dress and pulled it on over my head.

When I looked back at the guys, they were both staring at me.

"Beth, you know we can do something else, we don't have to do that!" Stephan said.

"No Stephan"... I paused for a moment, thinking.

I'm good with Jim forcing me to submit, I just thought that it would even better if I started out dressed and he attacked me after as I was getting undressed, maybe after I get my dress off, I don't want to ruin it. Then he rip my underclothes off me as we fought. I think he should be naked though. Then there won't be any confusion about what going on.

It was his turn to be quiet for a couple of moments before he looked at me with a smile. I think you're right he finally said. Jim had walked into the other room to get some more alcohol.

"I know I am", I smiled... "it's my favorite fantasy".

"Oh shit" Beth he laughed, "you better be careful or you'll be fighting off 2 guys... you have this talent for driving me crazy. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to shooting this set."

I smiled and raised my eyebrows... "hmmm 2 guys huh, now that sounds interesting..." I teased.

Jim walked back in with 3 glasses of tequila. This wasn't the regular shot glass but a water glass half full of the stuff. We clinked glasses and each sipped our drink... well I sipped and the guys both guzzled theirs down.

"Ok... so what have you guys decided?" Jim asked. "I'll do whatever."

I laughed... "If you want to do it, you're going to have to force me Jim because I'm not going to just let you fuck me."

"Bullshit" he laughed. "If I want to, you can't stop me."

He had a wild look in his eye and a throbbing hardon. He poured himself another glass of tequila and slugged it down.

I think I can I smiled sweetly. Nope... not a chance he laughed and picked me and threw me onto the bed.

Stephan grabbed his camera...

"Ok before you two get going here... I want this to look real, so no laughing."
Oh it'll be fucking real!" I said with some heat in my voice.

"Jimmy, I want you do whatever it takes to fuck her, but don't hurt her that's the main rule. She's going to do whatever she can to stop you, but you are going to fuck her no matter what. That is your reward for your work tonight... your cock in that tight, little pussy you've been dreaming about for so long. You've dreamed of doing this to her for years, now is your chance... fuck her brains out!"

"Beth, you have to try to stop him from doing it, but he's going to eventually win. You can say or do pretty much whatever you want, but he is not going to stop and he will rip your clothes off and eventually overpower you... You ok with that. He is going to fuck you!"

I nodded my head and looked at Jimmy, I blew hair out of my eyes.

"One last thing!" he added. "I just thought of this... a safe word. Beth, if things really get too crazy and you want to stop, just say something so I'll know... A word... how about Cadmium. Jim if you hear that, you stop right there and back off."

"Everyone clear?" I nodded again... excited beyond all measure.

Jim backed off out of the view of the camera and into the shadows. I left the room for a second, then walked back in. Stephan was photographing me walking up toward the bed. I started to unbutton my dress slowly and finally took it off and lay it on a small bookcase.

I turn as if I hear something and then without warning Jim attacked. He grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. I kicked out at him and tried to roll away to the edge of the bed. He got my foot and pulled me back. I rolled onto my back and tried to kick him again, but he just dodged my foot and caught it. He was a lot stronger than I expected.

I snapped up and punched him in the chest. He let go of my leg to grab my arm, but missed and got a shoulder strap of my bra instead. He yanked and the strap broke, I rolled away from Jim to the other side of the bed.

I could hear the camera clicking in the background, but wasn't focusing on it. This was a real fight. Jim was really getting into this, I think because he had drunk quite a lot of tequila and he really wanted to fuck me.

I rolled onto my belly and tried to get away from him again. I only got a couple of feet away when I sensed him right there. I turned and kicked again, but he easily dodged it with a laugh. I felt his hand grab the strap on my thong and pull. The plastic clasp at the side snapped as he ripped it off me.

I screamed quietly as I felt I felt the cold air hit my hot pussy. I was exposed to him. I was losing and didn't seem to be a thing I could do to stop him, Jim was a man possessed.

I was so excited that I was literally dripping wet. This was just driving me crazy and Jim seemed to pick up on my excitement and fought me even harder.

I kicked again and got him right in the chest, it backed him up a step or two, I turned to crawl away again.

He was getting even more aggressive, telling me what he was going to do to me... to my pussy. I was cursing him and fighting the whole time. I was aware of what my role was for the camera and the only way I knew to make it look real was to act as if it were real and that seemed to be how Jim was handling it too.

Just as I thought I got away, he leaned over the bed, grabbed both of my legs and just pulled/flipped me over onto my back. He forced my legs apart revealing my soaking wet, swollen pussy.

I heard the camera clicking as he forced my legs further and further apart until they were spread wide open. I was still squirming and trying to claw at his face, but I didn't have the leverage I needed with my legs so far spread.

Jim gave me an evil smile and bent down to engulf my pussy in his mouth. I put both hands down to try to push him away, but he was far too strong and when his tongue hit my clit, I was lost.

I moaned as he wildly began to lick my pussy, but kept trying to fight him.

I felt him trying to push my hands away or at least that's what I thought. Then he sat up and I felt my arms yanked up over my head.

He had tied my thong around my wrists, then dragged me back up the bed and tied my bound hands to the headboard. He leered down at me as he tore my bra open. I heard the pieces of plastic clasp bounce off the floor as he exposed my breasts.

He was kneeling between my legs, his legs forcing my own apart. He was huge as he hovered over me. I could see his dick swollen and standing straight up, the juices of his own excitement glistening on the purple head.

I still squirmed, but it was a lost cause and only a matter of time before my final submission. I knew it and was impatient for it. I wanted... needed to feel his excitement.

He pushed my legs further apart with his hands and positioned his dick on my wet opening. He smiled a conquerors smile and then slowly pushed into my body. I cried out in a loud moan and arched my back as he slowly buried himself in my pussy. We were both frozen like that for a long moment, him buried in my burning hot softness and me pressing against him forcing him to violate me deeper yet.

Then the moment was over and he pulled back almost all the way out, before reversing direction and slamming his massive body back into mine. In the haze of pure pleasure, I looked up at him, he had a bemused smile on his face while watching his dick sliding in and out of my pussy, watching my pussy as it held onto him when he withdrew, then fold in on itself as he drove back into it again and again.

He began to pull and twist my nipples as he pounded my pussy with his big dick. I totally forgot about Stephan, the camera or what we were supposed to be doing. I was lost to what Jim was doing. He was taking 4 years of lust out on me and it was delicious. He mashed my breasts and then bent to them to suck my huge nipples into his mouth. I could hear his panting over my own. He was lost in his own lust. What would Bobby think if he could see me right now... here on the edge of orgasm, letting these men make me their prisoner and letting them have their way with me.

My whole body was vibrating with the intensity of my excitement. It was like every part of me was super sensitized to what was happening. I was tripping and this was about as intense as it gets. His mouth on my nipples was almost enough by itself to cause an orgasm. But his dick, oh my god... his dick driving into my sensitive pussy was causing me to writhe around on the bed to the limits of my bonds. Every time he withdrew, I could feel my pussy lips holding onto his dick, pulling on the hood of clit, rubbing it so sweetly. When he pushed back in, my pussy lips folded in next to his rough shaft and exposed my clit causing the most delicious feeling as his shaft rubbed directly on it. When he drove his dick back in, I met his every thrust with a loud moan of pure pleasure. I was out breath and seeing stars and in danger of hyperventilating. I didn't care or even really think about that though. I just wanted this to go on and on.

Of course though, it couldn't. I was just too aroused and I needed the release. When I thought for a moment what it must be like for Jim, I felt the pleasure begin to peak.

"Oh my god Jim, I'm going to come..." I moaned out in deep shuddering breaths.

My back was arched as I felt the impending orgasm crest.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I rolled and tossed against my bonds as it wracked my body. I could hear Jim moaning and then a deep groan as he began to come. I felt the first hot splashes on my belly and then he was back in my pussy shooting his remaining load deep into my sweet warmth.

I kind of lost track of everything for a couple of minutes, Jim was still moving in me, but in that relaxed post orgasm way of men, the intensity over, but still enjoying the warm pleasure of my body.

I lay there still a prisoner. My eyes closed, I was enjoying the post orgasm feeling too. I could still feel some of the spasms coursing through my body. Jim finally lifted himself off me and withdrew his spent organ from my pussy.

I still didn't open my eyes. I just lay there savoring the whole experience. For a couple of minutes, I was just trying to get my breath back and calm down.

I heard the camera still clicking. Then I felt someone move on the bed and then straddle my body. A moment later, something brushed across my lips and I opened my mouth to accept a hard dick. I began to suck on it and absently heard the camera click in the background.

This dick had none of my taste on it, and it wasn't quite so fat. I knew that Stephan was taking advantage of my bondage and I couldn't really blame him. I was after all their prisoner and subject to whatever they desired or at least that's the way my fantasy worked.

I sucked and sucked on his dick. He was moving it slowly in my mouth allowing me to do all my magic with my tongue and he wasn't rushing. I could feel his balls bouncing off my chin until almost the end... then with a loud groan he came and I tasted his hot seed as me made swallow all he offered.

I never opened my eyes. I just serviced him with quiet moans of pleasure.

When it was over for him, he withdrew his still hard organ. I felt him move down my body and knew what must come next and I wasn't disappointed. What else could he have done after a night of watching and photographing what had happened. I understood and was ok with it.

His hard dick explored my wet opening and then slowly, he pushed into me. I let out a soft moan as he moved slowly into my soft pussy. The camera clicked as he took his pleasure from me and gave me it back to me. In its slow way, it was just as intense as the rough sex that Jim had taken from me. No one said a word, he just moved in me in slow soft rolls of his hips. The only sounds were my moans and heavy breathing and his deep controlled breathing.

He slipped his dick out of my tight opening and began to rub it right on my clit with those same slow, controlled movements. I couldn't take it, I cried out my pleasure again and again with each breath. It seemed that my pleasure inspired his. I rolled my hips in a circular movement against his back and forth teasing of my clit. As the tension built in my body, I began to arch my body, then I stopped breathing for a moment and he chose that moment to slam his hard dick back into my soft tunnel and I came again with a hard dick filling my throbbing pussy. Still in a rolling motion, he fucked me harder and I met his thrusts trying to tease his orgasm from him even as I was possessed of my own.

As mine began to subside, I heard the deep gulping breaths as his took him. He pulled out of my pussy as it hit and moved quickly up my body and I felt the first hot splash of his come on my face and breasts as the camera clicked. I opened my mouth and the second blast hit me on the lips as he continued to come on my face as he took his dirty pictures of me.

Then it was over... I lay there still panting as I tried to get my breath back. He slipped his dick back into my mouth and I sucked him clean. Then he pulled his dick out and I heard the camera clicking all around me. He was circling getting me from all angles. My legs were still spread as wide apart as they could be and I knew that my pussy must look red and ravaged. I felt fingers gently pulling on my nether lips, stretching them as the camera captured me.

I felt the bond that had held my arms this evening loosed and finally released. I lowered my arms and rubbed my wrists trying to get the blood going back in them.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Jim was sleeping over on the couch and Stephan was nowhere to be seen. I got up and went to the bathroom. He had a shower and some fresh towels and I took advantage of it. When I came back out, Stephan was sitting in an easy chair drinking a cup of coffee. There was a fresh cup on the coffee table. I took it and sat in the other chair. Jim was still passed out on the couch. Stephan was just looking at me with a smile.

So, I asked... did you get what you wanted.

He just laughed... "oh yeah, I sure did... Beth, you are incredible, I can't believe you actually did what you did tonight and that you let me photograph you doing it. You're amazing, absolutely amazing."

"That got a little crazy", I admitted.

"Yeah..." he said... "I've never seen anything like that before and to have captured it on film... Wow!!!"

"Well, I'll be honest with you Stephan... I probably got a little carried away. I've never done anything like that either. It was all really pretty intense. I can't believe that I had sex with Jim tonight or that I let you photograph the whole thing. One part of me is going what the fuck were you thinking and another part is like... fucking Wow!!!"

I looked him in the eye... "Does that make any sense at all?"

"Perfectly!" he laughed... "It's exactly what I was thinking all night long, I never realized that you had this other side to your personality."

"Really?" I asked

Yeah... I mean I know you liked teasing me about seeing your pussy and every time you said it, it drove me crazy. But fuck... you are so fucking hot, I can't believe it. This was by far, the most incredible photo session I've ever done and I have you to thank for it.

I got up and gave Stephan a big hug... thank you Stephan, it turned out to be a really interesting night and I enjoyed myself, especially at the end there." He didn't say anything, but gave me a little smile. I don't think he wanted me to know that it was him who had been with me at the end.

A couple of weeks later and a day or two before the end of school, Stephen gave me a packet with all the photos from the shoot, they were amazing but my face was blazing red as we sat there in the coffee shop and looked through them. I had kind of forgotten just how intense this thing I did was.

A month or so later, Bob and I were back together again.

I invited him over for dinner one Friday night. When he got to my apartment, I had dinner waiting and ready. We drank a couple bottles of wine and had a great dinner, laughing and talking about the week. I think he sensed something different in me. I was really pretty nervous, I had never done anything like what I was about to do and I didn't know which way it would go... but I was also really excited too.

Really excited!

We went into the living room and sat down on the floor. I didn't have much furniture, so would just lay out some comforters and pillows on the floor to lounge as we watched tv or listened to music. I had music going and got each of us a cold beer. When I got into the living room, Bob was lighting up a joint. We smoked and listened to the music in silence. Finally, when the joint was done, I got us each a fresh beer. On the way back I took a scrapbook down from the bookshelf and sat down next to Bob. I handed him the beer with a nervous smile.

"What's that?" he asked, nodding towards the scrapbook.

I sat down next to him putting the book in my lap with my hands on top of it.

I looked at him, took a deep breath and started...

"Well, you know when you let the guys see my pictures..."

He rolled his eyes and shaking his head asked if we were going to go through that again. I patted his hand and told that no, not like that. I told him that while it pissed me off, I had to be honest with him and another part of me found that pretty hot.

He looked at me with a sort of surprised expression on his face.

"I know, I know!" I laughed.

"I know... I guess I just had to work through things a little bit I suppose. I never thought of it the way you describe, but thinking about all these guys getting hot looking at pictures of me is well... pretty hot for me too. I mean, they're seeing me in a way that they're not supposed to be and that's naughty. Whenever I see one of them now, I know that they're undressing me in their heads, imagining doing things to me that you were doing in some of those pictures. Maybe me doing some of the things I was doing to you to...

Every time, I see one of them, it gets me hot knowing that they've seen my pussy wrapped around your dick. I know they're thinking naughty thoughts, but as I think you know, I kind of like naughty boys and the naughty things they want to do.

Bob was just looking at me, not knowing where I was going with this whole thing. I knew I was kind of rambling, but I was nervous. I took a deep breath and continued.

"So anyway, I was a party a few weeks after we broke up. I was kind of loaded at the time and..." I looked at Bob nervously, "I let these guys talk me into posing for some pictures, that's what these are." I said patting the book.

Bob just looked at me for a moment.

"You let some guys photograph you while you were drunk?" He asked.

"Well, only one actually took pictures, the other was kind of a helper... you know arranging the lighting and stuff like that." I explained.

"Who took the pictures?" He asked.

"I'd rather not say." I told him.

Bob was staring at me...

I opened the book to the first shot... a portrait in black and white.

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