Young Kelley
The first time I saw her was at a high school dance that Jim and I were chaperoning. It must have been her first prom. Her gown was strapless, which she had a hard time keeping up because she did not have much chest to hold it up I watched the constant tugging to keep it up. Even the small breasts did not detract from her loveliness. Milky white skin against a deep red gown only emphasized her beauty. I watched her dance with her date. She didn't seem that interested in him. I wondered if boys did not interest her. Dancing the waltz that had her swoop by, her fragrance smelled divine. Her short black hair looked striking against that white skin and dark red gown. I did realize I was spending too much thought on this tender young thing, but she was desirable. I had fantasized more than once about taking a young woman's cherry. I guess men were not the only ones desiring a virgin.

The next time I saw her was at a soccer game in which she was playing a forward. White legs coming out of black and white shorts were better than I expected. The white top was tight on her, and she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were very evident. Her small titties bounced as she ran, and why she was not wearing a sports bra, I will never know. I did notice, whenever she had the ball, this woman would be clapping and shouting commands, although I don't think she paid much attention to them. I made my way to the clapping woman. I purposely bumped her and gave my best apology speech. I then asked her, "Is your daughter playing?" as if I didn't know. She proudly proclaimed, "Yes, number four. That is my star, Kelley." I acknowledge her greatness with some stupid remark. What Kelley's mom did not know was that I had plans to get Kelley's cute little body.

My strategy was simple. Get to know mom and sooner or later daughter will enter the picture. Mom had bigger breasts. My goal was to suck on those tiny ones of Kelley's. I held the conversation with mom for as long as I could, then asked her if she would like to go for coffee. Mom's name turned out to be Barbara, and she said, "She would love to go for coffee, but she had to finish dinner before Art came home. Would I consider stopping over to her place." You couldn't have kept me away. When she shed her coat going into the house, she was plump, but sexy in that way that some women can pull off. I began to think that maybe a mom and daughter would be challenging, but not together, but just one at a time.

Kelley walked into the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around her after a shower. When mom shooed her out, I did notice that the cloth barely covered that cute ass. Poor Barbara wailed, "They think they can go anywhere in anything. The young girls are all the same, trying to be sexy in clothes. Getting her to wear a bra is like pulling teeth." I thought, ‘I don't mind at all!'. Mom did show cleavage, so forget about that good example shit. That coat had hidden them well. Sipping coffee came to an end when Art came through the door. He looked so tired and beat that the only thing I could think was that mom was not getting all she needed. Good for my plan. He was nice enough, but I didn't think he had the energy for a hard-on. Kelley reappeared in a loose pullover top and a mini skirt of mid-thigh length. All those milky white legs hanging out made my mouth water. Barbara intro introduced me to Art and his lovely daughter. I winked at her when introduced. The quizzical look on her face told me a lot, and I was hoping I interpreted right. Her mother sent her out with the trash and the chilly evening worked its magic on her nipples. I think Art even noticed.

They were ready for supper, and it was time for me to leave. I put on my coat and asked if I could use the bathroom. Art showed me where it was and I went down the hall, went in, and closed the door. I found what I wanted, the hamper. I opened it and sure enough, a pair of small white panties sitting right on top. I picked them up, put them in my coat pocket. I flushed the toilet and made my way back to say goodbye. After being told to come back anytime, I slipped out the door and drove home.
I could not wait to get home, find myself an ‘alone' place and play with my treasure. When I pulled the panties out of my pocket, a piece of paper fell to the floor. I picked it up as I held her panties to my cheek. I smelled the freshness of young pussy. It was fantastic. I opened the paper, and it was a note. On the note, the writer attempted to disguise the handwriting. ‘I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL' It was crisp and to the point. Now was it Art wanting to stray; or Barbara wanting to sexperiment; or sweet Kelley's curiosity is high from hormones. Art looked like I would have to suck on him for 10 minutes to get him up, so I was not much interested if he was the writer. The women were a different story. Barbara could be fun, but the thought of Kelley made me wet, and besides, I had her panties in my hand smelling her delights. I only had to wait for another note, or a pass, or flirt or something to know who it is. All I had to do is wait with my hand doing its thing on my mound as I smelled Kelley's fragrance. ‘Oh, young cunt how wanting.'

I was getting frustrated waiting for another note, flirt or anything. It finally arrived in the mail. I went to the family room, opened up some wine, sat in my favorite lounge chair and opened my letter. I observed, the postmark was local, so it wasn't from Pam asking for another chance to try her puppy. I opened it. It was typed on some computer wordsmith and printed:




That note solved one problem. It is not Art. He wasn't at the soccer game, or he never went from coat to no coat. It has to be one of the women. My guess is Kelley. She seems infatuated with my breasts. I think that may be true for how small she is. I don't care at this point just anxious to find out which one.

Needless to say, I went early to the soccer game. I wore the same coat but with a red scarf around my neck. I saw Barbara and waved. She came up to me and said, "That scarf makes that coat stand out. I like that." Jackpot! Mom is the horny one. I watched the boring soccer game. Kelley was playing on the other side of the field until halftime. Then she was on the sideline where I was standing. The ball went out of bounds, and she had to throw it in. As she ran by me, she whispered, "I will try to write soon." I was beside myself with that info. I was going to get me some young pussy. I could not wait. I waited until the game was over. With her standing by her mother I casually said, "Great game! Love to watch you play. Maybe sometime you could show me how you train." That went right over mom's head, but not Kelley, whose little-wicked grin told me she knew just what I meant.

The letter came this time the message was handwritten:

‘Dear Carol,
I hope you don't mind me calling you Carol. It is kind of a thing that makes me feel all grown up and feminine.
I would love to come to your home and visit and maybe more :). The only thing I ask is that you have patience with me. I have touched myself many times, but want to feel you touching me.

I will call you to set a time convenient for you to meet at your home.

Love and kisses,

Now, this was going to be tricky at my hone to ensure we would not be interrupted. My only hope would be a Saturday when maybe everyone would clear out. I looked at the planner on the wall and this Saturday by some miracle everybody was gone. I texted Kelley and just wrote, ‘10 am this Sat". I got a text OK back in minutes. The next worry was what to wear for a young virgin to find inviting. I didn't want to wear anything too sexy, being slow with her would bring the maximum results. I decided that some cleavage would be good, and showing her my legs might be the thing to do.

Saturday came with me dressed in my denim mini, and one of Jim's shirts with no bra. I didn't expect her to wear one, so I thought I would return the favor. The shirt was unbuttoned half way. Which with right movements, could show a lot of unbridled boobs. I was feeling very horny over this cute young thing. How far I got with her today, god only knows. Ten AM finally arrived, and I answered the doorbell. There stood Kelley In a pea-coat and boots. She did look cute. On her way in, she lost the coat, revealing a short skin tight dress. It looked like it was painted on her body. The outline of her small tits was very evident with hard nipples fighting that fabric.

Small talk gradually got to the subject she was interested in discussing. I did like looking at her, especially that short dress, then bare legs and then the boots. There was no doubt she was making me horny. "How often do you and your husband do it?" was the surprised question she asked. I just said flippantly, "As often as we can!" That did not stop her asking, "You ever been with a woman?" I thought it best if I took control of the conversation.

"Why do you ask, Kelley? What do you like boys, girls or both."

"Both, I think. Would you unbutton that shirt so I can see what you got?"

"Only if you take off that dress and show me what you got?"

With that, she pulled the dress over her head. There was nothing on under it. Nude it boots, my favorite. She stood there proudly with her small breasts and fine hair on her pussy. With those legs, she was not just lovely, but sexy. I had not planned such a quick removal of my clothes but skirt and shirt were off, and I watched her eyes scan my body. She reached out and touched my breast.

"Don't just touch them. Fondle them. Feel their softness. Play with their nipples."

"They are so beautiful. Not like mine."

"Kelley, would you mind if I kissed yours?"

When she nodded, I kissed her lips instead. I put one of her hands on my breast and the other on my mound as I kissed her. She started crying. I held her, but I would not let her hand leave my pussy. "I lay awake at thinking of doing this to you," she said sobbing. "Kelley, do you play with yourself and do you have an orgasm?" I asked. "Sometimes, but I want you to make me do that," she replied. "Kelley, I am going to do something to you that you probably have not felt before, are you OK if I do it to you?" I asked. When she nodded, I sat her on my kitchen table and spread her legs. I pulled up a kitchen chair, sat down and said, "Put your boots over my shoulders, if you want. When she did, I went right down, first getting a whiff of that sweet young cunt. I felt my tongue stroke her pussy lips. They were wet, and the taste was out of this world. I fingered her opening. I took my finger and rimmed her ass. Then I went to work on her clit. Licking. Sucking. Kissing. Then repeat the cycle. When I felt her body starting to stiffen, I put my finger up her virgin ass. It didn't take long for her to squirm and then that glorious moment of pure pleasure. She was not a quiet girl. I was surprised at the dirty talk. She called me ‘A FUCKING WHORE!', among other things. As she sat there recovering, I made love to her tiny tits. I liked them. Her nipples were very sensitive, and I think she liked that I was spending so much time on them.

"Carol, can I do that to you?" she asked. I never said a word but got off the chair and helped her off the table. I hopped up on the table and spread my legs. When she leaned forward, I put my legs over her shoulders. Down she went. Of course, she was inexperienced but the thought of that tongue which never had been in a pussy before, made me cum pretty damn fast. My virgin ate me very well. I certainly enjoyed eating that virgin cunt of hers.

We sat in the kitchen nude. We sometimes kissed each other. She told me she often listens to her mother and father doing it. She said she enjoys the sounds they make. She told me that she went through her mother's history on her laptop and found out she likes to watch lesbian porn. She said to me at one point she was going to try to do with her mother what we had just done. Wow! Jackpot! Another potential for me. She also told me that her mother had an affair with a man in the neighborhood. She came home early from school because she was sick and found them in the family room fucking. She then apologized for the language. I just told her to let us say it together, and we did. "FUCK!" We laughed. She asked me if she could come back again. Of course, I told her yes. She got dressed. She kissed me and went bounding out the door.

That was a day I will not forget. I sometimes think she made me more than I made her. No matter, I still got my virgin pussy. She did come over a few times, but that was soon over. She discovered boys, and she got knocked up. Those tiny tits disappeared...
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