Your Love Is A Gift
Thoughts of you run through my mind
about that sweet day, that you are finally mine

A laugh, a touch, a lover's kiss
so many things that right now I miss

Your passionate kisses stealing my mind
tongues stroking sensually, yours against mine

The heat of it shoots right down to my core
making me want to plead, please yes, give me more

Your clever, eager hands stroke my breasts
instinctively knowing the touch I like best

Building my need, it shoots higher and higher
making me burn, my body's on fire

Your lips join your hands, making me gasp
then I feel your hands firmly cupping my ass

You pull me tight to your body, I can feel your desire
I'm obviously not alone, you feel the same fire

Our bodies grind together, wanting to mate
but we're not ready yet, they'll have to wait

Lips and hands hurry, wanting to feast
stoking the fire, and feeding the beast

My hand cups your balls, lips slide down your shaft
stealing your mind, making you feel daft

I've wanted so long, to have you like this
your cock in my mouth, I just can't resist

I lick and I suck, the pleasure not only mine
your hands on my head, my soft hair intertwine

Foreplay is over, bodies demanding to mate
the fire burns so fiercely, we can no longer wait

My body below yours, our eyes hotly meet
my legs spread wide open, body eager to greet

You slide slowly in, your sex stretching me as you go
filling me fully, intense pleasure, much more than you know

Our eyes stay locked as we do the dance of love
our emotions burning brightly, from this gift of pure love

You lead the dance, your body setting the pace
I see the deep pleasure plainly written on your face

My cries of pleasure, I don't bother to hide
I want you to know how good you feel inside

Your hard sex strains, I can feel it grow
We are nearing the end, this I already know

I spasm tightly around you as I find my release
pleasure sublime fills me with peace

A few more strokes and your body, eager to join mine
Fills me with your seed, as you thrust in one more time

The feel of you pumping me full of your cream
makes me cum one more time, which I do with a scream

You wrap me in your arms, I feel your heart beat against mine
Both of them are racing, both are beating overtime

I always knew our first time would be earth shattering
but it was so hot I'm surprised the fire alarm didn't ring

You turn over on your back, your arms taking me with you
my heart swells with love, it's deep, pure and true

Now you are fully mine, and I am yours, nobody can deny
all they need to do is see the look in our eye

The look needs no words it is utter devotion
I have never before felt such powerful emotion

As we drift off to sleep, wrapped in our love
each of us a treasure for the other, a gift sent from above
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