Your Punishment
She had tied him up, the idiot.

He had to be out of his mind to do what he had done. Yet his fool brain still allowed her to dominate him despite the risk of his trespasses being found out. He had thought everything would be fun and games when she strapped his wrists to each side of the bed and giggled at him coyly.

She smiled at him again now, straddling him gently as he sat half reclined against the headboard. The soft white and aqua pillows held him up gently as he watched her with building desire. She rocked her full hips against him as she giggled and teased him with her appearance.

What a stunner. She was an average build, she had a few extra pounds around her hips and thighs but carried an air of sensual sexuality that drew men to her. Lush breasts and a full waist with long hair tangled down her back in a sunlit swirl.

Her eyes were her weapon. Blue and unflinching, they told you what they wanted, and just how she would get it too. She could hold men in place with her gaze and she knew it. He watched her now as she sat up while gazing into his eyes. Leaning ever so slightly back she permitted him a full view of her dark purple bra and matching satin smooth panties that rode high on her hips. The contrast to her creamy soft skin was amazing and he longs to feel the silky satin of her lingerie give way to the soft skin beneath.

Looking at him with those amazing eyes of hers he read a new emotion behind them. He stopped breathing when he realized he saw the danger lurking in them.

"So 'Baby,'" she crooned mockingly "I was trying to find that link online that you were showing me the other day and I came across something... Well, interesting shall we say. Care to explain anything?"

"N-n-n-nooo." He lied stupidly blinking back his confusion as his fear warred with the desire that was prominent in his pants.

"Let me refresh your memory then baby." She got up from his lap fluidly and walked across the room sunlight kissing her half nude form.

She threw open the bedroom door to reveal a dark haired smouldering beauty. She was very slim and had a tiny little waist as was apparent by the nearly transparent black shawl that was tied over the soft underside of her midriff. As for her top half, this was almost as arresting as his Sunshine's beautiful stare. It was fully nude with two small pert nipples that were begging for attention.

"This remind you of anything?" she questioned again.

His face burned red in shame and he wondered how there was any blood left in his body, now that the coal hot girl was standing so near. He gulped and nodded shamefully.

"Yes, I thought that might jog your memory, I found her live camera feed on our computer history. I thought you might like to meet her. Say 'Hi' babe."

He opened and shut his mouth like a guppy not sure what to do when he was saved by his Sun Goddesses next words.

"Since you seemed to like her so much, and I hate being jealous. I thought it would be fair for me to do all the things in person to her, that you only ever dreamed of doing."

With that the Sun met the Moon as she grabbed the beautiful woman and began to kiss her passionately and with extreme intensity. He nearly died a thousand deaths when he saw their faces flushing, their breathing increasing, and heard his Sunshine moan as she truly began to enjoy exacting her revenge.

They pulled away ever so slowly looking at one another the entire time and seeing the desire between them made his balls throb and his stomach go weak

They started touching one another running hands softly up and down and all over. Sun lightly brushed her fingertips over the now protesting nipples of Moon and he watched as her dusky eyes closed and her head tilted back with a soft gasp

Sunshine smiled and looked right at him ... locking him in her gaze as she licked her lips. Without breaking eye contact she slowly leaned down to flick the girls nipple with her tongue.

Fully grinning now she slowly covered the red bud with her mouth never looking away as she suckled gently on it causing a throaty moan from the girl above her.

Finally, with much languish, she sleepily closed her eyes and began to give the young woman's breasts her full attention. Cupping and squeezing each one in turn. Sliding her hands up from underneath to pick each small breast up forcing the nipples poke towards Suns nibbling and sucking mouth.

When the Moons moans started to get desperate sounding sunshine stopped and ordered her onto the bed. She tore the shawl off the girl and positioned her with hips on a pillow. She forced his legs apart making space for her to sit facing him. He was in awe as Sun gently pushed the girl back to lay on the bed. He could barely breathe as he looked at her with her legs spread wide hooked over his and her beautiful form facing him. With her perfect bottom resting on the pillow it gave him a full view of her perfectly smooth pussy.

It was like looking at a fully stocked buffet but he was to remain hungry. Sunshine stood to the side of the bed and removed her bra and threw it on his fully erect and painfully throbbing cock.

Then she began to massage the dark girls inner thighs starting above her knee and moving slowly upwards. As she came closer to the prize at the center her movements pushed and pulled the smouldering woman's dripping wet lips apart revealing the tantalizing pinkness inside.

"You want this baby?" She crooned. "Too bad, because it's mine." With that she bent giving him a clear view and slowly licked the length of the girls hot slit.

"Mmm, she tastes delicious," Sun said. "I know how much you want it Baby, but I want it more." Winking she used her hands to spread apart the now dripping folds of the woman and used one index finger to flick the swollen bud within. The girl cried out in pleasure as he watched the feeling of intense need travel up her body and make her nipples stiffen once again.

Sun giggled and tweaked a nipple while beginning a slow torture with her fingers of the woman's hot button. Moon was writhing and pushing her hips forward wanting more. Sun locked eyes again with him and then inserted her fingers deep inside of welcoming pussy before him. Suns fingers were eagerly swallowed up by the need of the woman's aching slit and so she began to finger fuck her slowly and deeply letting the girl under her hands feel every single moment.

Sun again opened moons dripping lips with her fingers in order to reveal her button to her mouth. Then she began to lick and suck each part of her swollen area.

He felt a dribble of precum sliding down his shaft. Watching these two amazing women in from of him was making him feel an ache he had never felt. His tied hands were clenched and he wished for release so he could enjoy the show in from of him more fully. He tugged at his bonds testing them.

Feeling his angst Sun stood up, wiping her chin with her wrist. She laughed at his futile attempts and then straddled him as she had been doing previously. He could feel the heat of her wet pussy through the satin of her panties as she pressed her sex against his. Her breasts with erect buds were brushing against him.

"She really does taste exquisite Baby, why don't you try some." she whispered as she kissed him fully on the mouth giving him only a glimpse of the musky essence of the beautiful girl spread out before him.

He moaned for more when she pulled away.

"Oh, no. You don't get anymore Baby, it's all mine."

With that she grabbed the girls hand and pulled her off the bed. Sun led the woman off into the master bathroom where the door was left slightly ajar so he couldn't see the two women, but he could hear them. And boy did he hear. He listened as he heard the bathtub running and the two girls playing and splashing in the water. Each one moaning in turn as they climaxed without him. All the while his aching manhood pulsed and throbbed without any release.

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