Your White Wife Taken By A Nasty Black Man
Your White Wife Taken By A Nasty Black Man

So many women seem to have these thoughts and sexual fantasy's, one of being taken and harshly used for sex! But when it is a white woman that is abused this way by a big nasty black man the appeal is even more striking!
Being a black dominant man, a white male friend I had met on a kinky sex site told me his wife has this fantasy of submissive sex, it all started when she was in her teens about being naked helplessly bound and blindfolded, and then taken by a nasty and sexually abusive pervert, one that would take her innocence in the most brutal way! For her at first it was not racial, as just the thought of being naked bound in the hands of a man like this and helpless to resist was enough, the thought for her was just something deliciously stimulating to masturbate about.

But as a young horny woman after watching several nasty and abusive porn videos of big well endowed black men forcefully hard fucking a young helplessly bound naked white housewife, one exactly like her! Along with a similar sensationally explicit news story of a woman about her age that was horribly raped and sodomized by a group of sadistic black gang bangers one the female news reporter eluded to that all had large cocks, the delicious thought of something like this happening to her became an almost overpowering obsession, at least in fantasy?

Her husband confided in me, that during sex she would often be trembling with excitement and actually playing with herself as she described the harsh perverted details of something like this happening to a naive innocent young woman! She never said it was her, but he knew that this and many of her dark sexual fantasy's were indeed all about her? It was as if she wanted to make sure he knew her most explicit perverted thoughts, and was, in her mind subconsciously asking for it, hoping he would make something like this happen!

He also told me she loved sex, the kinkier abusive and more perverted the better, they had played numerous sex games of naked blindfold bondage! She would do what ever he asked, get naked shave her pussy wear hi heels and sexy lingerie or nothing, she also had no trouble being naked and helplessly bound! He said that being young in love and hornier as hell was a most wonderful thing and, to have a woman like this made it all the better, but according to her husband she was becoming more than he could handle!

She was quite willing and their sex play became more sinful open and in public places, she always wanted to be taken places where someone might see or catch them having sex especially in mostly black areas of the city, with her naked helplessly bound and blindfolded! Actually I think she willingly let him do this in hopes someone especially a big mean well endowed black man like me would just come along and take her? For this young woman being like this would leave her no choice or protection from what might happen? It was a perversely erotic thought but a very dangerous sort of game they had been playing, and one that could have easily gotten out of hand, as much more than just kinky sex could easily be in store for her? But like many white women especially young oversexed naive stupid married ones the overpowering appeal would almost always override any safe or sane rational thought, this is what her husband told me, he also said it only took a few short minutes of getting her out of the car wearing nothing but a coat, and she would be so horny and so turned on almost dripping with anticipation as to what might or could happen to her?

There is one thing as a black dominant male I've found true in life, and this has been among the most straight laced white women, given the right set of circumstance. They will do the most nasty humiliating and perverted sex act one could imagine,.. no matter what social class or quality of character the woman has come from. Most, secretly crave the experience of complete and udder whoredom, one of total sexual abandonment of inhibition, and many, more than once in their lives will easily submit to a nasty black man like me.

For me there is no better place to see this side of them emerge then an adult Video Arcade or XXX rated movie theater. A place like this acts on them like exotic drugs that sexually enhances, or liquor that has a stimulating intoxicating kick.
The appealing sleazy flavor for many women of a seedy adult theater is one that reeks with smells of naked bodies semen sweat and sinful sex! A public house of ill repute where neon like signs of sex flash or can be scene in every direction, ones that are found only in Adult Theater Establishments. For most who have these sinful thoughts it takes several visits of sitting in the dark back rows watching. But eventually they,with the husbands encouragement will work up the courage to venture into a video booth with her half naked, or into a part of the theater where almost anything can happen, this place is where anything goes and some of the most sinful and nasty sex occurs! Then once there, all inhibition and lady like pretense disappears so they can indulge themselves to the depths of hidden sexual degradation and experience that of being a real nasty and slutty like whore.

it's a wonderful thing to watch the transformation, and in her case it is going to be a most vivid one, I assure you!
Her husband kept threatening that, he was going to take her,..naked bound and blindfolded wearing only a coat, and heels, to a dirty run down XXX rated adult theater, one that catered to interracial sex! This was the place I decided we would meet. It was called the Holiday, not at all what the name implies! It had been a nice family theater at one time but like most had decayed into the cheap local X rated sex pit! The place was a big poorly lit adult theater with numerous video booths, and glory holes, where bare back sex was going on everywhere. It had an upstairs balcony that catered to couples, mostly white married women, and a place where many would go alone with their husbands consent! So they could experience first hand kinky interracial sex by meeting their black lovers upstairs romantically, and later were taken down into a video booth or out into the main theater where they would suck and be fucked by numerous black men, for many it would be their first time with a black cock and in most cases followed by numerous ones!

The place had a well deserved reputation of giving these women exactly what they want, rough abusive and very nasty sex lots of it?
It seems that many of them have heard all of the stereotypical stories? That black males are well endowed with large cocks and can provide the rough and prolonged sex they so crave! For the Holiday there always seems to be a steady stream of willing mostly married white women and more than enough adequate horny black men who were ready to satisfy their most perverted abusive and humiliating sexual needs?

This is where I came into the picture, as a black male with a big dick, one that wanted to abuse women in general and especially white married ones,I was asked by her husband to be there and to just take her, then do what ever I wanted? I had a black female friend named Darla that wanted to be part of this sexual adventure, she was an aggressive bisexual lesbian like woman, and like me loved so see white women sexually abused and publicly humiliated in front of others especially other black men! This woman's husband told me about many of her perverted sexual thoughts and fantasy's ones of nasty and abusive sex, and the more publicly humiliating the better!

He insisted she experience them all, but wanted me to keep her from getting hurt or into real trouble! I assured him that I would, but once I had taken her, and especially in a place like this I could not guarantee anything except that she would be harshly and horribly used as a helpless slut for black cock, and she would have no choice but to do or be with numerous black men, ones like me that could care less about her feelings, much less hurting her in the most sexually abusive and perverted way!

This theater, the Holiday is where he would leave her for me, naked bound and blindfolded wearing nothing but red heels in the main lobby! The thought made my big black dick instantly hard!..

Apparently he had done similar things to her in the past, out in the woods and in adult motels, even leaving the door to the motel unlocked! But few perverts had taken full advantage of the sinful opportunity or did anything more than just play with her or watched them have sex, so nothing like this had ever happened? These past outings and the anticipation had left her quite disappointed, very unsatisfied sexually frustrated, and wanting,... especially for such an oversexed horny young woman! I on the other hand had no intention of letting this happening to her again? The Holiday had a policy of letting couples in free if the woman was dressed for sex! He told me the time they would arrive, and I watched him bring her into the theater that night!

He opened her coat to show the doorman that she was indeed completely naked under it, their was enough light in the entry way and theater lobby that accented her naked shapely fair skinned body as after showing the doorman he left her coat unbuttoned and wide open!

He had been telling her all sorts of nasty things, about where she had been taken and what might happen as her being unable to see this was a way to get her really sexed up and it really worked! I found out very quickly that when he, and later I did this she became wet immediately and almost beside herself with lustful anticipation! But sexual fantasy and the thought of something like this actually happening, affects women in different ways? It was her husbands feeling that once in my capable black hands and with some forceful treatment and vocal threats with her having no choice, this would let her inner slut go crazy wild? And would allow her to do the most nasty vile and sexually perverted things one could imagine, and that I would not be disappointed!

She with her bare breasts exposed and her coat open, had already attracted several other black men especially with her being blindfolded and her wrists cuffed helplessly behind her back!
We met at the entrance that led into the lower part of the big theater He said to me, "Mac"... in a low voice? I nodded , this was our prearranged contact signal as we had never met before, actually I could have been anyone of the black men in the theater that night that would have answered to the name Mac, had someone offered these men a helplessly bound naked and very shapely white woman!

He took her coat off, and placed it over his shoulder this left her totally nude so anyone watching could indeed see that her hands were helplessly behind her back! Then pinched her bare bottom, she yelped with a start, squealing submissively as he did so and the sound was quite erotic, her naked breasts perked up and jiggled quite provocatively from her reaction! I noticed at first she had something taped to her nipples and then her cunt lips with silver duct tape they were brass rings!

He had sent me pictures of this and told me she liked being led around naked on a leash by either, but I did not think he would actually bring her to the theater with rings taped to her nipples and cunt lips, especially in front of a bunch of horny black men that were now standing around watching!

He snapped a leash onto the rings hanging down from her cunt lips then gave it a tug, making sure it pulled on her intimate place, she let out a gasp as he pulled her, I could see she was holding her breath wondering what was going to happen next?
He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear telling me her name, and to really pull on the cunt leash hard,...then handed me the leash and walked off! I thought? OMFG was he a dumb bastard or what? How could he possibly just leave his pretty young wife like this, with a black stranger one he had never met before, one that would surely defile her in the most harsh and sexually brutal way!

But he was a husband that knew her kinky perverted sexual needs, and only wanted to see his wife experience all that could happen to a naked helpless woman, especially one that has perverse sexual cravings like this, it was the type of sex he was unable to provide, and that she so wanted ? There was no question it was going to happen on this night and now no one could stop it?

After realizing her husband had left, she had a mild case of concerned anxiety at least vocally, as she meekly and unconvincingly pleaded with me,... a complete stranger in almost a whisper not to hurt her! I was wearing a leather sport coat slacks and only wanting to enhance the experience said nothing, this left her in a panic scared to death trembling and even more uncertain, especially with her being literally naked and helpless!

The smell of a peaches and cream naked young white woman along with the ambiance of her sexually charged wetness, brought out the romantic beast in me?
I pushed the blindfold up for a moment! I wanted her to see me and where she had been taken, along with the other black men standing around watching, and that I was in complete charge, and indeed a big mean nasty looking black man, 6' 4" tall, 220 lbs a bald head with a salt and pepper goatee! Then I grabbed her pretty neck, and squeezed pulling her up close, and with the most threatening demeanor I could muster, said you are my white bitch for the evening, and will do exactly as I say! Do you understand? I had never seen a woman's eyes get so big and the expression on her face of scared total submission was quite apparent! My other hand had easily found her wet sexually stimulated well shaven pussy folds! Then before she could say a word I forcefully kissed her deep and aggressive as my fingers first two, then three easily entered her aroused sexual being!

My fingers curved up into her soft wetness between her moist fleshy lips and grabbed her pubic bone, as my tongue first probed her lovely red lipped mouth french kissing her deep and then deeper devouring her innocence! ..These fingers eventually found their way up firmly into her cunt with my thumb against her perked up clitoris! It amazes me how a woman's clit when they are aroused in heat, will swell up like a mini hard on, I could feel exactly what she wanted as my grip tightened , then tried my best to grind her firm swollen meaty clitoris as hard and sadistically as I could between my thumb and her unyielding pelvic bone!
This was all it took, she not expecting anything like this had left her with little resistance, she with my tongue in her mouth made a deep throated crazed like animal sound? It was all she could do, to stand as my lips on hers muffled the sound,with my fingers and the hold on her neck the only things keeping this young woman up! Her legs were almost useless, her thighs quivered, she was humping my hand and trying to push her cunt up against my harsh abuse so my black hand and fingers could get in deeper! With her bare breasts against my chest and my thumb grinding away on her most intimate place I could feel her pulse against the firm meaty orb with every beat of her heart! Then she succumbed,... to the first of several shuddering and very forceful orgasms!..

For me to see a woman get off like this from only a threat and a little rough treatment was a most incredible sight! Now weak kneed, and with me holding her up, it took several minutes until she could stand alone on her red heels. Then with little or no resistance I led her through the doors and down into main part of the theater! Doing this in an adult movie theater where a bunch of horny lecherous men were watching porn and jacking off, with any woman, one that was fully dressed was one thing?
But one that was white and totally naked wearing only red heels blindfolded and with her hands bound helplessly behind her back, on a leash that was hooked to her cunt lips was quite another! And in front of not only so many black men, but to hear a number of white women, ones sitting in the back dark rows gasp with hushed murmurs from how brazen and perverted it was, and even more for these horny men now in anticipation quickly and easily had become rock hard!

The whole idea was to lead her down the carpet aisle all the way in front of the screen and then back up cris crossing back and forth between the rows of seats where the biggest group of black men were sitting advertising her helpless naked submissive charms before putting on a nasty and humiliating public sex show for all in attendance to see!

Once into the large part of theater it took several minutes for my eyes to adjust, and I could not believe what she said? "Pull me harder were her words", the leash attached to her cunt lips by the silver duct tape had two chrome rings and snaps with nylon cords that were wrapped together! Half way down the descending carpet and in front of a dozen or so black males I turned, put one hand on her chest just above her naked breasts that stopped her, with the other kept pulling on her leashed cunt lips harder, and harder until her knees were bent with her pubic mound was arched out precariously and her pink cunt lips pulled up and apart leaving a lot of her weight held only by this naked tender flesh that left her barely able to stand!

Holding her there, I was amazed that this could be done by only the tender flesh? Then with others watching the sadistic abuse of her gentiles I pulled harder yet and did so for several minutes! With little resistance vocal or otherwise I bent her over forward, holding her by the hair kicked her legs apart really wide as I pulled the leash down an in between her legs and handed it to a young black brother setting next to the aisle in one of the theater lounge chairs! There was a light at each end of every other aisle and with the movie playing would light the place place up fairly bright in between scenes that showed her shapely white bottom and the taped ringed pussy folds quite vividly! He was most surprised not knowing quite what to do?

Then unwrapped the nylon cord only to discovered they were snapped onto each of the chrome rings that were taped firmly to her now stretched out wide open hanging down cunt lips!

Intrigued by this never having seen anything so perverted pulled on them as she said much to his and my surprise!... "Harder" with her bare ass almost in his face and she bent over he pulled them even farther apart opening her slit wide exposing her now even more stimulating wetness that was dripping of the tip of her clit! With her wide open he was even more surprised to see her perked up swollen and abused clitoris that was now twice its original size! He dropped leash and reached out at first lovingly squeezing it then started masturbating her followed by his hand trying to force its way in and then made the comment jeez she is soakin wet and tight as hell, as he finger fucked her cunt with as many fingers as he could! She started moaning quite loudly much to everyone's amazement as he became more forceful and abusive, then sadistically squeezed her clit as hard as he could ! Her reaction was of a wild animal having sex, with a hurtful yet arousing noise of painfully erotic sex!.......
It was just a perverse live sex show for me and those watching and this was in order to interest and excite them into really abusing her good! Then I pulled her up onto her tip toes by only the two duct taped nipple rings , and was amazed that the silver 3M duct tape stuck to her bare flesh so well? I could almost lift this 110 lb naked woman up off the floor by only her nipples, again all she said was the breathless word harder?

With the guy who was still masturbating and finger fucking her I pulled her by the nipples over in between the center row of theater seats onto the part of the floor with no carpet and forced her down onto her knees in front of a dozen or so black men and was going to see just how much of a nasty slutty whore she really was?

First I grabbed a hand full of her hair pulled the blindfold off and forced her to look at these black men that all wanted their chance to fuck her! I could see her face of lewd unabashed lust as she helplessly orgasmed from the black hand and fingers really doing a number on her! Her eyes rolled back in her head her mouth was agape drool was running out the her mouth" KEEP cumming bitch" I scream at her as her body continued to convulse!

Her head was shaking back and forth no, as I bent her forward! But her animal instincts of a bitch in heat who's pussy was responding actually tried to twist her ass around and impale her stretched open pussy onto my hard black dick that was out and standing straight up from all that had just happened! All the while she staring out lewdly, glassy eyed into the crowd at all these black perverts, ones that were just waiting for a blow job or a chance to fuck her brains out!

I pulled her head back by her hair, with her lily white neck fully exposed wrapped my hand around her throat firmly and squeezed saying " keep cumming bitch" the results left her convulsing wildly with her legs and arms flailing wildly about! Then standing on the cords still attached to her labia/cunt lips I forced her forward that pulls the tender flesh open harshly, and shove my big hard meat down, deep into her wet open cunt, the sensation from her abused finger fucked pussy is that I cannot hold it any longer and cum harder than ever!..... I keep pounding her as hard as I can again and again as she pushes her little white ass back against me forcefully, until I cum again she really wants what I have and squeals out the words fuck me you black bastard, fuck me harder!...

This is what I want all of my black brothers to hear and see as I pull out and force her around and down on her knees and position myself in front of her. Her ass is up in the air right in front of all these men and her cunt juice's are mixed with my Black cum that is spilling out of her swollen hard fucked cunt on the floor at their feet. Most all have their dicks out and jerking off waiting their chance! But now I want them to see what I depraved Black Cock lovin little white bitch of a whore she has become as she starts licking my dick, her little tongue darts out through her red painted lips softly licking gathering her and my cream from around my dick head and and works down my shaft to kinky haired black balls! Then swallowing while they watch the strings of cum ooze out and drip from her her red lips and well used pussy.

I grabbed her head and shoved my Dick deep down her throat as she moans with delight taking it deeper! This is what I want all of these black perverts to see ! I look down at her and say "Deanna I WANT you TO CUM, and TAKE MY DICK DEEPER AND CUM FOR ME NOW." I stand with my legs apart and my dick out, both of my hands are on the back of her head holding her nose against my kinky haired pubic bone!
With my new white friends wife kneeling naked in front of me and her throat acting as a cunt that is engulfed around my Black Dick as she again orgasms, convulsing and shaking with even more submissive sinful lust!
Oh my she is squirting cunt juice out that is dripping into a puddle of cum on the floor.

Her husband unknown to me has come back to watch and was overwhelmed by the debasement of his sweet young wife and was jerking off while he watches her sinful humiliating abuse! . I cum deep in her willing mouth as she orgasms again, I her total submissive sluttyness! I finally spot her husband as the move screen illuminates for well over a minute who is stunned with his dick in his hand. I watch this as I pull my Dick from his wife's mouth she is still cumming lightly! My cum is mixed with her drool and spittle spilling from the corners of her mouth, mascara is running down her face, her lipstick smeared she is a wasted well used helplessly naked piece of cunt meat! After this I put collar and short leash that is handed to me by Darla and lead over to the closest black brother as Darla with a perverted smile roughly forces her head and helplessly open mouth down on his hard black meat and then with a handful of hair she helps him face fuck her! It only takes a moment before he cums, I can hear her choke as she is held down all the way on his hard cock! Then I jerk her up as she gasps for breath and do the exact same thing with the next black brothers dick!

There is nothing more perverted a black perverted female like Darla loves to see than a white woman like Deanna horribly abused face fucked and humiliated like this, that is repeated again and again until at least a dozen black brothers have satisfied her and their oral lust! For me this is a complete depraved debasement of this sweet young white housewife. OMG! I cannot believe she is tugging on the leash, she knows what she needs and has gotten down on her knees on the floor in front of all these men, ones she has just pleasured and sucked off. I love watching a submissive cum cravin little whore like bitch as I scream at her to lick the cum off the dirty floor.

"Ok girl... good girl,.. LICK IT UP AND CUM FOR ME again bitch" I look at her husband as he watches with his dick rock hard in his hand and his wife totally naked wearing a leash on her knees willingly obey the commands of a nasty black bastard like me. She places her face in the puddle of cum and starts lapping the nasty stuff up like a bitch lapping warm milk! With her tongue she is sucking cum into her mouth, and her body convulsing from obeying such a nasty perverted command to cum, finally she is spent sprawled out on the floor and after humping my polished shoe is writhing around on the cum covered floor in orgasmic bliss!

How beautiful she looks to me a Nasty Black Bastard, and she totally naked covered in cum bruised and abused a depraved submissive female slut submitting to her true and most sinfully depraved desires.

With well over a dozen black men all ready and wanting to fuck and use her mouth pussy and asshole I let go of the leash and stand back to watch! It is a most erotic surreal experience of a live gang bang, that of a young white woman brutally abused and hard fucked in both ends numerous times! With just about any and all forms of perverted kinky abuse two big black dicks in her pussy at one time followed by the came two trying to stretch and force their two dicks into her distorted red lipped mouth the kind of abuse that can only be with a naked helpless horny submissive white married woman one that is a true black cock sucking whore!

But the night is not over yet as I want a video of her that is exactly how I like to fuck his wife with her legs splayed wide so she can take my Dick deep in her cunt did you notice her legs and feet her leg muscles taut and toes pointed downward as I drive my Dick deep her orgasm building in her little body with her cunt juice lathering and squirting all over my Big Black Dick.
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