Zoe And Me - Still Friends
Zoe and me go way back, and I still count her as one of my best friends. She is a year older than I, we met as teenagers, I was seventeen. In those days I was, foolishly, into smoking dope, and to afford it I, even more stupidly, used to collect money from people I knew and score in bulk. When it had been divided up, and my expenses deducted, there was enough left for my personal use.

She was among my irregular customers, along with other collage friends of hers. She had a tremendous figure, a slim build, and firm, over-sized tits, she was also blonde. To say I had the hots for her would be the under statement of the year! She always got a little extra in her deal, but tragically, she had a boyfriend who I knew slightly, I hated him obviously.

One warm, summer's Saturday night, I saw her walking towards her parents house, alone. I caught up with her and was about to start a conversation when I realized she was as angry as I had ever seen her, or angrier. Normally, she was very easy going, and totally happy, but when anger took her she could be fierce, passionate, and determined.

I walked beside her while she fumed silently. As we weren't in conversation I was able to concentrate on her boobs. My eyes were not just drawn, they were locked as if by some superior, invisible force. Her pace was purposeful and vigorous, and her breasts were like tidal waves on springs!

We continued like this until, reaching her front door, she took out a key and was just about to slip it into the lock when she paused and looked at me for the first time. Taking a step towards me she put her arms round me and kissed me. Not a quick, goodnight, kiss. This was lengthy, passionate, and with tongues! I had kissed a girl before, but had never been taken by surprise like this. I took my chance, my hands were soon caressing her back, and investigating the contours of her shapely arse.

As suddenly as it began it was over. Having ascertained that I would be in The George the following evening, she kissed the tips of two fingers, touched them lightly on my lips, and, smiling for the first time, said she would see me there. The door closed and she was gone. I stood there wondering if I had a date for the following evening. I did not know, but I was hoping . . .

Saturday came and it transpired that I did have a date. We sat close, I had my arm round her waist, and we talked all evening. At chucking out time we went on to a party. Someone's parents were away, so the forever uninvited were casually trashing the parts of the house that weren't locked, and breaking into some of the parts that were. The sound of Cream playing Sunshine Of Your Love on some remote stereo was rattling the windows, and the neighbors!

As soon as we arrived Zoe said that she knew this place. Taking my hand she led me through a gate into the rear garden, running silently across the lawn we arrived at a detached summer house. It was the sort that had no door, we walked right in. All I can remember of the interior was the enormous couch which confronted us. When I say enormous I really mean huge, a few years later I owned a 66 Oldsmobile Cutlass and it would have fitted on this monstrous sofa with room to spare.

She dragged me over to it as though we had just had the four minute warning! In one swift movement she had hurled me onto the couch, and dived into its welcoming clutches immediately after. We kind of wrestled as we rolled around, we were like children with sex on our minds, hell that's exactly what we were. All I could see at the time was powder pink cord (her jacket and skirt) and a well filled white tee shirt. I can see it still!

As we tumbled over and over, and an eagerness to remove each others clothes took hold, I especially wanted to see, and taste those fascinating boobs! Jacket, skirt, tee shirt, and bra, all seemed to float from her body; but I was wearing fitted jeans and knee length boots, and we had to break the mood while these were removed more prosaically. Electric Ladyland replaced The Cream, and we resumed the wrestling.

Actually not much more of that at all, I gave up, lay on my back and pulled her on top of me. She got the message and, straddling me, she lowered those wonderful tits onto my face, literally a dream come true! They were not of this world, pure heaven. I squeezed, licked, rubbed, and sucked to my hearts content, her nipples were the size of acorns, and just as hard. At the same time she had one hand inside her panties, I could feel her long, elegant, finger nails against my balls, as she teased her pussy.

I was not technically a virgin at the time, having had a brief, fumbling, encounter with a girl two years earlier. After it was over, neither of us was sure what had happened, nor were we much the wiser. I intended to make the most of my opportunities here, both to experience and to learn. I had heard of oral sex, both giving and receiving, I suggested we try 69! However I needed her to educate me as to what I should do.

"So you want a blow job do you?" She countered, "I will if you are any good at giving me head first." She lay back and showed me where to go and what to do. There and then, to the sound of Five Leaves Left, I discovered my life long love of the taste and perfume of pussy. Under her instruction, I licked, nibbled sucked, and tongue-fucked to my hearts content. Her juices flowed, filling my mouth and covering my face, and the sound of her moaning filled the summerhouse.

It all excited us both so much that before the second side of the album had finished, Zoe was almost begging to be fucked, I was ready and more than willing, I never did get that blow job.

I crawled along her body, pausing to suck her nipples on the way, until she was able to take hold of my erect prick, and guide it into her pussy. She was so wet that I slipped into her in one thrust. There, on this enormous couch, I discovered that sex really was all it was cracked up to be, and more. As we fucked I tried to kiss her, but disconcertingly, she seemed to be more interested in licking her juices from my face.

This was my first real experience of sex. I wasn't experienced, and book learning can only go so far, but it went well enough. Although we remained in the missionary position, we did vary it a few times. Lifting myself up so we could see the show as I slid in and out of her was especially horny.

It would have gone still better If Zoe hadn't seemed somewhat distracted, she kept looking over my shoulder. I assumed that she was afraid that we might be observed by passing partygoers, but that worry seemed to pass, and we were both approaching the climax to the evenings entertainment!

"Its okay, you can come in me," she said encouragingly, "I'm on the pill." That was all I needed to take me over the top. Not my first orgasm by a long way, but certainly the most powerful so far, and still clear in my memory, as one of the highlights of my life. I lay sprawled on top of her, exhausted, satiated, and triumphant for some minutes. Eventually I regained my breath, and could move, as I rolled onto my back I thought I saw a shadow outside.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Nobody," she replied. The ominous sound of Careful With That Axe Eugene drifted out of the night air.

We dressed and I walked her home, we didn't actually go in to the party. There was little, or no conversation. She appeared relaxed but thoughtful, and I was a seventeen year old who couldn't believe his luck, and was still blown away by the experience. On arriving at the same door we had the previous evening, we kissed briefly and she disappeared. I didn't know what I had expected but it wasn't that. The next morning I phoned her home, her mother answered, she was already out with her friend Rose. There was no message.

It transpired that they were moving to an apartment in London, as a couple. The shadow was the, now, ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her and been set up. I was the revenge fuck, with perhaps a little sympathy thrown in, to get me started. We remain friends to this day, she is still a little apologetic, but not much, and I am happy it happened, it did get me started after all.

Several years later Zoe and Rose split! Same reason really, Rose was having a bit on the side, several bits in fact, and Zoe got mad. She stormed out and needed somewhere urgently. I had a room in a shared house, so we swapped. That is with the obvious exception of Rose's bed, I got the sofa! Within days Rose got a job offer in France and just packed and left.

Zoe was unhappy in the shared house so she moved back straight away. We changed things around so that there were two bedrooms, but lounge and kitchen were the same room. It didn't matter since we spent more time in the pub than the apartment. All this time Zoe had never come out to the people we knew locally, they assumed that she and Rose were friends and that Rose had moved out as Zoe and I were an item. Rose was her only lesbian relationship, there was no local gay scene, she soon discovered that she was lonely, insecure, and alone.

She became prone to mood swings, had a verbal warning as work, and our friends at the pub began avoiding her. Then one night she came silently into my room and woke me up by getting into bed with me, she was naked.

"I need a cuddle Simon." I could feel her tears on my face as she clung to me, she squeezed so tight I thought I would be strangled.

"Are you missing Rose?" I do ask some stupid questions at times and this was one of them. She missed having a lover, the cuddles, and the sex.

I bit her ear, gently tugging at the lobe with my teeth, then kissed her neck, she relaxed her grip on me and heaved an enormous sigh. As I kissed my way down to her breasts she relaxed further and lay on her back. Her nipples were like acorns, just as I remembered years before, even before I got to them with my mouth. I circled, and flicked them with my tongue, and pressed them with my lips. She moaned, and her hips thrust involuntarily, and urgently.

Kissing my way further down her body, tongue delving in her navel, Zoe murmured, "Yes Pamela, oh yes." I wondered what the story was there? Not a name I knew in connection with her, a secret fantasy perhaps? I worked my way to her mound and nuzzled the fine blond hair with my lips before running my tongue, oh so delicately, along her lips.

I was going to tease her to distraction, to give her as much pleasure as I could, but she had other ideas. Holding my head in a vice like grip she pressed her pussy against my mouth, thrusting against my tongue, she came immediately in a torrent. Releasing me she lay back smiling to herself, and tweaking her own nipples. "Again," was her only contribution to the proceedings.

I settled between her wide open thighs and licked and sucked to my hearts content. Wave after wave of orgasms broke over her like an incoming tide, consuming her.After what seemed like all night, I was exhausted, and she was spent, and satiated. I wrapped her in my arms, pulled the covers over us, and we fell asleep immediately.

In the middle of the day we woke, still in each others arms. Zoe got up straight away and got a gown from her room. She came back, with coffee and cigarettes, and sat on my bed.

"I'm sorry Simon, I should never have done that." This was not the opening sentence I wanted to hear, but I was not surprised. She was the nicest person with the hottest body for miles, but gay is gay, even if she took the occasional break from her nature, through desperation. "It won't happen again, I was just out of my mind last night."

She was out of her mind twice more before she finally found a girlfriend, a very lucky German woman, named Suzi. Such is life, and not a bad one, and the fact that she still owes me a blow job, makes me smile to this day.
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