Daytona Bike Week & Black Biker Chicks
Daytona Bike Week & Black Biker Chicks

A wife's confession.....

This is a story my wife told me about her cousin Laura,.. actually as it turned out she wasn't even a cousin as her mothers aunt had just taken the girl in, a mostly abandon older child and tried to help raise her? She was now an attractive 30yr old blond. My wife Jenny was barely 18 when her parents got a divorced, and was sent to spend the summer at Laura's in Daytona Beach. This was before we were married, her mother had sent this young innocent naive over sexed daughter of hers on this cross country bus trip to sunny Florida, as the divorce was hateful and unpleasant. Jenny loved both her father and mother, but her mother had no idea that this woman Laura was an over sexed wild child and a lesbian to boot! She had been married several times to both black and white men, was sexually frustrated for the most part from these relationships and a very unsatisfied woman, but one that was so fucking hot horny and ready for the most submissive perverse and abusive sex you could imagine? Especially as a submissive to other women. My girl Jenny was almost the opposite as a ripe young woman, but a naively stupid horny girl, she had masturbated from an early age and had sexual fantasy's about all sorts of perverted nasty things during puberty, especially after finding some of her fathers fuck books, and one was of black women abusing naked young white girls like her, and what made this trip more appealing to Jenny were the rumors she had heard about Laura, and her wild sex life that were quite appealing?

This along with her first boyfriend, and her father knowing they had been petting and playing stinky finger, had actually told the boy he could do what ever he wanted to her? But, if he knocked her up would have to marry Jenny, as her father did not want the responsibility of six children with her the eldest, was always trying to give her away, even to older black men in the area where they lived? This thought as a young white girl living in a mostly black area of being given to an older black man and what he might do was quite arousing to a girl in puberty, one that had perverted sexual fantasy's and masturbated almost daily?

The boy, now with an open invitation from her father, and his parents gone had easily got Jenny to lay on his bed where he tied her down tight, then undid her blouse, played and sucked on her tits, then pushed up her skirt then cut her panties off ! This had scared the shit out of her, but was so sinfully exciting and very stimulating, and if this was not bad enough after playing with Jenny's virgin tight little pussy almost to orgasm had then gone down on her, and with a little oral abuse, had found her tender over sensitive clit, nibbling biting and sucking! This had quickly given her the most incredible mind blowing orgasm of her young life and also set her up for what was about to happen during bike week at Daytona! The only thing that kept her from getting her brains fucked out that night was his parents came home early and unexpected! This along with the embarrassing and humiliating thought of being caught naked with her pussy wet, and tied helplessly to the boys bed, by his parents, and with him desperately trying to untie her, was a most exciting experience and was an incredible turn on!

Laura had her own motorcycle a Harley Sportster that was fixed up like some of the full sized bikes of the day. It had high bars slash pipes and was gloss black with wild orange and yellow flames, a buddie bar a small and unusually curved up hard rubber pad on the rear fender for the passenger seat!
Laura had picked Jenny up early that afternoon at the bus depot. This young bride of mine to be, had a small bag with few things and was wearing an old worn dress. The sight of this woman Laura, who was wearing dark glasses a tight fitting pair of black short shorts and a loose fitting leather vest with white knee high boots was quite intimidating! Jenny had never been on a bike, let alone one like this, and with such a wild looking and imposing woman as the rider. Laura was wearing no bra that easily exposed almost all but the nipples of her 36" breasts. Especially with her arms up on the hi bars,... had motioned Jenny to get on!

She was not sure how or what to do as she clutched the small bag, the chrome exhaust pipe were too high on one side, as she tried to lift her leg on the other the dress was obviously keeping her from doing so? Laura with little patience and a number of transient men watching pulled this young girl over and easily ripped one side of the dress, then turned her slightly and ripped the other clear up to her panties! This solved the problem, but as Jenny now embarrassed to death raised her leg and got on,... had easily exposed her naked upper thighs and most all of her thin white young girl panties, to these men's amazed delight! Laura said hang on little bitch,.. as she dumped the clutch the rear tire screeched slightly and they were on their way!

I am sure you have seen a pack of bikers out on the interstate and a big titted slutty looking tattooed women on the back, with their breasts almost hanging out as they zoom by, the noise of the open pipes would scare the shit out of any normal person much less those in the car, and these biker babe's with nasty grins on their face giving the astonished occupants in the autos the middle finger!

It was all Jenny could do to hang on to her bag with one hand, and put her arm around Laura's bare middle with the other... The only thing that kept her from falling on her ass, as this crazy blond woman banged each shift hard and accelerated to a hi rate of speed was the chrome buddy bar on the back! Jenny was scared to death at first, and was sure they would end up in some horrible ripped apart twisted accident, but after a short time began to relax a bit as it was obvious that this wild ass woman could ride a bike! The power and vibration of the engine and hard rubber pad was a fit perfectly up between a girl like Jenny's tender young thighs, the sensation was like no other and was a most erotic stimulating vibrator that had Jenny wet and on the verge of orgasm during the entire trip! This and her hand just below Laura's bra less breasts that were jiggling wildly made it difficult to hang on, and she could barely do so until the bike finally came to an abrupt halt in Laura's car port!

The place was a modest older two bedroom house near the loop and not far from where most of the action occurred during bike week, she shared the house with another woman named Cherri, Jenny had no idea that they shared much more that just the house?

The first thing this wild woman said was, we have to get you some better clothes to wear, as she led my girl into one of two bedrooms, then said you can crash out here and use anything you need, then said in a matter of fact way, you don't mind sharing a bed do you, and bye the way I sleep in the nude?

The last time Jenny had slept with another girl was in a pajama party on a sleep over as a young teen, but never with such a bold sexy and appealing older woman like Laura! Many women, and Jenny was no exception have bisexual thoughts and feelings, but most never act on them? Unless circumstance presents itself, and circumstance was certainly starting to present itself? Jenny was totally taken with Laura she had heard some outrageous nasty rumors and comments about this blond so called cousin, who was everything a young horny girl like her wanted to be, and had fantasized about when it came to some of her more darker and sinful sexual side? No one that knew Jenny, would have ever suspected she had nasty and perverted thoughts like these, ones of being naked and forced to submit to the most bizarre degrading and humiliating acts of sex!

But the same thoughts were exactly what Laura had also became obsessed with when it came to her sexual interests?
Laura told Jenny to get out of her ripped dress take a quick shower, and while she enjoyed the warm water Laura picked through her things finding two matching outfits that were perfect for bike week and that would show off not only her womanly assets, but also do the same for Jenny's shapely young body! When Jenny was in the shower Laura had opened the shower door and asked if she needed anything, soap shampoo or a razor? But the look on her face was more of lust than from a helpful cousin, it was a little unsettling to Jenny as she had never had another girl, much less and older attractive woman like Laura look at her l with such obvious sexual interest? Laura then handed her a razor and said shave all of your thin pubic hair off as the outfit she had in mind required her to be clean shaven down there?

Jenny had done this to her inner thighs for a swim suit, but had never shaven it all off! Now with her pubes clean shaven had only added to the incredible sexual feeling of her stimulating ride..Once out of the shower she was surprised to see Laura laying on the bed naked and even more surprising was her breasts! As both nipples were pierced with some rather large chrome rings! But what was the most shocking of all, she was playing with another chrome ring that was pierced right through her clit! Jenny with wide eyed wonder had fantasized about having her nipples pierced at one time, but her clit OMG! She would never willingly do anything like that! But one of her darker fantasy's, was of being naked with her hands bound helplessly behind her back and led around in front of a bunch of horny older black men with a a leash attached to her nipples or now her clit! So this, was a most stimulating and arousing thought when it came to pleasuring herself!
With Jenny naked and only a towel in her hand, Laura said I want to show you something, as she patted the bed next to her and said sit down?

Jenny with her eyes still wide in wonder was drawn helplessly to this most erotic and sexually perverse clitoral hardware.... Laura was playing with the chrome ring and said, you can touch it if you want? Jenny was so fascinated from the sight and was looking intently as she got closer, the woman said you can pull on it if you want, it doesn't hurt adding others have already tried to really hurt me! The towel had fallen completely away as the young girl fascinated with the ring sat down on the bed peering intently and now, only inches away. Laura grabbed her wet hair and forced Jenny's face down firmly into her wet pussy folds, but they were not wet from a shower! For Jenny as a naive submissive young girl, it was a most natural thing to just stick her tongue out as the wetness and smell of an aroused woman was heady and quite overpowering! Jenny had never done anything like this, she did though have some idea? But Laura was going to give her some hands on training, hers so to speak lesbian introduction, one of female oral stimulation!

It only took several minutes of Laura rubbing the girls face up and down in her slit and then holding Jenny's young lips directly over the pierced clit that allowed her tongue to dart through and around the ring, of this aroused clit as Laura arched up and tried to fuck Jenny's face, for Laura to experience a forceful bucking orgasm!.. She held Jenny there tightly clamped between her firm thighs savoring the incredible after glow of orgasm, then finally relaxed letting the girl loose. It also had a profound effect on Jenny as she experienced perverse and sinfully submissive feelings, and was stimulated almost to orgasm herself having no idea feelings like this existed only moments ago. Those of being forced to suck and pleasure another woman! But when her boyfriend had done a similar thing to her,.. knew the wonderful feeling that oral stimulation could bring, and now from another woman!

Laura still relaxed continued to lay there as Jenny also recovered blinking, licking her lips from the older woman's sweet wetness, was able to compare this 30 yr old's naked body to hers! Jenny was a dark haired attractive young 18 year old, 5' 4" weighed 130 lbs and not quite fully developed, but was a more full figured girl than Laura, her young breasts were full round 38"inchers that easily jiggled about when unrestrained, she had a small wasp like 22" tiny waist and an equally impressive full 38" overhanging bottom! The word ripe was certainly the correct description for her female hour glass figure! Laura by contrast was a taller slimmer blond 5' 8" weighted 125 lbs and was a 36" C cup with a 23" waist and firm boyish 36' hips!
Finally Laura sat up and as she swung around had placed her longer legs on either side of Jenny and her arms around the young girl, hugging her lovingly and squeezing her big soft full young breasts! Then bit her on the neck as she whispered in her ear, that was pretty good girl, with a little practice I think you could suck pussy with the best of them! Jenny never had anyone compliment her about anything, much less the ability to orally pleasure another woman, and smugly enjoyed the comment.

Laura then stood up and had handed Jenny the most tiny pink bikini imaginable, taking a similar one and slipping the bottoms on and up between the crack of her ass, followed by the top hooking it in front, and sliding it around pulling it up over her breasts and chrome ringed nipples...
Jenny as a naive young girl, up till that time had only worn a one piece suit and was not quite sure, but after watching Laura did the bottoms first, only to discover that what she had been given was for a smaller girl, this had let her young full virgin like white thighs and ass cheeks easily pooch out from the tight suit bottoms quite perverse and so vulgarly erotic! If this was not bad enough the bikini top was smaller and tighter yet, it did restrict her breathing, but much less barely secured these large young ripe 38" melons! Laura adding to Jenny's plight had taken some dark eye liner, gaudy bright red lip gloss and fixed her face and lips to look more like a stupid bimbo or young naive whore trying to turn her first trick! It was a good thing she could not see herself in a mirror as she would have been shocked and horrified by her slutty, and mostly naked appearance!

This outfit was finished off with a pair of shinny white leather knee high boots just like Laura's, something Jenny had wanted, but never owned!
Once Jenny was dressed to the blond older woman's taste Laura led her out into the car port, to the Harley Sportster. Jenny with a stimulated shaved pussy and still in awe from the oral lovemaking along with being almost naked out doors was naively helpless to resist? Laura started the bike and Jenny with nothing restricting her legs, easily stepped over the rear fender and pipes, and placed her pussy on the hard curved up rubber pad! The thought of riding on the back of this thing almost naked in public was one thing, but the wonderful sensation from her earlier ride quickly returned and she barely got her arms around Laura's bare middle before the bike literally leaped out onto the street!

Daytona Bike Week, riding the loop! Main Street Station, the action at Dirty Harry's, and the Boot Hill Saloon, along with the Outrageous behavior of half naked women. Would make this Bike week the Mother of all Bike Weeks for both! Not only for Jenny, but would be every thing Laura had ever fantasized about in the way of kinky abusive and sadistic bisexual, and lesbian sex!
There was a sea of motorcycles people and bare dressed women that were packed into these streets, it was not unusual to see women young and old with their ass and tits hanging out on the back of these incredible chrome plated and colorful machines, even less so was to see two women together, both as passenger and rider! This brought plenty of attention to Laura and Jenny as a pretty blond woman wearing only a pink scanty bikini and white boots was appealing enough, but to have this young fair skinned over ripe dark haired girl on the back, dressed the very same, one with her goodies squeezed out almost in glassy eyed semi orgasmic bliss, from so many people and their openly lustful looks of both men and women was more that Jenny could stand or even imagine earlier in the day!

This along with Laura's almost constant revving of the V-Twin, the noise and incredible vibration of the hard rubber stimulating thing in between her young thighs had her well shaven pussy soaking wet, with the preorgasmic anticipation, of wanton abusive submissive sex!

"Black Bike Week" a less advertised side event to the Daytona Beach motorcycle rally was the place that interested Laura the most! After several trips up main street and the loop she had cut across to the street where most of the black bikers were grouped enjoying the same as those on in the loop! But these bars and taverns accommodated a more earthy and colorful group, ones that were more open and wild, those that really let it all hang out when it came to the nasty sexual things that could happen? As few white women especially two, without men for protection, would dare venture, and especially into any of these mostly all black drinking establishments!

Laura had cruised up an down the street and was enjoying the attention from many of the black male bikers and the scorn from the black biker chicks as she intentionally flirted and would shake her tits stick out her tongue and lick her lips at any of these men that paid her the least bit of attention, especially those that gave her more than just a casual glance!

Few bike riding white females would do what she had done, especially wearing only a tiny pink bikini? Jenny wearing even less, and naively stupid, was half silly from the vibrations had not really noticed the first lustful looks of admiring males and females in the loop, but now that had changed from lust, to looks of lecherous and perverted sex by some of these rough looking black male and female bikers!
This openly seductive and flirty behavior toward these men, ones that were all to willing when it came to accommodating a blond white women like Laura,... had brought the ire of their women? The black biker babes, were ones that did not appreciate white women openly flaunting their female charms tits and ass and tempting their men! But this was exactly what Laura wanted, and that was a face to face confrontation!..

She had purposely stopped in the middle of some of the meanest nasty looking black women, and was trying to incite and provoke them into doing something? As for Laura her ultimate sexual fantasy was to be on her motorcycle in a place like this, and be surrounded by a group of nasty lesbian and bisexual black biker bitches, one's that would drag her blond ass physically from her bike and pull her into one of these bars, then proceed to strip her naked and make her perform some sort of the most nasty and perverted humiliating acts of sex, and have her tits ass and pussy whipped or being forced to suck on many of these black women's pussy's in front of others, and then let them cum all over her in public, or humiliate her by leaving her naked in a big puddle of nasty cum, or eventually shaving her pubes and head, and then have there way with her with as much abusive and perverted sex as they wish?... ..

This was what really lit Laura's twisted and submissive bisexual fires, and the thought of this happening to her always made her wet, that left her on the edge of incredible mind blowing orgasms!
The group of black biker chicks she had stopped in the middle of, were the female part of the Black and Blues, a most notorious motorcycle gang and were some of the meanest nasty bisexual and lesbian women one could imagined? An argument quickly ensued, as each called the other a bitch, a slut and a cheap ass whore! Just as Laura and Jenny were about to be physically jerked off her bike, and forcefully played with,... a police car drove by, this stopped the yelling and shoving match for the moment! The two meanest black women were Blaze and Bull, ones that even the black male bikers usually stayed clear of! With the police car passed the vocal threats continued, Blaze said to Laura, I know a place just off Hwy 4, where we can continue this,... where we won't be bothered.
As the police car was slowly cruising back in their direction. Jenny was terrified but wildly stimulated from what they might do, as Laura kept arguing with Blaze more vocally than ever along with the comment, what are you gonna do bitch? Saying I'll rip your tits off and kick your your black ass! Blaze a much bigger woman was quite amused and impressed by Laura's in your face threat, said follow me and bring that dark haired little pussy of yours with you. Referring to Jenny as if she was just a piece of fresh young cunt meat that was there and ready to use, which of course she was!
In only minutes Laura and Jenny were headed south on 95, then down Hwy 4 surrounded a pack of black biker chicks, Jenny was still scared to death, but aroused horny as hell and oh.. so... fucking wet!

Blaze and her trusty sidekick Bull riding next to each other slowed down and turned off, down a deserted road, then following a narrow bumpy trail off into a bunch of big bushes and trees finally stopping in a secluded clearing.
You would have to give Laura some credit as she did not back down at all from Blaze, or her nasty threats? Or as to what she said was going to do to her, which was exactly what this blonde woman Laura wanted! But playing it to the hilt said, as she poked and wiggled her bikini covered tits out toward them, you can do what ever you want to me? Just don't hurt my little baby cousin, adding she is a virgin and has no idea what rough and abusive sex is all about?

Laura knew that by making such a statement, Jenny would get these black women's full and nasty attention, but by vocally attempting to save this stupid horny young girl and offering herself up instead , would almost guarantee that she would also get the same or worse humiliating and sadistic sexual treatment! Laura had no trouble at all placing poor sweet naive little Jenny in a situation like this! And for her was a turn on as to what the young girl would have to endure?

As the nasty arguing continued Blaze and Bull had split a bottle of whiskey, then these two sadistic black women watched as the biker chicks pulled Laura and Jenny off her bike, followed by ripping their pink little bikini's off and literally to shreds and tossing what was left into the bushes! Blaze was quite impressed by Laura, now naked and was admiring her nipple rings pulling on them quite lovingly at first,... then twisting them savagely, Laura let out several pleasurable gasps, and groans ending up totally naked and helplessly on her knees, but still vocally mouthing off!
This was abusive fun for Blaze, when her attention was drawn to Laura down with her knees spread apart noticed her well trimmed blond bush and pubic mound along with her pussy folds, and the third shinny chrome ring that was pierced right through her swollen clit, now this was of most interest to Blaze? Then said you know what I am going to do with this, don't you, as she reached down and gave it a good jerk then pulled her up onto her white leather boots by only the clit ring?.....Laura let out another pleasurable screech and groan in anticipation of what was to come?

Bull had been holding Jenny's arms behind her back, had taken a pair of hand cuffs and locked them securely there as she stood stark ass naked wearing only her white knee hi boots, was unable to do anything! Bull had taken great interest in the curved up, hard rubber buddy pad on the back of Laura's bike, and especially the fact that it along with Jenny's young slit and pussy folds were wet and glistening, saying under her breath we do this sort of thing much better, especially to new members that want to join the Blues! Then said in jest to Jenny,.. you want to be a member don't you? Jenny sill scared half to death, but horny as hell and not sure what to say,... innocently said what do I have to do? Bull with the most satisfying look of a true sadistic pervert on her face said, we need to take you girls to our hangout and see if you can meet and submit to what it takes to be one of the blues!

Bull,.. at Blaze's suggestion rummaged around in one of her saddle bags and found several hard black dildos, both had small molded flanges with snaps that where specially made to take the place of a biker buddy seat that would normally be placed on the bikes rear fender.
One was quite a bit bigger and fatter about 8" than the other, a smaller one was short about 6" long but had a rather large knobby looking cock head like thing, then snapped the smaller of the two onto the skinny back fender of her bike, and the larger fatter one onto the bike Blaze was riding in place of where the passenger seat would go!

This had left both dildos pointing straight up just like a super hard unyielding black male erection....She smeared them both with some slickem, picked Jenny up and with the help of several biker chicks held her pink little pussy lips and youthful ass cheeks apart, placed the big knobby head of the smaller erect dildo up against her virgin opening and let go!.......... At first because she was a real virgin, so young and tight the thing would not easily slip pass her pelvic opening?

OMG! For Jenny never having anything like this stuck up or against her pussy before, had in the past fantasized and masturbated to such perverted thoughts, those of being impaled by a thing like this? With Jenny held helplessly and this hard rubber unyielding dick head firmly next to her virgin opening, Bull placed both hands firmly on her naked shoulders using her weight and strength pushed down hard! Jenny screamed out as her large breasted unrestrained tits first went up wildly and then down along with her 130 lbs body, and with Bulls forcefulness easily let the cock head of the hard dildo past through this temporary restriction, and up into her vaginal tunnel! This was followed so erotically by her virgin pussy and labia lips slowly spreading out like a pink butterfly, and finally touching against both sides of the cold chrome metal fender, had left her bare soft white overindulged ass cheeks on either side of the fender almost touching the rear tire and the dildo totally up in, and impaling her!.The results left Jenny, this youthful young oversexed girl squirming around in wide eyed horror at least for the moment,... but this sexual horror quickly turned from abuse to even wider eyed blissful pleasure! OMG! She thought?.....
Next was Laura's turn, This big black woman Blaze, still with a good grip on the ring had pulled Laura up on her tip toes with one hand, and by only her clit ring, telling her this blond that she better do as she was told or she would hang her up by her clit whip her ass and fuck her brains out with a gigantic strap-on ....Or let psycho really wreck and rip her pussy apart good! Laura was flailing around helplessly wondering who or what this psycho person was?

Blaze with little trouble took cuffs out and easily locked Laura's hands helplessly behind her back. Then again with the help of several more gang members had done the same as Jenny, but with Laura half down on the dildo, Blaze had them stop for a moment and held her several inches up off the fender? For Blaze this is where the sadistic fun began, she took a jumper wire with metal clamps on both ends and clamped one to the clit ring and the other to the electronic shower of sparks accessory coil that was used to quick start her Harley! Once Blaze was satisfied with the connections by giving it a good tug said let her go! Laura now naked was instantly impaled on the big slick dildo, wondering what this jumper wire thing would do?.......

She quickly found out as Blaze tested the connections by first engaging the shower of sparks coil and then starting her Harley! For the blond this was a shocking sensation attached to her most intimate sensitive sexual nerve endings, that left her shuddering and her pussy convulsing tightly around the hard rubber dildo! Kinda like a sadistic pussy pacifier, then these two black lesbian bitches,... first one and then the other dumped their clutches spinning their tires in the dirt and headed out towards the main road...... For Jenny it was even worse as the small rocks and gravel with her bare naked bottom hanging over each side of Bulls narrow rear fender, left her no protection at all from the stinging rocks that pelted her unprotected inner thighs and ass cheeks!

Both of the Harley's that Blaze and Bull were riding were older ridged frame 80 cubic inch stroker models, and unlike Laura's Sportster did not have rear wheel suspension a later design that would normally give the rider and especially the passenger a much smoother softer ride. Neither of their bikes had anything like that or even a buddy bar for that matter, making the trip over the bumpy trail that much more risky and abusive! But this is exactly the kind of perverse abuse that Blaze, and Bull wanted to start off with for these two naked white females!

Blaze, with Laura naked cuffed and impaled did her best to hit every dam deep rut and bump on the trail and each time the rear tire hit hard she pushed the shower of sparks electronic coil button! For Laura the sensation and shocking feeling of kilo-volts that zapped her wet genitals was like lightning that had her screeching gasping and begging Blaze to stop! All this did for the nasty woman, was to try and hit each of the bumps harder, and harder driving the big black dildo in deeper!...... Bull was next with poor little Jenny also impaled, was trying her best to outdo Blaze by hitting even deeper ruts and bigger bumps on the rocky gravel trail. This had Jenny bouncing up and down several inches and in fear of falling off, Bull anticipating something like this over her shoulder said squeeze that little pussy of yours as tight as you can, little bitch! With the road torture in progress the other biker babes followed along behind, as the perverted sadistic treatment continued all the way until the were out on Hwy 4.... Jenny was much relieved at first, but the vibration of the 80 cu inch V-Twin stroker was much more intense... The inside of her naked ass cheeks had touched the spinning tire several times on the big bumps and gave her several tire burns and the incentive, as Bull had said to tighten her pussy an ass cheeks up and keep her soft white bottom off the tire as they headed south on Hwy 4. and to their hangout!

Jenny had relaxed a little only to realize it was still broad daylight and her being totally naked on the back of a motorcycle where others on the Hwy could see, was both scary and exciting! This tavern they were headed to was a place where these nasty black women would continue their perverted abusive and sadistic lesbian torture and sex play?

Continued in Chapter Two.....
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