Great, Great Fuck
I needed fucked really bad yesterday. I was walking around with a rather large hard cock in my jeans and I wanted like hell to do something about it.
I was at work from 7:30 till 3:30 and I couldn't keep my eyes off all the women. Since it was Saturday most of them were wearing tight jeans, and a lot were wearing form fitting t-shirts, so their figures were prominent and extremely noticeable.

Watching all that ass swaying down the hallway all day just increased my serious need to get my cock in someone's wet pussy, and to buck my ass fucking a sucking mouth. Needless to say, I was having a hard time concentrating and getting any work done.

It didn't help any when my dirty mouthed teasing best friend Helen came in and said, "Whatcha' doin' guy, looking at porn?" as she swung her butt walking to my desk. "Ooo are they fucking? Let me see."


No, we can't access porn on our work computers, so she was just trying to arouse me with her dirty talk. I was already so fuckin' turned on all she did was pour more fuel on the fire. I swear if we had been in a safe private place I would have got my hard cock out right then and jerked off for her while she watched. Me sitting there at my desk, pants open, jacking off, then standing at the last second and cumming my load on the top of my desk. She would have wet her panties with her eyes glued to me pounding my cock with my fists, and she would have quietly groaned seeing my cum pouring out and making a pile of white cream on my desk.

She's a horny horny dirty minded divorced woman in her late forties. And a fabulously creative, immensely talented cock sucker omg. I know that from personal experience. Three times in all the years we've known each other, three times she got me to her apartment and practically destroyed me by giving me mind-bending blow jobs. Topless. Once she was wearing ragged jean short shorts that revealed the bottom curves of her fine ass, and the other two times she was stripped to her tiny panties. Fantastic medium-small shapely breasts on that foul mouthed sex loving woman. Her face was rather plain, but she groomed herself beautifully, and my god what a body.

We're gonna fuck one of these days. One of these days. It's inevitable. And when she gets her panties off I'm gonna ram my cock up in her and slam into her wet cunt so hard that it jerks and shakes and bounces her gorgeous, beautifully shaped tits.

She left my office, grinding her ass as she walked away from me, went back out into the hallway and disappeared.

As soon as she was gone I started texting Janet, telling her my cock was already hard and describing all the dirty shit I was going to do to her when I got home. And when I finally did get home she was stretched out on the white couch, topless, with her nipples obviously swollen from her playing with them, pinching and twisting and pulling them. Her lacy little panties were dark blue, and she had one hand pushed down under the waistband with her fingers moving in her crotch.

Neither of us spoke. I stripped my shoes, pants and boxers off so my big prick was sticking out, wagging and bobbing around while I unbuttoned my shirt. We stared at each other, her eyes were sucking in my heavy cock as she busily fingered her clit, and within a few seconds she was groaning hard, then moaning through a delicious orgasm, lifting and squeezing her full tits.

I was naked as I approached her, walking my cock right up to her face and into her opening mouth. My petite little bitch Janet sucks cock like she was born for it, and she was so horny at that moment that she was giving it her all. Lips, tongue, and teeth all doing their job together mouth-fucking my cock as she began sliding her lips gently, gradually sucking really damn hard, then finally eating my big fucker so goddam rough, sloppy and wet that I groaned loud from the fabulous pain and the fantastic pornographic sight of her mouth working on me. She was so awesome I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Moments later she was sitting up tit fucking my saliva wet prick, pressing her breasts together and sliding it between the soft pillows of her tits. A couple of times she grabbed the shaft and rubbed the fat head on her nipples, getting them wet with my slick slimy precum. She slid the tip of my cock in circles around her sexy aereola, and quickly back and forth across her nipples before fucking my straining erection between her tits once again.

When I couldn't wait any longer I pushed her against the back of the couch and raised her legs into the air with her knees bent. With my fingers curling around the waistband of her dark blue bikini panties I yanked them out from under her ass and pulled them off her naked legs. Her inviting pussy lips were swollen and moist. She tilted her head back, spread her knees wide apart, and I worked the head of my cock through her mushy cunt and drove my ass forward, sliding my thick rigid cock all the way up inside her, balls deep in her warm fuck tunnel. And I screwed her good.

My god we fucked. Asses bucking, rapidly shoving our bodies together and pulling back again and again. Skin slapping and popping, faces contorted with expressions of intense desperate pleasure.

Hard cock. Wet pussy.
Writhing, twisting, steadily humping bodies.
Great, great fuck.
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