Ms. Tommi and I
About 5 years ago I was separated for about a month, more of a free break' while my husband was traveling for work. I was not looking for sex or a new man, but I did get a chance meeting that reminded me of a story from a gentleman's magazine.

A friend of a friend (a woman named Tommi) and I were introduced, she and I hit it off mentally.

She was a very sexy woman too; 44 years old, (I was 35) tall, athetic build, long black hair, beautiful green eyes, a breast size larger than mine, and sexy full lips that she licked a lot. I enjoyed our talks...I knew she was bi (mostly women, but she said she needed cock once in awhile and always had girlfriends and male fuck buddies)..she told me stories of these men and woman during dinner.

We really talked a lot about every topic, she stimulated my mind and body.

Anyway, we started seeing a lot of each other, dinner, drinks, hanging out. She would flirt with me, tease me a bit about 'wishing I was at least bi, etc.'; I liked the company, conversation and yes I liked the flirting. We did things I wanted to do, but hubby didn't and I hated doing alone; museums, theatres, opera, etc. And for about 2 weeks we saw each other a lot, dinner most nights together.

Then one carefree weekend after a couple of chocolate martinis at the Melting Pot we went back to her place (very nice!, she was some big exec, with too much money and time on her hands lol).

We planned to watch a movie, when she went to her bedroom and changed into this little silk nightgown, she had not done that before. She poured a couple glasses of Irish Cream on ice and sat down very close next to me and handed me one.

She looked right through me...smiling with her sexy inviting lips and seducing eyes. I knew she had something on her mind and was going to follow through. She leaned in and kissed me, her breast brushing up against mine. I blushed and looked down. I wanted it, but was a bit unsure of how much I wanted honestly.

She whispered, 'it's OK, you know how bad I want you, since I first got introduced. Not touching you has been driving me crazy. You're so sweet.' She said she liked how 'innocent I looked and acted' and that of most her 'women' were more 'hardcore' as she put it. Sort of man eaters, but women eaters lol.

She kissed me and this time I kissed back. she kissed my neck, and said 'take off your clothes'. I looked at her and said I couldn't. She smiled and said "I know", that makes me want you even more.

She kissed me again, this time more intense. My body heated up, I wanted her, my pussy got so wet and pulsed like a heart beat after a hard run. It drove me mad how much I wanted her actually. Her hands wandered down my shirt, over my bra/breasts, caressing them and rubbing the hell out of them. She leaned in kissing me hard, I gasped and moaned, loosening my body, giving into her. My hands wandered. We did this for about 20 or 30 minutes, we stopped finally and both agreed to wait....she said she wanted to want me so bad she couldn't stand it (I knew the feeling), she was VERY SEXUAL and confident. I felt like she was a teacher and I was student. I was
shocked she stopped; turned on and shocked.

We had dinner the next night...kissed as I got in my car to go home...then the next night she invited me to her house, no dinner out first.

When I walked in, she was in that silk nightie, she had a nightie in her hand for me....She didn't say anything just handed it to me and motioned with her head to go put it on. I did.

As I came out of her bathroom (in her bedroom) she was there and we kissed, she put her hands up the nightie, over my ass. I had taken my bra off, but left on my black panties, the ones I had bought that night after our first kiss. her tongue was dancing with mine, we took turns sucking each other's and nibbling on one another's lips. I about came right then.

So there we were her in her silk nightie and me in a sort of cotton blend (more clingy than hers) low cut long think strapped, tank type nightie. Her hands wandering all over my ass as she kissed me. She kissed with full lips and dancing tongue. We stood there for what seemed like hours, but it was maybe 3 or 4 minutes of heavy kissing and hands wandering. We paused and she looked at me with the slyest smile I've ever seen! I smirked and she asked if I was OK...I said for now I am.

I'm burning up for you. That made her
smile even more. She moved slowly toward me, caressing my bare arms with her finger tips. She kissed my neck softly, put her hands over my bare breasts...she moved the gown down (loose enough on top to easily move under my breast and expose them), she kissed one and I moaned 'oooohhh' and moved toward her. She moaned; 'mmmm' and cupped the one she was kissing and really started sucking. I about fainted and juices ran down my leg.

We were up against a wall at this point, one of her hands rubbing the outside of my damp panties and the other cupping my breasts kissing and sucking it. He teeth raked across my mini blueberry size nipple, making me quiver and my thighs moisten from the juices dripping down. I had told her once that I could cum from nipple stimulation only....she was proving that statement.

I have to say if someone would have asked if I would let that happen a month before I would have said NO way....but in that moment, and her being the sexual aggressive one, I couldn't stop. My hands were running through her hair, down her back, up and down her arms, her skin so soft and amazing to touch. My lips were touching any part of her skin they could; neck, shoulder blade, cheek, ear...

She kissed my lips again and we moved to the bed. She looked at me again and said 'are you OK with this' ...I smirked, but didn't say anything, she told me to lay down. I stood there a moment...she
raised an eyebrow and I stood there, I could feel my face flushing.

She kissed me softly, placing one hand on my cheek and took may hand with the other and sat me on the bed...she said something about getting comfy and to lie back, she wouldn't do anything I didn't want...I heard her, but at that point my body was so hot and pussy so wet, thighs so sticky, I would have done anything she asked.

She traced her hand up my thigh as she kissed me. I almost came again. My pussy was wet and pulsating. I laid back on her pillow and she sat on the edge of the bed next to me. She put one arm on each side of me and leaned in to kiss me...she moved down to my neck , exposed my breasts again. I moaned and really got into it this time as I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her into my erect sensitive nipple...this made her more eager; as if giving her the OK; giving her permission to pleasure me.

She kissed harder, making me moan and my stomach muscle contact. I started squirming and moving my legs together making my inner thighs grind on my wet pussy almost exploding, she was sucking my nipples so hard and gently tugging on them with her teeth. I reached down and pulled her nightie off up over her head, she looked shocked and that move of mine really got her fired up. Confirming I wanted her as much as she wanted me.

She was completely naked now and half laying on top of me, as she kissed my breasts harder she moved one hand down between my legs, I opened up wide inviting her to have her way with me. She rubbed on the outside of my panties, I could feel them dampen as she pushed the material close to my clit and rubbed. She looked up and smiled. I moaned and squirmed more, and she got more intense, sucking so hard and passionately, I came. My body shook. She looked up and said "Fuck, you are so hot and beautiful" Which made me want her more! She whispered "I want to taste that pussy" (loved her confident words). She kissed me and I moved my head to kiss her nipple, she let me for a few seconds and moaned and I could tell she wanted to taste me as she backed down away from my mouth with a desire / devour lust on her face. I opened up one leg but didn't say anything.

The bottom of the nightie was up under my breast, and lowered enough to bare them...she moved down my belly and kissed over the panties, then removed them in a hurry and got between my legs and kissed, licking a long lick like an ice cream cone and moaned as she looked up at me. I felt her body shake as she moaned in my wet pussy, she had just exploded her juices, I could feel them as she moved her body around and her wet pussy was on my calf. I about came again. I opened my legs wider and grabbed my tits telling her how fucking sexy she was.

She dove in deeper, it felt so fucking good, her tongue penetrating me, her fingers opening me up. She moaned and her fingers moved in and out as she licked and ate and finger fucked the hell out of me. Her thumb teased my ass as she looked up at me and licked with the fastest tongue I had ever felt.

I moaned and started breathing heavy and squirmed, moving my hips toward her face, hunching it almost as she dove in deeper. Squeezing my tits arching my hips toward her, I came again, she fingered me more and crawled up and kissed me. She moved my hand down to finger her with her finger too. She came (I think that was her 2nd orgasm), as we kissed.

Later she told me she wanted me to cum and to taste me, and that would make her cum. And it did. I never ate her. We did that three more times...kissed and fingered more, but that full blown, on the bed, happened two more times. She moved to CA and I got back with hubby. She asked me to visit her, and wanted me still...I've never seen her since.
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