Orientation at the White slut Training Academy
This is a continuing story about The White Slut Training Academy

Orientation at the White slut Training Academy

The white Slut Training Academy has some rather interesting and historical background along with the colorful and interesting way it came into being. Michaela Desade Van Semen is the philanthropist and benefactor of this all girls collage, and was the one, who's vision made it Possible. Mitch as a young girl was incredibly naive and innocent. This was a result of being raised in an indescribably brutally repressive and cloistered Catholic household by an absolutely autocratic father. She firmly believed largely due to the horrendously racist attitudes of her father, that she had endured as young child growing up, in a house ruled with an iron hand, by an extremely racist father who thought all blacks especially black men were below whites! They had immigrated from Australia to upstate New York in the late 1920s. When her father died she was in her teens, and this was at the start of the great depression in 1930. He though, had left her, and her mother rather well off. This had allowed them to almost immediately move to one of the more exclusive areas of New York city and into a completely opposite, life style of unrepressed glitz and freedom, that shook her staunch racist upbringing to its very core. Now that she was free of his rule, these feelings and fantasy's she harbored as a young girl had quickly brought back some rather perverse emotions, and that was, to let black men, lots of them sexually use and abuse her as harsh and brutally as they wished. These unfulfilled fantasy's that she had, were in order to get back at her racist father, for the way he had treated her and her mother.

During the war her mother passed away leaving the entire estate to Michaela. By the 1950s she was in her mid 40s and with more money that she could ever have imagined, she finally decided to indulge herself in the world of kinky and interracial sex. She wanted to experience some of her early teen dreams that she had repressed as a young girl, and that was to enjoy and be sexually used and abused by as many black men as possible,.. along with spending time in the company of these well endowed males! In the 1950s she had to do so underground, and out of the public eye. But by the late 60s with the sexual revolution and the freedom of the free loving hippies she was now able to do this with little concern for what other people thought.

Because she had money and lots of it, those that had problems with her mixed lifestyle easily looked the other way. By the 70s ,80s and 90s it became quite fashionable for well to do white women, to openly flaunt their sexual interest in black men. It was rumored that she had spent time in the company of, and had enjoyed all of the sexual favors a man like this could offer and did so well into her 90s! When she finally passed, she was said to have had one of the most blissful and satisfied smiles on her face that one could ever imagine! This of course was,... only a rumor....

Julie after her grand arrival is laying on the cold marble walk way, she can hear people talking, but is unable to see or move. The young scanty clad women students that that have been arriving for their first day orientation at the Academy are afraid to do anything to help her, as they stare in shocked disbelief!..

The big black escorts that dumped her off had gotten in the limo, and it has driven off leaving her in this helpless degrading and very compromised position. The beer can that is still stuck in her ass hole and its contents has left a golden puddle on the walk, that is slowly evaporating in the afternoon sun. The security cameras in the main building have caught this entire episode of her perverse grand arrival and entrance on video. This will become a sought after collectors item long after this sadistic affair is over, and will only add to the colleges present and colorful past. The black instructors and those in charge of registration, and orientation are aware that they have one newly arrived, and very helpless student who is being blatantly embarrassed and publicly humiliated in what could be described as the best traditions of the WSTA Academy college.

Julie has nothing, not even the required items, two of the more resourceful instructors are quick to improvise. One has found and old leather dog collar that has been used as a training aid, it was actually from a breeding farm that catered to multiple breeding's of white women by black men, where coeds from a previously held field trip had been invited to watch and one picked it up as a souvenir. The collar is rough, horrible looking and smells of cum and urine. The other trainer has found in the trash a dirty pair of old run down 5" black, slut heels. ("Heels collar and leash are the only required items and attire") and for a leash a short piece of knotted well used rope will have to do!

The newly arrived young women are giving Julie a wide birth and by doing so seem, to think that they, somehow will avoid having a similar fate befall them. The two black, academy instructors are taking their time untying her and removing the duct tape, prolonging her agony and now obvious humiliation. One has unceremoniously removed the beer can, this leaves both of her holes gaping! The best and only way the duct tape can be removed from her mouth is by just ripping it off!.. The tape is some of the best high quality 3M silver tape available and it really sticks!..She screams in pain as the tape is forcefully pulled off. Almost immediately in relief her bloated cum filled stomach, now with the tape gone allows her to easily start burping up cum!

She is rolled over into a sitting position and as she convulses on the cum, her cunt and asshole are also giving up loads of the creamy liquid that she has earlier been packed with. It has been trapped, due to the beer can and the position of her bare bottom being so high in the air! As she sits there they have decided to leave the duct tape covering her eyes at least for the moment. Her bottom is now sitting in a pool of cum that is getting bigger. One of the black instructors fastens the putrid small leather collar tightly around her neck and is barely able to get the first hole buckled. The other instructor is helping to slip on the worn black 5"heels...

They too are tight and not even close to a perfect fit? As she is helped up she is told to place her hands behind her back and quickly does so, the leather collar has a sickening smell, is to small tight, and chokes her. But the real problem is not the collar, it is her shoes these black well used things are so worn and tight that as she stands, her toes are forced inward leaving her distinctly pigeon toed, quite awkward and very precarious as she has never been on heels this high before!

At first she is given a moment to steady herself, her legs and especially her thighs and bare bottom even after all she has been through, also due to the hi 5" heels look amazing, but her well paddled and very bruised pooched out bare bottom is even more debased! This leaves the view of her vulgarly well use, blood red ringed ass sphincter muscle fully and sinfully exposed. With one of the training instructors leading her, using the short rope in place of a leash, and the other instructor keeping her from falling. She is led down the marble walk way in front of all, with her big 37" ass cheeks wide open jiggling and bobbling up and down as the worn black heels with her toes pointed in have made her look more like an over proportioned Playboy Annie Fannie big assed sexual cartoon character than a young white slut to be....

She, as her bottom is jiggling along is leaving a long trail of stale cum that is dripping out along with running down the inside of her white tender thighs! With the duct tape still over her eyes and unable to see her muscles are starting to return, she is now getting better and able to walk on her own. Julie is led into the large Administration Building foyer. Most of the newly arrived coeds are busy filling out their admission forms. After their preliminary paper work is complete they are assigned their personal training instructor and from there will then proceed to the next part of the required orientation process .

Julie still not sure where she is, as the second piece of duct tape covering her eyes is painfully ripped off !... It takes several minutes for her eyes to adjust and when she realizes where she is at, has become more than just embarrassed... The fact that she not only looks awful, like a some sort of perverted comic character of a sunburned raccoon as both her eyes, and mouth have some very nasty red areas around them, But even worse she smells, ...her hair has a mass of dried matted cum in it! The beautiful red lipstick, what there is left of it, is smeared, her eye make up and mascara is smudged and is running down her cheeks from all of the tearful abuse she has endured earlier that morning!
This has made the impressive arrival she had fantasized and hoped for into one of the most awful,..ones, and with all of the attractive pleasant smelling young coeds standing around is worse than she could have ever imagined leaving her dejected and the feeling like a worthless piece of well used dirty white cunt meat!.. This of course is not the case, as her perverse degrading well documented and sinful arrival, has placed her at the very top of the schools deviant sexual academic practices!

She has preregistered , her name and papers are checked, and she is asked the one important question, and that is, "Are you here as a willing student and that you agree to all of the colleges rules and requirements"? Julie meekly says yes and signs the required documents! A temporary student number is applied to her forehead with a black magic marker, and this number by chance is # 169! After all of the orientation proceedings are complete a permanent tag will be crimped with a non removable silver ring to one of her labia lips! This metal tag will be in the shape of a spade and engraved with her "Queen of Spades" slut number on one side and on the other has the letters and the word, BBC Whore.
This metal tag will be made out of black gold and is slightly smaller than a half dollar. Julie is then assigned her personal trainer. He is the perfect one for her, and has been matched by the questionnaire she answered and the preferences she has indicated on her internet application. She is then taken to the first of several rooms as her orientation begins. All of her vital statistics, hair and eye color, height, weight, bust size, hips and waist are recorded.

Next is agility, as she goes through a series of commands The first is something she has already learned and that is when she is told to place her hands behind her back and go down on her knees she is to do so instantly with out hesitation no matter where she is! This position is called "The Oral Position"! The next are the two other required mounting positions one is to drop to all fours and assume the "Doggie Position" and the last is called the "Full Submissive Position" which is, to lay on her back put her hands behind her head open her legs and point her toes out to each side as far as possible these three she must learn to do instantly. She has been a little slow at following her personal trainers last command and has received several stinging lashes to her bare genitals with a short sadistic whip, this brings out a short painful yelp! All instructors carry this whip, and is only to reinforce the white sluts training behavior or lack of it.

These commands are followed by her natural ability to endure penetration, oral anal and vaginal. A dozen life like very firm dildos have been affixed to permanent fixtures and placed at different heights and angles, as well as attached to the floor in several places they are all made from a black lifelike silicon rubber substance, are approximately 2 1/2" in diameter with a slightly larger realistic penal head, are all 10" in length the girl can pick any three to pass her orientation test!. Along each side they have white contrasting marks much like the marks on a ruler at 1/2" intervals.

These markings are so the slut to be, can use them in the appropriate way for each of her openings and that her ability and depth of penetration can be recorded for all of the required acts of sexual penetration, and actual deep throating while at the academy!. There are two skinny young blond women from one of the Scandinavian country's that are ahead of her, and both have easily deep throated this replica to the hilt taking the entire 10"! After the painful stinging lashes of Julies bare pubic area she is quick to assume the oral position when commanded to do so, and is easily able to deep throat this phallic symbol to just slightly over 8"! With Julie still down on her knees watching and the two blonds ahead of her, she is in awe as the first skinny blond places the head of this gigantic dildo against her anal opening and deep knees the entire 10" length, grinding her ass against it and the floor with little hesitation or shown discomfort, she has the most satisfied look of accomplishment and satisfaction on her face!

This is followed by her doing the exact same thing, only this time it is with her pink "little" pussy? What is more amazing is the the fact that her skinny blond almost twin sister does the exact same thing with no trouble at all!... As they are led off down the hall Julie is still on her knees at eyeball level with these two Scandinavian girls pussy's, they are clean shaven sinfully bare and right over one of the girls mound in a horse shoe shape are the words permanently tattooed in black ink "BBC ONLY" and the other skinny little blond slut has the words "BLACK ONLY" both are in the same place! These young women, do to their brazenness and slutty well advertised demeanor have also assured themselves a placement well up and along in the WSTA curriculum.

Both of what Julie has witnessed has become an incredible turn on for her, as she, to this perverted display has become quite aroused along with the time she has spent impaled on both of her big black male escorts earlier that morning, this has allowed her to easily plunge first her ass hole and then her pussy completely down on the full length of this gigantic phallic dildo! But the thought of having her bare pubic area permanently tattooed like the blonds has really left her dripping with even more perverse anticipation!

Behind Julie is a very young looking girl who is also on her knees, her name is Missy she is really ripe soft and for a young girl quite slim and girlish. She has the biggest brown eyes that seem to be in wonder of every thing that is happening around her, and she is really trying hard to duplicate what the two skinny blonds and Julie have done with the big black dildos! She can barely get 6" of the big black dildo down her throat! Her Black personal trainers who's name is Melville, is threatening her with all sorts of sadistic sexual abuse as he whips her bare angelic white girlish bottom almost to a frenzy! While doing so he is commanding her in a deep booming voice to gorge herself, as he pushes her head roughly forward onto the big black dildo! The young girls eyes are now even wider in fright as she gags and starts to turn blue! Then she is practically drug off of it, and over to the dildos mounted in the floor. She, so far can do nothing right or to his satisfaction.

She is crying and begging for him not to use the whip, ..all this does is make him whip her harder! She is much better at deep kneeing the big dildos on the floor and with tears of both pain and personal satisfaction in her eyes! This young looking girl, has an incredible trembling orgasm with her hands clasped tightly behind her back ! The look on her face is priceless as the tears are no more! She now has the look of incredible sexual pleasure and her personal trainer is quite satisfied with her new found personal performance!...

Julies personal trainer is big and black. His name is Training Master Earl he is very strong muscular, and in my opinion the perfect one for her, he has grown up in the projects, and has been disadvantaged a lot during his life. He resents the white establishment who he considers to be the ones that has kept him down, and from getting ahead in life. He is in his early 50s and for an older man even with all of his problems has become a well respected member of the black dominating BDSM community. This is for his work, in the training of black women as submissive sex slaves in all of the finer points of bound sexual abuse and submission. He will now, have his chance to vent this outright dislike for white males, from this powerful group of white men he feels controls society, and as such plans on taking out his frustration, revenge and seething anger on the very first naked slutty young white woman that he gets to train!....and that white slut would beautiful young wife "Julie"!... So her training will be some of the most brutal severe, and sadistic treatment that she or anyone could ever have imagined!

The next part of Julies orientation is to check her leash collar and hi heel ability. There are a number of rules she must be able to follow and one, is during the entire time she is at the college her collar and leash must always be worn, and the leash be available to her personal trainer or to any of the other black instructors at the academy. She has already been instructed in the three required basic positions, Oral, Doggie, and, Full Submission. She is then explained her place on the end of a leash as a white slut who is treated almost as a human version of a female animal and what is expected of her. Her hands will always be behind her back unless otherwise commanded, she will always look down and make no eye contact with anyone except black males unless otherwise told to do so, and when on a leash will do exactly what her master or personal trainer tells her to do no matter where, how humiliating, degrading or sexually abusive his command might be! If she fails to respond quickly the stinging little training whip will be used accordingly and if she continues to be slow in response. Her training will take on an even more sadistic form of abuse.

With this in mind she is led through a short training course down the long hall way, and out back of the school where numerous dignitaries, black instructors and some of the past alums are gathered for the first day orientation activities. She is paraded around in front of them receiving comments being fondled and having her picture taken. After graduation this same procedure will again occur and comparisons made as to how well each of these young female sluts have been trained. They will put the girls through their paces and show off what they have learned. They will then be graded by this and how well they respond to commands given by their black personal trainers! Julie is responding quite well after her first little hesitation, and almost jumps at what ever his next command is. She is being walked around in front of past alums. With her worn black 5" heels, her ass legs and thighs look incredible they show off quite perverse and are vulgarly appealing as her upper thighs ass cheeks and buttocks jiggle and undulates along. Earl has given her the command for the oral position and she is not as quick as he thinks she should be, this is followed by the command of full submission!..

Julie is now on her back with her hands behind her head and her toes pointed out to each side, she is wide open and her bare shaved wet pussy is totally exposed when the first of a dozen severe stinging lashed are applied to her cunt! This, is in front of a dozen or so onlookers sitting close by as they watch the switch viciously descend on her bashful mound slit and genitals, it is the most amazing erotic and sexually perverse thing to watch, as the sexual being of her body helplessly responds! Her slit slowly opens and her cunt lips start to appear, as the whip continues to sadistically fall, this wanton display is followed by a swollen and red scratched clitoris emerges from under its hood as if almost begging, for this kind of abuse! This response from this most private part of her body is the true mark of a slut who's clitoral sex organ shamelessly wants this abuse to continue! Those watching are truly amazed by what they see!

Past alums of this small college are rumored to be some very famous white women, pictures and portraits with signatures and best wishes from many of the following women, are prominently displayed in the Colleges Administrations building historical show cases. Among them are many white female celebrities that have openly expressed their desire for black men and/or have dated black men. Some of the previously supposed attendees include Kendra Wilkinson, the former Playboy model, Heidi Klum the fashion model, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian, Carmen Elektra, and my all time favorite Australian actress Nicole Kidman. All at one time or another have or still enjoy the company of black men. Today it seems that very beautiful average young white women along with many entertainers, predominantly in the music, television, and glamour industry, are extremely attracted to these black male's and their attributes, reportedly it is the size of their manhood, possessed by these black males, and not just black athletes. This perception has across the board, tempted white women that are now beginning to openly flaunt the romance and desire they have for these men.

Of all the highly visible celebs, Nicole Kidman is rumored to be the one, that has spent the most time at the Academy. Apparently after the Movie "Eyes Wide Shut"Nicole's zeal for kinky sex and bondage was enhanced even more, being in the company of well endowed black males! Especially after her involvement with Tom Cruise who was rumored to be quite inadequate! There were two other famous celebrities that have also attended that were technically not white! Eva Longoria and Jenifer Lopez Both of these women have spent time with, and enjoyed the company of well endowed black males!

Just recently the famous porn queen Bridget Kerlove admitted that if she had got her way, she would have worked only with black men, and was always secretly disappointed when she had to make love with white men. She merely tolerated numerous scenes with white guys, alongside her favored black lovers, and admits that she subscribes to the age old adage that 'once you go black, you won't go back! Interracial romance, between white girls and black men in particular, is on the rise and beginning to become quite popular. So it is understandable that many of these famous women, probably have, attended the WSTA. Most of the famous attendees have done so low key, and under assumed names, and most, do to other commitments were unable to spend the entire time, that an ordinary young white women like my wife Julie will be able to do! Not only will she be able to attend for the entire four month period, she will receive the full benefit and training from a demanding, sadistic, and much less forgiving black master, than many of the other girls and she will be exposed to all of he full and complete aspects that the WSTA has to offer!
The fact that many of the things that will happen to her are also some of her darkest fantasy's and this is exactly what she wants!

Julie after her painful little foray on her back has been commanded to assume the oral position, and again quicker that ever is obediently on her knees, with her hands behind her back and her mouth open! Earl her personal trainer has unzipped his pants and has produced a big black semi hard cock, and without any hesitation has jammed it down Julies throat giving her the command to suck! This is in front of the entire audience of all those in attendance. The past alums and those who are watching will of course enjoy her total nakedness and total public humiliation. This is the idea and of course part of her training, to be humiliated and embarrassed sucking black cock in front of others in public and to see how she reacts, as plenty more will be in store for her. After the time she has spent in the limo earlier this morning she is getting better and better at forced oral sex.

Earl is playing with Julie and she is helpless to resist, he pulls his dick back to where just the bulbous head is in her mouth. She is on her knees and gasping for breath in front of three older white women alums that appear to be in their mid to late 30s one is a very fair skinned attractive red head that looks exactly like Nicole Kidman and the fact that she has an English / Australian accent only seems to make the rumor that this incredibly attractive woman did indeed attended the WSTA college.

They, these women are approvingly coaching Julie to suck and deep throat this unbelievable piece of now hard black meat! Earl has asked the red head with the English accent to squeeze his balls, she does with a knowing smile, this is all it takes, as he forcefully ejaculates an incredible amount of pent up semen, and before Julie can dutifully suck and gulp it down he pulls his big cock out! This is just as the last several squirts let go squirting the rest of his thick creamy strings of cum into her eyes and all over her forehead, covering most of her face and her temporary student identification number!

He then hands the leash to the red head and tells her to pull Julie up close. To where her face is only inches away from Julies, and the red head says to her.... you are a nasty stinky little white slut , I can smell the cum all over you as she twists the tight leather collar choking her! Earl then takes his fingers and scoops some of the thick cum off of Julies face, and tells her to suck it off of his fingers as he sticks them in her mouth! Then asks the red head to do the same!

With her two friends watching they marvel, as she takes a swipe at at Julies forehead, and with other women standing around looking on, first sticks her long white cum coated fingers in her own mouth , at a time and licks every bit of the cum off as she slowly pulls her fingers, and elegantly painted red fingernails from her equally elegant red lips,.. as if it is some sort of delicious tasty frosting !
A shocked gasp is heard from the crowd as this red headed Nicole Kidman look alike says good,.. very good! This is some of the best black cum,... I have ever tasted, at the same time coyly looks Earl right in the eye! She then says to Julie directing her attention to my cum covered wife,..oh! I'm sorry this is yours as she continues to scrape more and more off,.. and is now sticking her fingers in Julies mouth,.. She as Earl has told her, is quickly and obediently licking and sucking this older redheaded woman's fingers clean.
This woman then takes both of her hands and smoothly runs them down Julies face starting at her forehead and using her thumbs over Julies eyes and brings most all of the cum down to where it is hanging along the lower edge of her cheeks and chin, followed by bringing her hands together forming a nice pool of it.

Earl now knows exactly what she is going to do! Telling Julie to open her mouth and tilt her head back just as she does so , Nicole forms a "V" with her hands and fingers using them as a funnel and dumps most of the gathered up cum,. letting the goo slowly run and then drip into Julies wide open mouth! She then slaps Julies face several times with her cum covered hands encouraging her, by saying sweetly suck it all down now, dear!..Julie does as she is told with a wet gulping, gurgling and unusual swallowing gulping noise most is gone!

The red head has produced a rather big and expensive looking kerchief and carefully wipes the residual off of her hands and fingers making sure to keep it off of her expensive dress, and to be more helpful is using it to dob the cum out of Julies eyes. When Julie can finally see reacts with a start! As this incredibly attractive woman's face is only inches from hers, she hold Julies chin like a mother of a young child and continues to carefully clean her up!

Julie cannot believe who or what she sees! OMG! She, this red headed woman looks, just like the movie star, and is speechless having no idea what to say or do? Earl ends her thought rather quickly as he tells her to clean the rest of the cum off of his big black looking horse cock, she hesitates for only a moment as the whip bites into one of her bare buttocks! This has quickly made her forget the red head, as she dutifully licks his shaft and hanging balls, then sucks what little cum that is left right out of the very end... This attractive red head then pulls her short expensive dress up and pushes Julies head down to where she can see this woman's most incredible pussy with its thin natural orange red pubic hair and some of the largest moist totally bare pale cunt lips that Julie has ever seen!
The red head then says pleasure me you little slut, as she throws her dress over Julies head! No one can see exactly what Julie is doing but the wet slurping noise of female lips Julies upper and the older woman's lower pussy lips leave little to anyone's imagination as the red heads eyes glaze over with a pleasurable erotic release!.. This,.. only continues Julies public humiliation as she holds her there until the wonderful feeling abates!.

With Julie still down on her knees, Nicole has handed the leash back to Earl who has pulled her away and led her over on all fours, to a group of other black WSTA college instructors. The three older white women with there cameras ready and a dozen or so other guests have followed along. These instructors have been posing for pictures with several of the new young naked coeds that are all standing, look adorable, smell very nice, and have on the, most perfect make up! The sight and smell of Julie is almost sickening in comparison, and of course is deplorable. Her hair is matted with cum ,..her make up has run down her face from all the cum, dick slapping and her earlier tears, what is left of her red lipstick is smeared grotesquely and she still has some dark hideous bruises on her face breasts thighs and bottom! The other girl coeds are happy to be quickly led off by there personal trainers, and to be as far away from her as possible!
With Julie on her knees, Earl has asked these instructors to unzip their pants so that Julie can suck on their dicks as the alums and others take pictures of her totally naked helpless humiliation, and her further degraded treatment in front of all these well dressed and well to do people. Earl, now with six hard black dicks sticking straight out, has told Julie to, first lovingly kiss the head of each black cock and then to suck on it so the alums can get some really good close ups of her face and lips!...Stretched over the big black cock heads!..

She feels awful more tears of emotional humiliation well up in her eyes as she kisses hesitantly the first black cock head and then gives it a good wet slurping suck! Those watching can see her bruised cheeks and throat muscles suck in and try to swallow the precum as many cameras flash! She goes from one cock to the next, OMG this is sooo humiliating, but incredibly arousing. Earl has given his whip to the beautiful older red headed Australian woman and has told her to give Julie a good whack on her bare bottom anytime she thinks Julie is not sucking as hard or aggressively as she should, then he gets in line and takes his turn!

In no time at all the red head with her new found sadistic control of the whip has exercised her devilish urge to test her power over my submissive naked young wife. First she has lashed out with a timid almost loving whack followed by several much more stinging and sadistic ones on white bare flesh!

This has made Julie yelp and jump her bottom wiggles and her tits jiggle as this treatment adds even more painful humiliation, this is followed by her kissing and sucking with even more aggressive ardor on each of these incredible black hard meaty cocks! This abuse and humiliation in front of so many fully clothed people has started to turn her helpless naked feelings into a more burning wanting sensation and desire deep in her genitals, to be hard fucked and used right there in front of everyone! OMG she can feel her sore clitoris start to swell and its nerve ends that are attached to the depths of her sexual being come alive each time her heart beats.
This wanting is an incredible desire for even more sadistic sexual abuse! She cannot help herself! All of these feelings along with the sting of the whip and her cravings are again the mark of a young woman that truly wants to be a slutty helpless submissive well trained white whore for black men! These thoughts and sting of the whip in front of everyone has her heart pounding in anticipation as she now sucks and kisses Earls bulbous cock head! In between she has started to plead, then beg!.. Please, OMG Please, Oh! Please someone!.. I want it!... OMG! Please!..fuck me! Anyone OMG! Anyone please!...

The red head is amazed at Julies reaction and cannot believe her own sadistic desire to inflect even more pain on this naked and obedient young horny woman of mine, who seems only to want it more!..
After Earl is done the red headed Australian has pulled Julie back over to her, stepping over the leash and pulling her up tight by it, and into her pubs again, at the same time she has lifted her short dress! Julie with her hands still dutifully behind her back and her face now buried in the muskie odor and very wet,.. red pubic hair of this incredibly attractive older woman, who has grabbed the back of her head and is forcefully starting to ride my wife's face like a jockey, along with commanding her to suck me! It takes little time before this older Nicole Kidman looking red head enjoys yet another orgasm!... At my wife's expense! With her legs trembling she has handed the leash back to Earl, Julies personal trainer who has now told the six black training instructors to give her a good hard cock fucking at both ends.

While they,... those in attendance with cameras flashing almost by the second continue to take more pictures, two of the instructors have immediately placed their big black cocks, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth followed by them expertly and harshly hard fucking her like an accordion at the same time. OMG! She thinks as another perverse orgasm floods through her loins! She can feel them take their time enjoying her and once done they, move back out of the way so two more take their place, the same happens again and two more enjoy her as she continues to buck back and up at them, as she moans pleasurably, sucks and is face fucked! The Gluck!.. Gluck!.. Gluck!... of her pretty little dark head bobbing back and forth and soft female flesh, throat lips and tongue full of saliva and cum meshing with hard black cum filled cocks is a sound of pleasurable moans and groans that few white or black ever get to experience! Finally, she with more cum all over and some dripping out of her is pulled up on her heels and led from this group back into the the administration building. The older red head says as she is led off, sweetly,.. I hope I will get to see you soon my dear? This thought alone has easily excited my wife, even more!

Her Black gold ID tag has been engraved, is ready and will now be permanently attached! The two skinny blond sister looking girls are ahead of her and the younger innocently looking big eyed brown haired girl is behind Julie for the required ID tag attachment procedure!

The two slim blonds seem to have no trouble at all with the ID attachment! Apparently it can be quite a painful process for some, as Julies ID tag is about to be attached. Her number is verified with the tag # 169 on one side, and on the other in big bold letters are BBC! This is engraved on the almost half dollar sized outline of the black gold spade shaped medallion ID tag. A hand operated stainless steel razor sharp hole punch that is normally used to punch holes in thick leather belts is used to punch the hole in her labia lip! No pain deadner is used only antiseptic alcohol!

Earl has told her to push her pubic mound out forward and clinch her hands tightly behind her back. Julies stimulated lips are out, well used hanging down and easily accessible to the colleges metal smith as he positions one her labia lips over the hole punch and by the time she reacts a small 3/16" hole is quickly punched leaving a clean hole where the soft tender flesh had been! The pain is sharp and piercing as she reacts with a yelp! Before she knows it a silver ring with her ID tag is inserted, professionally crimped and permanently attached to the hole in her cunt lip! Healing antiseptic has been applied and the painful ordeal is quickly over leaving her with a satisfied painful burning sensation! She is now a true white slut for black men and to remove this ID Tag will require another professional metal smith!

Missy the innocent looking young girl is next and she will not fair so well! The metal smith with Melville holding her is having a hard time getting enough of her dainty little labia lip to punch! She is squirming around until finally they can't seem to hold her still and end up attaching her wrists to wide leather cuffs that are attached to an over head lift in ceiling and her ankles to similar cuffs that are attached to eye bolts that are several feet apart in the floor. As the button is pushed the over head cranes electric motor easily pulls Missy up tight leaving her helplessly taunt hanging, and vulnerably exposed. Apparently her little lips need some work in order to get enough flesh of her lip to punch. Her young eyes are bigger than ever and her little 32" B sized boobies are pulsing up and down on her chest as her breathing and heart rate has increased substantially. Melville has put his big black hand on her bare bottom and pushed her forward so that the metal smith can work his magic!
A discussion has ensued as to whether they should pump her lips and then punch it or to saline inject it in order increase its size so as to get the silver ring and Black Gold ID tag permanently attached to it! A saline injection is decided and a syringe with a sharp needle is inserted and the content is injected into one of her little cunt lips!

Missy yelps squeals and her young body jerks and wiggles as the sharp needle is inserted in this tender virgin flesh, in only minutes this one lip is hanging down at least an inch farther than the other from the weight of the saline and is almost twice as full and meaty as the other, This is all that is needed and the lip is pulled spread out over the tool and unceremoniously punched as Missy lets out a blood curdling scream that can be heard for some distance!... With sweat and goose bumps she is more with uncertain fright ,anticipation or dread than actual pain!

They leave her hanging there helplessly for several minutes or more as the healing antiseptic is applied. Her eyes are still big red, and tear filled. When she is finally released let down and led off she lets out several short little sobs of painful resignation! But they have made a slight mistake not only do to her wiggling they have injected some of the saline that has been mixed with a stimulant! Into her pea sized little clit and not only has it also swollen up to over twice its size!
It is starting to react with on her never before stimulated young body with a sexual vengeance attention and craving that she has never experienced before!........Similar things will be done to my naked young wife as her WSTA training continues?......

Continued in part 4

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