Summer Trip Aunt & Uncle with Niece and Nephew part III
After Scott and Stacy made it back to their seats on the plane they both fell asleep. Cindy and Shawn also fell asleep. Now they are all part of the "Mile High Club." This Hawaii trip should be interesting.

The plane landed, they all got off the plane, picked up their luggage & rental car. Scott and Shawn were getting the direction to the secluded bungalow. It was a long crazy ride but they all made it. When they arrived they were exhausted and simply found their rooms, set down their luggage and fell asleep with their clothes on, on top of their still made beds.

Scott woke up rolling over to Cindy. As Cindy woke up they started to talk about plans for the week. Both were hungry and knew that Stacy and Shawn would be ready to eat too. Scott knew of a quiet nice restaurant they could eat at then go to the grocery store to get food so they could cook instead of going out all the time. Cindy and Scott heard some noises from the other room. They quietly crept down to the other bedroom and saw brother & sister "69ing". Scott and Cindy took off their clothes and Cindy start blowing Scott until he was hard as she fingered her clit and pussy until wet.

As Scott and Cindy were now primed and ready for sex. Shawn and Stacy switched positions, Shawn on the bottom as Stacy sat on top riding his hard cock. Scott walked in behind Stacy and started licking her ass then fingering it. Getting her primed to take his cock in her ass. Cindy went and sat on Shawns' face and Stacy started kissing and licking Cindy's breast. Scott slowly shove his huge erection into Stacy. She moaned first in pain then in pleasure as for the first time she had a cock in her pussy and one in her ass "DP BABY" Shawn shouted somewhat muffled by Cindy's moist pussy.

Shawn said, "I'm going to cum, with that Cindy got moved his cock into her mouth as Scott still in Stacy's ass rolled off of Shawn. Scott continued pounding his cock into Stacy. Stacy said, "I want you to cum down my throat." Steve pulled his cock out of Stacy's ass putting it in her mouth. Cindy took Shawn's entire cock in her mouth as he exploded filling Cindy with his sperm. Steve looked at his niece and said, "Let me fuck your throat," Stacy looked into his eyes, as she reached her arms around her uncle pulling him towards her, with his cock filling her throat. This sent Steve over the edge as he grabbed her head fucking her throat feverishly bringing himself to cum unrelenting shooting it deep down her throat. As everyone was reviving, Steve said, "Who's hungry? I just worked up a hell of an appetite." Stacy said, "You just filled me up but I'll be ready for more by the time we get dressed and get to a restaurant." They all laughed and started getting ready for dinner.

At diner they all sat in a quiet room pretty much alone. Shawn said, "So, I have to say is this like a Vegas trip? What happens on this trip stays on this trip?" Cindy jumped in, "I think this is up to all of us. We probably shouldn't tell others but we can continue to share our love and sex with eachother." Stacy chimmed in, "This is extremely secluded here and the beach we have do you mind if I just go naked this week, except when we go out?" Everyone just look at eachother and laughed, as Steve said, "This is going to be one hell of a week."

After dinner, grocery shopping, and putting the groceries away. Shawn said, "Why don't we play some type of game? Like strip poker or something." Cindy jumped in, "I have the cards." Stacy said, "In order to make it fair we should all be wearing the same number of clothes to start, let's say four items." Everyone started stripping off items of clothes. Steve sitting down to the table added, "Why don't we make this really interesting and winner makes the calls as to what happens sexually tonight?" Everyone agreed, it was going to be the best poker match ever.

The first hand Cindy one with three 10s. Everyone but Cindy removed their shirt. Next hand Steve pulled a flush, Shawn and Stacy were down to underwear and t-shirt(for Shawn) & cute bra(for Stacy). Cindy pulled a full house the next hand. Off came Stacy's bra as Shawn took off his t-shirt he said, "Nice tits sis." Everyone laughed as Steve removed his t-shirt. Finally Stacy won with a pair of Aces. Shawn took off his final item underwear and was now naked. Steve now down to his underwear now tied with Stacy. And Cindy is down to bra and panties. Stacy got Shawn naked so she told him to suck on her breast throught the next hand. Shawn smiled and said, "I've never enjoyed losing more," as he began sucking on Stacy's lucious breasts.

Steve pulled out a full house the next hand. Stacy stood up taking her panties down exposing her clean shaving pleasure hole. She said, do you want me to service you this next hand bending down between Uncle Steve's legs, pulling out his semi-erect penis and began licking and sucking on it. Steve told Shawn to lick his sisters pussies and ass. Cindy said, "Let's get this game over I need attention." The next hand Steve won with three of a kind 2s, to Cindy's two Aces. Cindy took off her clothes. Steve said,"Let's head to the kingsize bed."

Steve had the ladies on laying on their back and told Shawn, "Let's see which one of these ladies can swallow our cocks the best, you start with your sister and I take Cindy." Shawn moved his 7.5 inch cock to the back of Stacy's mouth, and then it turned the corner to her throat. Shawn body shivered a little as he said, "Shit Stacy that is a amazing." Steve moved his 10 inch cock in to Cindy's mouth who was use to his long thick cock and swallowing the entire thing. Steve said, "Stacy you have your work cut out for you." Shawn was anxious to feel how good his aunt is, "Should we switch Uncle Steve?" Steve laughed, "Sure." Steve told Stacy to get on her knees on the floor so she could wrap her arms around him and pull his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She impalled herself on his throbbing hard cock. Shawn yelled, "Can I cum down her throat?" Steve answered, "You're young, as long as you recover quickly because we are going to DP both of these ladies next." Steve's voice peaked at the end of the sentence as Stacy shoved a finger up her Uncle's ass which made him slam his cock further down her throat.

Steve filled Cindy's throat with his cum, but Cindy kept sucking until he was hard again. Steve slowly pulled his cock from Stacy's mouth and told Stacy to lube up Cindy. Cindy got Shawn hard again, following Steve's direction she sat on Shawn's cock letting him fill her vagina. Stacy got Cindy's ass lubed Stacy guided Steve's cock against his wife's asshole. His head pushed against her tight ass, popping in, then pushing the length in until he bottomed out. Stacy suck on Cindy's 34D breasts as Shawn buried deep in her pussy as Steve started pounding her ass good. Cindy was in heaven as her body was convulsing and shaking with multiple orgasms. Before they both came they pulled out and filled Cindy's mouth with their cum.

Steve said, "Stacy its' your turn." Cindy recovering started sucking on Shawn's cock to get him hard as she lubed up Stacy's ass. Shawn took his spot on the bed as Stacy got on top then Cindy grabbed Steve's cock and shoved it into Stacy's ass. Cindy then sucked on Stacy young perky 33C breasts. Unlike last time, Steve gave all of his cock to Stacy's ass which sent her of the top beyond any orgasm she has had. Stacy was extremely vocal as she road her orgasm. Steve pulled out of her ass as Stacy rolled off Shawn both shot their load into her mouth. All four fell asleep in the same bed. Six more days before they head back home. Not a bad first night, but the rest of the week should be a blast. Monday looked to be a great day tomorrow.

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