The Laundry Room

We had been fighting for at least two blocks, and I was done with that. My ex-husband had moved out now he wanted to move back in as his reason for moving out had moved on without him. I didn't want him back as he had made me feel worthless and undesirable. Now that I was back on my feet, shaky as it was he now wanted to come back! I called him a few choice words and walked into the apartment building where I had moved after leaving the house that we had in the suburbs that I had never liked or wanted.

Quickly opening the door, I slammed and locked it in his face as he stood on the other side of the door shouting obscenities at me. Backing further into the room, I started to call the police when I back into something that wasn't the wall. Turning around I almost screamed but stopped; I looked up the lean hard body to the handsome face of my next door neighbor's son Tyler.

Tyler was the building handyman, and I had asked him to check on my bathroom sink that seems to come on all by itself at the time. He was twelve years my junior getting out of the military after ten years and a nasty divorce. Remembering his wife and her attitude I was happy that there hadn't been any children. Nancy had been staying with Tyler's mother while he was away for six months. She had started cheating on him as soon as he was out of sight with any man that came by. It seemed to me like Tyler's mother Liv was blind to it or maybe she saw and didn't know what to do.

It all came to a head one night a few months ago when he showed up unannounced and caught Nancy in bed with some guy while his mother was out of town. I had heard the screaming and the fight followed by the police arriving and arresting the three of them for disturbing the peace. Two hours later Tyler came back to the apartment without Nancy. The next day he came by and introduced himself to those in the other five apartments explaining that he was would be manager and handyman. Liv decided to stay with her sister and Tyler took over the apartment and quickly went about making it his own. It was during one of these times that I got a chance to have a good look at Tyler Powers and my panties have been wet ever since.

It was one of those early hot spring days that surprise you. It was almost too warm for clothes but not hot enough for the a/c. Well at least that how I was feeling when I went down to the basement/ washroom to use the washer and dryer that Tyler had installed before going overseas. We all had been thrilled and pleased not to have to on cold winter days dragging laundry up and down the street. Among ourselves, we had worked out days and times for each unit based on the need for the use of the three washers and dryers.

It was my day and has had very little to do; I decided to get a start on this particular chore. Knowing that I would be the only one down there and since you didn't have to leave the building to get to the basement and the door to the outside was padlocked from the inside, I went down wearing just nightshirt and slippers. It had started off as a miserable day; now this was turning into a hot one. It was during washing the sheets and towels that I got horny. There is no other way to describe it since I hadn't had sex in a very long while not even with myself. During one of the spin cycles, I found myself riding the corner side of the washing machine with its gyrating edge pressed between the folds of my pussy rubbing cloth of my nightshirt against the clit. I can't explain what happened next other than Tyler was standing there in sweatpants no shirt watching me fuck the washing machine.

The look in his dark eyes was a combination of lust and surprise, but it was his chest with the long angry scar that ran from his right nipple down stomach to disappear into the waist of the black sweatpants that grabbed my attention. The only other thing was his hard-on that was making itself known.
Combined with my thoughts, needs and the vision of Tyler's raging hard-on pushed me over the edge and I forgot all reason and embracement as I started to cum. Sliding down that slippery slope to my orgasm, grinding my pussy into the gyrating washing machine like I was going to make of for all lost time. Then there were hands and a mouth with a demanding tongue on me.

Tyler it seems had gone from watching to touching, and I welcomed him. Turning the nob on the washing machine, so that it would go bit longer, Tyler pushed the nightshirt down shoulders to expose my tits. My arms now trapped and me leaning my pussy as close as it could get to the washing machine, I was at Tyler's mercies.

He kissed me as if he was going to taste my pussy in my mouth while massage and teasing my nipples with rough fingers. This wasn't enough for him. Tyler went on his knees behind me pushing up my nightshirt exposing my wet thighs, ass, and hot pussy. At this point, I was holding on to the top of the washing machine for dear life as my orgasm was ripping through me. What Tyler did next didn't help; he tasted me from the back. He started licking at my clit and thighs he slides his fingers into me as he put his thumb in my asshole.

I came hard and moaned loudly as my firm nipples rubbed against the top of the machine and Tyler devoured me from below. When the machine finally stopped I was still holding on and naked, by nightshirt was laying on the floor around my feet and Tyler was gone.

I somehow found the strength to get myself together to put on a robe that I had washed and clean up my mess that coated the corner of the washing machine. Using the nightshirt I cleaned up and then threw it in by itself to wash.

It was days later when I ran into Tyler as he was helping one of the new tenants move in. He was on the down end of a sofa being carried up to the apartment on the fourth floor. I spoke and smiled at the new tenant who was newly married and seemed to be excited about his new life. Tyler and I just nodded at each other as we gave each other searching looking but saying nothing more. After that, I tried to avoid him; I was embraced at being caught and exposing my needy situation. It was later that month that we again found ourselves in a situation. As strange as it was maybe not? It was in the same place at the same time... in the laundry room in the basement in the wee hours of the morning.

I dressed putting on shorts and a tank top to combat the added heat that running the machine would cause in the un-air-conditioned space. With just a laundry bag I walked down from the 3rd floor passing Tyler's apartment along the way. He wasn't my neighbor anymore as he has switched apartments as soon as one on the first floor opened up. I wasn't sure how to feel about that as I was glad not having to face him every day and yet missing him at the same time.

Opening the door to the basement, I went down the few steps into the well-lighted hallway that led to the storage area with the door labeled laundry room on the right. I walked into the laundry room with no thoughts in my head other than to keep moving forward and I walked right into Tyler.

It was like a replay of the first time almost. Tyler was wearing sweatpants, flip-flops and shirtless. This time it was me looking at him except he wasn't humping the washing machine. Tyler was standing there calmly folding clothes and ignoring me. I knew that he had heard me coming in as the door makes a lot of noise when you open it. Going over to the empty washing machine, I opened it up and put my clothes in. After adjusting some of the dials, I turned to leave thinking that I would come back down in a bit to put them in a dryer and just maybe Tyler would be ...


It was the first time I had heard him say my name causing me to stop as I reached for the doorknob. At that moment, so many things ran through my mind and the one thing that I didn't want to hear from him that I just knew he was going to say. That very thought pushed me into action, and I moved forward only to find my path blocked.

The heat that radiated off his body and the spicy scent of him was like a balm to my tattered sense of self. I had faced my husband and his lawyer and they had left me broken with their accusation of me not being a good wife. I struck back and told the truth as I knew and had lived it. My husband was a man who while was social pleasing was cold and judgmental behind closed doors. Intimacy with him had been reduced to something dirty and I had lost my confidence in that department. All I had left was the night weeks ago...


At that moment, I wanted something of mine back, I had to prove something to myself. So I turned to face Tyler and whatever he was going to say, knowing what my response would be... it had been a while since I had seduced a man.

"Sania, Come here," Tyler commanded in a voice that was dead calm.

Letting go of the doorknob, I strolled toward him and when I was within arms reach I stopped. We stood there looking at each other for a moment that had me wondering if knew my shame.

"I want you,"

Feeling shocked take over my face, I stood there looking at this good-looking man who had been through hell and back. Wearing battle scars that inevitably that had left his mark on his soul and he wanted me. A woman who was senior by twelve years or more, broken and doubting her worth as a woman ...

"Stop it Sania... trust yourself and do as you feel."

So I did. Stepping to Tyler and going up on tiptoes I kissed Tyler lips softly with my own. Letting them rest lightly afterward as I traced his lips with my tongue. His breath was sweet and warm against my lips, and his skin over tight muscle and sinew rippled under my hands as I placed them on his chest, then starting my journey of exploration down his body. Kissing, licking, at his neck along with taking random light bites here and there, until I reached his left nipple. It was a thing of beauty, the color of milk chocolate that stood out poignantly against his scared tan skin. The scars were in mass across his stomach that in spite still muscle hard. There I lingered worshipping at the evidence of his physical pain licking, kissing and sucking at the scared flesh. Feeling it become warm against my lips and in my mouth. It was then that I felt him moan in my mouth as it vibrated from the inside out to his skin. Going to my knees I took his sweatpants with me, and Tyler's cock popped out. It appeared to be unscarred, but on closer in section I could see a long winding scar starting at the mass at his lower stomach passed his cock to disappear in the hair of his balls.

"I, I, I can't get anyone pregnant; it's why my wife left me. The damage..."

"Shhh," I said going up on tiptoes to kiss his lips with my eyes wide open looking to his pain ones. Letting Tyler see how I saw him in mine. I watched as his beautiful dark eyes filled with tears and I kissed him as he closed his eyes to stop them from running down his face. Releasing Tyler's lips I went back down on my knees and gave his cock that was almost hot to the touch the same loving treatment that I had given the rest of him. Putting the head of his cock into my mouth, I sucked and teased it with my tongue, swirling it around the sensitive head as I listened to him suck air. Then suck his cock back into my mouth almost burying my nose in the hair at the base of his cock. Holding him in the wet warmth of my mouth, I gently explore his balls and found the rest of the scars and understood the damage. I became angry and then sad for Tyler like so many others had given their all and many had paid with their lives for a cause that they believed in. Those like Tyler who made it back scared and broken to be dismissed and throw away not once but twice was unforgivable. Taking that anger, I put it into loving him physically like I hoped he had never been made love to before. Taking a long wet draw on his cock to the head, which I held in my mouth massaging it my tongue while looking deep into Tyler's eyes and what I saw there was raw and honest. I had nothing to lose, so I showed him the same and then I got to down to the business of what was in my mouth and under my hands. He was fucking my mouth with gusto in not time moan my name and much more.

My pussy was weeping with joy as I clawed his ass cheeks trying to force more of his cock down my throat. I wanted Tyler in me deep driving me into the floor or bed I didn't care I just need him between my legs. My aching pussy demanded it and what made me a woman was pledging for it. Then as if reading my mind, Tyler pulled me off his cock and threw me over his shoulder taking me out of the laundry room leaving our clothes behind. He carried me to his apartment on the first floor naked as the day he was born and deposited me on my feet in the middle of his living room. I was in a state of confusion and need. Having tasted Tyler, I wanted more I also wanted him to fuck me. Stepping back and never taking my eyes off Tyler's I took off my clothes letting each piece drop on the floor at my feet, then stepping out of my sandals adding them to the pile. I stood there allowing him to see my scars from the battle that I had fought in called my marriage. The extra weight brought on my stress and neglect, the bruise where he had grabbed me last week in the judges' office, and he had to be with strain, and I had asked that a with strain order be placed against him. His actions had put the judge on my side, and after hearing all from my lawyer and me of my husband abuse, he gave me all that I had asked for and more.

"I guess we are both are broken and scared," I said with a little laugh feeling a little self-conscious of me standing in front Tyler naked. My scars are on the inside I whispered in the space between us. I, I, haven't started to heal yet and I ... The rest of what I was going to say was lost in Tyler's arms, with my face allowing me to breathe in his scent and the warmth of his naked body against mine I almost cried. That night, Tyler made love to me and for the first time in my life I made love to another human being. I didn't know if there would be more, but I was happy with what I had. Three days later Tyler had left town without a word to me. To say that it hurt would be the understatement of the year in my life. I went on as I had no other choice and in time was able to think better of him and us.

It was about two weeks after Tyler had left that we found out the building had been sold and that my ex-husband violated the with-straining order. He had started pleading with me to come back to him after the woman he had left me for had returned the favor. I had called and notified the police and my lawyer what he was up to. They warned me to be careful and to contact the police immediately if he shows up. On May 27 Tyler had been gone almost a month with still no word from him. It angered me and yet I could understand his need to vanish... I still missed him.

On the way home I had stopped by the drug store to pick up a few things and decided to pick up something unexpected. It had been eating at me for weeks, and I had wondered, but I was sure. With all the stress I was under I assumed it was reason enough. Lost in my thoughts of the possibility on the way home I almost didn't see my ex-husband until he walked up on me. By now I was a lot tougher then I use to be and Tyler attention no matter how brief had given me a reason to take no shit from this asshole.

"What the fuck do you want?," I said not caring who heard me as we stood almost toe to toe, letting him see the disgust and anger that I felt toward him in my face. I was done, and he needed to stay the hell away from me.

Look, baby, I know ...

I didn't let him finished I just pushed him out of the way and pulled out my cell phone as I ran for home. With keys in hand after taking steps two at a time, I told the police that my ex-husband was here at my home. They told me they were on their way.

Opening my apartment door, I entered quickly then locking the door behind me as just as he reached the third-floor landing. Backing into the center of the room, I stood there as he hollered obscenities and banged on the door. I was so caught up in the noise in front of me I wasn't aware that I wasn't alone until some touched me. Turning around ready to scream only to stifle it as I looked up into Tyler's face. I became so excited and angry to see him that I almost missed out on my ex-husband getting arrested by the police. There was a knock on the door followed by a man saying that he was the police. I quickly went to the door and opened it to see an officer stand there. After talking with him for a few minutes and ensuring him that I was fine he left after saying that my ex-husband would be spending the weekend in jail and most like he would be in form of a judge Tuesday morning at the earliest. I thanked him and shut my door and turned to deal with Tyler.

"Why?" ... I asked trying not to let the hurt I felt by his abandonment resonate in my voice.
"Sania my reasons are selfish ones. I had one woman leave me because I couldn't give her what she wanted and I wasn't ready to let another one come into my life and do the same thing..."
" Did you think that I would do that to you?," I said between clenched teeth and the pain in my throat.
Storming past Tyler, I went into the bathroom slamming and locking the door. Then dumped out the things that I had purchased at the drug store into the sink I picked up the test read the instructions. While Tyler stood outside the bathroom door, I took the test, and as he took the bathroom door off its hinges, I handed him the results.
"Now, again why did you leave me?" I asked softly giving him time to let the information he was holding in his hands make sense to him.
"I left to make sure that I could be a husband to you. I can't give you a baby but we can adopt...," Tyler murmured as he looks at the pregnancy test strip positive reading in total shock."

" Well, Tyler it looks like you are going to be a daddy. Now what?"

On May 29 the day after Memorial Day we got a second opinion, and it seems that the doctors were wrong. We got married two days later and my husband Tyler gave me the building that we live in as a wedding gift with plans to upgrade the Laundry room.

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