The MenU

She had heard about this restaurant from a few female friends who always acted as if it was some state secret only known by a few. Shila kind of laughed it off and asked her friend Nancy who was giving her the low down on the place one day after she had confined in her how current boy friend was going to be her ex due to no show in the romance and bed department of late.

"Shila trust me girl, you will understand all once you have dinner there," Nancy said as she wrote down the address and telephone number of the place.

Shila took the piece of paper from her best friend and doctor and looked at the address and the name of the restaurant is Wishes

What? The place is called Wishes? Shila asked as she looked at her friend.

"Yes,it will take about 5 days to get a reservation,so please call tonight to set it up. You will love the food and the atmosphere." Nancy said with the shadow of a wicked smile on her face and a knowing looking in her blue eyes.

Walking out of Nancy's office later she wondered what she was about to get herself into. She would continued to pondered the thought further if her cell phone hadn't gone off and she checked to find a call from her soon to be ex. With that thought in mind,she shoved the paper with the information into her handbag and in her mind to the end of her lengthy to do list.

Shila listened as Frank droned on about his work and telling her that he wouldn't be able to make it to night so she would have evening by herself. This was becoming a habit with him of late and while earlier she would complain, Shila found less and less reasons to do so. Since she knew it would end with her feeling sexual frustrated in bed as Frank was very good at being a 5 minutes man from foreplay to finish. Getting in her car ending the call not caring if Frank was finished or not, Shila dug into her handbag found the number. Before leaving the parking lot she called and made a reservation for next week on Friday.

"Nancy, we just got a call from a Ms. Shila Ross and she is a friend and patient of yours,"the voice on the other end the call saying and asking at the same time.

"Yes she is a friend and patient and I would like to add that she is free and clear for the full dining experience," Nancy said as she slowly rubbed her thighs together in an effort to ease the tension of her slowly rising arousal. he had a few more patients to see and it just wouldn't do to be soo worked up.

"My dear, do I detect tightness in your voice?" the voice asked with a slight smile on her ruby read full lips. She could hear Nancy arousal in her voice and knew what was needed. When a glance up at her secretary a call was made and lunch for one was delivered express to Dr. Nancy Drummond's office. Who after moving some appointments around had an early lunch? When she met with her next patience a Mrs. Scott, she appeared to be relax and attentive as underneath her clothes her body was still humming from the delicious lunch had been delivered. After her last patience had left for the day, Nancy got a phone call.....

"How was your lunch?" the voice on the other end of the phone asked

"You know how it is with Chinese food even after a full meal you always want more.....," The woman on the other end of the phone laughs seductively and hung up the phone as she made a dinner reservation for Dr. Nancy Drummond.
Friday of the following week, Shila had almost cancelled her reservation but was talk into go by Nancy who said that she would really enjoy it and that it was something that she defiantly needed now Shila had called off their relationship with Frank after catching him at his apartment with his sister's best friend. It seems that they had been having a long term affair in spite of the fact that she was married with four young children. Frank had tried to explain, but Shila in amazing calmness told him that it was ok because it was better to end it now then later. When she realizes that he was going to be even a worse lay in bed after they married. Frank didn't take the last part too well as he had a considerable positive opinion of his sexual prowess, but overall he was ok with the break up. Shila her good bye as she told him that her body was now going to join her brain which had left their relationship a long time ago.
Friday night Shila dressed for dinner at Wishes, she chose purposely a dress that she had loved and knew that she looked great in but Frank hated. It a simple black dress with a deep v neck that wrapped itself around her body that stopped just at the knees. Sliding on her black five inch cum-fuck-me slides, Shila took one last look in the long vertical wall mirror to see check her overall appearance. In the mirror was a woman of average height with a balanced coke bottle figure covered in a v neck clinging black dress that enhance her light olive skin and showed off her generous curves. Her black short curly hair was cut in a style that made her brown eyes stand out in a face that was cute if not pretty and beautiful when she smiled with her full inviting lips. As she walked out the door Shila checked her watch for the time and saw that she would be on time for her 8 pm reservations. Getting in her car, Shila check the direction and set her GPS to the location. Along the way she called Nancy and left her a message since she was not home, to let her know that she hadn't back out and that she had taken her advice to go and have a good time. Once there Shila was concerned if she had reached the right place,as the house turned out to be an old style Georgian mansion in the old money section of town. She followed the drive up to the front door and got out when a parking attended came over. Shila gave him her keys as she walked to the front door where she was greeted by a very beautiful woman with dark red hair wearing a long green clinging silk dress. Her green eyes echoing the color of her dress as she smiled at Shila and welcomed her into Wishes.

"Welcome,I am Darcy and I want to welcome you to Wishes. I understand that this is your first time dinning with us and hope the experience will be one that would make you want to dine with us again," Darcy said as she escorted Shila to what at best can be described as small but elegant dining room.

With a table sat for two with soft smooth jazz music playing in the background. Shila was seated and a menu was placed in front of her. As she looked up at Darcy with questioning eyes and her lips ready to give a voice to her thoughts,Darcy seem to anticipate her questions.

"Shila,if I may call you that please don't worry about a thing, tonight dining experience is geared to you desires. So please take a look at the menu and you waiter will come in and take your order."

With that said Darcy left the room as the waiter quietly and stood at a respectable distance as Shila read the menu. He watched as her beautiful brown eyes slightly open wider and her full deep red lips formed a perfect O. He smiled to himself when he saw the deep blush make it presence known on her cheeks and he could tell that she was pleased with want she was reading from the MenU.

"Madame welcome to Wishes! I am Dmitri your waiter, "he said as he looked down into the face of the beautiful woman.

Shila looked up and said the first thing that came to her mind... wow!!

Her waiter was a honey... of the beach boy type. Tall slightly muscular blond with blue eyes and a wicked smile that seem to reflected in his eyes.

"Ahh I am not sure...," Shila said as she pinched herself breaking the imposed trance of admiration.

"Why don't I get you something to drink and let you look over the MenU some more?" Dmitri said very seductively as he licked his lips slowly and with a purpose at still staring Shila.

"Sure whatever you say or think is best, Shila said as she felt her black lace thong dissolve into a wet piece of material as her arousal made itself known to the rest of her body . She watched Dmitri leave admiring his firm tight ass encased in what looked like stretch pants of kind along with the snow white tee shirt that lay like a second skin over his slightly muscular torso. Wishing now that she had the sense to check out his lower package, Shila went back to the menu as she decided whether to have Italian or Caribbean. After some consideration she decided on Italian...

Italian MenU Maurizio

Appetizer: Insalata verde con crostini

Main course: Spaghetti con salas di pomodori verdi, cipolla e gamberetti (spaghetti with onions tomatoes and shrimp)

Dessert: Gelato al Limone

Shila was wondering what the hell when, the waiter returned with a glass of red wine for her and another waiter... or a man. If she drooled over Dmitri,Shila was silenced when she saw the man who was with him. Dress in the same outfit of fitted black pants and body hugging white tee shirt. Topping off at a good 6 ft. 3 inch this man was YUMMMY, with just the right amount of muscle, a pair of deep green eyes full lips, strong face and a bald head. Shila felt that if her pussy had a tongue it would be hanging out drooling.

"This is Maurizio,he is going to be your waiter for the rest of the evening and he will be seeing to your ever need and desire," Dmitri said as he observed Shila sitting there licking her lips as she looked over the menu that was now Maurizio.

Dmitri quietly left the two with a smile and softly shaking his head.

"Hello Ms., my name is Maurizio and I am here to be of service to you this evening. I see that you have decided on a lovely Italian meal,"his voice was deep and soothing as he looked her over with his bedroom eyes. Shila felt her face break into a smile as her brain was jumping up and down screaming yes.

She didn't remember order food and even when it was delivered it just seem to appear. Maurizio moved the chair next to her and slowly began to feed first offering her bites of salad with his dressing covered fingers. Someone was moaning with pleasure,Shila found it to be her when Maurizio lean forward and used his tongue as a napkin to clean the crumbs from her lips in a slow lingering manner that ended in a deep kiss. That ended when Maurizio released her lips to take a sip of red wine from her glass. He returned to Shila's waiting lips placing his as tight as much as possible releasing the wine into Shila's mouth, followed by his tongue. Their tongues wrestle in passion as their hands caressed and stroke each other exposed skin seeking to expose more. Releasing her lips Maurizio tongue follow the droplets of wine that had gotten away. He licked and sucked his way down one side of her neck than the other. The last droplet had slid down over the top of her breasts and down into the valley of her cleavage. Maurizio went after it, sliding the top of her Shila's dress down to expose her full light olive breast with large dark areoles and erect nipples. He went from licking the last of the red wine that escaped from their kiss to licking and sucking Shila skin. To him she smelled and tasted like a warm mixture of lavender and honey. The main course of pasta had been delivered Maurizio decided that it is now time to feed her the
Main course...

Shila mind was screaming yippee as her last moral thought was asking her what she was thinking??!! At this point she didn't care with Maurizio motivating her to enjoy her meal. He has stripped her of her dress leaving her in her lacey black thong and five inch heels. She stood there letting him have his eyes full her. Maurizio had removed his shirt baring his smooth hairless chest to her eyes and touch, but he stops her. Picking her up he puts her back in her seat and he began to feed her one forkful at a time of the pasta. Covered is a creamy thick white sauce with large cooked shrimp mixed in with the paste. Again for every morsel that missed going into her mouth, Maurizio chased it with his talent tongue. Somewhere during the sensual feeding, Shila mouth became the last place that food found its way into or onto. Stripped of her dress and thong and now laying on top of the table Maurizio had poured the warm meal of pasts on to her breasts and down her body.

"May I join for dinner?" he asked as he looked down at the woman covered in pasta with white sauce and shrimp.

All Shila could do was nod yes heat from the pasta and sauce cause her already over heated body to rise even more.

Maurizio fed her forkfuls of pasta as he used his mouth to lick and suck it off her breasts, her nipples and down her body to her pussy where he had placed shrimp. The heat from the shrimp around Shila clit sent her into a sensory overload as she started to cum. Nothing seems to deter Maurizio from his meal as he licked and sucked every spot on her body that was covered in pasta and white sauce.
Shila came hard screaming out her release as her orgasm rippled through her body. At its height, she felt Maurizio eating and licking the shrimp out of her pussy causing Shila toes curl and her eyes to roll back into her head as she screamed loudly his name. It took a while for Shila to come back to herself and when she did she found a redressed Marco looking down at her laying naked sweating body mixing with the remains of the white sauce that was left. Her pussy was throbbing hard and fast,what was needed was a good sucking.

"Ms. would you like dessert?" Maurizio asked in a very sexy voice as he looked down at her with his green bedroom eyes.

"Yes, I would...!"Shila said as she now got the point of the evening. ..

"What you would like?" Maurizio said as he handed her the menu again.

Shila didn't even look at it and tossed it in over her head as she grabbed a hand full of Maurizio shirt...

"I would like lemon gelato on a thick stick," she said as her mouth latched on to Maurizio chocolate colored nipple.Sometime later after she had released him from her oral assault and appreciation, Maurizio returned shirtless with a large bowl of lemon gelato. By now Shila and refreshed up and had redress. Her dress only as her thong left with Maurizio when he went to get her dessert.

Standing with the bowl of gelato between them Maurizio unzip his pants and pulled out what Shila had guess at earlier as being one nice long, thick,nicely shaven cock with a large bulbous head. MMMM Shila thought as Maurizio slid his cock into the ice cold lemon gelato and then into Shila warm wet mouth. Somewhere in all of that the lemon gelato was forgotten and Shila locked her mouth around his cock and didn't let go and until he filled her mouth with his thick salty sweet cream as she fingered herself into another orgasm.

Much later, Shila left a huge tip as she paid the bill leaving a much shaken Maurizio on his knees moaning. On the way out of the private dining room she passed by a medium height black man wearing the same uniform that Maurizio had been wearing. He looked at her and smile with sensual lips and dark black eyes. She smiled back,loving his dregs and wondering what they would feel like against her bare skin....

As she was escorted to her car,with a smile on her lovely face,Shila was thinking about what she would like to try on the MenU tomorrow night. MMMM maybe Caribbean...

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