The Sexual Surrogate

The Sexual Surrogate

There is just something that is so sinfully erotic about pregnant white women who's lovers, are black that is so appealing! To see pictures of an attractive naked white women knocked up with child,.. in the arms romantically of black men can be a most stimulating sinful experience! There are even white women that fantasize about having black seed pumped into their ripe and ready wombs and becoming pregnant by them!
This story is set in the 70s and is about a poor childless young black couple that desperately wants a child and the wife is unable to conceive. My wife is so good at having children, and we already have six! She has offered herself through a local service in one of the depressed parts of the city that specializes in sexual surrogate mothers, and has agreed to be one. Then finds out after doing so that the couple in need of such a service is black! After the initial shock and the fact she has already committed herself to doing this selfless thing cannot seem to back out, nor does she want to! On top of this, the first of several attempts at artificial insemination have not been successful and apparently can not be done this way? So a decision has been made to do it by actual sexual intercourse the old fashion way!

For most this would have easily been a deal breaker, but my wife is still a young looking 28 year old woman that is horny as hell and always looking for sexual adventure, along with the fact that she has had numerous sexual fantasy's about sex with black men,! But they have all just been fantasy's and would never under normal circumstances do anything like this,.. so willingly. However for her to have another child, something she wants almost as bad as this young black couple has helped make this decision that much easier! The other reason was the fact that our family doctor after a routine examination has told her that he thinks she might be a candidate for cervical cancer and has recommended she see a specialist, one that would if needed could preform the required surgery leaving her no longer with the ability to bare children, this has really scared her, and if she was indeed a candidate for this, that her biological clock was ticking and at best had, only several more years to consider childbirth!

He has also told her other things that has easily effected her decision. One is the fact that he, as our family doctor was quite complimentary about her ability to bare children, and that it would be a shame if this surgery was required leaving her unable to conceive, as not only did she do this very well ( Having Babies)! She, which I could certainly attest to was also very good at making them! So much so that she could actually tell you the date time, and place including the circumstances when each of our children were conceived! So for her to do this selfless thing has become ever more urgent and now an ever more appealing obsession!

At first she has gone to the couples apartment, to meet them, it was in an all black low income suburb of the city. The fact that she is a white woman that has willingly agreed to have sex with a black man, and to have his child, is the... talk around the neighborhood! The word has gotten out to the locals and the gossip has been rampant so that when she arrives at the couples place, several of the neighbors are standing around trying to catch a glimpse of her!
The fact that she is an attractive dark haired shapely young white woman is not lost at all, especially as most of the couples black friends, and many of his black brothers had assumed she would be unattractive homely and quite over weight!

After meeting this couple in person, Darryl and Nina. My wife Deanna has fallen in love with them only wanting to help even more. The fact that her husband is a hansom man with a forceful charming personality is even better, and his wife this young black woman, kept telling her how much she/ they appreciated her selfless commitment to do such a wonderful thing for a poor black couple like them, ones she did not even know!....
At first the intimate consummation sessions were set up by the clinic, they Darryl and her would meet there and would have a clean clinical private room where sexual intercourse would take place! My wife being somewhat reluctant at first, but with a nurse assisting and both finally naked it quickly became an awkward and uncomfortable situation!

They both were not sure what to do, should she just lay there and take it? Should they hug and kiss?.. Should there be some sort of romance, or would some kind of kinky sex be in order! This was something that for my wife was a big part of our sex life, ..her having sex, and babies? Was all of the kinky perverted exciting sexual encounters we had experienced in the past part of it, apparently so? As this was certainly not romance a first date or even kinky sex, it was suppose to be a professional and purposeful meeting to consummate a child for what everyone thought would be the greater good!

My wife's first impression was that this was not going to work! As it just did not feel right, with no kinky or romantic sex? Especially in the dull clinic setting, but after she saw him naked and that he possessed a cock that was most appealing in size and shape and one very much like she had fantasized about! She was now more than willing than ever to give these sessions more than just a casual try, and him the benefit of the doubt! My wife like other women had fantasy's about large cocks even as a young woman in puberty, and had also heard all of the stereotypical stories that black men possessed large appendages and could provide rough harsh kinky and prolonged sex! Something she had fantasized about!
The truth was that many black men did not have, nor could they provide the kind of sexually perverse things that many of these women craved, but this young black woman's husband had the forceful interest, and a cock that was more than adequate!

Then after several sessions in the uninspiring sterile clinic one that had no atmosphere for romance or kinky sex with Darryl, and all of the sessions being with rather plain missionary sex, although they were quite an enjoyable fucking! My wife really wanting to help has tried to put her all into it and do her best, she has used several of her most delicious black cock fantasy's to help, but even with her most perverted ones of kinky humiliating sex in public she is still unable to conceive?.
Apparently the thought was that he, this woman's husband might also be marginally impotent himself!
So my wife came up with the bright idea that they should have a real date together? One of kinky perverted sexual debauchery and see if this and a different setting or atmosphere might be the solution?. I had given her my blessing encouraging her to do so, and Darryl's wife Nina also encouraged them to try it!... I wanted her to enjoy both her sexual fantasy's and motherhood, as this was something she really wanted!

This is also the point where I planned to hatch the first part of my devious plan, and help make her fantasy about black men come true in spades pardon the pun, and be ever so more exciting and appealing to her!

I had told my wife the clinic called,.. part of which was true and had suggested that because she seemed unable to conceive, should see a doctor that specialized in interracial pregnancies to make sure she had no problem with her ability to conceive?

So, I put this part of my devious plan into action and had asked a black friend of mine that enjoyed the company of attractive white women, one that my wife had never met. He would be in town for several weeks or so, and was more than willing to help. His name Reginald, "Reggie". One of the first black men to become an officer in the US Air force back in the 50s , and was now flying for the airlines, he had told me a story some time ago about young women that were hired as stewardess that was quite amusing and of great interest, after hearing the story, I wanted to do something similar to my wife Deanna with his help of course, and with her wanting to become pregnant so badly this seemed to be the perfect opportunity, as in many ways she still was a very naive and gullible young woman !

The story he told me was, that several of the senior captains for TWA back in the early 60s had been staying at the same hotel as the new prospective girls that were to be hired as stewardess's , this was in Kansas city, TWA's hub at the time. They had made up official looking paper work and had a special messenger deliver them to each of the girls hotel rooms. What the message said was, that they were to report to a certain prearranged room supplied by the hotel where physicals were to take place! They, these senior captains all white men back then, had dressed up as doctors and of course being very distinguished older and professional looking to begin with, were easily able to fool and pull off a charade like this!
Great fun was had by them at the young women's expense, as they had them strip naked and submit to all sorts of imaginary and humiliating physical tests as well as some really close inspection of their young female charms, along with being poked pulled on and fondled! It had been a sobering shock for some of these young women several years later when they were part of a new flight crew that had one of these distinguished looking doctors, that also happened to be the captain and aircraft commander!

Now you have to remember that back in those days the airlines only hired attractive young women not like today, they had to be a certain height and weight plus they needed to be shapely and hopefully bit worldly and ready for adventure, or at least this is what the airline had used in its promotional advertisements to help get the traveling public to fly! Many of the young women, those looking to be hired that were a bit older and more experienced, had also received the official looking request and did not respond thinking that it was some sort of mistake?

But quite a few did, especially the ones that were young naive and eager only wanting to please, these girls would do anything they thought was required in order to be hired. My wife had actually applied for one of these openings that TWA had offered, this was before we were married and could have easily been one of these girls, as she was certainly shapely enough. But also so innocently willing and naively stupid!. She never got hired even though she had been coached by one of the women that interviewed her, trying to help, and have her say all of the right things! As they really wanted to hire her! But she was a bit to naive and clueless at the time!

I certainly know about this as during the early 70s . I had been a service rep and had traveled a lot in California using PSA one of the commuter airlines at the time, that out did every other airline in hiring the most attractive women they could. On top of that they also had the girls wear the shortest possible miniskirts! Once at Ontario international airport on an early morning business commuter flight from Southern Calif to San Francisco at around 6:00AM I witnessed a most spectacular event caused by one of these PSA stews. She was an attractive shapely young "Blond" dressed in a pink & orange mini skirt and wearing orange Go Go Boots! She had walked through the concourse and by several business men, then had bent down to pick up her bag, and in doing so... ,....
This is a picture of a Blond PSA Stewardess of the 70s!
9w / 28k

One, morning business traveler had run into a closed glass door, another had tripped over unseen bags and a third had spit out very hot coffee not realizing how hot it was as his, and their attention was focused on this young woman's incredibly shapely posterior that was now showing most all of it!
So now you know the mindset and had some idea of what was in store for my pretty young wife Deanna! I loved to plan things out. Most all of our kinky sex life had been at my insistence as my wife was a true submissive and she, had willingly allowed herself to be taken most anywhere and in many cases half naked bound and blindfolded as well, for sex!

The other thing that had happened was a magazine that was just starting to publish called "Black Bred" after hearing about my wife Deanna's willingness to be a surrogate, had called and asked if we would be willing to participate in their publication? They wanted to do a feature story about this young couple and my wife? They also wanted pictures of all three and especially of Deanna naked, before during and after her pregnancy? I of course told them yes that they had our permission, but had not told Deanna as she loved to be surprise especially when it came to kinky sex, and boy would she be surprised about this!

She at my insistence has dressed wearing as little as possible with no bra or underwear and some incredibly hi heels for her first date with Darryl the black couples husband. I knowing that having a woman dressed like this would really turn on any man! I had also insisted she go to the doctors office wearing just this very revealing dress,.. as her date with Darryl would be right after and the doctors office was close to the night spot where they were to meet! The dress she had chosen was a light green color but very short shows a lot of her breasts and nipples, it also makes her hourglass figure look, well pretty much like whore! It is the kind of dress that black men love to see women like her wear, especially white women that are obviously out in the the black community looking for sex!

Reggie and I had talked a lot about the kind of kinky sexual situation that I wanted to see Deanna in, and this supposedly special physical seemed to be just right for what I had in mind! He was more than game to be apart of it, and said he could take care of all the details, he had enlisted a friend of his to help. This friend was also a former air force officer that was now a practicing gynecologist, one that specialized in female orgasmic disorders! He was certainly the perfect guy as he had acquired over the years a large antique medical collection. This entire collection of his was set up in an old professional building that had originally been used as medical offices! He, this doctor friend of Reggie's was also quite interested and intrigued with assisting Reggie with our devious plan, and had given him the use of this old office and his antique medical collection. The good doctor was also very helpful and forth coming with details, an even more helpful tip's as to certain procedures and the use of these old medical gynecology tools and equipment!

What was included in the collection, were actual usable and functional sterile medical items!. Several pumps with numerous nipple breast and clitoral attachments! A gigantic old stainless steel 30 mm Vaginal speculum with a winged nut adjustment that could open a woman up big enough for a base ball! Or a gigantic black cock head!
1w / 1k

Saenger Obstetrical Forceps perfect for clit clamping! A vaginal dilator, several vibrators, a high tension adjustable buzz box, violet ray with glass wand and a electrical urethral & prostrate stimulator that was used with the buzz box, these last items would take perverted kinky sex play to a whole new level!
He had given Reggie some history and instruction in the use of the high tension pulsing buzz box, warning him not to exceed the red line!
The Gage on the Buzz box!
0w / 0k

Then went on to explain that during the late eighteen & early twentieth century, vaginal stimulation with numerous devices mostly electrical and vibratory were used for the treatment, of what was then called female hysteria! A condition that the black medical community still treated used, and embraced! It was a common and lucrative part of many physicians office practices, and Reggie's doctor friend specialized in this procedure, especially for well to do white women!.

Female hysteria was a once-common medical diagnosis, found exclusively in women, which today for most doctors is no longer recognized as a disorder, essentially they were just horny unsatisfied women!. A physician back in the day was noted for claiming that a quarter of all women suffered from this sort of hysteria!. One American doctor had actually cataloged over 75 pages of possible symptoms of this condition, and called the list incomplete! According to the document, almost any ailment could fit the diagnosis for female hysteria!.
The treatment at the time was vaginal and clitoral stimulation The Latin word for it was Orgasmus Auto Arhythmia Instigo a term that many doctors used as a cover for what they were actually doing to these women! Or in other words it meant sexual stimulation by another, but in reality was only some form of masturbation by other than ones self!

They, Reggie and his doctor friend trying to make the building and office more realistic had changed the name on the doctors office door, and also in the lobby directory that read Reginald McNasuty OB/GYN, Specialist , a rather appropriate name under the circumstances. Reggie has also enlisted the help of one stewardess, she was an incredibly attractive barely 30 yr old black full blown lesbian named Joy, and she was to play the part of his nurse and receptionist!
Nurse Joy

Joy had actually gone through nursing school, but decided the adventure and travel of the airlines along with the opportunity to be around naive sexually unsure young women had much more appeal! The office although clean and well appointed was right out of the 1950s, and was in this old office building in the same depressed area of the city. The surrounding area was not a place where a white woman would go unescorted, especially after dark dressed like my wife! But is was close to the night spot where she and Darryl were to meet later that evening! I suggested she take a cab and had called one for her, as this driver was also conveniently black and in on what we had planned for Deanna!
My wife at the time was a brown haired full figured young looking 28 yr old woman with 38" DD breasts!
A picture of Deanna's breasts in the green dress

With an hour glass waist, with a full and a very round shapely bottom, she also had a pussy that was made for sex!
A picture of Deanna's Hour glass Bottom
124w / 1882k

Now dressed in this light green short tight fitting dress that showed a lot, the heels she had chosen left her up sinfully and precariously on the very tip of her toes! When the cab arrived for her, she had taken an old coat and her small purse. Once in the cab she had given the driver the address, he quickly turned around and then after seeing how she was dressed smiled approvingly, saying casually lady you look like a whore, and the area of the city where you are going,.. you could easily be trouble! Especially dressed like that, and that he would be happy to help her find some?

She was a bit uncomfortable and at the same time pleased by his comment, plus the way he had looked at her! Having another man, especially a black man that was a stranger really look at her, as a sex object had quickly brought about moist sexual feelings! She was not surprised when the cab arrived, that the building was old, as she had assumed that it was in a poor run down area that was of less than modest means. Distracted at first by the place and after fumbling to pay the driver, at first had not realized she had left her old coat in the cab as it drove off! Leaving her with mixed feelings of being almost naked , but also with the thought and feelings of sexual adventure? The building looked deserted as there seemed to be little traffic on the street or in the lobby! Looking at the directory she found the doctors name, and that his office was on the fourth floor!

There was, only one old elevator and as she pushed the antique looking button the sound off gears cables and electrical motors began to work, followed by the door slowly opening. Then an old open metal safety cage was pulled to one side, and by of all things an elevator operator!

Not only was the building straight out of the 1950s so was the operator! He was an elderly black man probably in his 80s and apparently a bit senile, both were surprised to see each other, but his lustful smile was genuine! He was almost licking his chops at the sight of this under dressed overexposed young white woman! He had, like a gentleman offered her his hand, not taking his eyes off of her obviously over exposed bosom, then helped her up into the tight confines of the rickety old elevator!

He reached around her closing the metal sliding cage which put them them even closer together, and inquired as to which floor she wanted? Dr McNausty on the fourth floor was her reply!.. The old elevator was operated mechanically, as he engaged the controls, the elevator lurched up several times forcing them even closer together, and in doing so Deanna in her hi heels had lost her balance! The old man had reached out instinctively to steady her and had grabbed the most obvious thing!

One of her over exposed breasts in order to steady, and keep her from falling, as they stood there for the moment neither knew quite what to say or do! But his hand now had a firm hold of her, and never left her breast!...The elevator lurched and shuddered as it passed each of the floors, her breasts jiggled most obscenely as did her bottom barely covered by the short thin material of her dress, then with one hand still on her breast steadying her and with the other, had stopped the elevator at the fourth floor!
Both were visibly shaken from the experience as she had never been grabbed quite like this! But apparently he had helped others, before? With neither knowing quite what to say, all that came out of her mouth was a curt thank you, and from his was, your welcome ma'am! But Deanna's eyes caught a glimpse of the old mans trousers and saw what appeared to be a rather large bulge that had formed just below his short jacket and belt buckle!

He had pointed in the direction of the office, as Deanna walked away, under the circumstances she thought to herself, and was quite smugly proud of the fact that she, had been the one that had excited and old man like this. She had opened the door to the office not knowing quite what to expect? The place was old but clean, the nurse a very attractive black woman that appeared to be about her age was talking on the phone at the receptionists desk, she looked up from her conversation, and said yes, may I help you?

Deanna still a little flush, and uncertain gave her name and that she was there, for an examination. The woman then said oh, we have been expecting you, please wait and I will be right with you! Deanna while waiting had noticed a number of pictures on the wall some black and white that appeared to be quite old , and other newer ones that were in color. As she looked closer they were of all white mothers holding newborn's with blissful smiles of motherhood, and all of the infants were obviously black babies!

Apparently these pictures dated from the 30s to fairly recent! This was somewhat of a shock to my wife, but even though in the old days interracial sex was underground, it apparently had taken place and was a thing that had really happened on more than just one occasion!

During the 70s and after the civil rights act of 1964 followed by the hippies, Woodstock the free love flower children, then add the sex drugs and Rock & Roll craze of the times! That by the 70s had inspired this kind of interracial sex that was starting to occur much more often, and the pictures only helped convince my wife that she had made the correct decision and for her, was ever more eager to become pregnant with the help of a black male!

The nurse getting up asked her are you okay, you look a bit faint? Then Deanna became embarrassed as she explained what had happened in the elevator! The nurse with a knowing smile said ,don't worry old Tom is mostly harmless, and does that to all the women! Apparently shrugging it off as if it was a normal thing? Then told Deanna to please follow her, saying I have to get you ready for the Doctor.

My wife Deanna had never vocally expressed an interest in other women but like many women, has bisexual tendencies and feelings that only needed an opportunity? She was, without even thinking immediately attracted to this woman!

The white nurses uniform was every bit as short and tight as the green dress that Deanna was wearing! Her attention was almost helplessly drawn directly to the woman's incredibly shapely bottom, one that showed no panty lines, was so voluptuous and more than a bit larger than her own. But OMG! Was it ever so appealing, my wife just stared unable to take her eyes off of this woman's incredible posterior! Almost helplessly mesmerized by the site of this woman's bottom and how sinfully attractive it was, as her two buttocks undulated most perversely up and down as she took each step!

Deanna followed the nurse into a big room apparently one where gynecology examinations took place. There was an old oak gynecology table with a step, two adjustable cast iron supports and a removable wooden head rest.
Old Oak Table
4w / 18k

The room contained several roll around trays, with a number of tools gadgets and instruments that were hanging on these trays and the wall. They apparently were used to preform all sorts of sexual gynecology tests , that my wife Deanna could not begin to phantom? She, trust me after six children had spent a lot of time on one of these tables, but certainly not on one that was an antique, and this one appeared to be from even farther back in the 30s! The nurse Joy, told Deanna to take off all of her clothes!

My wife still could not seem to take her eyes off of this attractive black woman's backside! Joy the nurse, loved how other women were attracted to her! She was the kind of woman that reeked of sinful sex appeal one that could, and did on many occasions, had quickly taken the most straight laced heterosexual woman, especially married white women and instantly turned them into a helpless submissive lust filled bisexual! One that would do anything to please a woman like her, and my wife Deanna would be no exception!

Deanna wearing almost nothing to begin with, was struggling to get her tight green dress off, and gladly excepted the nurses willing and helpful assistance. In helping, the nurses hands had easily taken dreadful liberties with Deanna's breasts bottom and especially her pubic area, leaving her even more moist trembling and unsure? The only difference between these two women other than skin color was,.. my wife had stretch marks from six children that she thought were dreadful and unattractive along with slightly sagging breasts, by contrast Joy had no sign of this at all never having bore a child, and the only other thing that was different was her incredibly shaped large bubble butt ass!

Although it was somewhat larger than Deanna's, could and would make any man or woman's' for that matter, tongue instantly hard and had done so with my wife! Once naked and wearing only her hi heels The nurse grabbed one of her hands holding it up turning her slowly around saying let me have a good look at you!

About this time the door opened and in walked Reggie he had timed it perfectly as my wife Deanna was stark ass naked wearing only hi heels, and with one hand held high! He was dressed impeccably just like a real doctor, and did he ever look the part! Graying temples distinguished bifocals a stethoscope, and wearing a starched white lab coat with a very official looking name tag that said "Dr Mc Nausty" MD! My wife naked with one hand up in the air, ..this had arched and accented her beautiful breasts making her ever so more appealing!

Joy the nurse then said complimenting her,.. on this selfless act of agreeing to help this poor black childless couple. Then said playing it to the hilt, we in the black community are a close, tight knit bunch, and I personally want to thank you!. Then in front of the doctor, and still holding my naked wife's hand grabbed her bare bottom with the other easily pulling her close, then held her tight and kissed her full on the lips, just like a forceful aggressive man would do!

My wife Deanna was caught completely by surprise and totally off guard, already naked , and somewhat embarrassed standing in front of this strange doctor and nurse, not expecting anything like this to happen? But because of her new sexual feelings offered little resistance and allowed Joy's tongue to easily pass between her lips and explore? Then after a loving hug and hesitant release, was offered nothing to wear, no smock absolutely nothing?

She was horribly embarrassed standing there naked, trying to cover her big breasts and pubic area with only her small hands in front of the doctor ! It was obvious that she had enjoyed being kissed by this attractive woman! After regaining some of her composure she stammered as awkward introductions were made.

The reason for nothing to wear she assumed, was that they had little money for such items in the poor black community, and modesty was something that most black prospectant mothers apparently would easily forgo?. The doctor, "Reggie" in his best professional voice trying to put her concern of being naked aside, said to Deanna that he had seen numerous naked woman, and as a doctor he hardly even noticed anymore! The first part of his comment was correct, but the second was not, as his cock had easily started to become erect at the sight of my naked and quite shapely young wife!

Reggie had been schooled by his doctor friend that the average gynecology visit included three stages: 1.) General Exam check the patients lungs, heart pulse, weight, history, etc. which Joy would do. 2.) Breast Exam by both the doctor and the nurse and 3.) A Pelvic Exam also by both! But here would be more, much more?.
The nurse then helped her up onto the old oak examination table! Deanna, still mildly shaken from the kiss sat there on the edge of the table stark ass naked with her legs dangling in only her heels. This woman then took her blood pressure listened to her heart and started asking questions.

Has she been pregnant before, did she have children, where her pregnancies normal and did she deliver with little or no problem? How many times over the last several weeks had she experienced sexual intercourse, orgasms? Was it good or bad, and did she enjoy the experience? Then said, the records we have show that you have had well over a dozen intimate consummations! But your tests show that you still have not become pregnant, whats wrong? You certainly look like a healthy enough young woman? ... Before she could answer any of these questions.

In reality she was already pregnant probably from the first insemination, but her pregnancy tests had been switched with another woman, one that was actually unable to conceive, by mistake! The fact that my wife usually did not seem to show for well past three months and usually did not have problems with morning sickness that most other women did. This unknown revelation would allow her to have numerous opportunities for sexual intercourse with not only Darryl, but many of his black brothers all only trying to help! But at the time no one knew this!

Joy the nurse went on to say something that was most unprofessional, and quite out of place, I will bet even old Tom the elevator operator could knock you ass up! You know, in his day he fathered well over 80 children! Then said half joking, I guess we should have him give it a try and maybe he could make you a mother, what do you think about that hum? Apparently a comment like this she wondered, and then assumed, was just a normal thing in the black community?
For Deanna still flush from the kiss, now unsure how to react when the first of these questions were asked. Just as she was about to answer, another question would be asked! Her mind was racing as all she could think of was kinky thoughts that seemed to flipped through her mind of sex with another woman, and ones of doing so with this attractive black woman. Ones she never knew existed only moments ago even in her most wildest dreams? These thoughts and feelings were quickly beginning to surface and were starting to touch her formerly subdued and now very raw sexual nerve endings!

Then the thought of this old black man, over 80 yrs old actually being able to father a child was perversely unsettling, but she had indeed stimulated an erection in the old man, so? OMG! He, ...we could actually do it? The thought as her eyes opened wide with astonishment, and the reality of it was somehow so sinful and perverted, but oh so strangely appealing!

The nurse had remove the oak headrest from the examination table and had told her to lay back and relax, then said I need to get you ready ?.This had left Deanna's head helplessly hanging down over the end of the table. The only way she could see what was going on? Required her to lift her head up and after several times unsupported was helplessly hanging to where she had little strength and a limited and distorted upside down view of just the area directly behind her!

My wife Deanna still shaken from being naked in front of strangers and slightly trembling from this smoken hot kiss plus the thought of some sort of kinky sex play with this incredibly attractive black woman laid there helplessly and tried to relax?. Allowing the woman to do what ever she wanted. The wooden table was hard and a little uncomfortable at first especially with her neck hanging over the edge, but after her legs were lifted and the cast iron supports placed under her knees it became much more tolerable, even comfortable.

The nurse went on to say, some women react strangely to our procedures, as here in the black community they may be, quite different from what you have experienced in the past? But I can assure you that everything the doctor and I do during the examination is required, perfectly normal and any black mother would have no problem submitting to the same procedure's!
Deanna at first had not been concerned, except for the kiss, everything that had happened so far although different seemed to all be explainable. Her first inclination that things were not quite right, and were about to change was when the nurse moved each side of the cast iron supports that were under her knees ? She could hear the clanking of the iron ratchets as it moved out followed by the other, this had spread her thighs wider than ever?.

Her pussy lips usually stuck tight together and moist from her earlier thoughts easily opened right up, but what happened next caused her even more alarm? Her ankles were secured by leather restraints and were bucked tight! Joy the nurse sensing Deanna's concern, and in a very disarming and matter of fact way, whispered in her ear, do not to worry my dear,... its just part of the examination?

Deanna reassured for the moment relaxed again and took a deep breath, as she did so her naked breasts puffed up and then settled down vulnerable and unencumbered to each side as she exhaled. But what happened next alarmed her even more! With her head unsupported and hanging over the edge... had left her arms helplessly at each side of the table. Then, she felt her wrists buckled tight, and restrained also by firm leather belts! This was followed by yet another belt as it was placed over her tiny waist just above her hips and tightened with a firm tug! Deanna first said what? What are you doing, oh please I can't move, as she struggled, now in a panic with the realization that she was naked spread wide and securely bound! Joy the nurse again reassured her with a soothing voice, by saying not to worry that it was all,..just part of the required exam, and that she would love it?
Love it... Deanna thought, what did she mean by,.... I would love it?

My wife and I had played numerous kinky sex and bondage games, I had even blind folded her and taken her places like this that ended in sex, but most of the cuffs and things I had used, always allowed her to free herself if she really wanted! For her kinky sex this way was almost like a drug, and one that was an incredible turn on, and again kinky thoughts were racing through her head especially now that she was naked helpless and unable to free herself!
Joy the nurse, with my wife helplessly bound then said, oh by the way a magazine that is just starting to publish interracial stories called Black Bred.

They feature white women willingly being impregnated by black men,... has graciously offered to do a story about you as a surrogate mother, and has also offered to pay the young childless couple a modest fee for their story,... it will be published in one of their first editions of the magazine, with pictures and everything!.....

They are talking about doing the story in at least four parts, so they would like to interview you and take a lot of pictures? They want to start right away,... with before during and after pictures of you, the couples husband along with your pregnancy, you don't mind do you? Your husband has already given them permission, Deanna was not sure nor did she fully hear or understand the meaning of what Joy had said, as her focus was still in struggling to free herself!
Deanna had always been a closet exhibitionist to some degree, and when we were first married was almost fearless and loved to be naked and have sex in public places where we might get caught! But after having children had become a bit more cautious about doing so in public.

She still had enjoyed the submissive nude blindfold bondage thing, as it allowed her to hide behind the blindfold and let her fantasy's go crazy, she seemed to be comfortable when we did things like this wondering where I would take her, what was going to happen, or who might be there to watch or play? I took her out in public like this but as long as I planned it out and it was me, and she was bound blindfolded to where she could not see, everything was just fine! Even though she knew others might be there and had played with her!

But now being by herself with strangers helplessly naked and bound, with her pussy sinfully up open and exposed,.. had left her with mixed feelings? Ones of incredible kinky perverted sex along with being transfixed with her present helpless predicament! With me around she never worried, but now she was alone? Deanna's body along with her sexual fantasy's reacted with sensations of its own without her, and she seemed to have no control as her pussy started to drip almost uncontrollably!

Then just as she resigned herself to the situation, was when she heard a knock at the door,... and a voice say, are you ready? Joy, the nurse opened the door wide and said yes! Several strangers barged into the room they were photographers, camera men and a female story writer from the Magazine Black Bred! Deanna was almost beside herself naked embarrassed and not sure what was going on? Now almost in tears as numerous flashes from their cameras followed by the bright lights of the camera crew captured her startled facial expressions and the fact that she was naked and helplessly exposed with her wide open pubic area perversely displayed for all to see!

Deanna had of course not given her consent for this, we had once talked about doing a nude photo shoot as a mother of six, she loved the idea and had even agreed to do so. But when it actually came time to do it she chickened out, do to her self contentiousness about her stretch marks, they had apparently gotten the best of her. But the people from the Magazine had no problem at all, and apparently assumed she had already given it because of our previous telephone conversation? Besides back in those days no one was even remotely worried about permission!

Deanna's embarrassed thoughts and concern slowly disappeared as nurse Joy first measured her breasts and then her nipples, then had pulled each of her breasts up into and through a round banded metal device that left them sticking up! Deanna with her head hanging down could barely see the metal band like things around the base of her breasts next to her chest! This was followed by a threaded rod and knob attached to it being tightened like some sort of metal noose, this had left her tits really tight, and her nipples swollen up totally bare and sinfully exposed!
Metal bands with threaded knobs around breasts

Then a warm soapy solution was sprayed over her pubic area from a bottle and worked up and down her slit and around her clit! Once this was done it was followed by the nurse shaving what little pubic hair she had left and the area just above it! Apparently Joy was an expert at this as she carefully trimmed and then shaved removing every bit of pubic hair, especially around her clitoris!

For Deanna the sensation was erotic perverse, and stimulating Then a very thin amount of tasteful slick em like jell was applied to her nipples followed by her now very sensitive clitoris and correct size attachments were held first on her nipples and then on her clit as she heard a motor start and the vacuum suction pump begin! Her nipples were one thing but her clitoris was quite another!
OMG! She could not believe the sensation, her nipples were bad enough but her clit as the small cup like attachment was held tightly around her clit! The vacuum pump and motor worked and worked groaning and straining as it sucked and pumped her tender sensitive little clit! It was a good thing that she could not see what was happening to it as it swelled to first twice its size and then to almost three times!....

Just when she thought the pumping and sucking of the pump would never stop, it did! Then the little valves that controlled it were shut and the vacuum lines removed! Deanna had been holding her breath as the machine pumped, but once the sound of the groaning motor quit, she relaxed some but both her nipples and especially her clit were sucked up tight! This was something, the sound and sensation she had never experienced that were attached to the very sensitive sexual nerve endings of her body!

But there was more, much more in store for her. Nurse Joy again noticed how concerned and tensed up she had become,.. saying relax honey you will really love whats coming next? Even though she laid there helpless and tried to relax,... first with the thought of what the nurse had said, Whats coming Next", and second from her naked helpless and upside down view of what was going on, she was not sure, at all? But , OMG! Was Joy, the nurse now walking around naked? This had left Deanna again trembling, with both uncertain concern, and incredible sexual anticipation?.................

Continued in Chapter two
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