Seduction of Karen
I was looking for the shelter along the trail where I was planning to camp for the night, after fifteen hard trail miles. I was tired and glad to see the clearing were I knew I could rest for the night. The final approach was down hill, and I could see the shelter in the distance. The shelter's along the trail are a welcome site after a hard day of hiking, and most have a picnic table, and a water source close. The closer I got, it appeared some one was already settled in with gear and food on the picnic table. I walked up to the shelter to find no one there, so I decided to go down to the spring and fill my water bottles. I heard a noise and looked up to see a beautiful middle aged lady, bathing herself at the spring. She was washing her hair, and I noticed her snow white complexion and smooth wet skin, making her stand out in contrast to the green summer canopy in the forest. I studied her beautiful lean body, and could feel a hardness grow, as she was bent over exposing her beauty, unaware of my presence. I quickly decided to slip back to the shelter and set up camp, but couldn't get her out of my mind. Her slender body, lightly freckled skin, and strawberry colored hair made her look younger than she was.

I was almost finished setting up my tent when I heard a noise behind me, I turned and was stunned by her beautiful facial feature's walking up from the spring. I could see her hair was still damp, and her wet skin glowed showing off muscular thighs below her hiking short's. I introduced myself with a smile, she told me her name was Karen . She seemed uncomfortable, and her eye's darted back and forth showing her unease. I studied her leg's and beautiful body, taking notice she told me she was a married house wife with two young boy's, and they were with their father at a baseball tournament out of town. She had taken a spot close to my tent and the picnic table, and I noticed her glancing at my muscular body as she finished drying her strawberry colored hair

I changed shirt's and noticed her looking, she quickly turned away embarrassed when I took notice. I had settled in, and there was only a couple hour's of daylight left, so I organized my gear and relaxed on my pack enjoying the early evening breeze. She was quiet, appearing not sure how to handle this situation, being with a strange man in the middle of the forest. " I didn't think anyone else would be out here" she stated, to which I gave no reply. I noticed at the angle I was resting on my pack that she could see down my hiking short's. I moved my leg slightly giving her a better look. I noticed she was getting nervous and turned on by my little game, causing me to grow with arousal. I could feel my muscle swelling as she contiuned glancing down my short's at my muscular leg's,and could see my erection growing . I noticed her breathing increasing as it was very quiet out, then suddenly she joined my little game lifting her feet higher on the picnic table, and slightly spreading her knee's, exposing her white, freckled thigh's. I moved my knee over more giving her full view of my now big hard muscle. I could now see her pink underwear as she moved her leg out even more, becoming aroused by our game.

I had to make body contact some how, so I pretended to need something out of my food bag and leaned across her to get it, my hard muscle pushed against her lower back. She had her leg's straddled over one bench on the picnic table, so I sat down facing her also straddling the same side. I moved my hand slowly onto her lower leg with no resistance. She pretented not to notice and made no eye contact as I moved my finger's along her smooth white skin. I could tell as her breathing increased even more, she was getting hot. I moved my finger's under her short's as she gasped, and said "please, I'm married, I can't do this" I continued as it was apparent she could no longer contain herself, "feel's good doesn't it" I whispered near her ear, as she was overpowered now, and forced to surrender to her growing want.
I rapidly moved my finger's up her soft,smooth leg's, as I could now feel her wetness making her inner thigh's slick to the touch. I inserted two finger's bringing a moan of pleasure from her lip's."You like that don't you" I said, as I slipped her short's off and placed her slim legs over my shoulder's. "Oh, please,it feel's so good" she moaned as her hip's began to arch, my mouth and tongue wet her slender inner leg's, smelling and tasting her skin. I could tell she was now at my mercy, slipping my short's off quickly, and gently moving her on top of the picnic table. I entered in and out of her to the sound of wet skin slapping faster and faster, "It feel's so good, please harder, faster" she cried "oh yes, more" as my thick hard muscle pushed deeper in and out, making the lust in her beautiful face show she was about to climax. The fire within us burned, as the pace grew in the late day heat wanting to be satisfied, when all at once with a loud cry of pleasure.......climax
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