the softer side of bdsm
my name is Olivia Cooper. I was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado. After high school I decided that I would go to a local college to become a nurse. My first day at the college, I took a tour of the campus and who knew that I would run into the man of my dreams that day. I was walking down the sidewalk on my way to my dorm room. I bumped into a handsome gentlemen with blue eyes that seemed to run as deep as the ocean.

I said "excuse me, I didn't mean to bump into you. I'm just headed to my dorm room to get settled in before classes start. He said" that's okay". He reached out his hand and said" my name is Zane Maxwell". I shook his hand and said" I'm Olivia Cooper" He walked me to my dorm room and said to me
"can we meet up for coffee once you get settled.

I replied "sure" although I was so nervous that I wanted to quickly shut my door. Zane grabbed my hand and wrote his phone number in the palm of my hand and said Don't forget with a grin on his face. As Zane walked around the corner I couldn't help but watch. Once he was around the corner I shut my door and stood there for a moment. Trying to catch my breath and come down from cloud nine. Reality sat in quicker than I wanted it to.

I started unpacking my belongings but he was on my mind all day. A few minutes passed and I met my room mate. She was beautiful, she had red hair and bright green eyes. I introduced my self to her and told me that her name was Astrid. Astrid and I became closer as the weeks passed and always did things together. we would go out and party together and we would also just chill in our room.

I was really attracted to her. She was my best friend. We would lay in my bed and I would talk to her about Zane. One night we were just laying there, she had her arms around me and playing with my hair. I looked at her and she kissed me long and hard. With her hand gripping my chin and keeping my body close to hers. she pulls me on top of her and I can't see anything but desire in her eyes. I lean down and kiss her again. Astrid said " you are such a tease miss Cooper.

The next day I was headed to my class when Zane met me at the door to my classroom. I had my back against the wall. I was focused on him, wondering what his kiss tasted like. I just wanted to reach out and touch him but I didn't. He stepped out in front of me and put his hand against the wall by my head, it kind of startled me. I was to busy watching his lips move and looking into his eyes.

I didn't pay attention to anything else. Whenever I was around him my body got all warm and my pussy got completely soaked. The bell rang and I felt someone grab my arm. I quickly looked back and Zane said" I wasn't done with you yet". His words sent chills down my spine. After class was over Zane and Astrid were outside waiting for me. They looked at me and then each other like they had something up their sleeve.
I followed them to a secluded area in the woods behind campus.

There was a blanket laid out neatly on the ground with a picnic basket sitting on the ground. I sat down on the ground and tried to take a peak inside but Zane said " No Olivia" It's a surprise. I was really curious but excited at that point. Zane reached inside the basket and pulled out a silk scarf. I asked him what it was for. He said " hold your hands out in front of me and he ties it around my wrists. Lay down Olivia and close your eyes. Do not open your eyes at all.

I want you to rely solely on the sense of feel and taste. I follow Zane's voice and turn my head in his direction and nod my head. I lay back and place my hands above my head. Not knowing what to expect my heart starts beating faster and my mind starts racing. Zane says " relax Olivia and listen to the sound of my voice. I do as he says and I start to calm down. I hear Zane reach inside the picnic basket wondering what kind of things he has up his sleeve tonight.

I hear him call out to Astrid and feel her body on top of mine. I feel her small hands start to unbutton my shirt. Each button that comes undone makes my skin start to tingle. Astrid reaches her hand at the clasps of my bra centered in between my breasts and sets them free. The relief of my breasts being free never felt as good as it did tonight. She puts my breasts in her hands and licks my nipples. She spreads light kisses down my stomach, then kisses my lips so soft and gentle. Astrid reaches beside her. I feel the movement of her body lean to the left of me.

She kisses me once more and Astrid slips her tongue inside. She says something to me that I never thought I would hear her say. She told me that she loved me and that she can't wait to play with me some more. I get goosebumps all over my body. Astrid moves herself from on top of me and I feel her hands unbutton, unzip and remove my jeans. She trails her finger down my thigh. She walks away from me and I don't feel her touch return. I feel a stronger grip on my thighs, spreading them wider.

Zane reaches to the side of him, where he laid something down on the blanket. I heard the top open and I felt a liquid drip on my body. First Zane made the liquid drip on my chest and Astrid licked all of it off my chest. Zane continued to let the liquid travel from my chest to my pussy and Zane watched Astrid lick my body. When she came to my pussy, she spread my lips and exposed me to Zane. Look at that beautiful pussy just waiting to be devoured. Astrid placed her tongue in between my legs and licked my inner thigh with such torture.

I moved my body over trying to move her closer because I wanted to feel her tongue and the warmth of her breath on my clit. No such luck but she did suck the liquid that was dripping off of it. I felt Astrid move away from my clit and straddle me. putting each leg on either side of my stomach. She grabs my legs and pulls them closer to her exposing all of me to Zane.

Zane just looks and says" oh what am I going to do to that delightfully gorgeous pussy of yours Olivia. My mind starts racing wondering the same thing. Zane has an idea but keeps it between him and Astrid. Astrid moves from her position and spreads her legs and puts her clit right on top of mine and starts moving slowly. grinding with precise movement that makes me move in time with her and we both climax at the same time, while Zane lays beside us and strokes his thick long cock until he has cum coming out of the tip.

Astrid gets some on her finger and places it on my tongue. While Astrid still sits between my legs and grinds my clit. Zane puts his ass in Astrid's face and puts his cum covered cock down my throat. Astrid touches Zane's ass and loves the firmness of it.
Astrid starts to climax so hard and feels that she is going to squirt soon. She places her pussy over my face and squirts all over my face and I taste her on my tongue.

Zane licks her pussy and laps up the juices that cover her pussy and her thighs. after that we are spent and head back to the dorm room after we get cleaned up. We get a shower together as soon as we get to my room and Zane has me and Astrid on all fours and takes turns eating our pussy and making us squirt all over him.

Fast forward to when we first graduate college. Zane, Astrid and I have become so much more than just friends. Zane has become a master in the bdsm community and has collared and owns me and Astrid. One morning I am on my way to my job. The only thing motivating me is that in a weeks time I will be meeting up with Zane and Astrid for some much needed playtime. I can't wait until I am at master's feet where I belong and be able to play and catch up with Astrid. Master makes me feel loved. cherished and makes me feel at home.

I had been a good girl waiting for my master to reach out to me. I get situated at my desk, getting ready to start my job when master video calls me. To my surprise Astrid is standing beside him. I answer without hesitation " hello Master and Astrid" while my hands are playing with my collar. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited at the same time. I place my finger on my bottom lip. I look at both Master and Astrid with such desire. Master knows that I want him, that I need him and Astrid knows I long to make sweet love to her, while my master watches us.

He looks at me with those magical blue eyes and that seductive grin that gets me every time. He starts to speak and his voice just turns me on. Master says to me " let me see your pussy baby girl". I want to see that beautiful clit of yours. All nice and pink just sitting there aching for me to touch it and use my tongue to play with it vigorously. I also want to see your perky breasts so that I can imagine my hands cupping them and my mouth sucking on them.

Gently biting them with my teeth. Master just knows how to speak to me and get my juices flowing. My pussy is dripping wet just at the thought of those things. I look at my master with those wanting eyes. Master says to me " now listen to me baby girl". You and Astrid are not to touch yourself sexually at all for the next week because I have a surprise for the two of you and I want to be the soul purpose of your pleasure. Astrid and I both reply at the same time "yes my sweet master whatever your heart desires".

Baby girl when you get home, I want you to pack various lingerie items for me to pick from. Among your other necessities and Astrid will do the same. The one item that I want you to bring is the little red number that I picked out for the both of you that has the thong and doesn't obstruct anything from view. Do you understand, we reply with "yes master as you wish". Now I got to go and get ready for work and Astrid has to go to her yoga class. I will text the two of you later. We look forward to hearing from you.

Then he hangs up the phone and I get started with my work. At lunch time master texts me and says " go to the bathroom and strip naked except for your stockings and your shoes. Bend over and spread your ass for me and take a picture so that I can see those tight little holes that I am going to have so much playing with, when you visit me baby girl.

I do so and I send them to master wondering what Astrid is doing and hoping that master will be pleased with my pictures. I send him an extra one, where I am sitting at my desk with my shirt completely unbuttoned showing off my supple breasts and my legs spread wide for him to see. I send it to my master and he replies" are you trying to tease me my precious". No master but it brings a smile to my face that sometimes you like me to be a naughty girl.

He grins and laughs a little and that gleam in his eye lets me know that he loves being my master. We both get back to work and I don't hear from master until tonight. I go out to the parking garage and I start to get in my car. I unlock my car doors and I get in the drivers seat. As soon as I get in I notice there is a box in the passenger seat with a fancy note attached, I open the note and it is masters handwriting. master has wrote me a little poem.

Your eyes are so mesmerizing and sweet
I can't wait to look into them while my cock is fucking you hard and deep.
The pleasure that you will receive
will make you want to weep

You ache for my touch
for my body to be on top and inside yours
you need to feel my gentle control so much
my tender love makes your body soar

Just imagine my fingertip running down your spine
my lips spreading light kisses
my hands touching everything that is mine
my desire for you is vicious

After I read the poem, I put it back in the envelope and place it over my heart. I smile because my master loves and wants me. I put the envelope down and I open the box. I slowly lift the lid to the box and to my surprise bought me a new dress and oh my god it was so beautiful. Not long after that master messages me and asked me if I opened the box. I replied "yes master" Baby girl I want you to wear that dress when you fly out to me.

The dress was sleeveless and had a slit down the shirt that would show off my breasts very well, and the skirt had a slit on each side all the way up to my hip. Master says you are not to wear any bra or panties with the dress. I drive to my house and start packing my suitcase for masters house. once I get done packing, I eat a quick meal, get a shower and go to bed.

I wake up in the middle of the night from a dream that master was sleeping next to me but I look and he wasn't there. All of a sudden he calls me and says" baby girl are you okay. I had a feeling that something was wrong. I said to master that I had just woke up from a dream that you were next to me but you weren't there. He says" I know I'm not there baby girl but just grab the teddy that I bought you and hold it closely and smell my scent and breath and relax and drift off to sleep precious.

A couple of days pass and my pussy is aching to be touched but I must not or master will punish me with his belt. I distract myself by driving into work and ignoring my urges.

I am working from home today and my master wants me completely naked. I walk around my cabin and I look at all the places that master used me for his pleasure. The kitchen floor where master laid on his back and had me bounce up and down on his cock while I squirted all over it.

The kitchen table where he had me on all fours, my pussy spread wide and my clit, my vaginal opening and my anal region in full view. He invited his friends to come over and play with me While I serviced Astrid and master recorded the whole thing. one guy stood at the end of the table and fucked my mouth nice and slow until he came and it dripped over Astrid's pussy and I licked all of it up and made Astrid's clitoris stick out beyond her clitoral hood. The second guy was under me after Astrid moved to a different position.

He was sucking and licking my nipples while the head of his cock rubbed all over my clit and teased me a little by barely sticking the head of his cock inside my vaginal opening and making me moan and making my vaginal walls contract every time he entered me. Astrid was at my side and had my plump cheeks spread and licking my tight little hole with her tongue. The third guy took over spreading my bottom, oh how he loved my perfectly plump round ass. that was his favorite part of me.

He would rub his finger over my tight ass hole and lick it with his tongue as well and put the full length of his massive cock and stretch it further than master ever stretched it. As I made it outside to the back yard, I came upon the area where master has four posts sticking up out of the ground and had my ankles and wrists bound to them. oh that day was spectacular. He invited this blue eyed, red headed woman to my cabin and let her have her way with me. while he watched.

She put her clit on mine and started moving back and forth against it. we both moaned from the pleasure and she brought her pussy up to my mouth and had me suck hard on her clit. she inserted a vibrator in my pussy and tortured my clit with hers. She brought master to my side and made me watch as she fucked him, she kept kissing me and fingering my clit in time with the vibrator.
Master came all over her ass and I came from watching them and the vibrations.

Fast forward to the day I get to meet up with my master. I get in the car and head to the airport wearing the outfit that master purchased for me. when I get to the airport, I go through security and I get on the plane. it takes me about 8 hours to meet up with my master but once I get to the airport and I get through baggage claim. I see his handsome face at the front of the crowd. I run and jump into his arms and plant a kiss on his lips and I squeeze him real tight.

I don't want to let him go. I feel like it is just a dream and I will wake up back at the cabin. We get in the red jeep Cherokee and ride to his house. Master unlocks the door, picks me up and carries me inside. He puts me down and I see Astrid standing there. I run and give her a big hug and a kiss a well. It is late so the three of us get in the shower. Astrid and I tend to master by bathing him and servicing him before we cuddle in our bed together. Master sleeps in his boxers and Astrid and I sleep in the nude.

We both get on each side and cuddle up to master and fall fast asleep. The next morning we wake up and I get masters cock rock hard and put my pussy right on his face while Astrid is bouncing up and down on his cock. I pinch her nipples and watch her while she cums on masters cock. We switch places and I slowly move up and down savoring every inch that is inside me. master cums inside at the same time that Astrid squirts on his face.

I suck and lick his cock and enjoy the privilege of tasting his cum as I watch him lick her soaked pussy. we both say thank you master and clean ourselves up. I lay out master clothes and comb his hair and pack his bag in the truck while Astrid makes breakfast. When I walk in the kitchen and see Astrid naked I can't help but smack her perfect ass and watch it jiggle. She laughs and returns the favor.

Once breakfast is over and the kitchen is cleaned up. We load up in the jeep and head to our favorite place to play, A resort called Paradise. It has a luxurious hotel, a nude beach and kink friendly. It is truly a paradise for me, master and Astrid. we rent a hotel room on the beach and we are surrounded by windows with no curtains to hide us from the possible onlookers.

Astrid and I Grab all the bags out of the jeep and carry them to our room. We unpack all of them and situate masters toys in the closet. That night Astrid and I prepare the room for playtime. We are on our knees with our collars in hand offering them to master with our mantra.

In unison we say
I am yours
and you my sir are mine
Yours to protect and possess
Mine to obey, to serve
and to satisfy
I freely give myself to you

Master places our collar around our neck and we both look up at him. He orders us to stand, I look at him with a dreamy look in my eye and Astrid looks at him with eyes full of lust and desire. our bodies shimmer in the moonlit sky. master captures the perfect photo of us. He grabs each of our hands and leads us to the bed. we lay on our back at first and plants kisses on our lips.

Now my precious slaves" Astrid and Olivia" listen to me and listen closely. Astrid I want you to restrain Olivia to the bed. First she does my wrists, then my ankles. She kisses me and makes a trail of kisses down my chest and sucks on my nipples briefly. Her lips go back to the center and kiss all the way down my stomach. she places gentle kisses on my clit and sends light kisses down my inner thighs and it automatically reminds me of our first encounter.

I see him get the oil off the table and put some on his hands. He sets the bottle back on the table beside the bed and starts rubbing the oil on Astrid's skin. slowly going over her breasts multiple times, rubbing the inside of her pussy and over her tight little ass. Then she puts oils on her hands and she rubs all over my body the same way master did her.

She takes her time making sure to barely touch my pussy. knowing that it will surely tease me. Master releases the restraints and I roll over on my stomach and I get comfortable. Master rubs my back and side with the rest of the oil on his hands. Oh the feel of his hands gliding down my back and grabbing my bottom and squeezing both cheeks tightly.

The strong grip of masters hands feel amazing on my skin. They send chills down my body and make my pussy wet. As I am laying on my stomach I feel something light flow over my skin, the feeling of it was soft. I look and I see Astrid leaning over me with a feather in hand. she traces the feather all over my skin and master captures the perfect shot of us with his camera. I moan softly and master places his hands between my legs and feels that my pussy is real slick.

I get up on all fours and master slides between my legs and licks my pussy with such ease and skill that I cum quickly and he say hmm my precious baby girl you taste delicious and I want so much more of you. He moves away from my pussy and stands behind me just staring and I hear a snap and I instantly know that master took another photo.

Master calls out to Astrid and motions for her to sit in that stern sexy voice of his. Master ties a rope around her wrists. just tight enough to leave faint rope marks on her pale skin. He calls me over and I attach her wrists to a hook on the ceiling. Astrid hears him light a match and she quickly turns to him and he is lighting a candle. He lights four candles and places them on four tables that surround us. Astrid closes her eyes and prepares for the warmth of the candle to come near and drip wax on her shoulder.

she jumps but she moans with pleasure. he hands me the candle and I drop little droplets of wax over her breasts, I walk around her and let wax drip onto her back and also on her juicy bottom while the wax is fresh. I smack her on the ass and all the wax bounces off her ass and onto the floor. Her pussy is getting wetter by the minute. I can see the proof run down her inner thigh and moan for more.

I put the candle down and master takes a picture of the wax all over Astrid's body. I noticed master walk over to the freezer and grab a bowl of ice cubes. He orders me to stand straight up with my legs spread. He places an ice cube in his mouth and rubs it against my lips and I open my mouth and he lets it melt on my tongue and kisses me.

He picks up another, puts it to my neck and goes directly to my nipples and circles them until the ice is melted and my nipples are hard. he puts one more in his mouth and places it directly on my clit and the sensation feels amazing, when the ice melts the warmth of his breath against my clit makes it peak out, wanting masters attention but he walks away.

Master turns his attention to Astrid and releases her wrists from the hook. She gets on her knees and starts licking me, all of a sudden my pussy was really soaked and I feel it slowly travel down my leg. She attaches my wrists together with rope and hooks them to the ceiling. Astrid puts on a strap on and gently picks me up and it slips inside, master takes a picture of her holding me and a perfect shot of the strap on deep in my pussy and tapes Astrid fucking me until my legs are shaking and I squirt all over her.

She stops and places my nipples between her teeth and bites them. Astrid steps back and master takes her place. He puts his rock hard cock inside me and starts thrusting, getting deeper and deeper. He has one hand behind my back keeping me still. I look into his sexy blue eyes with a grin of satisfaction. I feel master cum inside me and moan with pleasure. After that master unhooks me and that whole time we had an audience. we get a shower and we bathe each other and master pampers us as a token of his appreciation for our obedience and being pleasing to the eye.

another long story by me[amber Marie Murphy} Truly hope that you all enjoy

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