a little composure
I had been with my guy for a while and I was starting to get a little worried that he was starting to lose interest in sex with me so I decided to start "playing" more and extending the boundaries a bit. I went out and got a pair of vibrating panties that comes with a control that can wotk from a distance. I was anxious to try them out and the party next this weekend was the prrfect time to try them out. I wore a little red dress and a bra I bought to match the panties. When we got to the party I flirted with some old friends and let him do his own thing for a bit.

About half an hour in to the party I pulled him outside and slipped the remote in his hand. Whispered "Have fun. Remember I am all yours and YOU are in control." I kissed him lightly and walked away. He pressed the plus button and I had to catch my balance on the wall before I continued walking. Iknew he would have fun with this now that he knew what it did.

He kept it on low for awhile. I was talking to an old friend just catching up, I placed my hand on his arm flirtaously and thats when my guy upped the pulse. The vibration was making me get close to orgasm and I grabbed on to my friends arm to keep from moaning. "Are you ok? You look out of sorts." I stood up straight and responded "Better than ok dear. Can you just excuse mefor on moment." As I walked away my guy upped the pulse again. I lost my standing and caught myself on a table. I looked at him he shookbhis head and pointed to my friend. He wanted me to go back over there and keep composure. I did as he wanted. Walked back over and kept the convo going. As another friend came to join us my guy upped it and I lost control "oh oh oh! Angie! Oh My God! Uhm... How are you?" I was coming and my guy knew it he upped it to as highbas it could go and I almost toppled over. I grabbed Angie in a hug and squeezed to keep my cool. I excuse myself for a moment and as I walked away my guy turned it down.

I ealked past him and grabbed his arm to follow me. I opened to dprr tp the farthest room back and as soon as we were in I locked the door, and pushed my guy on the bed.
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