a sister's night to remember
After a long night of partying, the three of us came home and decided it was time for a little after hours. My wife sherry and her sister sara were completely inebriated, but they had to have just one more.

We ended up having 2 more when I finally said enough is enough and got the girls situated for the night. I put sara on the couch and brought sherry up to bed with me. Being drunk usually means I'm horny as well, so I tried to put the moves on sherry. She was having no part of it. "to much to drink" was all she could muster.

So beings my wife was passed out, I proceeded to go and see what little sister in law sara was up to. As I walked down the stairs in the buff with a raging hard on, and the fact that I was hammered gave me no fear, I moved right into the living room with sara. Much to my delight, she was still up. And no she wasn't surprised. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you" was all she said. She pushed the blanket off of her and exposed to me her legs spread wide open, her perfect bald pussy oozing cum from her first orgasm she'd just given herself. As I moved closer, sara practically jumped off the couch at me, and in one motion gobbling my dick up in her mouth. Her mouth was so perfect and she knew just how to suck a cock. I just stood there and admired the way she loved sucking dick. It truly was a beautiful thing.

As she was sucking away, I had the best idea a drunk man could ever have! "lets get sherry involved in this" i said to sara, knowing I wasn't going to cum for a while, thanks to the whiskey. Sara was horny as hell and always had been. She didn't care what happened, as long as she got off and came multiple times.

I snuck back upstairs and into bed, and waited for sara. A few seconds later, she came in bare ass naked. She climbed over top of me and went straight for her big sister. She got under the covers, and i almost came just feeling her smooth skin touch mine and anticipating what was about to happen.

Sara started out by kissing sherry on the cheek and ear, moving her way down her neck and slowly lifting her shirt. I could see sara's hips start to thrust in the dark as she rubbed her pussy against sherry's leg. Finally sherry awoke, startled. It took her a minute to focus on what was happening. At first she said "no, sara don't he will see you naked." she warned. I heard her whisper this and said, "it's to late babe, already seen everything. Sherry was still reluctant, but now sara had gotten sherry's panties off, and was rubbing her pussy against sherry's. I could tell my wife didn't want to at first, but her horny little sister just kept rubbing away, until my hot little wife couldn't resist. I pulled back the covers to watch the action.

Sara and sherry had now positioned themselves to where they were in the scissors, rubbing and thrusting their clits against one another. I stroked my 7 in cock in all it's glory, watching these two sisters go at it. I moved over to sherry and she gobbled up my cock as fast as she could. So now she had my cock in her mouth and her little sister thrusting her pussy against her own, she couldn't take it anymore. She began to trimble and shake as her first orgasm hit, covering her little sisters pussy with her cum, all the while her moans were like perfect vibrations on my cock as my balls began to swell. she pulled my cock out and left plenty of spit on my cock. "go ahead baby, jerk that cock off and cover our pussy's with your hot load." i leaned over and thrust my tongue down sherry's throat, letting her know how fucking hot she was. I positioned myself above the two girls just above their pussies as the continued their assault on one another. Sara began to moan and was going to cum at the sight of my cock.

This sight was all i could handle as i began to spew hot wave after wave of my sticky seed all over these two beautiful sister's pussies. They both rubbed my juice all up in their honey holes as sara began to cum. she was grasping for my dick, and her and i both gave sherry a look, asking for her approval. She got up and moved over to me, pushing me between sara's legs. "fuck her baby, fuck my little sister" she whispered in my ear, as I began to tremble feeling sara's silky smooth skin wrap and her legs wrap around me. My wife reached around me and grabbed my dick, gliding it into sara's hole. Her pussy was soaked, and it pulled my cock in. No more than 5 seconds into her pussy and she was already cumming again. Sherry moved around front, slowly sitting her cunt onto sara's face, again cumming almost immediately as sara began to eat her pussy.

I was fucking my little sister in law while my wife sat on her face. I played with sherry's titties and kissed her passionately, as sara's cunt tightened it's grip on my cock, i spewed my load into sara, driving it deeper with every jet. Sherry and i were still kissing, as she came again, and sara lapped it all up.

Sherry and I collapsed next to sara, with nothing but the smell of sex and the feel of sweaty skin and sticky cum over all our bodies.

We drifted asleep in one another's arms, as the cool summer breeze blew threw the window.
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