after dinner
"Oh dinner was so good and rubbing my leg darling just got me hard again. Clams do rebuld your strength." I said to my sweet lover.

Still naked from dinner we both wandered over to the couch and sat next to each other. We immediately kissed and send our tongues exploring each others mouth. Our hands felt the warmth of each others sides and other body areas.

My lover grabs the lube on the table and applies a dab in her hands. She then grabs my dick and begins working it in.

"Get on the pillows on the floor",she requests and "tummy down".

As I move down to the pillows, she sits next to me with the lube. Squirt! right into the my ass hole. Then she squeezes more into the crack. She takes some body message oil and wets my shoulders and begins to rub it in. Then to the arms, lower back and bunns. She starts rubbing it in with a bit more force. She gets lower to the crack and covers the area completely. She does a fast insert with a finger...very smooth and then a two finger ream.

I said "this is heaven". She said "not yet."

Now she reaches for the double dong. It's about 14 to 16 inches in length. She takes one end of it and plays with my bud hole. Making a deeper impression each time pressing in. Really begining to get me horny. She then inserts the other end in her cuntlipps and then slides it up in her... about 1/2 of it. She then readjusts her position straddling my butt and thighs. Now she grabs hold of the dong and slides the head into me.

"Oh that feels so good." I moan.

"get ready" she says.

Holding as a guild she trusts her hips forward and forces my portion of the dong into me.

"Oh Shit that feels so good" I moan. A slight movement of the in and out motioning is felt by every loving nerve. "Ride me baby ride me" I whisper." My prostrate loves you.

"Fuck away please fuck away, it feels so great." I said. I am not sure if I'm going to cum or not but, this feels so great. Now I know and appreciate how you feel. Babe just lay on top of me and hold me. I like this roll play exchange."This is special just for us, only with you".

My babe starts pounding me faster and my dick is hot, stiff and leaking. Squeezed to the floor and I can't get much freedom for my dick pressing toward the floor. She starts cuming fucking me and I'm about to cum. How exciting is that?!!! She cums as she is ramming me riding that dildo on her clit.

"I'm ready cum too" I whisper, she pulls out turns me on my side and lays down shoving my dick down her throat. Upon entering her mouth I cum so hard and she's milking away and storing it in her mouth. She turns me over, I'm still hard as she climbs on top of me, shoves my dick in her, and then leans to my mouth with hers and impales her tongue with mine and says "I fucked your ass and now I'm fucking your mouth. Darling, you're mine forever. Enjoy the cum".

As we recover,"I like this",we both said at the same time. Grabing each others hand we go to the shower.

"What do I do next week when your gone?" She asks.
"Here is a dildo with a suction cup attach it to the shower wall and lube it and yourself. Try it now babe. Just gently back into it and direct it in".I instruct. "good"

"Oooh.., yes." she moans. She starts gyrating the fully extended toy.

"Now as your pumping with your ass strokes get in sinc with rubbing your clit with your finger(s)" I explain. Feel the power building" I whisper.

"I'm cuming. I'm cuming", she declares.

I said, "I'm going to fuck you now against the wall with the dildo in you." You'll have both in you. My ready to go hard-on flips up in her soaking lips and I ram it into her adding to her inner fullness as her quaking cumming explodes.

She screams with delight and savagely spears my tongue and squeezes us tightly together and continues to pump slowly.

"Wait for the hot tub treatment later, I softly replied.
Ooh! she admits
"Yes, I will teach you to survive while I'm gone. Now, your clit is beauifully active and if you face the water jet while leaning across your seat you'll soon be in heaven. This we can do while I'm on the phone with you while I take care of myself and we both cum together at the same time when I'm gone. Sought of like phone sex."

If we are forced apart we can still connect and be there for each other.

Wow !! yea!
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