after the sleep
As we both slowly awake and are spooned together, my rod is hard again and throbbing and needing to impale into the love of my life. You reach down, and begin massaging the love nectars we have previously spent within each other.

I can't wait and I slip my steel deep into you. You moan with the togetherness and the lock between our bodies. I pull back to the opening...gently sliding the helmet back between your inner lips. I take a deep breath and volley through your pelvis and kiss the cervex of our love and the immediate flow of my love fills your cavity. Your reaction begins pumping and milking me dry. You turn your head allowing my tongue to lash and dance with yours. Wetness is every where. Its warm, moist and flower scent giving the feeling of peace...quiet peace.

I whisper, "I just want more of you. Just to be close as I can". I near my closing drops just as you come to cum. Locking me into you. Your body clamps on to me, just sucking the remaining nectar left.

I whisper in your ear let me suck and taste you my love. I want to clean you. Let me see that beautiful trickle of wetness. Feed me. Fair warning" you say... "it may be going to be more than a tricle." You turn and move your legs and position your self over my face. You see the droplets of nectar falling and hitting my face and my tongue. You zero in closer and let my tongue capture the flow of nectar into my mouth. You swing your clit for a sweep and back again buring my nose and ramming the bone.

Now your rolling your hips and starting a new orgasim. Getting hotter you step up the pace. My rod is finding new life too. I whisper "keep fucking my mouth and tongue. Don't stop babe its so good." "Darling, I can't stop! Although, I may need to stop, my love, I think my bladder needs to empty," she states. Both breathless, I say, "no way we stopping I'm so close and so are you." "Sweetheart just relax and cum and cum hard....just let go. Feel the cum release, push your menstrual nectar. Your on top I can swallow you!" Boy, did that put her into high gear.

I have our new toy ready, its well lubricated and I'm introducing it into your arse."okay, I am so hot just do it" sweety says. I slip a nicely well lubed finger in her rosebud and just moans "More". I rub the toy and play in and out games. It is small start off one. Seems to be doing the trick. She is bucking and has the toy firmly in her and is screamming so fucken good and she comes squeezing an holding my head. Looking into each others eyes. I...I... oh my... here.....yaaaaa....errr....ahhhhhhhh.
I catch my lover's cherry and peachy cum protein shake just pouring forth. Oh so very very good. "Oops..Oh my bladder... catch me baby." I gargle down and speed swallow her juices and finish up with some more cum mix and a burp! She slides down and we continue kissing each other.Painting each other with our juices. We fall asleep as we think of this... "our fantasy of two being part of one. Having a part of each other inside, nourishing our bodies with food of love is more than a dream?

We are what we eat... A part of each other!
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