afternoon delight
Back in the fall, I took the family up to Knoxville to visit with the rest of the family.
We all had a really good time while there and I had a little extra fun that my wife knows nothing about.

Me, my dad, and a uncle decided to go fishing at a nearby lake. My wife usually doesn't like me going somewhere without her but she gave in on this trip. On the way to the lake we decided to stop at a cafeteria and pick up some food for our overnight trip. We went in and looked at the menu and all of a sudden I hear this lovely female voice ask if we were ready to order. I looked up at her and almost was Linda, an old girlfriend that I hadn't seen since high school. She was a heart-breaker then and looked even better now!

I kinda stammered that we weren't ready just yet to order but would be in a few minutes. I asked her how she was and what had she been doing since we last met. I also asked her bluntly as to whom the lucky guy was that had settled her down. "Was it Russell"? She said that she was still single and hadn't really found anyone she was attracted to since she had met me. She told me that she had always had a crush on me and that Russell was a guy she had dated. He is a Tom Selleck type guy but about 10 years older than the girls he liked to date. She asked if I was still married and I told her, "Yes, unfortunately". She smiled and asked me to meet with her in private. She told me that she was getting off from work in an hour and if I wanted to stay around we could go back to her apartment and catch up. I eagerly agreed and went back to the table and told the others that I wouldn't be making that fishing trip with them because I had more pressing plans. They smiled and told me to have fun and then when they finished eating they got up and left on that fishing trip. I stayed and waited for Linda knowing that I had a bigger "fish" to fry!

Linda drove us to her apartment and as soon as she opened the door and we walked in she had her arms around my neck and proceeded to give me a very warm, wet, passionate kiss while pressing that gorgeous body as close to mine as she could get it. I responded by pressing my body close and reached to massage her nice breasts through her top. She looked into my eyes and pulled away her kisses and took me by the hand to her bedroom. I watched her undress slowly, almost teasingly and then started undressing me kissing and licking every part of my body that she unclothed. When she finally got to my cock, she gave it some extra attention with her sweet mouth sucking and her hands caressing my balls. She pulled me down on the bed and spread her legs and said that she had always dreamed about me fucking her and now I was going to and she wanted it hard and furious like no man had ever been able to do for her before. I told her that I wasn't quite ready to fuck her with my cock just yet because I wanted to taste that warm, wet pussy with my tongue and lips.

She relaxed back and I proceeded to lick and suck her body from her face to her tits and then down her belly to that magical woman realm. I licked her clit and flicked her clit until I could feel her back rise in anticipataion of her first orgasm. Her moans and grunts made me lick and tongue fuck her pussy even more and she flooded my mouth with her sweet cum which I was able to drink down. God, she tasted so good. She then pleaded with me to now please fuck her with my engorged cock that she had wanted for so long. She put her legs on both of my shoulders and we started a fast and furious fuck. I put my cock inside that tight pussy and pounded it all the way in to the hilt and my balls were banging on her nice ass. I pulled out to the edge of her pussy with just the tip inside and then rammed it in again. We got a good rythmn going and it wasn't long before we were both on the edge of cumming. I took one last plunge and started cumming like I had never done before and her pussy muscles squeezed every drop I had into her. Our love juices were dripping out of her and down her ass and thighs. She took her hand down and gathered as much of that as she could and licked it dry.

We rested for a while after that in each others arms touching and kissing. It was much longer that she had me erect again and we fucked again. We fucked the rest of that day and most of that night like the two lovers we were that had been separated for many years. She then told me that she wasn't using any birth control and hoped she would get pregnant since she had always wanted to have babies with me. I just smiled and told her that I did too! When I left the next morning to meet my dad and uncle I told her that she couldn't write or call me because of my wife and she agreed as long as I could find another excuse to see her the next time I was in town. I told her I definitely would find some way to be with her again if only for a day and not spend the night! We hugged and kissed tenderly as I left her apartment.

When we got home from the "fishing" trip, my wife asked me how it went. I told her I only caught one but it was a nice big one and it had been a lot of fun. My dad just smiled and said that it had indeed been a fun trip! My wife has no knowledge of this adventure to this day. I can hardly wait to go back to Knoxville and see the beautiful creature and see if her wish did come true...a baby created from us. If so we may wind having quite a few together! My wife tried to snuggle up and wanted to make love but I told her that I was just so tired from being up all night "fishing"
and just couldn't. Now THAT was the truth!

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