afternoon delight - part 2
I found out that an old friend from high school was in the hospital so I took some time off from work and went to see him. My wife stayed at home with the kids since she doesn't really care that much for my old friend. He and I would cruise the hang-outs looking for girls and we both roller skated and met lots of sweet things there! That's where i met Linda and feel in love with her at first sight!

God that young girl has turned into one very beautiful and sexy woman!! One time on another fishing trip I stopped at a bait store and ran into her younger sister. I almost fainted because her sister looks just like Linda. I asked her if she was Linda but she just smiled and told me no but thanks for thinking that she is as pretty as her sister.

I arrived in Knoxville yesterday afternoon and immediately called Linda and told her that I wanted to visit. She happily agreed and I drove over to her new house that she had bought later this year! She was sitting on the front porch in a swing and as I parked in her driveway she jumped up and ran out to the car to greet me with a big hug and a very pleasurable kiss that was so passionate I almost threw on the ground and fucked her in front of the whole neighborhood! She knew i wanted to and she also wanted it but she took me by the hand and led me into her home. By the way, we were successful in or endeavor and she is indeed pregnant with our child!

As soon as we got inside the door she led me to the bedroom and we proceeded to undress and get into her bed for some long due lovemaking!
She said that I was the first guy that would ever get to fuck her in her new home and probably would be the only one that would that privilege. We made love very slowly this time even though we both wanted to cum so much. She gave those sounds of being pleasured softly which excited me even more so much that I lifted her legs up and put them around my waist and sped up my fucking and rammed her wet pussy as hard as I could until I shot my load of warm creamy cum deep inside her. She moaned with such pleasure and her pussy muscles sucked my cock dry. When I withdrew my cock she took her hand and wiped her pussy dry and then started licking it and offered me a lick of our love juices. How could I refuse to taste her and my cum mixed together?

We spent the rest of the day and night in bed making love and this morning we made love one more time before I excused myself to visit with my friend in the hospital. He's doing okay with just a minor surgery and I told him about hooking up with Linda. He got really jealous because I had met with Linda because he had a big time crush on her too but she had never really paid much attention to him except as my best friend! When I told him that LInda was going to have our baby he said he'd love to give Linda a baby too!

I'll be in Knoxville until New Year's and so Linda and I will have plenty of time to enjoy each other's presence. I offered to give her some money to help support our child but she declined saying that I had already given the best gift ever! I hope I can get back for the birth of our miracle child!
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