arabian night
I wonder what it would be like to take you into the solitude and beauty of the desert for a night... We are alone as the stars fill the sky and we sit on the orange sand dune warmed by the fire against the growing chill as we watched the sunset over the sea of sand.

You sit close to me and we share a blanket, more for its screening us from the thought of unknown and unseen others than for its warmth. My hand caresses your bare thigh as I stroke from your knee up to your hip ever slowly savouring each touch of your smooth warm leg against my ever-wanting fingers. You are leaning against me and your full breast rests easily against my chest as we give ourselves to the serenity of the scene.

The sun disappears, and the sand dunes turn from orange to grey as the stars shine brighter and their endless depth in the darkness of the wilderness seems to multiply them by the thousand and they grow larger as the fading light of the sun finally disappears into darkness. The night air is sweet with the scent of you like an abundance of summer flowers and we find little need to talk but to enjoy each other's closeness and nature at its most magic.

You rest your head upon my shoulder as my hand continues to caress your thigh which fills me with contentedness and your hand moves to unbutton my shirt enough for you to slide a hand in to explore my broad chest. Blissfully we drift into a stupor of sensual touch that does not need more to express our want as our desires rise and I reciprocate your caress by reaching inside your bra to feel the delight of your resting nipple that reacts seductively to my touch.

I continue to caress your soft breast that is cradled and fondled within my hand enjoying how your nipple grows and your breathing becomes heavy with your growing arousal that spurs your soft touch on my chest to circle and tease my nipple and we both know we want more.

I free my hands from your body to cup your pretty face and thrill at its perfection of your eyes and smooth complexion reflected in the flames of our fire which seem to grow brighter like the flames of our passion. Your eyes are like pools of deep desire that draw me too them and I lean forward to kiss your soft welcoming lips.

Your tongue enters my mouth eagerly and our mouths lock in passion, our tongues searching as your hands move around my neck as you lean backwards taking me with you until I am leaning over you the blanket spread wide on the open ground as the stars shine above.

Your eyes stare into mine as I feel your hands move to your blouse and you undo your buttons as I leave your lips to watch. I'm transfixed by your sensual play as you slowly but deliberately undress as I watch, I dare not move or talk not wanting the magic of the scene of you revealing your body to me diminished, and you proudly share your smouldering naked beauty with me.

You lay naked under my gaze and your eyes beam the confidence of someone who knows their beauty is appreciated and desired, your hands now move to my clothes and I let you slowly undress me as I tenderly kiss your body until we are both naked and wanting.

The cool night air fans us but the heat of our desires keeps the flames of the fire burning as bright and hot as our lusting desires. I rest my hard manhood upon your thigh my hands cup your full breasts that I admire, and my tongue moves to circle your welcoming areolas until they shimmer wet in the light of the dancing flames.

I feel your fingers on the side of my hard manhood as your nails slide along my length to the tip where you hover exploring the soft swollen head and its pulsating rim that is a slave to your touch. My mouth responds to your encouragement sucking in your erect nipple as I press my lips further into your bosom.

I take your nipple deep into my mouth sucking hard as my tongue brushes across its erect tip, your fingers press hard onto my manhood as you respond to the pleasure it brings to you. I feel your arousal growing, like your nipple, and release it to lift my face just enough to appreciate my work and with a lust filled smile I move to your other breast which has been waiting and seduce it just the same.

Your full breasts glisten from my attention as the light of the fire illuminates us and your fingers continue to gently stroke my manhood as you enjoy its hardness on your soft smooth thigh. Our passion is high as I move my hands to your thighs and manoeuvre myself sweetly between them and as you look beckoning into my eyes. I raise a leg to my shoulder and thrill at the roundness of your rising buttock and kiss you with a passion full of want as I raise your other leg to my other shoulder.

I lean forward pressing your legs onto your body which now frame your breasts beautifully as they are pressed together offering your erect sensitive nipples that glisten to me, their size accentuated by your legs framing them only adds to my adoration of their bountiful delights.

Your hand on my manhood guides me to your open flower and I insert its head and savour the sheer delight of your wanting wetness before sliding deep within you. My tongue flickers across your nipples and my lips lightly suckle each in turn as I slowly slide in and out of your tight honeypot. My hips move from side to side wanting my probing manhood to touch each sensual part of your open flower and your hands are on my back with your nails urging me on in my seduction.

Your hips join in the sensual rhythm of mine as we move to ensure there is no want of our bodies left unattended and your honeypot presses and caresses my throbbing manhood with each of its slow thrust into you. I feel my orgasm beginning deep inside and accentuate my hips to ensure your pleasure as you moan your approval.

Your honeypot locks my manhood deep inside it as you cum and your juices trigger mine and I cum in strong waves of white seed deep within your warmth. I do not withdraw for a long time but taking my weight on my arms and knees caress, stroke and enjoy your body more until fully hard again I am pumping into you slow and deliberate wanting nothing but pleasure.

I bringing you to climax again and enjoy the flowing of your juices upon my body and then as I build for my next orgasm you cum and trigger mine so desperate for release and so lusting to have you we tremble in each other's arms at the ecstasy our lovemaking brings.

Sated of our needs for now we lay side by side watching the stars above which seem to glow brighter as if the flames of our passion had fuelled their glow as well.

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