back in Knoxville again - 'Business trip'
I was contacted by my boss at Lowe's that I needed to go back to Knoxville and fix some of their problems concerning some sale items. He told me it would take at least 2 weeks maybe more and that he was sorry but it had to be done. I told him that I didn't mind at all since I had be raised there. I told my wife the "bad" news and she knew she couldn't go because the kids were in school. She asked where I was going to stay and I said that since Loew's was paying for it I'd probably stay at the Hyatt Regency. I packed my bags and headed off on I-40 going east.

I drove on and by the time I got to Crossville I called Norma and Linda to tell them I was about to arrive in an hour. They were so happy because we hadn't seen each other in 3 months and wanted to make up for lost time. I told Norma that if she didn't mind I'd stay with her this time but would visit Linda and Becky when I had time. "I'd love for you to stay with me, I always do enjoy being with you and I have a surprise for you too!" she said.

I arrived at Norma's house and she greeted me with a big hug and kiss. "So what's the surprise, ny dear?" I asked. She pulled her shirt up and showed me her swollen belly and told me she was finally pregnant with our baby.
I leaned down and kissed her belly and said "Hello baby, I'm your daddy." Norma giggled at this and said "he sure is!"

I unpacked my bags and sit down for a moment and Norma asked if I needed anything from the kitchen. I told her no but I had to leave soon and check on the status of our stores and try to fix their problems. "Hurry home and I'll have a nice dinner waiting for you. I love you!" she said. "I love you too honey." I replied and off I went.

I arrived at the store and it was a disaster so I called the manager in and explained how to fix the problem. It took a good 3 hours for him to get the message and instruct his employees how to fix the problem. I told him I was leaving but if anything happened to page me right away! I left and went straight to Linda's to say hello.

She met me on her porch with her belly pooched out big. God, she looked like she was going to give birth at anytime. She hugged and kissed me and told me it was only 3 months to go before we had a love child of our very own.
She told me she hadn't checked but she thought she may have twins since she had gotten so big.

We went in her home and laughed and talked about everything that had happened in the past 3 months. I had a beer and smoke as we conversed. I told her that the store was so screwed up but I had told them how to fix it so I shouldn't have to go there very often. "Good, that means we get to spend more time together" she said. Yes, I guess it does honey and I was told it would take at least 3 weeks so we have a lot of time this time. She asked if I would be staying with her and I told her No that I was staying with Norma this time around. She pouted but understood.

After I finished my beer and cigs she led me to her bed and undressed as I did and told me "Honey, our baby is real thirsty for some of your sweet cum and my pussy is aching for it too. Make love to me please and give me and our baby something to drink!" I crawled into bed with her and we made such sweet love that almost brought tears to your eyes. She was indeed a wonderful woman and a fantastic lover.

When i did unload my cum in her pussy she cried out "Oh yes honey, give our baby a drink it's so thirsty." We rested for several minutes holding each other and kissing like there was no tomorrow. I got up for another beer and smoke as she lay there carassing her breasts and rubbing her belly saying "drink up baby, daddy will give you more later!"

While I sat drinking my beer I decided to call Becky and tell her I was here for a visit. Becky told me that she was glad and to come over anytime I could. She told me she had missed me and she needed me to fuck her again. After all, it had been 3 months!

I told her is was at Linda's but I'd be there in a while. "How's she doing? I ran into her at the mall the other day and we had lunch. God, she's so big! When is she due? she stated.
I told Becky that she wasn't due for another 3 months and she exclaimed that Linda must be haing mutilple births to be THAT big. I said that she thinks she is also but hasn't checked to make sure. "I'm glad I didn't get pregnant with you. I can't imagine raising children at my age, not even one!" she laughed. She was older than the rest of us.

I finished at Linda's and headed over to Becky's to greet and yes, meat her too. This was going to be a fucking tiring day but well worth it! Becky hugged and kissed me when I arrived as usual, and we both had some beer as we caught up on the last 3 months. She told me that she had a new fellow in her life and he was so good to her. I congratulated her and said she deserved that for she was truly a good person. She told me not to worry about him since he was at work and we had as much time as possible to get fucked again.

She took my hand and led me to her bed and told me to fuck her as long as I could. I told her I'd fuck her but had just left Linda and wouldn't be able to cum for awhile. "That's okay I can get your cum another time but you can make me cum and that's really what I want!"
After this new boyfriend cums in me he thinks that's enough to satisfy me so I'm glad you're here to give my pussy the attention it needs.

We fucked and sucked like it was nearing the end of times. She kept screaming "Oh god, I'm cumming over and over. I was afraid her neighbors would call the police for fear she was in danger! When she had enough I went back to the den and had some more beer and cigs. I always lifted the window in respect of her not smoking to let the smoke outside and not linger in her home. I'm sure that she sprayed some kind of spray to remove the odors regardless.

I said my good-byes and left for Norma's knowing that the night would be just beginning.
"Tell Norma and Linda and any others I said hello for me" she told me. "Damn I really miss all those people from our past' she stated.

I finally got my tired ass to Norma's place and she fixed us a dinner of chicken, rice, and peas. Norma knew that I loved that and had fixed it especially for me. It was so good!!
After watching tv for awhile and eating dinner we retired for the night to make passionate love again and this time she told our baby that it was her time to quench her thirst and the baby could have some more later. "Mommy needs her thrist resolved too sweet baby just like you" she said. Sure enough she drained my cock dry with her mouth and later when she got it hard again so we fucked over and over.
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